Posted by: kevinfortruth | October 20, 2010

High Tea? Not Quite there yet!

When vacationing in Victoria, British Columbia in the mid-90’s, I considered visiting the Empress Hotel for High Tea – but changed my mind mostly because of the rumored cost.  Different residents said it could cost upward of $100.00 for two.  In retrospect, I wish we did share that experience because it might have created an additional memory – even though it would have been a pricey one.

Tea is on my mind again, but I again am taking a pass – participating in tea this time around could be even costlier. 

The tea I am talking about is the Tea Party.  The only common denominator between High Tea in America and the Tea Party in America are the very affluent that are behind the Tea Party. 

High Tea in America is considered to be a very formal gathering of the wealthy where they serve thin sandwiches and little cakes served on the very best china.  On the other hand, High Tea in England normally consists of a light meal typically eaten between 3 P.M. and 5 P.M.

Extremely wealthy Republicans are the inspiration behind the Tea Party, which is really an incredible scheme to pull voters away from the Democratic Party and to encourage Independent voters to vote Republican.

I know that sounds crazy, but it appears to be working – except for a small number of quacks that are running as Tea Party candidates.

The vast majority of Tea Party supporters are well intended Americans who want smaller government, less taxation, and more government accountability.  As well intended as the average Tea Party supporter is, their mission is almost impossible – at least in the way it is being presented.

Rich Republicans want more Republicans elected to office – even if some of them claim to be Tea Party supporters.  On the surface, Republicans present themselves as being for all Americans, when in fact they only want the extremely rich to get richer at the expense of average Americans.

Abolishing the minimum wage, something Republicans and Tea Party supporters are for, would decimate lower income Americans who depend on a fair wage – a wage that is surely nowhere near a living wage.

Also, both groups, I’ll call them TeaPublicans, want to reduce Medicare, which would hurt all middle income and lower income Americans.  Sure, rich Americans benefit from Medicare but are not dependent on it.

Another thing TeaPublicans want is to privatize Social Security.  Guess who benefits from that?  Wall Street does – because it puts trillions into the stock market, which would provide billions in bonuses, stock value, and earnings to all the brokerage firms.  In addition, rich Americans would gain tremendously because dividends are taxed differently from income.

Lastly, TeaPublicans want to extend the tax cuts.  Unbeknownst to the majority of Tea Party supporters, as well as the “average” Republican supporter, extending the tax cuts, which benefit mostly the super rich, would adversely everyone else to the tune of $4 trillion dollars.  Extending the tax cuts would, in effect, be Robin Hood in reverse.  Why?  Because extending the tax cuts would require deep cuts in everything else – except for defense spending. 

Also, who benefits from defense spending – the rich who own the large military contractors.  War is synonymous to money – big money. 

Is there a need for a true Tea Party?  Absolutely yes, but not this one – not yet.  This one was developed in back rooms, behind closed doors – this whole effort is so Rovian, so Koch brothers, so corporate lobbyist. 

The Tea Party was not organized as an alternative to our two party system.  I believe the Tea Party is a minor league of the Republican Party like the American Hockey League is to the National Hockey League.

Sure, some well-known Republican candidates lost to Tea Party candidates and that was expected in a few cases – but that does not matter to Republicans – except for the U. S. Senate race in Delaware.  Christine O’Donnell beat a highly regarded Mike Castle, which would not have been a problem except for the fact that Christine O’Donnell has a lot of skeletons in her closet and stands no chance in winning.

In the majority of other cases where the Tea Party beat a Republican incumbent, that will work out well for the Republican Party because the TeaPublicans will vote with the Republicans.  Every Tea Party win in the general election is in reality a Republican win. 

I am sure the average Tea Party supporter honestly believes that electing their candidates will result in lower taxes, smaller government, while still keeping the things that average Americans really need and depend on, but unfortunately the joke is on them.

I live next door to several Tea Party supporters and they really depend on several things – Medicare and Social Security – both of which will see deep cuts at the expense of the super rich keeping their tax cuts in place.

Watch the news and you will notice ALL Tea Party candidates ducking questions regarding how they will reduce spending while cutting taxes. 

If you are not an older American on Social Security and one who depends on Medicare, you have older relatives who depend on both.  If the TeaPublican candidates win a significant number of seats in both houses, watch how they all vote Republican and then watch the erosion of benefits.

In effect, middle income Americans have been duped by the elite.  They have been invited to High Tea on Election Day, after which they will be escorted to the back door – without being giving enough time to enjoy the little cakes or the tea.  How Sad.



  1. Karl rove told his protégé the former president Bush,: You can fool some of the people all the time and some of the people some of the time and that makes a majority. Rule and enjoy.

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