Posted by: kevinfortruth | December 12, 2010

Wow, we now get croutons instead of bread crumbs

Like it or not, the “Bush Era Tax Cuts” were never going to be repealed – in whole or in part.

President Obama, and the majority of Democrats in the Senate and in the House have stated individually and as a chorus that the portion of the “Bush Era Tax Cuts” for the very rich did nothing to turn the economy around.  Many Dems felt that the rich just pocketed the money.

In addition, the very rich, many of which own numerous businesses, large and small, are choosing to outsource their manufacturing and production overseas to make more money – at the expense of blue-collar Americans.

Two years into the Obama Administration there is all this clatter about either letting the bill expire naturally and then creating another bill without the tax cuts for the very rich or creating another bill almost identical to the one that has been in place for the past 10 years. 

I have a few observations about the various groups of elected officials and where they supposedly stand on this issue.

1.      Democrats.  The majority of Democrats – in the Administration, The House, and the Senate have expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the very rich have benefited from these tax breaks for the past decade and that they collectively stated that they would let this bill expire thanks to the sunset provision in the Bill.

2.     Republicans.  The majority of Republicans have gone on the record that they do not want to pass any legislation that increases the national debt and they also will not support any legislation that is unfunded.  The previous bill, set to expire at the end of this year was funded but unless there are drastic cuts in things like Medicare, Social Security, and the DOD budget, there are no funds available to extend these tax cuts beyond 2010.

3.     The members of the Tea Party who ran and were elected to the House and the Senate.  This group was the most vocal about trimming the government and insuring our National Debt would not increase.  I cannot hear the Tea Party shouting now to repeal the tax cuts at least to the very rich.

So, why is it that members in all three of these groups are ready to roll over and die?  This bill, still in draft form, is being padded with “bread crumbs” for average Americans to get the bill through Congress and signed by the President before year end.

The bill is being expedited by President Obama in an effort, supposedly, so that several millions of Americans on unemployment will continue to receive unemployment compensation for another thirteen months.  Sure, there are other perks in the bill for average Americans, but the bulk of the bill is for the benefit of the rich, the very rich, and the super rich.

Over the past several years I have come to the conclusion that the Republicans tended to give average Americans bread crumbs while giving the rich all the loaves of bread they could load in their SUVs and their limousines.  I also thought, at the same time, that the Dems made a little more effort for average Americans while still giving the rich those same loaves of bread.  Unfortunately, the Dems are giving us croutons instead of bread crumbs.  Even though that sounds more exciting, the croutons weigh exactly the same as the bread crumbs.

What really disturbs me is that while the Republicans do not hide the fact that they do not give a damn about average Americans, the Democrats say they do but they always cave in to the Republicans and the very wealthy and they do not even apologize for it.

My mom, may God rest her soul, always told me that you can always trust a thief but you can never trust a liar.  This statement never applied to Americans more than it does in conjunction with the handling of this bill by Congress and the White House.

Remember this, everyone – the Pen is mightier than the Sword.  Please study this bill and watch who supports it and who doesn’t.  Anyone who says “yea” to this bill should be voted out of office the first time they come up for reelection –  this applies to Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and Tea Party candidates.

If this unfunded bill is ratified, I want everyone to mark my words – The House, The Senate, and the White House will take back all the croutons that they supposedly are giving to average Americans by passing other legislation that will do the following:

1.      They will cut Social Security benefits.

2.     They will increase the age for retirement.

3.     They will cut Medicare drastically.

4.     They will find ways to make our military – active and retired pay more for their healthcare via increased co-pay’s, monthly premiums, and they will cut services at military hospitals and V. A. hospitals.

Our country has prospered on the backs and the sweat of blue collar Americans and the red blood of our military while the rich have become richer.  I have no grudge on anyone being rich, I just don’t think they should become exponentially richer at the expense of those working Americans who have sweat and toiled and our military veterans who have given their all (and then some) to keep our country free.

Please keep in mind that whatever is given to us in this legislation being considered will simply be paid for by the government picking our pockets if legislation down the road that will be passed to pay for this current bill.

The attack on America on September 11th pales in comparison to the attack our President and our elected officials have initiated on December 11th of this year on working and retired Americans.


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