Posted by: kevinfortruth | May 17, 2011

Nancy Grace – Is it time for someone else? Take Poll

Over the past several years I have become more and more disenchanted with Nancy Grace.

I am very please with the topics on her show but I am very disappointed with how she treats some guests. It is almost as though she believes she is Judge and Jury and she is prosecuting some individuals during her show.

To a degree, some of that is showmanship and some of it is even acceptable at times, but for the majority of the time, when Nancy determines in her mind that an individual who is either a person of interest (POI) or even a suspect in a crime, she becomes relentless in trying to proving to her audience that the person in question is guilty and there is no one who can prove her different.

Some of her viewers adore her. If a jury was made up of avid followers of Nancy Grace, almost every person on trial in America would be found guilty – just based on Nancy’s comments – her attacks – her unwaivering relentless pursuit. When she says “unleash the lawyers”, what she really means is “You are a guest on my show, Mr. Defense Attorney, but keep in mind that if you take exception to anything I say about a person who has been charged of a crime, I will personally take you down and I will embarrass you and I will humiliate you and I will quickly shift gears to another lawyer on the panel, ideally a prosecuting attorney who will back up my position and make you feel even worse.”

As a result of her nasty disposition, I feel it is time for CNN/HNN to consider finding a suitable replacement to replace Nancy Grace. I am aware that if she is replaced, then the show name will have to change as well, but lets just stick to the discussion of finding a suitable replacement.

Nancy has an almost cult following and that is fine, but I really feel for everyone Nancy has belittled over the years. Many of the people she berates might be guilty, but that does not give her the lattitude to everything possible to be rude to them.

Jean Casarez, who has filled in for Nancy, has done a wonderful job each time and yet, she has a human side that Nancy appears to be lacking. Jean asks questions but with a more reasonable tone to her voice and to my knowledge she has never threatened to cut off the mike of anyone she has interviewed.

So, here we are, and we are now at the point in my blog where I would like to ask everyone here to take a one question poll where everyone can choose someone who they would prefer to take over the Nancy Grace Show. There are 5 names of individuals who, I feel, could do a wonderful job as Nancy’s replacement. In addition, you can enter someone else as well. There are two more choices; one choice is that you simply want someone else – actually anyone else – to replace Nancy, and you can choose Nancy herself because you feel that Nancy is irreplaceable.

So, here is the Poll already. You can choose one answer. Thanks!



  1. I am not aware if Nancy Grace has a drug or an alcohol problem. I, like you, believe that Casey will be found Not Guilty of First Degree Murder and that will force Nancy to skip the show that night. Nancy still thinks she is a prosecutor and that she has a right to prosecute people on her show WITHOUT allowing any defense attorneys to take an opposing viewpoint. That is why she has her show so she can force her opinions down everyone’s throat. She is, to me, the Anti Christ of the U. S. Legal system. She, all by herself, has caused judges and potential jury candidates to delay starts of trails because she has introduced so much bias on her shows. Everyone, including a person who shoots someone in front of a camera, has the right of a fair trial. I hope that neither of her twins grow up to commit a crime because it would be interesting to see if she reflexively prosecuted them on her show or went against her – everyone is guilty without the need for a trial mindset. I believe she has some kind of mental disorder because she is so hateful most of her show and then she turns into Mother Theresa and says to everyone “Good Night friend. Also, when she does the “Lets stop and ” moment for a troop who has died. She almost teared up tonight when she talked about a friend of hers who died. I cannot believe a person who is so hateful so often has any friends. Unless it is all an act for the everloving buck….. Who knows……………..

  2. Whoever wrote that article is a fool, a child or both! Adults do not talk of relieving someone of their duties with a bullet. Not in my country anyway (USA).

    • Most informed and intelligent people are aware that these kinds of articles exist in the media in one form or another almost daily – and to use the (USA) slogan to critize this post is ridiculous. Our country was founded under the premise of free speech. You can see articles dealing with recall elections in the news quite often. It is those articles that lead to the gathering of signatures and when enough of them have been collected, a recall election occurs and that elected official is either recalled or remains in office.

      Also, there are tons of articles about high profile individuals running corportions or in government, criticizing them for what they are either doing or not doing and recommending they step down and in the same article is discussed who would be a suitable replacement.

      I suggest you get out of your recliner where you probably watch sports and movies all day and all night and pay more attention to both the mainstream media as well as becoming more active in reading enlightening and informative websites.

      I do not hide the fact that I believe Nancy is the rudest person on television and I stand by how unprofessional and insulting she is toward some guests and also defense attorneys but you are basing your arguement that what I wrote is un-American and that could not be further from the truth.

      Also, I have such a strong believe in our American way of life that I did not SPAM your comment, nor did I TRASH it, I graciously accepted it, approved it, and took exception to it in a public forum – which our country allows us to do.

      Thanks for writing.

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