Posted by: kevinfortruth | May 17, 2011

Holly Bobo – Please take the Quick Poll

Thousands of Americans are addicted to the drama surrounding the disappearance of Holly Bobo, me included.  This morning I asked myself why?

Initially people were attracted to her plight because, in my estimation, Holly is cute as a button – wholesome, someone who looks like a typical high school or college cheerleader – blonde haired, blue-eyed, fair complected – for lack of better words, Holly is the all-American girl next door.    Most people who are reading this who have a son probably wish that he would come home and said “Mom, Dad, this is my girlfriend, Holly.”

The second reason for the interest in Holly has to do with the facts surrounding her disappearance – or moreso, the absence of facts regarding her disappearance.   

So, we know the initial attraction to her disappearance, but what is keeping America’s interest in Holly’s abduction?  That is even simpler to answer. 

In a nutshell, initial facts are normally released within the first 24 hours of any abduction / kidnapping / or missing person under questionable circumstances.  In Holly’s case, these facts were never released. 

Supposedly, all information regarding Holly’s disappearance is considered so critical to the case that Law Enforcement (LE) at all levels are refusing to share any pertinent timeline facts with the media or the public.  To me, that is utterly absurd.

This whole case falls in one of two categories – a conspiracy or a cover-up. 

Why do I say this?  Over the years, I have followed dozens and dozens of abduction cases on numerous crime and investigative journalist television shows and Holly’s case, and only Holly’s case, is wrapped in a shroud of secrecy.

To put it in Seinfeld terms – all the information has been locked in The Vault – never to be revealed.  It is almost as though the specifics regarding the initial timeline has been locked in a time capsule and buried 100 foot into the ground in front of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s (TBI) headquarters at 901 R.S. Gass Boulevard, Nashville, TN 37216, with clear instructions to not open the capsule until June 1, 2051.  Why?  More importantly, what are they hiding and who are they protecting?

Normally, only cases like the JFK assassination deserve a shroud of secrecy like this.  Presidential  diaries are also sealed and locked up in the National Archives – never to be opened during that President’s lifetime.  Again, why in this case?

I know that some individuals reading this might think that the statements being made in this blog are ridiculous and that was my intention, because I am trying to show how ridiculous the TBI looks by not revealing even the most minute piece of information.

What is of primary importance here is that Holly’s disappearance is not ridiculous – and it is because of that fact that I am asking everyone to take the poll below.

There are numerous rumors out there that can be resolved or even stopped on a dime if the TBI would release some basic timeline facts. 

If your head is spinning so far, here is a link to a Topix Parsons, Tennessee community blog that has close to 7,000 posts –  probably a  hundred of which are mine.

In that thread alone there are probably hundreds of rumors, speculations, possibilities, accusations, references to people in the area that posters consider to be persons of interest (POI’s) and even names of others who posters say LE should consider as suspects. 

Here is the link:  – read it at your leisure.

If you get addicted to this thread, please do not write me and blame me for your addiction.  Signing on to the Topix blog is strictly voluntary – enter at your own risk.

Now, back to the timeline.

I can understand why the TBI would want to keep the actual content of each call made to LE.  Someone calling might have given LE names of individuals that they felt might have been involved with Holly’s abduction. There also might be information that was given in the calls about the abductor such as that he had a limp or that he was carrying a shotgun.

But, c’mon, it would not hurt to release the basic facts regarding the calls, such as:

What time was the first call received, where was it made from and to what LE organization?  Was the first call made from a landline in the Bobo household or even from a cell phone of someone residing in the Bobo household to the local sheriff or even the TBI?  Was a call made from a neighbor?  If so, when.  Again, no recordings need to be released, just that it came in, when it was made and to whom?

What would releasing this accomplish?  The release of the most basic information would eliminate probably 20 – 30 percent of the rumors.

By doing just that, the chatter on the Topix Parsons blog would then focus on more meaningful discussions and not the constant rehashing of dozens of rumors that are attributed to everyone’s lack of specific detail – detail that is known only by LE.

By not releasing the basic elements of the timeline – it puts the family in question – i.e. by not releasing timeline information, it indirectly puts Clint and or his parents in the forefront as suspects.  It hints that someone in the Bobo household might have lied to the press or to LE and eventually someone in the Bobo household will confess to complicity in Holly’s abduction.

So, here is the poll.  I would like everyone reading this to take this one question poll, the purpose of which is to evaluate each person’s thoughts and opinions as to whether LE should release the absolute basic timeline information that would help everyone in Parsons and the surrounding area understand what was called in that morning and how and when LE responded.
If enough individuals respond to the poll, I intend on contacting the media – local and national in an effort for them to treat the Poll as a news item itself, so they will keep Holly’s abduction in the news.

By the way, please let a friend know about the poll itself. Voting matters – no mater how a person votes – each vote shows that people still care about Holly!

Will you please help keep Holly in the news by taking the poll?


  1. Apparently the Bobo case is intertwined with a much larger case,and LE is following the correct investigative measures to bring both cases to justice,therefore limiting news releases to the public,by doing so can fully pursue suspects without interference from the public,until final Justice is served in both cases!

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  5. the more i read about this case the more confusing it is, to try & make sence of all this, so many rumors & speculations, out there,, will we ever really know what happen, i guess we will if holly ever comes back,, going on 2 months it makes you wonder??
    here’s the thing , i thought someone said not sure who in passing that her bf & her were going to get married some day i guess, then i just read they broke up a few days before all this, so maybe that’s why the brother thought it was the bf. but was not him.. why has he been so silent in all this, as everyone else this is suppose to be a close knit community yet noone has spoken of holly it seems not even her close friends, does someone have that much power to shut every one up,,?? maybe.. just odd. another thing thats odd to everyone is this reward money,, that noone has claimed with any information, there’s also lots of talk about how corrupt the dept is ,, & people whom work there ,, just going by what i read on the sites, my thought what if, the ones!! who did this could be related to someone in the dept or knows of this & therefore, noone has to come forward for the reward & that someone is being protected.
    i also think you have to go back to the night before.. something had to have happen maybe words exchanged by holly & someone else, if she did go to the concert, & if she did know something, that she was going to go to le about.. what ever it maybe,, if it were something big” just speculating here,, then they needed to keep her quit,, they came & got her, cb sees this he knows what its about & maybe this is why he stayed home & didnt go to the concert,, then it would all make scence why they are protecting the family, or as many have stated, could be jealousy, some say there was cheating involved, payback time,
    & then there’s the time it happen.. why that day & time?? we may never know..
    it’s not what it appears to be can mean many things.. we don’t holly , maybe she did have a few run ins with people, did she have enimies we don’t know,,
    or is some sicko running around out there, where ever she is i hope she hears our prayers & thoughts to her & her family..

    • Unfortunately there are so many rumors – they are running out of control. Some are questioning LE and others are questioning if someone in town has a lot of control – either way, it is a mess.

      Prayers for Hollys safe return.

  6. PLEASE, PLEASE LET THE FBI WORK ON THIS CASE. I don’t believe that the LE has even checked into the possibility that her brother was having to pay off a large gambling debt and that some kook probably agreed to do that in return for letting him have his sister for a few weeks.

    We need to get Holly home and the sooner the better.

    • I am not sure who you are pleading to. The FBI, from what I understand, can be invited in, but they cannot come in on their own unless it is believed the abduction has crossed state lines. There are tons of rumors out there – many of which could bring in the FBI, but they are simply unsubstantiated rumors and I don’t know if rumors are enough to being the FBI on board. Everyone wants Holly returned – ideally safe and sound.

  7. I, too, get very suspicious when LE in so closed lipped. Why haven’t they released the 911 calls. 911 calls are released all the time in all kinds of cases. I always thought 911 calls were public record! The silence stinks!

  8. At first maybe they shouldn’t have released this information but with the amount of time that has passed…. they should….

    Is there a ransom demand or something? It does not seem like this is the type of place where a ransom would be demanded.

    Is the FBI involved or not?

    • I have read where the FBI is involved but I do not know if they are the lead agency in charge of the case.

  9. “The person responsible for Holly’s disappearance lives in the area,” said Mark Gwyn, director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. “Because of the terrain, you have to know where you’re going, entrances and exits. We feel the person is in the community. We’re asking the community if you know someone who has changed their routine, please let us know.”
    Gwyn said signs of suspicious activity include calling in sick to work over the past week, excessively cleaning a car or all-terrain vehicle, or unexpectedly selling a vehicle.
    He said there is no person of interest in the case, but said police are following more than 250 leads.
    Police have collected several pieces of evidence in the woods near Bobo’s home, but Gwyn said it could be days before those objects could be analyzed and positively linked to Bobo.
    In the meantime, the only evidence police have found and made public were Bobo’s lunch purse and some blood.
    Gwyn said it is possible Bobo’s abductor led the woman to a vehicle left on a road, accessible through the woods, and drove away.
    He said investigators still believe Bobo is in the state, but the FBI would get involved if there was evidence to suggest otherwise.
    ” Uh..the FBI is Now what now – is there evidence to the contrary that whoever abducted her, did leave the state with her and why ?? ?”
    any comments on this ?

  10. I just hope law enforcement has not made the huge mistake of witholding information from the public in order to make their prosecution of this case easier once it comes to that. At this point, I believe they (and Holly) need all the public’s help they can get. Until she is found, the priority needs to be in finding her – which means “release the information you have so the public can help.” By witholding this information, someone in law enforcement is taking on a huge amount of responsibility. I just hope they have the experience and maturity to know they’re doing it for the right reasons.

    • Thanks for writing. I agree entirely. The only question is – are they aware of some pertinent facts and evidence that leads them to “assume” Holly is dead and that is why they seem to be focusing on apprehension of the person who abducted Holly? They have either called off searches for economic reasons or because they know a lot more than they are revealing.

      • HELLO KEVIN;)


  11. Law enforcement’s witholding of information may make this case more easy to prosecute but if there’s a chance that she is still alive, LE may be hampering the public’s ability to help. Someone may know something important but without having detailed info from LE, rationalizes that it’s just a fluke, etc. So many cases are solved by public input. I just hope the delay in releasing information has not caused further harm to this girl. I trust LE must have their reasons. I just hope they’re right.

    • I agree again. If you visit and view and participate in the Parsons, TN OR Linden, TN community websites you will see hundreds of caring people speculating on dozens and dozens of rumors, asking questions, criticizing LE, and even disagreeing with each other – all because LE will not release even the most insignificant information that would eliminate the “need” for people to argue and defend the craziest of rumors.

  12. Dear friends, we are doomed, i think that Holly Bobo was victim of a well established adbuction sex-slavery mafia cartel, that abducts beautiful girls, brainwashes them to delete their memories and sells them in the black market to oil lords, and very rich corporate oligarchic elites of this world.

    I read an article that said that this illegal black market business of stealing girls for the purpose to sell them as sex-slaves for the parties, orgies and sexual needs of corporate oligarchic elites of this world makes about 100 billion dollars a year.

    We need a world revolution against the oligarchic elite, because abduction of our young beautiful girls is one of the crimes done by them. Americans should wake up and get off of their movies and stupid ball games !!



    • As moderator of my blog, I approved your comments for inclusion on my blog but I do not feel that a sex-slavery cartel was the reason for her abduction. I think sex-slavery abductions occur in tourist areas because of the readily available bathing beauties – no need to visit rural areas and pluck them from families – too risky, too much expense and planning.

      • I’m sorry I very much disagree, it is and has been going on in these small rural areas for a while now….. Just to many upper class people if you know what I mean, turning their heads on it.

  13. The police themselves have botched the investigation. If only the police would have done in the beginning what they are trying to do now.The first 48 hours of the investigation was the most crucial with all the vital evidence especially since the tornadoes and the rain has passed through. Any evidence now has been ruined. I think if there is going to be any real searching for holly or if anything real is going to get done here, the public will have to take it amongst themselves to do so because its obvious the police havent done so in any part of this investigation.

    • I believe the police are working diligently on solving the case but I think their focus is not on finding Holly but moreso arresting someone and then prosecuting that individual(s). They have intentionally kept the public in the dark regarding all aspects of this case. Whether or not they want to acknowledge it, citizens are always instrumental in solving cromes and without locals being involved it is like walking in the dark of night without moonlight or a flashlight.

    • I partly agree – almost immediately, insead of securing the crime scene, hundreds of people, in an effort to help, trampled over the area – possibly destroying potential evidence. I do agree that the public, with the help of para-search professionals could do more now – as the LE has all but quit organized searches. Something really stinks here. I still think someone of influence might be involved and is exerting great pressure for this case not to be solved.

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