Posted by: kevinfortruth | May 9, 2011

Holly Bobo… No News = Bad News

Shortly after moving to Texas in 1982, I started hearing two phrases on a fairly regular basis, “That dog don’t hunt” and “I don’t have any skin in the game”, I had no idea what either meant – and maybe I still do not know.  They sound pretty straightforward and I think they apply here.

 Over the past 10 –15 years or so I have come to the firm position that I will never take a polygraph – no matter how much pressure comes from law enforcement (LE), the media, friends, neighbors, and moreso, strangers.  LE has a job to do and they are paid by taxpayers to do it.  It is ludicrous for those “without any skin in the game”, like strangers, to simply say “Why doesn’t he take a lie detector test to prove his innocence and if he doesn’t, he sure as hell must be guilty, right?” Well, from what I understand, we are still in a free country where we are assumed to be innocent until proven guilty.  That is one of the main tenants of our Constitution.  I was not placed on this earth to simply make the jobs of LE’s easier at the expense of my Constitutional rights.  I will cooperate to a point and I will be honest and truthful – but I will not subject myself to any lie detector test – PERIOD. 

What amazes me are those people who expect someone to submit to a lie detector test, yet they require LE to have a search warrant to enter their property.  I consider my body a temple and I will protect it more vehemently than my property.

That said, I do not agree with the Bobo family being so closed lipped – even if local LE, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI), and the FBI told them to do so – or even if their lawyer(s) strongly advised them to do so.  The public, in general, wants to feel comfortable in knowing, or at least feeling, that whatever happened to Holly Bobo, it was caused by someone outside the household – with no family member participating in the tragedy in any capacity.

Once people come to that conclusion, then they will unite behind the family and immediately focus their attention, their anger and their energy elsewhere for answers.  A simple press conference with the head of the family, Dana Bobo, or even another member of the family stating the family’s position would go a long way in winning over the hearts of Americans – especially those in their part of the country.  One person who should not speak on the Bobo family’s behalf is the gentleman who spoke for them on the Nancy Grace show.  He probably did more harm than good because he was so evasive during the whole question and answer dialogue. 

In addition, LE could, after interviewing all family members and looking at all existing evidence to date come to their professional opinion – without the use of lie detectors  – that the family are not persons of interest (POI), nor are they suspects.  The family, at the press conference, could either field questions or say they are not comfortable with a Q&A session and just stick to a scripted speech.  People would respect whatever the family decided to do. 

My current position regarding the family not talking at all is “that dog don’t hunt”. They are not scoring points with the public or the media by not talking and as a result, a cloud is hanging over their heads and will continue to be there for a long time.

On the other side of the coin, there is a valid reason for family members not talk to authorities.  Generally, police ask questions they already have answers to and they are simply looking for confirmation of what they already know or suspect. LE is also trying to catch someone in a lie and then they can threaten him or her with prosecution for lying to authorities. 

In this specific case, Clint Bobo, could hurt himself by talking to the police.  He could innocently answer a question, which might give LE a motive for LE to then categorize him as either a POI or a suspect.  How?  Say, for example, the police ask Clint if he and his sister had any disagreements lately – maybe even the morning of the abduction.  Clint might say that he and Holly had a major blowup about whom she was dating and she left upset.  The police could then say that the argument was a possible motive that led Clint to harm his sister and hiding her body to cover up his crime. 

I have read many websites where defense attorneys advise anyone to not say anything to the police without legal counsel.  They want you to know that police are not your friend – they are there to arrest someone – sometimes anyone that appears to be a reasonable suspect or at least a suspect that stands a good chance of being prosecuted – guilty or not.

Now, why is everyone clamming up?  I can see why the family is – even though I feel overall they are losing some public support.  As for LE, I do not agree with their position either.  True, some things that are discovered might be extremely critical to a prosecution and should be kept under wraps.  But, that said, some information that is not critical to a prosecution should be released to help keep the public in the loop and the case active in the media.  The public wants to know that LE is doing its job and that they are performing their duties in a timely manner.  If the case involves a missing, kidnapped, or abducted person, then LE has to perform all tasks in a timely manner to enhance the possibly that the missing person will be returned to the family alive and well.  To disregard the well being of the missing person for the express purpose of enhancing the case against the suspect would be doing an injustice to the missing person and that person’s family. 

So, why has LE, at all levels, decided to not share even the most insignificant information on this case?  If the POI or the lead suspect is a person of influence, i. e. a person of privilege in the community, LE might be trying to protect that individual and that person’s influential family.  I can think of many examples where it was apparent that persons of influence in crime investigations literally got away with murder, simply because the victim and the victims family was less influential.  So, is LE protecting someone of influence locally in Holly’s case?  That might be true, but in the bigger scheme of things, when other LE, such as State Police, get involved, then the local influence might get trumped and the case quickly gets resolved.  Also, if the crime investigation escalates to include other LE’s, for example, at the federal level, then influence might enter into it again.  For example, if the POI or suspect is of national importance, then the LE at the national level could protect the suspect even more than the local LE did earlier.

If LE continues holding their cards close to their chest by not releasing any information, the assumption will be that Holly is not alive.  Why do I say that?  If LE is concentrating on building the perfect case and is taking their time doing so, then they are indirectly acknowledging that there is a high degree of probability that Holly Bobo is already dead, otherwise they would be focused on finding and recovering Holly first and then dealing with prosecuting the perpetrator, i.e. getting Holly back would be paramount and then building a case would be secondary.  If not, why do we have LE at all, if they are not going to put our safety and well being first.  I do not want to see every murderer prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law if it means that all their kidnapped victims were allowed to die in the process of LE building perfect cases. 

Statistically, based on all the time that has already passed, LE might have already accepted defeat and because they feel that Holly is no longer with us, they are focusing all their energy on the arrest and prosecution of the suspect when and if arrested. 

I guess, to them, the worst possible case is for Holly to be found dead and the case becoming an unsolved mystery.

That is why it is more critical that ever for nearby citizens to unite and have a rally and demand answers from LE, with the media present.

The other thing here is whether professional jealousy is occurring between local LE, state LE, and national LE.  Are they completely cooperating with each other to solve this case or have influential individuals been controlling this case from the gitgo?



  1. Everyday I check online for news of Holly. It is very confusing how LE and family clammed up so early on and are not screaming for help.

    The ONLY thing I can think of is that TBI has a more encompassing investigation on-going that this disappearance of Holly Bobo somehow fell into. They must already know where Holly is, or the fate of Holly or the family would be desperate for help.

    I’d be out walking the woods, knocking on doors day and night looking for my family member esp. a child. I would not care what LE told me.

    A private person does not need a search warrant to knock on doors and ask to look around. It might be awkward but surely most people would let you since EVERYONE has heard about it.

  2. hello kevin;

    i liked your survey i did take it. so thank you for that. i’m not sure what to believe anymore… or who to believe,, you know i think this could be a cover up or there protecting someone. & the reason i say that is because so many people have said the same thing regaurding the TBI, as i said there are alot of higher ups there that buy there way out of alot of things from what i understand, maybe there have been threats made who knows, it just doesn’t seem right, well kevin these boys may have the blue code & not say anythng to anyone. & they may come from a wealthy family. living in a small town with money says alot people can be intimidating but le has to protect there does make you wonder what the heck is going on,, i believe she could have been found along time ago..last i heard they were one piece of the puzzle short, i;ll tell you what kevin this lady has solved many cases & i think she is dead on about this one, that;s why i wonder why isnt; TBI looking into this. if you knew what she told me it would all make scence to you, maybe there all affraid to find out what really happen & did the TBI
    really tell the family not to contact a pyschic & if so then that speaks volumes to me. theres a reason why,,, what do they expect the public to think. i have not heard anymore updates,, the pink shirt i mentiond that because i wonder if it was the same one she was wearing the day she was taken????? she is a beautiful girl had everything going for her & to be taken at such a young age,, sorry but i would contact a medium to get answeres it doesnt matter what other people think or say this is you child, hasn;t she been missing long enough get some closure on this,,
    i know the name carla baron came into this i don;t know if she spoke with them or not lot of speculation on that topic, said she would help if le contacted her for her help,, you have to go on her site to read it i know she said she worked on the holloway case,, it truely is a mistery//// i hope we are wrong & the le has this in a neat little package & we can all rest & say thank god this nightmare is over,,
    & whom ever it maybe be brought to justice.. you do the crime you do the time..

    thanks for your time,,,;(


      • No, I have not blogged on Toxins. I believe, however, that Blink and other sites have included some of my blogs regarding Holly Bobo. Thanks for asking.

  3. Hi,

    I have been following this case since the start and I am sorry, just looking at all the photos of Holly why are they all with Clint and not her boyfriend or family? I think Clint may have had some kind of wierd relationship with Holly that brother sisters just dont have and he knows where she is who has her or what happened and the parents are all protecting him. I know this may seem far fetched but if the family was not so tight liped about it all then people like me just reading about it would not start thinking outside the box . We would get hard facts and really start looking for her. I truly hope Holly is found alive and not hurt in any way and I hope whoever is involved needs to go to jail for a long time. What is happening about that sex offender that told police he lived close to Hollys house butr did not , Is he a suspect tell the public something we need to know that Holly is OK

    Truly concerned

    • Everything about Holly’s abduction is confusing to me as well. As far as pictures go, I have cousins who are close to their siblings and they have a bunch of picture together. It might be that Holly idolizes her brother – maybe he has always been there for her – watching her back – listening to her problems and giving her advice. A lot of people have dysfunctional families and we sometimes are envious of others who have a special bond. I, for one, will give Clint the benefit of the doubt. I hope and pray that he has nothing to do with Hollys abduction and if evidence proves me wrong – then I will acknowledge that I was wrong. I cannot imagine parents choosing the remaining sibling when he caused the loss to them of the other.

    • to Rob Bankert, those pictures you talk about are not Clint they are her boyfriend Drew Scott.

      • on blinkoncrime there’s alot of real interesting information. Very interesting. I hope this is the answer the family needs to get their daughter. Not allowing a search on their property. Why not?

        • Thanks, I never heard of blink until recently. There is a wealth of info on the site.

      • Those photos have sure caused a lot of confusion, right?

      • janie;


        • I have not read anywhere that the Bobo’s are not allowing their property searched. Some property owners are not lettint LE search their property possibly because they might be involved in some kind of illegal activitity, like meth. If LE can justify why a certain property should be searched, they can obtain a search warrant, but as you know, this is still America and the Constitution protects us against illegal search and seisure – at least it does for now.

          Our rights are eroding almost daily. It is imperative we vote canidates into office who still believe in the Constitution because if not, our country would quickly become a police state – the kind of police state we supposedly try to overthrow across the globe.

        • I have not seen anything anywhere that the Bobo’s are not allowing a search of their property. I have read, however, that some property owners are refusing LE to search their properties and I believe some are involved in illegal activities and do not want to be caught producing meth.

          That is their option – the last time I checked we still have a Constitution that protects us from illegal search and seizure. Even though Holly Bobo deserves to be found and returned, individual freedoms are equally as important, if not more.

          It is imperative that we continue to elect those who support individual rights. When we stop supporting thos candidates, our Consititution will be ammended to take away those rights and we will become a police state – the kind that we say we are trying to rid the world of.

    • I hope and pray the answer to this tragic case does not lie in Holly’s house – it would be a real shocker to say the least. But if that turns out to be the case, whoever did the crime must do the time – no exceptions.

      • hello kevin;

        i think janie was talking about someone else’s property not the bobo’s
        i believe i read on blinkoncrime. someone related or knows the family had commented about the search who could be a poi. these people have lots of property along with many others whom live there. i talked with my medium when this story broke & i only wish they would have llisten’d & contacted her,, i do know she did send out some info to the TBI but weather they followed up on it i don’t know but some of the things she mention’d to me were right on about what this gal was saying about this poi
        & it;s interesting that they show 2 atv tires that they are selling asap the TBI had this posted & was on craigslist from the parsons area.. which is another interesting thing the meduim told me ,, i can;t reveal things at this time but it sure makes a lot of scence as to what she saw..
        if i had to guess there were 3 or 4 involved in this, one had to be the master mind behind it all, it was so sad too because one of the pictures they show of holly with her boyfriend she’s wearing a bright pink shirt, i so feel for this family & holly. i cant’ imagine what the poor girl had to endure this was the worst day of her life,, will she be back ???? million dollor ????
        i hope so…

        • This is sure a mess, right? I agree that janie must have been talking about property belonging to other people. Regarding the medium, I dont know why TBI or other LE do not give them a listen. Mediums probably have more info than someone just calling in tips. I read about the atv tires on a TN blog ( Also, you would think if 3 or 4 were involved and they were young, that one of them would have said something to someone and they all would have been picked up by now. I think they said she was wearing a pink shirt when she went missing. Did the medium say something about a pink shirt?

    • that is not her brother in pictures

  4. I just watched Nancy Grace so she did come through for the Holly Bobo case. I hope it helps. Is there any possibility that Clint could of seen a very influential person take Holly away with maybe a knife to her saying if you tell this I’ll kill her so don’t talk to anybody – then Clint called his mom and they made up the story about her being taken by the camo man. Maybe they think they will get her back if they say nothing about ‘who’ it was and they fear this person is rich enough to get away with covering it all up. Otherwise, with all the info I think something went terribly wrong between Holly and Clint and someone did away with her and it’s all a family coverup.

    • I am a little confused… I went back and watched the entire Nancy Grace show and she only covered the Tot Mom case the whole show. Now, Jane Velez-Mitchell spent a good amount of time, maybe 20 minutes, on Holly Bobo. Also, if a well connected person or a relative of someone with money did this, I do not think Clint would have let it happen – no matter what the rich kid said. I just meant if LE had leads and the leads took them to somebody with a hellava lot of money, that LE might be bought off. Regarding Clint and Holly – it would take something really bad going wrong to have a brother hurt a sister like that. There are as many possibilities as there are stars in the sky but if those possibilities have to do with the family members as suspects I would not insult them by even suggesting any of them. After the case is solved and if Holly comes home, hopefully alive, then what happened will be known, again hopefully, and the guilty party will be punished. God willing.

    • That would be sad for the family – mom and dad – if that is how it all played out. One loss is more than enough – but two – I shutter to think of that possibility.

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