Posted by: kevinfortruth | January 13, 2011

Sarah Palin – You are now the media – like it or not

I questioned your experience and your credentials back when you were running as a V.P. candidate – now I question your intelligence and your honesty. 

It seems to me that every time someone refers to a speech, video, or a tweet of yours you always respond with some kind of logical reason why what you said is not exactly what you said or what you meant to say – even when there is proof of your exact words.

You come from our largest state but now you are in the big league and there are reporters, journalists, and commentators who track your every move and have your words and actions recorded on a variety of media.  Every time you back peddle you make yourself look ridiculous. 

You always complain about the media, well, dear Sarah, you are now part of the media you are always complaining about.  One big difference though is that you are part of the Faux News and not a real news outlet. 

You have your entourage at your beck and call to write your responses in “big people” words – words that are not common language to a country, gun-toting gal, with a razor sharp mouth such as yours.  It must have been hard for you to be quiet these past few days instead of running off at the mouth as you normally do.  Your handlers must have found a muzzle large enough to keep you quiet while they drafted your response.

You always try to act like one of the Clampets, but they all were really honest country folk whereas you represent the epitome of deception and deceit.

Case in point – the crosshairs on your political map.  If you really considered them surveyor marks then why did you take the map off your site?  There were videos shown on TV where you talked about how the vote turned out for the bulls eyes you targeted.

You could have gained in popularity if you simply told the truth – which is obviously beyond your thinking or your integrity.  All you had to say was that they were political bulls eyes so voters could concentrate on defeating those specific Congressional candidates.  I don’t think the bulls eyes directly contributed to the shooting but your other comments such as “reload” added to the over the top rhetoric that could be the straw that broke the camels back and tilted that young man’s thinking and actions in favor of committing such a terrible offense to humanity.

When you first came on the scene I told some of my friends that you were “hot” – probably one of the more attractive politicians around – in either party.  Now, I am so turned off by all your games and all your rhetoric, the “hot” has all but evaporated.

Others have come forward and acknowledged that much of their rhetoric was over the top but you still choose to sidestep the issue – even outright lying about it. 

Your only comfort zone is at Faux News – there you are sheltered from everything and everyone.  Eventually the “Tea Party” and even Faux News will be on to you and you will have to pack and move to the “Upper one” (Alaska), if they will have you.



  1. Clear, concise and correct; outstanding exposure of a femme fatale.

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