Posted by: kevinfortruth | March 16, 2010

Healthcare Reform? Really?

Healthcare Reform?  Really? 

The more I hear about the Senate and House versions of healthcare reform the more I think neither party really wants reform, in any shape or form.

I have always felt that Conservatives in both parties were opposed to any kind of reform but I was mistakenly confident that the majority of Democrats really wanted significant healthcare reform.

Democrats, Independents, and even some Republicans voted for Obama because he stumped for significant healthcare reform, but the bills in the Senate and the House seem more like “Delayed Healthcare Lite” for a variety of reasons.  My numbers might be a little off but here goes. 

  1. I am not sure of the exact number, but from what I have read and heard there will still be millions of Americans who will not be covered if healthcare reform passes.
  2. Many parts of the bill, when signed by the President, will not kick in until 3 or four years down the road.  During this 3 – 4 year period another 130,000 to  140,000 Americans will die.
  3. Americans, young and old, will be required to purchase healthcare, whether they want to or not – this will be a windfall for the insurance companies.
  4. Pre-existing conditions will still apply, which means no healthcare will be provided for those conditions.  Why wouldn’t insurance companies love this bill?
  5. There still will be no controls if insurance companies want to raise rates. Another gift for insurance companies.
  6. It does not appear that any form of the “Public Option” will be in the final bill. This is also a windfall for insurance companies.

I stopped this list at six items because I wanted to get this posted. 

By the way, has anyone noticed that the Insurance industry has quieted down lately?  Maybe because they see the windfall they will make over the next four years.  It might be that the Dems simply caved and decided to push through a watered down version in the name of reform to show they did something.

Because of the above reasons, I personally feel that Dems should not buy into the combined bill.  The Dems who are opposed to the bill, as written, should stand up together and tell the President what they feel is wrong with the bill and ask for a moratorium so the House bill can be reworked and then have another vote.  If a significantly modified bill favors Americans more than the Insurance industry, I would support any method to get it passed – ANY method.  Republicans do not support any type  of reform, so the party of “No” can sit by the wayside.  They should simply let the Dems and the President push through the bill they feel best represents the desires of the majority of Americans. 

Let Americans show their approval or disapproval of what the Dems pushed through by exercising their right to vote.


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