Posted by: kevinfortruth | March 14, 2011

Why is NancY so NastY?

From all accounts, Nancy Grace has done incredible things on her show regarding finding missing children and adults as well as helping law enforcement officials regarding unsolved crimes.  In other instances she also heightens the awareness of viewers to urgent situations such as Amber Alerts. 

But, even with all these accomplishments, there is a dark side to Nancy Grace.

Over the past year or so I have witnessed a higher incidence of Nancy being rude, inconsiderate, demeaning, and just plain unprofessional – especially to her various panelists consisting of attorneys, medical professionals, and media representatives she turns to for reinforcement of her position but who sometimes give either opposing viewpoints or simply take exception to Nancy’s position on cases.

In addition, over the past six months her show has turned into a carnival atmosphere with computer and video graphics that are tabloid like in nature to sensationalize crimes in an effort to increase viewer ship. Some video editing now looks like old newsreels from the 50’s.  I personally find this terribly distracting to the very serious subjects being covered.

I laughingly have told my friends over the years that I would be afraid to meet Nancy in a dark alley but now I no longer laugh when I talk about her passive aggressive interview style. 

Lately, I have viewed dozens of examples where she has berated defense attorneys who even dare to offer potential defense strategies for suspected rapists, kidnappers, and murderers.  She acts like she is a one-man judge and jury and accepts no other possible alternative opinions.

People who fill in for her NEVER berate anyone – nor do they cut them off or insist on her production people immediately bring individuals back up on the screen so they can yell at them.

Marc Klaas, who is a frequent expert Nancy turns to regarding missing and exploited children is always professional, never loses his temper, and never talks down to anyone – even though he has experienced a personal tragedy of having his daughter kidnapped and murdered.

I enjoy the Nancy Grace show when Jean Casarez is the guest host.  She is always professional and never talks down to anyone.  Civility is not an option when Nancy is the host.  For the life of me, I do not understand why anyone would want to participate in an “expert” capacity on her show.

Her show is highly choreographed to the point that she already knows every answer to every question she poses to her panel participants and when they miss a fact or a point, she immediately jumps in to embarrass that individual for not meeting her expectations. She appears to turn to media personalities for up to date information, when in fact she already knows the information but wants these radio and TV personalities to parrot to the public what she already knows.  It almost reminds me of a teacher wanting a student to recite a multiplication table and when the student errs, she is there to verbally chastise.  How sad that these individuals frequently expose themselves to her vile for innocent mistakes in reporting or for simply offering opposing viewpoints.

One could excuse Nancy’s rudeness to a personal tragedy she experienced when she was a teen and her finance was murdered.  Others could blame her lack of professionalism at times to her recent breast cancer scare or that she is the mother of beautiful twins she had relatively late in life.   Another possible cause of her demeaning nature is that she is now hosting two fulltime shows – Nancy Grace and Swift Justice, as well as a short term series titled “America’s Missing”, a show dedicated to finding fifty missing people in fifty days.

She is doing these additional shows based on her choosing – no one is holding a gun to her head to juggle three shows concurrently.  I believe she is in way over her head – the stress of being an “older” mother of twins, coupled with the preparation required to host three shows is taking its toll.  The main problem caused by her workload is that serious, dedicated, responsible professionals are constantly victimized on her show. 

Nancy has an almost cult like following of viewers who worship her.  Almost all callers compliment her on her twins.  When those kind of compliments come in, Nancy pauses and almost tears up, thanking each caller for the nice words – but almost on a dime Nancy pirouettes and again takes to the task of berating individuals on her panels – almost imitating Jekyll and Hyde.

At the rate she is going, I believe she is close to a serious meltdown or even a breakdown of epic proportions.  I further believe she should reassess her priorities and figure out some way to reduce her stress before it adversely affects her health, the health and well being of her twins, and her career.



  1. I just called to leaved a comment and she belittled me lol I felt horrible until I read this , I will never call in again!!!!

    • Nancy Grace has screened her calls for years. Her show is highly coreographed and is a production that rivals a Broadway Production. Nancy is on television because she could not cut in the courtroom. The judges did not want to put up with her attitude and how she did not act professional. She also was censured several times.

      If she stayed in criminal law, she would have ended up disbarred or sued for every nickle she has.

      She plays on the heartstrings of millions of old ladies – convincing them that she is their for victims. Nancy cares only about Nancy.

  2. TV viewers who have an interest in court cases surely deserve better then the Nancy Grace Show. She is like a wild animal backed in a corner. All the lawsuits, the paper trail of inconsistencies and lies are closing in on her. How can she be a loving mother and spew such hate on her show? The “Fame Freak” she is, should get one long jail term with 95% community service. For all the pain and hurt she has caused victims and families. Then we would see how nasty she is. I’d want updates…

  3. Forget about being afraid to meet Nancy in a dark alley, I am afraid to watch her from the safety of my living room. She is scary.

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