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Is Casey Anthony Guilty? Probably, but of what exactly?

Caylee Anthony is dead – that is a given. What is unknown is what really happened; when was Caylee’s body placed in the woods where it was ultimately found, who placed her body there, and what is the exact cause of death.

Casey is being charged with first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter of a child and four counts of providing false information to law enforcement.

It is becoming obvious that Casey provided false information to law enforcement. Considering her earlier statements about Caylee being with a nanny and then Casey’s defense team saying that Caylee drowned in the pool – the likelihood that Casey will be found guilty of providing false information is a slam-dunk.

As far as the manslaughter, child abuse, and first-degree murder charges go, the prosecutor, using witnesses and evidence will probably get a guilty verdict on at least one of the three remaining charges, but probably not for first-degree murder.

Having daughters of my own, I can empathize with Casey’s parents and what they are going through. Because of that, I really want a thorough analysis of the testimony and evidence, and if Casey is found to be guilty, I want her prosecuted and I want her sentenced to an appropriate amount of time in prison.

Getting back to the subject of being guilty, there is one other person who is guilty regarding this case and she is Nancy Grace – yes, the infamous Nancy Grace.

Various websites describe Nancy Grace as an American legal commentator, television host, television journalist and former prosecutor.

It is very important to differentiate Nancy Grace’s CURRENT job titles from her PRIOR job title. Nancy WAS a prosecutor but, unfortunately, she continues to disregard her current titles as legal commentator, television host, and television journalist and does her best to prove the guilt of almost everyone charged with a crime that she decides to cover on her show.

In my opinion, Nancy Grace is doing more to dismantle the legal system in the United States than anyone else.

Her current job is to bring information about a crime and the alleged criminal to her viewer ship in a way so viewers can formulate their own opinions and come to their own conclusion as to guilt or innocence.

The sad reality is that Nancy withholds information in an effort to have her viewers come to a conclusion that is in line with her own conclusion.

Nancy is currently in Florida attending the Casey Anthony trial. She is in the court witnessing all the testimony and viewing all the evidence – yet, it appears that she is cherry picking testimony and evidence that supports her own opinion that Casey is guilty of First Degree Murder beyond a reasonable doubt.

When the Prosecution appears to have made a major point that supports their case, Nancy can be counted on to beat that item to death – over and over and over ad nauseam.

But on the other hand, when the Defense appears to “win” a point – either through cross-examining a witness for the prosecution or taking exception to evidence submitted, you can be sure Nancy will not cover that at all on her show.

Nancy determines whom she invites on her show as experts – whether they be defense attorneys, prosecutors, judges, medical examiners, or other journalists and commentators.

In a nutshell, Nancy is stacking the deck in her favor. All of her guests are there to make her look good. Whenever she asks someone a question, she knows the answer she wants and if anyone deviates from what she expects, she stops that person in his/her tracks and then takes them to task and then she immediately shifts to someone else in an attempt to get the answer she was expecting from the person she has just embarrassed.

An example of Nancy’s bias is when one of Nancy’s guest Defense Attorney’s responds in a way that might possibly lead one to doubt that Casey is guilty, Nancy becomes irate and has even said that she does not want anything said on her show that might help the defense during the trial.

I can understand Nancy forming her own opinion but I resent Nancy trying to convict people on her show. She does not allow any opposing viewpoints from anyone – and considering all guests on her show were chosen by her, I am surprised that Nancy finds it so easy to take some of her guests to task.

I hope and pray that no relative or friend of Nancy is ever charged with a major crime because Nancy would probably implode trying to decide whether to “prosecute” that person or to give that person the benefit of the doubt.

It appears that Nancy lacks the capacity to weigh all evidence first before coming to a conclusion. She appears hellbent on incarcerating everyone she can and throwing away the key so they never get out.

One would think that Nancy would serve the public better by showing both sides of a case on her show and then letting the viewers determine guilt. Her inability and/or lack of desire to do so must way heavy on her because she never allows herself to be wrong.

If Nancy is allowed by CNN and HLN to continue “prosecuting” cases in the manner she does nightly, then why should jurisdictions waste millions of dollars on trials? We could simply let Nancy do all her “dirty” biased reporting and then have CNN/HLN do polls and have viewers either tweet their verdict to CNN or dial an 800 number and let majority rule. If more viewers vote to convict, then give the accused person a “Go Directly to Jail” card.

In reality though, we cannot allow anything as ludicrous as that to take place because of a legal principle called “due process” and also the presumption of innocence until proven guilty principle. Basically, everyone, including Casey Anthony, in this case, is entitled to his/her day in court.

Nancy, in my estimation, because of her bias in all cases she covers on her show, should be forced off the air.

Nancy is wrong for television, wrong for America, and wrong for our judicial system.

So, what do I think about Casey Anthony? I believe she frequently drugged her daughter with chloroform to knock her out so she could party with her friend at clubs.

Casey came home after a night out and found Caylee dead. Not knowing exactly what to do, she panicked and made up the whole nanny story. As some time passed, still panicked, she covered Caylee’s mouth with duct tape and triple bagged her and disposed of her in the woods not far from her house. So, why the duct tape you might ask.

Casey loved Caylee deeply and was worried about insects and bugs crawling all over Caylee so she covered her mouth and nostrils with the tape to prevent critters of all kinds from getting inside Caylee. Keep in mind that Casey is young, or was then, and made some very stupid decisions and she will personally suffer for them the rest of her life. Should Casey do hart time for her actions? Yes she should, but I do not feel she should be prosecuted for Murder in the First Degree Murder. I think she should be prosecuted for Involuntary Manslaughter.

In court today Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Jan Garavaglia, said there is no reason to put duct tape on a child after the child is dead unless the child died due to a homicide. I respectfully disagree; I think Casey put the tape on Caylee out of love. As I said above, Casey, in her mind, sealed Caylee’s mouth and nostrils shut to prevent bugs from entering Caylee. This was a terrible decision all around, but a loving decision nonetheless.



  1. Yes Kevin, I got them. Did you get my reply?

  2. Kevin

    Did you see that the Judge in this case filed and Order of Recusal???

    • what case, the Jeffs case or are you talking about the original Casey Anthony judge who recused himself?

  3. “as though I suspected you of something”. Damn spellcheck correction.

  4. First my apologies to Zaia. I have become a bit spooked since yesterday as some one from this blog has obtained my personal email address, and are sending nasty emails based on things I have only said on this site. In hind site I should have contacted Keviv directly with my concern, and not posted that on the blog for all to see. It is a terrible coincidence that I started to receive these emails at the same time you appeared here. Zaia, I appreciate and welcome to a great blog! I am the first to admit I do not know the intricacies of running a blog, maybe my email address has been being made public all along?
    Again, I apologize for making appear as though unsuspected you of something.

    • Hey Olivia,
      When I post on here, I see only my own e-mail address.
      Do you know someone personally who knows your address and knows you post here and has a strong difference of opinion?
      Oftentimes there is a ‘report abuse’ button. (Or maybe Kevin can direct you?) I know as much about running a blog as you do!
      Good luck, and don’t let this stifle your independent thinking or keep you from sharing your opinions!

      • Hi Christy; I wrote Olivia and gave her some ideas – did you get the copies I sent to you – without divulging what I wrote?

  5. Can you please check ZAIA’s. IP address.
    Thanks, Olivia.

    • Whatcha thinkin’ Olivia? Nooo….. Yeah?

  6. hello,

    i am not from the us so my english is not very good. i hope you understand me though.

    I think the verdict was fungible, but i also think that you could have convict her of first degree murder.

    You always say there is no “proof”, yes thats right but this is not essential.In my country there is something called “indication trial”…and i guess you have that in the usa too. you must have because otherwhise casey wouldn´t have been in front of court , because there was , we all know that, no 100 % proof. An indication trial means that you have no 100 % proof but you have “indications” . And when these indications, evidence speak against the defendant you can convict him.

    in this case, there were for me (!) strong indications that she commit the crime ( lies when she was missing, behaviour after her death, ductape – and there are other body openings, for example the ear…a very big opening ! The mouth ist very often closed when somebody dies…, chlorofom, head injurie etc search on google, smell in the car…)

    On very strange thing for me is that she did not tell the truth. I mean the story with the swimmingpool is too strange and i cannot believe it is true.
    Because if it werde true why did george anthony did not admit it ???
    Why did they both waited so long to put her away so that the car smelled very strongly ?? If George Anthony was involved and wanted to hide it he would not have showed the car to his wife so that she smelled the ordor too. He would probably tried to get the body away as soon as possible. and if there were smell in teh car he would spray febreeeze etc before letting his wife near the car. But again there is no explanation for me that he did not amit it in front of court. he had nothing to fear, if it happened that way. and then his daughter would get out of jail !
    I also read that casey had a neighbour in prison and that she told her that her child died in the swimmingpool etc…. so i guess she probably got inspiration for her lie from that story.

    and then, when all this happend why didn´t she tell the police etc where the body was but waited till it was found ? Only one explanation for me : she hoped nobody would find it and that nobody would see the cause of death.

    if the story with the swimmingpool was true there was no reason to tell the other lies to everybod And there was no reason to let it look like a crime. I think no one would does that….

    So all that is of course no 100 % proof, but yes, there are many indications that would justify a verdict with murder. But i understand the verdict not guilty also. it is just my opinion.

    • Hi Zaia; Thanks for posting. I had no problem understanding what you said. You presented many valid points but the biggest thing you said is the differences that exist in the court from your birth country and ours. Even though Casey chose to do the most inappropriate things a mother could do after losing a daughter, those actions do not rise up enough to offset reasonable doubt. Some say that there will always be doubt but that is not true. When witnesses who actually saw the crime – come forward, that erases all doubt – especially reasonable doubt.

      Sure, there will be trials where some suspects escape the long arm of the law even though there did the crime, but on the other hand I am sure many, many more people are found guilty strictly because of convenience – the problem is that in this one case, a tv host kept beating the drum (before and after the trial) that Casey was guilty of first degree murder.

      Bottom line is that there was no firm cause of death and that surely makes it hard to find someone guilty of a charge that cannot even be described with confidence.

      I think people might consider simply respecting and remembering Caylee for the innocent girl she was but to taper off the hatred and rhetoric because all of that is just bad energy and most people are afraid to focus their frustrations on the people who could have done their jobs better – the prosecution, the sheriffs, and even Kronk.

      Also, there was a woman who ducked out of being on the jury because she was so busy and had so many things to do but then she was the first one to raise all kinds of hell for the verdict. If she really cared about humanity and justice she should have “gladly” served on the jury. It was her civic responsibility and she evaded it.

      • yes, i think the prosecution could have done their job better. to accuse her of first degree murder and go for death penalty was probably not the best idea.

        ok i would agree that first degree murder is very hard to proof. that probably wouldn´t go in my country too.
        but manslaughter is morge possible and again i think there were enough evidence for that. you say the bottom line is that there was no firm cause of death. yes right, but there where strong indications that it were murder. very strong indications. when it would have been an accident she could have just told the truth, but she didnt. instead she waited and nobody found the body till it was rotten….

        So it would like to know what you think about this accident story,
        do you really think this is a reasonable possibilitiy?

        from what i heard the jury had only the possibility to convict her of first degree murder and not manslaughter. When this is right i think this is a little problem in the us legal system. in my country the judge decides what a person gets and not a jury and he is not limited to the claim of the prosecution.

        People wanted to know my ip adresshere. i dont know why, probably because i could be that angela ? I am not. i am just interested in the case and i like to hear different oppinions on it.
        so i found your theory above about the chlorofom and ductape quite interesting.

        • Hi Zaia; Your assumption about our legal system is a little off – not much, but still off. There were three main charges and they varied in degree, but they all had to do with murder or manslaughter, here they are:

          Casey was accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, sometime in June or July 2008. The official charges against her were:

          First-degree murder
          Aggravated child abuse
          Aggravated manslaughter of a child
          4 counts of providing false information to a law enforcement officer:
          That she worked at Universal Orlando in 2008,
          That she left Caylee with a babysitter named Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez,
          That she told Jeffrey Hopkins and Juliette Lewis that Caylee was missing,
          That she received a phone call from Caylee on July 15, 2008.
          She was found not guilty of the first three charges, and guilty of all four counts of lying to authorities.

          …and because charge 2 and 3 had to do with a very young child, the charges were aggravated and that made the potential for a very long jail sentence and in the case of the 2nd charge – also death.

          I am far from an expert on human nature, but many times when someone does wrong, like throw a baseball through a glass window, the first reflex is to duck and hide so no one knows you threw the ball. As the crime gets worse, the reflex is to hide so no one knows you did something wrong – especially where some one is injured. Now, in the case of death of caylee, where her grandmother and grandfather have theoretically replaced Casey with Caylee in their hearts, Casey knew her parents would have been hurt, upset, angry, and maybe even hate Casey for an accidental death like the pool or even accidentally overdosing Caylee with chloroform – so if either of those happened, Casey would have done everything to cover it up. And if George was the one who found Caylee in the pool (if that is what happened) he would have first yelled and screamed at Casey and then he would have consoled and helped her dispose of Caylee so Casey would do no time in jail – and what better thing to do than dispose of Caylee and/or make it look like a crime.

          I do not agree what was done was good at all – I am only trying to beg inside their heads if that is what they or just Casey chose to do. If Casey did it all by herself, I believe she was in shock, denial, and even hating herself and got lost in the loud music, euphoria, and the social aspects of being accepted by her suggestive dancing, socializing with the guys and girls at the clubs. All wrong mind you, but it was her way of coping with her either irresponsible or inappropriate or immoral actions regarding Caylee.

          The prosecutor could have emphasized manslaughter but that would have pulled the jury emotionally away from the verdict THEY (Jeff and Linda) and probably the D. A. was DEMANDING and pursuing. Remember, the Queen of former prosecutors, Nancy “Twin Mom” Grace, who is NEVER wrong and if she by chance is, no one will ever know it because it is her show and what she says goes. I believe Nancy is one very sick individual. IMHO.

          Again, the jury had a multitude of choices about the major charges. do some searches on how the jury could have dealt with deciding what to find her guilty of.

          Thanks for writing.

        • Also, I do not believe you are Angela/Nicole, unless you are trying hard to make us believe that English is your second language. Most people are not into games like that. So, feel free to visit and comment anytime. Thanks for posting.

  7. hi Im sorry for posting under my middle name. I dont feel like I LYED . I could have but I admitted who I was. I could have said i used the same email adress as my friend or something.Anyways, I do respect all of your opinions. really, I do. I just happen to have my own very strong opinion as well. I do not have any kids,but I would think calling a kid a snothead is somewhat rude, but thats just my opinion. Have a nice day/evening:)

  8. To Olivia: Thanks! ‘Like/ Love Button’ your posts too! I find them quite agreeable to my own position!

    To Angela Nicole: (Very pretty name!) I can vouch for Olivia. I’m the proud Mom of two great sons, ages 23 and 33, whom I raised without the daily rainbows and butterflies too. Oh sure, the rainbows and butterflies were there, but not all the time. Because sometimes kids can be little ‘snot heads’ or brats, or stinkers,…..or yes, even worse. Maybe you’re a Mom of a newborn and just haven’t experienced that yet. Or, I suppose you could have the perfect child who will never cause you a moments frustration. Well….maybe in a perfect world.

    You are as entitled to your feelings, opinions, and beliefs, as the rest of us. You have made your unconditional hatred of Casey crystal clear. You leave no question as to your complete and firm knowledge of her guilt in murdering her daughter.
    Please rest assured that those of us here who beg to differ, in no way feel any less sadness or anguish over little Caylee’s death than you.

    Could Jobella and Kevin be right in their reference to Nancy Grace in their posts? It seems you share the same rabid mentality regarding Casey that she and her co-anchors spewed all over the place for over 3 years. HLN is not conducive to a calm, reasonable peaceful existence.

    Now Angela Nicole, one last thing. Would you agree that posting under a different name was somewhat deceptive? Isn’t that kind of like……lying?

    • Hi Christy; and regarding Nicole’s name and email – I only found that by accident. when I saw Nicoles email as angelalways it sounded familar but not because of Nicole, so when I scrolled to page 2, I saw the dupe email name. I think Angela decided to use Nicole because when she exited a day or two ago she said she was not coming back, so she holded true to Angela but not Nicole. and Christy, thanks for the continued commenting. I only hope that Angela eventually realizes we all feel Casey is guilty beyond lying but just where that guilt lies remains to be seen.

      Again, I cannot fault the jury – although the Queens of HLN cannot shut up about the jury. With George and his lying on the stand and Cindy with hers (even though we can appreciate some of her lies), it also left room for doubt.

  9. To Christy, Like Like Love your post, very well said!
    And note to Angela regarding Casey calling her daughter
    a little “snot head”…. Well, as the proud mother of a well
    adjusted, kind, loving, caring thirty year old son, I can tell
    you that I most certainly at some point in his life called him
    something worse than “snot head”. Life with kids isn’t
    always rainbows and butterfly’s.

    • and Christy and Olivia and Angela and Jobella and Nicole and Skraeling……

      Its also not always the following: (hope the lyrics bring back wonderful memories for all)

      Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens;
      Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens;
      Brown paper packages tied up with strings;
      These are a few of my favorite things.

      Cream-colored ponies and crisp apple strudels;
      Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles;
      Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings;
      These are a few of my favorite things.

      Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes;
      Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes;
      Silver-white winters that melt into springs;
      These are a few of my favorite things.

      When the dog bites,
      When the bee stings,
      When I’m feeling sad,
      I simply remember my favorite things,
      And then I don’t feel so bad.

      Note: And in between all of these favorite things are possibly:

      Spankings (not too many I hope),
      Time outs in the corner,
      loss of privleges,
      threats that they will never see “sunlight” again,
      stern looks,
      being grounded,
      I think everyone gets the drift……

      And as Bill Cosby used to say to his “TV” kids on his show:

      I brought you into the world and I can take you out of this world”.

      and we all get through it eventually!!!!

      • Oh Kevin, what a GREAT post! I DO remember, and it DOES bring back wonderful memories! Thanks!

        And Angela,your post with the apology has grace and manners.
        I agree that calling a child snot head might be rude. Sometimes those things really are said and meant affectionately. So hopefully in between the “snot head” and “brat” and “little stinker” are lots of kisses and hugs, and nurturing and protecting, and tickles and giggles, and communication and understanding, and lots of LOVE!!

        • Thanks Christy; glad you liked it. I think most of us feel the same – we love kids and sometimes we could be fit to be tied but we are always there for them.

  10. jobella, of course I dont know her. I said her actions and lies made it evident to ME that she was disconnected from her. Did you read that she looked up kidnapping sites months before caylee went missing? Have you seen her online chats with her boyfriend? she called caylee a little snothead. Im not a mom, but I would never call my child that. Her actions those 31 days TO ME indicate that she was disconnected. You dont have to agree with me, its just how I feel. My beleif is very strong, and I wont bother anyone here anymore. I am still upset but I need to try and not talk about this so much anymore. Im sorry if i said anything offensive to anyone, not my intentions!:)

  11. Nicole/Angela

    You speak of Casey and Caylee relationship as if you were close personal friends. Were you? You state that she “disconnected”, That’s a pretty big assumption. And clearly different from testimony during the trial. Casey lied. She always lied. Long before Caylee was born. So in your opinion, because she is a liar, she’s been plotting the dimise of her child since birth? You seem to want to cram your opinion down the throats of those who disagree with yours…hence the posting under different names. Kevin’s blog is an opportunity for those WITH AN OPEN MIND. You are entitled to your opinion. But maybe you should look to Nancy Grace for validation.

  12. kevin,
    nicole is my middle name, and yes I did post that I admit. I did go by a different name, my middle name, and dont assume the kind of person I am, now you are judging me. I never called anyone names, I just said the lying she did WAS evidence in my mind of pre meditated murder. This is what I beleieve and you cant change that. She disconnected from caylee cause she planned to kill her. Even if its a minute before, thats still pre meditation. Im sorry about using my middle name,I promise I wont post here anymore. I just felt like I had to say that. Again im sorry if you took it the wrong way. no, i would not plant eveidence or anything like that. Just cause someone doesnt agree with you, dont judge me for my beleifs. I dont lie either, not my style!

    • It is not that most people agree with me – I really would not want that, nor is it the purpose of the blog. It is just that many others agree that First Degree Murder was not PROVED. There were a multitude of charges in between that would have put her in jail for 20 or more years, but greedy prosecutors were going for the gusto.

      Again, YOU seem to be unable to separate LYING from MURDER. LYING IS NOT MURDER.;…… PERIOD. It might make you dislike or even hate her more – but the two of those are different and miles apart.

      Also, again, no one posting here to my knowledge believes that Casey is INNOCENT…. When you say my SMARTS tells me….. you are indirectly or directly implying that others do not have smarts and that does not sit well with me.

      Also, you say she fooled the jury as well as some of us here. AGAIN, Nicole or Angela, she fooled NO ONE here. Probably 99 percent of the people here believe she is really guilty of something more than the 4 guilty verdicts of LYING. People are sick of the the verdict and they believe that Casey SHOULD have been found guilty of one of the more serious charges – the majority of which believe in that she should have been guilty of charge 2 or 3, but not 1.

      My guess is that you watched Nancy Grace off and on for the past three years and you were convinced of first degree murder before the jury was even selected. A lot of other people watched Nancy “Twin Mom” and formulated that opinion themselves, but many who watched the trial, saw the evidence, listened to the testimony, especially of George and Kronk and one of the detectives, you could easily come to the conclusion there was a good amount of reasonable doubt. You want everyone in the country to break down the doors to wherever Casey lives and take her to the town square and that does not exist in this country.

      Redirect your anger at Kronk, the sheriffs office, and the prosecutors – those uppity two especially – Linda Drane Burdick and Jeff Ashton who thought they should go for all the marbles – but they gambled / lost. They did not even want to pursue the lesser charges because they thought if they also pursued manslaughter the jury might buy the lesser charge and convict Casey of one of the other two and casey might have gotten 10 – 20, or 20 – 50 or even life, but they fooled themselves because they got cocky and greedy. If people get mad at me for picking on those who ride white horses and wear white hats then so be it. Those 2 even kept evidence from the defense and Burdick should be thrown out of the D.A.’s office. Oops, then she would have to become a Defense Attorney – and defend those she hates. I still say that Ashtons laughter during Baez’s closing remarks swung the jury as least partially into the Not Guilty veredicts. No one, especially blue collar jury members likes a cocky white prosecutor laughing at an Hispanic defense attorney – and rightly so. Ashton retired and rightly so. True, he worked his a** off for three years and his own stupidity cost him the verdict he wanted. Linda Drane Burdick should also retire or resign. She is too pompous and conceited and condescending – especially in her arrogance in how she interviewed Cindy.

      But please Angela/Nicole – we all do not have to agree with First Degree Murder – we all want some guilty verdict ABOVE lying but it just did not happen – and as a result you cannot hang all of us just because we do not agree with you. I am not related to Caylee in any way – I just love kids – and I am sickened that her life ended so soon – tragically – I do not know. If she died by drowning that is very sad – if she died by chloroform or by her mothers hands, that is tragic, but we probably will never know.

      You are going to have to find some way to unwind and let this one go or it will really cause you problems. Again, we are not the enemy.

  13. anyone who thinks casey is innocent of this needs a reality check. You dont wait 31 days and act that way if you are not guilty. Guilty people LIE and act like nothings wrong. This is classic I got away with it/i dont care behavior. She not only fooled the jury but some of you!lol Even though the evidence was not all there like dna/fingerprints, cause she covered it good,using my smarts I know shes guilty. Even her pshyciatrist said she has no serious mental issues, shes just evil, RIP beautiful caylee

    • Nicole, you are like someone walking into a New Year’s party after midnight and telling everyone how much they drank and who they talked to. Before you come visiting here – looking at a little bit of stuff at warp speed – thinking you know how we all feel – please go back and read my specific blogs on the subject – the banter that went back and forth and read what almost everyone has said here – they are the all saying the same basic thing just a little differently.

      All of us here believe that Casey Anthony is guilty of SOMETHING – yes, even beyond lying 4 times to authorities. Some believe she is guilty of murder but most believe she is PROBABLY guilty of either manslaughter or simply child neglect in the event that Caylee drowned in the pool.

      I do not believe ANYONE on this blog said that Casey is INNOCENT – she was found NOT GUILTY – she was not found to be INNOCENT. There were doubts – some you could drive a bus through and others that were questionnable – so instead of name calling or putting people down, realize that the jury was selected by both the prosecution and the defense – they had no reason collectively to find Casey NOT GUILTY for any other reason that the facts, the evidence, and the testimony was not sufficient to find her GUILTY on the major charges.

      Just remember, most people think her actions for 31 days were despicable – but partying for 31 days does not equate to First degree murder – we can all hate how she acted and what she did for 31 days but we cannot prove beyond a REASONABLE doubt that she was guilty of the three top crimes.

      And as far as your comment “She not only fooled the jury but some of you!lol”, She did not fool anyone, including those who have commented here. And as far as “LOL”, that is a ridiculous ending to a ridiculous sentence – this is no laughing matter. Yes, Caylee, RIP, but it is not the jury’s job to prosecute anyone just to find someone guilty when the evidence is not conclusive. As far as her being good enough to wipe away all the proof, one person who could do that is her retired police officer dad. Caylee is young, inexperienced, and lacks professional training to erase all evidence.

      And in closing, you brag about your SMARTS, like you are smarter than the jury, all those who posted here, including me, the original blogger, and even the prosecution – because if the prosecution was smarter than you, they should have proved their case – but they didn’t…. so, that means you must feel that you are even smarter than them.

      And Nicole, aka Angela, you talk about your smarts and that you know more than we do collectively, but I will do you one better – Tell me whether you are Nicole or Angela because the email that you both share is . The IP address you used before is a little different ( today and on earlier comments) and you now go by Nicole instead of Angela who wrote about maybe 10 posts earlier, so I don’t really like that you tried to pull the wool over our eyes appearing to be someone else who hates Casey so much that you would disguise yourself to try to convict Casey here by a jury of public opinion.

      You are so into yourself and your one sided opinion, you lack the capacity to see that many, many others here and across the country agree that Casey is guilty of something – but most do not feel it is First Degree Murder. The prosecution screwed up – they gambled with Florida taxpayers money because his ego got in the way of insuring at least a prosecution of guilty verdict for Involuntary Manslaughter or even some middle of the road charge dealing with parental neglect.

      You appear to be the kind of person who would plant evidence or lie about things to get the verdict you WANT but cannot prove enough to make SMART people of the jury to fall for your tricks.

      I am disappointed that you would try to dupe the good people here who provided meaningful dialogue – sure, we differed on the detail but we were all adults none the less.

      Good Day Nicole, or Angela, or who ever you are!

  14. Hey Kevin,
    I was half kidding about the ‘Like’ button. Much like you, I am a firm believer in the right to ones own opinion, and can respectfully agree to disagree, (which I admit can, at times, be difficult and even frustrating.)
    There are so many components to the Casey Anthony case. Guilty – Not Guilty / Murder – Accident / Drowning – Chloroform / Accomplices – Single Handed / Lee, George violated Casey – She made it all up / Kronk is involved, or not – George is involved, or not…..etc. And such an array of opinions, theories, and downright firm beliefs for each on here.

    Now, with acknowledging all of our differences of opinions, I must say I share the sentiments of Olivia and Leta, and all (few and far between) like minded others. I find it impossible to consider that Casey harmed or murdered little Caylee. For reasons: I was not there, and there was no testimony at trial from anyone who witnessed anything of the sort. There is just as much circumstantial evidence to support an accidental drowning as there is to support the prosecution’s theory. There was no follow-up on Kronk’s alleged involvement with Caylee’s remains. He, himself said he lifted the bag and that the skull dropped / rolled out. Could the duct tape have initially been used to secure the bag and got caught on the skull on the way out of the bag? (I don’t know……I wasn’t there to see it.) But I do believe any touching, moving, handling, lifting, tipping, rolling, etc. of the remains prior to investigators arrival pretty much nullifies any and all complete accuracy to the location and position of the duct tape. And one more thing regarding Kronk…..I found his son seemingly quite credible. (Again,…I wasn’t there. Just a stranger reading another stranger as he testified.)
    The Chloroform…..pretty much a non-issue for me. It was searched (one time.) Apparently just after Casey’s boyfriend posted something on his Facebook page connecting Chloroform and dating. ?? But that is not to say Casey searched it as Cindy referred to her computer activity regarding Chloroform in her deposition. Either way, there was no evidence supporting the making or use of it. Period. And Tracy, (the lady who stayed with the Anthonys for 9 days to keep watch of Casey) said that Casey mentioned Chloroform during a conversation they had. That mention very well could have stemmed from what she learned about it after seeing it on the Facebook page. (Casey did not (need) to drug or murder her daughter to be able to party. Cindy adored Caylee, and was happy to watch her. As a matter of fact, the pictures and video showed Casey spending a lot of time enjoying her little girl too. So many pictures and videos. Way more of those than of the bar scene. I don’t suppose Casey would have been there to be in all those pictures and videos if she’d rather have been someplace else. After all, it was touted that Casey did what Casey wanted to do. And I didn’t see 31 different dated pictures of Casey partying to tell me that is exactly, and only, what she did for 31 days in a row following Caylee’s death. And I could never say for sure what she was doing,….because I wasn’t there.

    I also wasn’t there to know if Lee, and or George attempted or successfully molested Casey. Unfortunately, that type of thing does happen. There are most likely up to only 4 people who know (for sure) whether or not that happened in the Anthony family. And for any of us to claim it did happen, or didn’t, is totally out of line.

    Now, where I can certainly relate to Angela, and most everyone I’m sure,… that beautiful, precious Caylee died a lifetime too soon. And how absolutely heartbreaking it is to imagine any of the proposed manners in which she died. I worry terribly about the pain, fear, panic and thought process that Caylee and any baby or child must experience in their last moments. And I would never say that Casey doesn’t have the same worry. I’m not in her head or heart to know.

    In closing, I want to say, should I ever find myself facing a jury of my peers, I pray to God not even one of them would base my guilt or innocence on the look in my eyes or anything more or less than the evidence presented, and a true sense of fairness and honesty in their finding. (Much like the jury in the Casey Anthony case.)
    There are far too many substantiated cases of innocent people already put to death, others sitting in prison now, waiting for their chance to show newly discovered exculpatory evidence in their case, and those who have been exonerated and freed after years and years behind bars. A mere (one) in any of these situations is (one) too many. I wouldn’t want to be another (one), and don’t know anyone who would.

    • First, Christy, you set the all time record for the number of words in one response, so congrats. When I scrolled down before reading you well thought out reply, I though it was my reply to someone from earlier today.

      The one thing about the critics is that they all say the jury did not know anything about what “reasonable” doubt really meant. Like there was not any doubt at all and the jury should have realized that.

      Well, IMHO, there was a mountain of doubt, so much doubt that if the jury came back with a guilty verdict for First Degree Murder the judge should have declared a mistrial.

      What really stirred everyone up was Jane Velez-Mitchell leading the “I hate Casey Anthony” Tabernacal Choir in the courtyard in front of the court every day.

      I could truly see Jane Velez-Mitchell becomming an television minister and Jane walking through the audience with her collection basket for her bobble heads to fill up in appreciation of her moving words.

      Enough for now. Thanks again Christy.

  15. Ha ha, look at all the typo’s in my last post. I am really not

    • I am really good at looking past the typos. The content is what really matters and anyone can tell when a person cares about the subject and anyone would look beyond a misspelling. So, keep the comments coming Olivia.

  16. Hi Kevin, completely off topic…. I use an IPAD 1. Beside using a virtual keyboard, it will change a word to what it “thinks” I’m tring to use, sort
    of like spellcheck on speed. Also, one of the downfalls with the IPAD is
    I cannot open more ran one window at a time. A glitch I believe Apple
    has fixed on the IPAD 2. So I have to remember exactly what some one said
    in their post, I can’t go back and forth to their post and a new one I’m typing.
    Even with all of it’s glitches, I some how find myself not being able to live with
    this contraption, even though it’s only been in my life for six months! Ok, now back to blogging….

    • Well, that is no fun Olivia. My “phone”, as I start typing a text message offers what it thinks I am going to say and I can click on that choice but I havent gotten used to it so I continue to type away. When I see “kids” almost writing a book at warp speed, I get jealous.

      High tech and grey hair do not go well together. But, I am learning.

      Thanks for sharing your “opportunities” and challenges with your hi tech arsenal.

  17. To post. What ever, I use an IPAD, virtual typing is hard to
    get used to.

    • I agree, I just started texting on my verizon phone with a virtual keyboard that goes portrait and landscape – fat fingers like landscape.

  18. Jobella, LMAO. Hope you will continue tp post on Kevin’s blog.
    You bring humor, and truth without blinders.
    And you keep us in check with spelling!

    • I got the drop on the two of you because I can fix my spellings when I see them before anyone else does and when other people find the remainder of my errors, I can say I was just testing everyone. Thanks for making all this work FUN. U 2 R great

  19. Did anyone witness her putting the duct tape on? Are her fingerprints or dna on the duct tape? Ironically, the ONLY place dna would have been preserved is on the adhesive side. But none was found. So was the duct tape placed on the child while alive or after decomposition? More likely after since no dna was found. The prosecution did a great job with their theory. Putting a visual of a chloroformed child with duct tape over her mouth dying. Unfortuatley it’s just a theory. Oh, and by the way…it’s “duct” tape. Not duck.

  20. To Jobella, great post! Finally another person who understands the difference between real evidence, and supposition.

    • I understand the outrage. I really do. But outrage and justice are not the same. I still believe that George was involved. There is just no way a selfish, immature 22 yr old could have removed all traces of evidence from 3 different crime scenes to pull off the perfect crime. She’s a narcassist. But George, with his background, does. Cayle drowns in the pool under Casey’s watch. She freaks out because her Mother was so close to Caylee. In a panic, she bags the body similar to the animals and places her in the playhouse. Decides buring her would too difficult, she places the child in the trunk and takes off. When George say her several days later, (gas cans) he discovers the tragedy. Buy now, too much time has passed and this accident is now a crime. So he does what he does to protect his daughter. Remember, he wasn’t all that alarmed at the tow yard when there was question of anodor. Off to work he went. Cindy was the one who called 911. And he was a cop? Think abou it.

    • Hi Olivia – kudos to you and Jobella – and again, Angela – Olivia and Jobella and I do not like what Casey did for those 31 days – it was deplorable – but those actions do not justify FIRST DEGREE MURDER – partly because MURDER was never declared – the ME said that it appears to be murder based on the duct tape –

      The other possibility about the duct tape is that it was never applied to the mouth and the nostrils – when cronk moved the body, the bag, the skull, the duct tape could have repositioned itself and ended up where it finally did.

      And the issue of the family burying pets in the back yard and elsewhere, using plastic bags and either nylon tape or even duct tape – they all participated. Obviously, Casey being the youngest, she participated the least. Mom and Dad were primary pet disposers and then Lee and Casey, so as far as track records go, George and Cindy were the experts – but George couldnt remember much about that – what he being evasive because he was the expert and the last one to use duct tape and plastic bags on Caylee? It is possible.

      • Thanks Kevin for always keeping things real. I agree with you about the duct tape. Kronk lifted the scull by the eye socket with his meter stick. Personally, I think people are making way too big of a deal about the duct tape. It’s not the “smoking gun” aka murder weapon. I still believe it was placed over the mouth after the fact to support the kidnapping story. hence the lack of dna on the adhesive side. I’m not convinced that Cindy was aware at the time of the 911 call. That was honest emotion. And then there’s George. Evasive, defensive, convieniently forgetful on the stand…all very contrary to his original statements and depostions. If, (a big if) the molestation accusation was true, it could explain his turn against Casey during the trial. If, again, it didn’t happen, why is he so angry? Ugly charge, yes. But his response is more of guilt. Just an obersavation.

        • I agree – George was evasive, forgetful, uncooperative during testimony. I think over the past year or two (prior to caylees death) Cindy and George transitioned to Caylee and put Casey on back burner – she fell out of favor. Cindy wanted Casey to mother up more – Casey saw the transition in them and Casey bolted. George got wrapped up in his mistress because he and Cindy drifted apart with the Caylee issue and George got affection elsewhere. Double guilt – affair when Cindy was in so much pain.

          Bottom line is that I think Casey covered up at least an accident – like pool or OD on chloro or worse she intentionally OD Caylee to get back at her mom after arguement.

        • Plus, Casey knows entire story and when drunk or mad at world she will slip and tell someone who she will be in a deep relationship with and it will come out. and if Casey did the ultimate crime, it will come around because she will not be able to live with herself. best case, if it truly was an accident, people will eventually forget her, even if it was an accidental overdose so she could party

          I only wish people would forget HLN, Nancy and Jane and find other things to watch. Those 2 women, moreso Nancy because of all her hate but also Jane because of her stupidity and sensationalization of things should be off the air.

  21. jobella, there was lots of evidence casey was involved. Too much to list here, read it all online. Sorry, i said the last post would be my last, this one is for real the last post. Ducktape over the childs mouth is evidence of a homicide. If you think different, then I dont know what to tell you.

    • Duct tape over what appears to be Caylees mouth does not prove murder. As I said before it COULD have been applied by anyone, George or Casey, out of love, after Caylees death to prevent bugs and other crawling critters from getting in the mouth and the nostrils. The medical examiner says is supports murder but she is a medical expert and not a psychologist or psychiatrist who would know the emotional intentions of someone applying duct tape.

      Also, George, Cindy, Lee, and Casey had access to the duct tape and the stickers. and again, if Caylee was in the trunk for a sufficient period of time to create all the smell that made people back up a couple of feet, she could not have been in the woods on day one when Casey’s phone pinged on day one.

      God can be in multiple places – some people can physically run from one subdivision to another and maybe there can be numerous pings but dead children cannot be in a trunk for a couple of weeks decomposing and be in the woods decomposing at the same time.

  22. Kevin
    I am sorry I didnt mean to dodge your question, but this will be my last post here. I dont wanna talk about this case anymore. I dont think george could have been involved no way.He saw them leave together yes,but thats it. I dont see ANY evidence of him being involved at all.Nice chatting with you. Suspect him if you want but i have NO doubt.

    • I never cease to be amazed at the emotional view points on this site. Let’s just stick to the facts. Angela states there is no evidence of George being involved. Ok. But there is no evidence of Casey being involved either. No evidence of a “murder”, no cause of death, no proof of the dreaded chloroform, no eye witness, no DNA, no blood, no fingerprints. NOTHING. There IS evidence of Casey spending 31 days doing what no parent can stomach, knowing her daughter had died. THAT is fact. Chloroform was searched ONCE. And Cindy Anthony’s “shocking” testimony in court wasn’t shocking at all. She had already stated so much in her deposition. If all these people who have such strong opinions would actual READ the evidence, which is readily available, then they would understand the verdict. It’s interesting that the jury did not buy a thing George had to say. They did not consider any of his testimony. The opinion held by most is “I feel so sorry for him”. Huh? Really? His culpability is so palpable that it shocks me others are so blind to it. Caylee’s death was tragic and unjust. But our court system, although not perfect, is there to ensure that innocent people are not convicted. Not convicting just to make the public at large happy. If the lynch mob gangs prefer that kind of system, they should move to China.

      • Thanks Jobella, and to add, I do not find Casey likeable – maybe if I was not 67 and if I were Casey’s age I might enjoy a drink with her but I do not find her “hot” the way some guys have expressed – and I find her actions during those 31 days disgusting – considering her daughter was probably dead during that whole time. But, even with all that, she deserved her day in court. George was a poor witness who hurt his own standing and believeablity and he might have hurt the prosecution’s case all by himself.

        And as far as lynch mobs go, HLN did their share to stir them up – why? Because Nancy invested so much of herself and her personal bias in encouraging all her bobble heads to believe Casey was guilty before the trial ever started.

    • I am not suspecting George – I am only saying that he is possibly someone who had motive, resources, criminal background, and a desire to help his daughter hide Caylee and keep Casey from the death sentence. I am sure the jury saw George as a possible alternative and that possibility raised reasonable doubt.

  23. I just read the case filed with Orange County, Florida against Casey Anthony filed by Texas Equusearch. Any one can read the document, they have posted it on their website. TES is a completely non profit, volunteer organization. They state that in “late 2008”, Cindy Anthony “implored them” to help search for Caylee. No where is it indicated that Casey Anthony asked for their help. It baffles me that they think they can recover money from Casey Anthony. Cindy Anthony, maybe… They are looking to recover $15,000.00, which quite frankly I thought was a low number. TES states on their website that they work closely with law enforcement, and that was also the case here. They are saying that since Casey Anthony knew that Caylee was dead all along, she should be responsible for their expenses. However, Casey never asked for their help. They also claim the first time they heard of Caylee’s death by accident in the swimming pool was during Jose Baez’s opening argument. While I really do not want to say anything negative about TES, it appears they have jumped on the “let’s sue Casey bandwagon”. Is the law such that it would award compensation for services rendered when there was not only no contract, but no authorization from the person to perform those duties? This cannot be the first time that TES looked for a missing person, that was in fact already dead, and by the hands of the person/family who committed the crime. Again, they do fantastic work, and I do not want to negate that, but they DO survive on donations, and this lawsuit smacks of publicity. Ditto for that horse’s ass, the “bounty hunter” Padilla. HE is a publicity seeker. But at least he has brought back the Johnny Cash look. Again, it wasn’t Casey who asked for his help. It was Cindy.
    I have a legal question for any one out there.. If Jose Baez stated in his opening argument that Caylee died in the swimming pool on June 18, 2008 by accident, yet at no time did Casey Anthony tell any one that for public record, i.e., court, or interrogations, etc., then it legally is not fact. In other words, the medical examiner is not changing her cause of death to accidental drowning. So then, how can people sue based on that statement? Getting back to the TES lawsuit?

    • Hi Olivia and thanks again for doing the hard work. I said much of this last night when someone, Angela, I believe, implied that Jose knew way back that Caylee died on day 1 and not after the 31 day party period. I said that Jose acknowledged on opening remarks that Caylee died on day 1 but he never implied he knew that fact on day one. Thanks for saying it a little clearer.

      I also mentioned there was no contract or even a verbal request or a verbal agreement between Texas Equusearch and Casey – I feel bad they expended time and resources and money doing the search and it would be nice for them to be compensated because they were in some way duped, I think it would be nice if Casey made some big windfall either via a book, or movie, or video, or posing nude, she might consider paying TES for what they spent or at least part of it out of respect for little Caylee. IMHO.

      As always, thanks Olivia. You rock!!!

  24. Kevin
    I watch hln, and they do talk about caylee too. I know not a lot, but they interviewed the man today that wrote the song for caylee which I thought was sweet of him to do. The texas equisearch, I am not sure how they became involved, but it seems to me anyways, they have the best shot of winning a lawsuit. Its because noone told them that caylee was dead when casey and jose knew all along according to tim, the leader of equisearch. I honestly truly believe george did not place the body there, and it was all caseys doing, but I dont think she will ever admit it even if what I beleive is correct. Maybe she will slip up and tell, but I doubt it. When casey was in jail, she had a seizure when someone told her remains were found on surburban drive. That kinda tells me she knew where the remains were. Maybe its just me, but I think george and cindy seem like good, decent people who just got caught up in caseys lies. I think george was a loving grandfather and father, and I personally dont buy the claims he molested casey. He was very kind to casey in the jailhouse interviews and tried to get info from her. I think he knew she did something to caylee though,because she just acted so weird the whole time, and it was always about her.

    • Angela, you are making one assumption that has yet to be confirmed by anyone – including Jose. In Jose’s opening remarks he mentions that Caylee was dead on the first day. He never said that on day one THAT HE KNEW she was dead on day one. Caylee died years ago – Casey has been in jail since maybe 6 months after Caylee died.

      George, Cindy, and Lee supposedly, based on your absolute statements that only Casey was involved, probably did not know that Caylee was dead on day 1, and prior to the 31 days Casey was partying. Jose never has discussed when Casey told HIM that Caylee died on that day. She could have told him 3 or 4 months before the trial started and then Jose started working on the opening remarks. Casey could have admitted when Caylee died after the jury was selected.

      I am not picking on you but you are connecting dots that have not been proven. To say that Jose and Casey knew back when Texas Equuasearch was in town cannot be proven – as far as Jose – he was not her lawyer back then. But half your statement is correct – Casey knew.

      I asked you a specific question and you avoided it. I know you do not believe that George was involved in some way with either Caylee being found in the pool or Caylee’s disposal but I asked you specifically if George COULD HAVE BEEN involved and you did not even bring it up.

      When people dodge very pointed questions they know to answer them in the positive will create REASONABLE DOUBT and that would then take away your confidence in Casey committing FIRST DEGREE MURDER beyond a reasonable doubt. The bottom line is there is no proof of murder at all – only death.

  25. kevin,
    yes i agree about the chloroform, whether it was accidental or pre meditated we may disagree on, but yes I think thats what happened. Her moms name is cindy, you said Thats ok, cause you were prob thinking of nancy YES I will def boycott any interview or book on her, cause I dont think the TRUTH will ever come out sadly. She will prob stick to the drowning if anyone asks her or not answer at all. Anyways,lots of people are suing her and looking for money. I think texas equisearch deserves a LOT of money for all of their efforts looking for caylee when casey knew she was dead along. I hope they will get their money, as well as the bounty hunter who helped look for caylee. It will be interesting to see in the future if she makes any money, what she will do with it. She owes a lot of money, but will she repay it or try and get out of it? only time will tell I guess.I think hustler may back out if she doesnt commit fast just like that porno company did because of the backlash.

    • Hi Angela; I cannot pay you for proofreading my post – joking – maybe I was thinking it would be nice for Nancy and Casey to have a knock down drag out arguement.

      I believe Casey was involved from day one of Caylees death, but she did not invite Texas Equusearch – so it might be splitting hairs but they might have no recourse against her – there was no contract and they volunteered to come up and search. Now, if George was involved with Caylees disposal and George aporoved Equusearch visiting and searching, they might have a claim against George and Cindy.

      I also do not believe the actual event will remain a secret. It is too big to keep under wraps. Casey know what happened – be it murder, manslaughter, or truly an accidental death and she will get drunk one night or someone will give her something in her drink and she will tell what happened – especially if she feels and knows she beat the system – people who pull off “gotcha’s” cant wait to say that they pulled it off – like bank robbers, rapists, and so on and so on. They all sing a song eventually – few take it to the grave.

      Flint does not cave to anyone – and they are millions of guys who are curious enough to buy his magazine to check her out. People might fault Flint but he is a businessman.

      Consider this – HLN and all their hosts are sticking with the story because it sells advertising time and they are making money on Caylees death and they will keep doing so as long as the public will turn on HLN shows covering Casey.

      They are not covering Caylee – you seldom hear her name or see her photo – but you see hundreds of videos and pictures of Casey in suggestive poses because it SELLS – and why shouldnt Larry Flint do the same? and for those to say ok, let Larry do it but dont pay Casey – what they soon forget is that she is NOT GUILTY in the eyes of a jury of her peers – not the jury of PUBLIC opinion.

  26. kevin,
    I think there was a motive for casey to be rid of caylee. I think caylee was interfering in her lifestyle, and casey was more interested in hanging out with her boyfriends and partying. Caylee I feel was a burden to her. I also think cindy was putting pressure on her to stay at home more and be a better mother from the stories I hear. As jeff ashton said, I agree with his statement when he said she needed to make a choice. It all makes sense to me, but I am just one person with a very strong opinion on what I think happened. I know others may not see it the way I do, but I have followed this case from the beginning, and I know all of us see things differently. I am just trying not to think about it so much anymore, and I just know theres nothing I can do but boycott any interview, book, movie, etc. So I will do that. Thanks for being kind, even if we disagree some, its nice to talk to people who at least listen to other opinions. None of us know for sure what and why it happened, and thats why I think there is no closure, but probably there will never be:( Casey got an offer to pose for hustler did you hear? I think thats disgusting, but she may do it. I guess men want to see her At least playboy didnt make an offer to

    • Angela, I agree with you in many ways – just not First Degree Murder – and for Hustler, I did not hear that yet, but if it turns out to be true, Nancy and Jane will cover it. If you and a lot of others boycott interviews, books, movies, that would be great because you are carrying out your convictions. Others will be glued to the tv to see the lifetime movie version when it gets done.

      There are people who do not buy diamonds from African mines where slaves are used to mine for the diamonds but there are other people standing in line. But, they are doing their part as well.

      and as far as doing more, you can find out if you can serve on a jury. I got picked three times but never made the cut to be called into the room for an interview. I moved recently and I am retired so I am available if they come a’nockin’.

      Also, my best guess is that Casey and Cindy got into a big fight, Casey hit the road with Caylee, OD’d her to go out but because she was so upset, she used too much and accidently killed her. True, it would have been manslaughter with aggravating circumstances that would have been a max sentence. But the jury might have gone for that if Jeff pushed for the lesser named charge. I am probably splitting hairs here but Murder is harder to squeeze out of a jury versus manslaughter, especially for a mother and daughter.

    • Well, Angela, I recorded Nancy so I could fast forward through most of it later and later is here and Jean said what you told me about… Hustler and $500,000. Also, I would not pay for the publication to see her. My best guess is that Hustler is probably $7.00 or $8.00 or even more. And considering it is not available on the shelf to skim through I will never see her.

      I get more satisfaction being a member of singles groups and looking at profiles when I can. I surely do not prefer someone 1/3 my age AT ALL.

      Thanks again for the scoop.

  27. oh and one last note just because u vote someone guilty on first degree, does not mean they will get death.Life in prison is more likely. EVERYONE has an opinion, but some people like scott peterson are convicted on less evidence than what was in this case.

    • I agree with that commeng Angels. As far as Scott Peterson, it was a different jury, different circumstances, his wife was disposed of where he always went fishing. He had a girlfriend and he had motive to get rid of his wife to be with his new flame.

      The difference is that I felt all along that Scott was guilty of murdering his wife even before they found her. When Nancy Grace would not shut up about Casey, the one thing I wanted was the fairest trial on the planet so she would be found guilty by a jury and not Nancy Grace’s bobble heads.

      When the verdict came in, I felt bad for Caylee, I also felt Casey got away with SOMEthing, NOT NECESSARILY MURDER, but I felt ecstatic that Nancy Grace was put in her place. Nancy has done more harm to our judicial system than anyone else in America.

    • and finally Angela, no one is faulting you for your feelings, your anger, your empathy for Caylee – it is just hard to do a one to one coversion for each feeling to a charge of First Degree Murder.

    • By the way, please do not disappear – your input is valued. We differ in out findings but we are not that far off – we all feel she should be serving some serious time, we disagree on the primary verdict and the jury disagreed with all of us BASED on the information, and only the information and evidence and testimony THEY were given. There is a big difference in what you used to arrive at YOUR verdict and the verdict the JURY came up with.

      • One last thing I promise, it is a whole lot easier for a jury to say We find you guilty of MANSLAUGHTER than MURDER. It does not help you and your beliefs and desires, but it might explain the psyche of the jury.

  28. hi olivia,
    I am done explaining myself here. I respect your views, I totally disagree, but I wasnt there, neither were you, and I will always beleive she killed her daughter, There is no reasonable doubt for me. Thanks…Angela

    • Angela, I would like to say, because of your believes it would have been nice for you to be on the jury – seriously. But for one thing, you were privvy to things the jury never heard. You probably saw all the HLN hosts saying a multitude of things that helped you come to your conclusion. That said, even if you were not exposed to all that, and you formed your opinion ONLY in the court, you might have made the difference by making them see things in another light and maybe you could have won them over one by one until they flipped and voted for a guilty verdict of one of the three major charges.

      You, I believe, are frustrated because you have seen not only what the jury saw, but other stuff on tv daily, and you appear frustrated with the jury and your frustration is unfortunately misdirected. Raise hell with Kronk, the police, and the prosecution. If they attacked the case a little more professionally (i.e. finding Caylee sooner (DNA might have been there that pointed to possibly George, or Lee or Casey). Also, if Jeff focused on manslaughter, the jury might have come to a different conclusion.

    • One last question, Angela, do you rule out ALL possibility that Geoge might have found Caylee floating in the pool and he, with some help from Casey, figured out how to dispose of Caylee? Could George have told Casey to hide Caylee in the trunk for a few days until he came up with a foolproof plan to dispose of Caylee?

  29. Thanks Angela for clearing it all up. HLN, I should have known.

    Below is your statement to me on the “facts”. NONE of this
    is EVIDENCE.

    “The smell of decomp in her car, traces of chloroform in her trunk, the winnie the pooh blanket found with caylee,traces of the heart sticker. she borrowed a shovel from next door the SAME day, June 16th, the ducktape she could have gotten from the…”

    I can give you an explanation for each and every “item” above you mention,
    with a different explanation for what each thing signifies, or who might have put it there. Enough to cause reasonable doubt. You know what that is? Reasonable doubt? So again, unless you were there, (when Caylee died), and if that is the case you need to notify the authorities of what actually happened, shame on you for willing to convict some one to death, based on your opinion. And GOD help us all if you ever get chosen for jury duty of any kind. Or maybe you should have to serve on a jury. A sequestered jury with only access to the facts of the case, and not the crap spewed by HLN.

  30. Kevin,
    what I was saying is there was a REASON for her actions. Even DR Krop her own pshyciatrist while in jail sees nothing serious wrong with her, which I disagree, but her lies were for a reason. To cover up what she did. The only reason I was saying how I didnt think she was pretty is because so many people are saying shes hot, and cute, whatever, I just wanted to let people know not everyone thinks I know I am not a guy, but I just dont see it. I accept the verdict, I am not happy with it, but we have to. Olivia to answer your question,all the evidence points to her and her only. The smell of decomp in her car, traces of chloroform in her trunk, the winnie the pooh blanket found with caylee,traces of the heart sticker. she borrowed a shovel from next door the SAME day, June 16th, the ducktape she could have gotten from the garage. She was the last one seen with caylee, and cell phone pings show her in that area for 4 hours that day. George was the last one to see them together, so it only makes sense that they would try to pin the blame on him. I believe he had nothing to do with the death of caylee, I dont know if he had an affair with river cruz, but that had nothing to do with the death of caylee. I have a feeling that he may have suspected she did something, but I feel deep down he didnt want to believe it and just brush it off. I am more sad than anything, a little angry, but its done. I hope the truth comes out someday but thats doubtful. And olivia, you dont have to know where and when she died for a guilty verdict. Those questions dont have to be answered. Vinnie Politan whom I highly respect as a former prosecutor on HLN said the same thing. Scott peterson is on death row for LESS circumstantial evidence, guess his jury used more common sense. I know a lot of people agree with me, some dont, but if I was a juror on that case no one could have swayed my vote of guilty of something.Even if it was 2nd degree, I wouldnt have backed down. Dumping your child out there like that is unexcusable, and even if the remains had been found a little earlier, Jeff Ashton said he didnt know if the dna would still be there because of the elements. They had that BIG tropical storm there at that time, plus all the heat. She covered it up good, and in jail she even had a seizure when the body was found on suburban drive. I feel she is the only one that knew where that body was. All the people that have been around casey at that time talk about how weird she acted, how she showed no remorse, how she cracked jokes, she acted like she didnt care at all, and thats very sad.

    • One thing though angela, it cant be both ways – if Caylee was in Caseys trunk for a while – like a week or two or more, the pings do not matter because she could not have been buried in the woods and still decomposing in the trunk. Bodies do not decomp quickly – it varies based on exposure to the elements, the heat or cold, the humidity, etc.

      I agree, Angela, she acted in a manner during those 31 days like probably no other mother in America would have, but as inappropriate and unmotherly she acted does not prove first degree murder.

      Now, if Caylee was in the trunk for most of the 31 days and she was partying, that could play on anyone’s mind and she could have been off the charts with crazy feelings, mixed feelings, guilt, anger, and confusion.

    • Another thing, she might have borrowed the shovel to bury Caylee in the yard and when it turned out to be more work that she either was capable of or she felt she would be caught before she finished, she could have placed Caylee in the trunk and left her there for a week or two until finally disposing of her. Again, speculation on my part and juries do not prosecute on speculation.

      George, could have found Caylee floating in the pool and he and Casey figured out the best plan to dispose of her and make it look like a crime. By the way, George, Cindy, George and Casey all had accessibility to stickers, shovels, duct tape, blankets, and Caylees clothes. maybe that is why the jury was confused enough to NOT CONVICT.

  31. Judge Perry is not releasing the jurors name to the public until at least October, and if he had his way he would NEVER release their names.
    He is so right, in his comments made Monday about how this entire case has
    become a media circus, how the media has manipulated people into
    erroneous beliefs through their sensationalism of the trial. Case in point,
    NOW people are talking about how Casey Anthony LOOKS? Really? As each day passes it literally makes me sick as the “media coverage” continues down the path of trampling all over our United States Constitution. The facts as I know it are: The State of Florida did NOT prove that Casey Anthony was guilty of anything but lying to law enforcement, which she admitted to. So people, be mad at THE STATE OF FLORIDA if you think she killed her daughter. Personally, I believe that who ever is “handling” her right now is doing a phenomenal job, in keeping her out of the public eye. The fact that she needs protection from all of these zealots, who were evidently THERE when she killed her daughter, is scary. I mean, how do all of these people know what Casey did, unless they were there, right? While every one is entitled to their own opinion, (again feel free to thank our founding father’s and the constitution of the United States), it is NOT alright to use the media airwaves or newspapers to expound an almost riotous atmosphere in this country. God Bless you Kevin, xoxo, 🙂

    OK, the sign off was a joke. If I hear or see one more God Bless, or the lord this, or the lord that…. or a smiley face after a negative comment. If you have something to say, just say it. Leave the Lord and the cutesy crap to the middle school kids.

    • Olivia, as the British say, You are Spot on. You covered all the bases except one. The amount of hatred that everyone is showing across the country is in DIRECT PROPORTION to all the coverage HLN, Nancy “Twin MOM” and Jane velez-Mitchell gave to this case. Jane acted like an ambulance chaser and stirred up everyone showing any kind of outrage. The anger WOULD NOT HAVE reached a fever pitch if those HLN yokels covered the case less than they did. VINNY and ROBIN, and JOY, and DR. Drew did not help either. Sue Moss on Nancy and even other guests kept saying that she got away with murder. I believe in Free Speech but HLN really abused it to get ratings, ratings, and more ratings.

      Thanks again for your nice words and great comments.

    • Okay Kevin….where’s the ‘Like’ button??? I need it for Olivia’s post!

      • I plead the 5th Christy. I just looked to see myself and I dont think that feature exists. I will keep looking – thanks for your interest.

  32. i personally think she is not pretty at all. I am a female, but I consider her very average looking, and to me she looks creepy/scary. I see a certain look in her eyes that I dont see in most people. Just my take.I think guys may think shes attractive because they think she has a nice figure and is deemed a party girl. I definately think she murdered her daughter, but if they could prove manslaughter, then at least it would have been something. I think she is fully responsible for caylees death, and just tried to pin the blame on ANYONE BUT HER. I guess the defense did a good job of that since she was found not guilty. I DO NOT THINK SHE IS PRETTY/CUTE, but just a evil person who wanted her daughter gone. Even if she didnt do it,which I believe she did, I would still consider her average looking but to each its own, Im not a I cant believe she knew her child was dead all along, and didnt tell anyone. That makes me mad. If it was an accident, cmon, she would have just admitted it. I think the jury didnt know what reasonable doubt was. There is doubt in everything unless a crime was taped or recorded or something, but its not reasonable doubt. It doesnt make sense and is NOT reasonable, her actions the whole time caylee was missing. She acted like a guilty person, and to me its simple, but I guess they didnt think so. Nothing will bring that sweet little girl back:(

    • The real problem in this whole thing is that feeling are the main thing that makes people demand a guilty verdict. The whole issue of how she looks, opinions about her partying, how she looked at or looked away from family members during the trial, the look in her eye.

      The whole issue of reasonable doubt is another subject. Reasonable to one person is unreasonable to another.

      But, Angela, if the jury read your comments above where you said she acted like a guilty person, and especially where you said “I cant believe she knew here daughter was dead all along and didnt tell anyone” is probably enough for a jury to come back with Not Guilty. I know you dont want to hear it but all the sentences on your opinion of her looks might sway the jury into thinking there is not enough substance to prove guilt but there is enough stuff to show that she probably did it. Your comments are laced with so much anger and feeling and lacking something that I cannot put in words for them to sink their teeth into. I am not faulting you, believe me, It is just not enough to convict.

  33. hi kevin
    well in florida thats first degree felony murder. If it was an accident involving chloroform, thats still first degree, just not pre meditated. I researched about this and ashton even stated that. Chloroform is nothing that should be used on ANYONE, especially a child. So if it was felony murder, that would still be life in prison which I think she should have gotten. I have done lots of research as well on this case, and heard on dr drew from tracy, the bodyguard who stayed in the home after she was bonded out of jail, that casey even bought up chloroform to her, and showed no remorse at all. She even joked about going on the howard stern show, and she was always wanting to be by the camera. Everytime someone bought up caylee to her, she changed the subject. This in my opinion shows she didnt care and showed absolutely no remorse. Also the way she smiled in court after she was found not guilty was just so creepy. This is my take, and I have heard many others say the same thing.

    • I agree that she is probably guilty, but they never pursued the possibility that Casey overdosed Caylee with chloroform.

      The mistake was that the prosecution was stuck in overdrive (on First degree MURDER) when they could probably have nailed her while driving in 1st gear (with Manslaughter) – just an analogy on my part. They gambled and justice for Caylee LOST. But, she was found Not Guilty by a jury of her peers – who were picked by the defense and the prosecution.

      I still believe if Ashton was not so cocky and did not laugh in Baez’s opening remarks as well as Baez’s closing remarks, he could have won over the jury and they might have spent a little more time deliberating. The police also dropped the ball with Kronk – if they took the time to look a little – even if it meant wading in water they might have found the bag and the skull easily – there probably would have been some DNA remaining because it would have been 3 months earlier than the time they actually found Caylee.

      A lot of people hate Casey because they are confident she got away with murder – but she probably got away with manslaughter. I know when you take the charge and throw in the extenuating circumstances (aggraving), the sentence could turn out the same. But, juries try everything to NOT convict a person of first degree murder when the death penalty is in the wings. Add the fact that Casey is a woman and the jury is even more cautious – BUT, if Ashton went for manslaughter, he could have probably got the jury to go along with it considereing she might have gotten life without parole.

      People are angry and they are justified – but their anger needs to be redirected. Ashton was planning on retiring and he wanted to go out with a bang – a huge victory – again, gambling with taxpayer money.

      And as far as smiling – if I was found not guilty – whether I committed the act or not – I would be smiling too.

      Some people think Casey is real attractive and sexy – but I dont share those sentiments – I get turned off by people when they act like she did for 31 days and I can look past all that cuteness.

      Again, if Ashton went for the manslaughter, the jury might have listened more because it is a softer term than MURDER. You might think that would not matter, but words really do matter.

      Thanks again for commenting – I really enjoy your visits….. take care.

  34. I am outraged about this verdict. Based on the evidence I have seen, casey and casey alone is responsible. She is not to young to do this herself as you say. She was 22 at the time, there have been murderers younger than that! I think she either chloroformed caylee on purpose or accident and then dumped her. Her friends say she was a loving mom, but they did not spend all the time with her and people can change. I see it in casey eyes, she is evil. This is my beleif, and I respect your beleifs so please respect mine. She didnt deserve caylee!! George is completely innocent in this i beleive, and was just used to throw under the bus. I feel awful cause I strongly beleive there was no and never will be justice for caylee!:(

    • Hi Angela; I do not have any problems with your belief. I think what you meant to say is that Casey intentionally chloroformed Caylee and she died by accident from an oveerdose or Casey overdosed her on purpose and Caylee died as a result.

      I also agree that we might never see justice for Caylee.

      The problem is that the prosecution went for 1st degree murder and accidently overdosing someone where that person dies is not first degree murder. The prosecution set the bar so high they forgot or did not care to pursue a charge of involuntary manslaughter, otherwise Casey would have been found guilty and would be in jail as we exchange these posts.

      Thanks for posting. Stop by again..

      • Angela, I am curious… can you please tell me what evidence you are referring to when you state that “based on the evidence I have seen, Casey and Casey alone is responsible”. I would like to know what evidence I missed while watching the trial that proved that Casey “did this”. Evidence that Casey Anthony intentionally killed her daughter. I’m sorry, not sure how I missed it…. Where was Caley killed? How was Caley killed? If you could clear these questions up for me with the actual evidence presented, I would appreciate it., Thank you, Olivia…

        • Good point Olivia. My comment on the evidence is that there was as much to point to George and Caseys brother as there was to Casey. Now, as far as looking guilty or acting NOT like a mother – Casey won hands down but smiles, frowns, stares, looking away from Cindy and even her dad does not justify murder.

          This is one of the first posts that crosses other commenters and I hope it goes well. Thanks for writing Olivia.

      • Sorry, misspelled Caylee’s name in my above post…

        • I have done that a few times myself and I kicked myself afterwards. But, the blogger can quickly recover and fix it before anyone knows. Thanks again Olivia

  35. Hello Kevin. I wanted to post a note to tell you how much I enjoyed participating in this blog. You are a very good host. Now that the
    Casey Anthony trial is over, I will continue to check in to see what other topics you are blogging about… A final thought on Casey Anthony.
    It has been a week since the verdict was reached, and I am appalled and embarrassed by the actions of those who criticize the jury, to the extent that some of the jurors have felt the need to hide. The jury should be treated with the up most respect, period. Reading the various posts, blogs, (every where), television coverage, etc., I have come to realize how uneducated people truly are about the law in the United States of America, AND the constitution this great country is founded on. When did this country take such a turn? There are so many things to blame, but I believe it is simple. Education. Or I should say, the LACK of education. Personally, I would like to thank each and every jury member. If people are upset with the verdict, they should be directing their displeasure at the State of Florida, for not presenting the evidence for a conviction. Or over charging to begin with.
    Thanks again Kevin.

    • Hi again Olivia… thanks again for posting. I agree with you about the jury. They should be congratulated for sticking to the law and not letting emotions dictate their verdict. There were many people called to participate and many wormed out – saying things that turned off the defense or the prosecution – and some of those came forward afterwards and said they made a mistake. I believe that cable networks are adding to the problem – they are becoming broken records – repeating their coverage over and over – and unfortunately it can have a brainwashing effect on viewers to the point that they take the repitition as truth.

      I just heard on tv that a lady in Oklahoma, who looked a little like Casey was driven off the road and her truck overturned a few times and the person who forced her off the road was heard yelling “baby killer”. I am sure Headline News (HLN) was partly to blame for causing people to go to extremes and do things like this.

      I am ready to shift gears to other topics and I hope you continue to visit. I am working on a blog about “entitlements” and I hope to have the initial one on the blog by Sunday. Thanks again.

  36. So my co-worker and I have been having in depth discussions about this case and I found this blog while searching for what exactly the chargers are. And before I leave my opinion I will preface it by saying that I am a follower of Christ, a mom, an abuse survivor, a person who is very familiar with the law/legal precedence (what it actually says not what I think it should be), and I suspect unlike most of you someone who has had a close family member brutally murdered by someone who knew my family. With that being said I will say that I have followed this case, but haven’t watched all of it. What I think that everyone here is saying is that Casey is guilty. Like most of you I am not sure what she will be convicted of. I don’t think that Kevin or anyone else doesn’t think that she will be convicted of something or that she shouldn’t be convicted of something. As I said the question is of what. Putting aside all of our emotions as parents, grandparents, and humans if you look at this case and the evidence presented none of it conclusively points to Casey being guilty of first degree murder without a reasonable doubt. Our gut feelings might tell us something different, but unfortunately or fortunately depending on what case you’re on the law isn’t based on gut feelings. Yes she acted strangely, but who hasn’t had a neighbor or friend that we were convinced was doing something shady because of their actions. You may not have been able to prove anything and they may not have been doing anything. We humans are strange characters. Yes she searched some sinister terms. Who hasn’t looked up items that could paint us in a bad light (porn anyone?)? And yes maybe she wanted to be free of responsibility of having a child. My mom was a single mom and I’m sure that there were times she thought about not having me around (of course she didn’t do anything to harm me). Let’s think about this. What if Casey did research all those things to harm Caylee or so that she could go party with her friends, but didn’t do anything then Caylee accidently died from whatever (downing, choking on a toy, anything) is she still guilty because she thought about and planned it? Could it be possible that this is what happened in this case? Like most of us have said we may never know. And I think that murder one is hard to prove beyond a reasonable doubt without a cause of death. So with that said let’s pray from these people. And let’s try to be a little nicer to each other in how we speak on this blog. Everyone has their opinion and we can all agree that she appears guilty of something and that this is a mysterious case which has a sad ending any way you slice it.

    • Hi Leta; Thank you for your well thought out and well written post. My sympathies for your personal loss. This case is very emotional to many because of that lovely big brown eyed girl who is no longer with us and everyone wants someone punished.

      One excellent point you made (among many) is the one about the searches. Since the trial, I have done some creative searches and if they want to prosecute based on searches – I better turn myself in right now. Also, when I read different articles, including those NOT related to this case, I immediately start searching to find out a little about something I know absolutely nothing about and that effort could trigger flags – keeping in mind that big brother has access to almost every keystroke, email, video, etc.

      Also, regarding searches, sometimes after reading info on a variety of sites, I then go off and do searches and I go off on tangients and one search sends me into another direction and then into a totally unrelated search – BUT, someone connecting those dots might come up with a LOGICAL connection that could not be further from my intention – sort of like A + B + C + D = we better arrest this man for his own good.

      Some people visiting are absolutely convinced she is guilty of first degree murder and that is okay, but in an effort to push their opinion on others, they impune the character of anyone not sharing their position

      Blogging is usually fun, but blogging on subjects like this really pushes the limits of friendly human interraction.

      Thanks again for your post.


  37. So the case has gone to the jury. And we see Jane Velez chasing, stalking, salivating after the defense team like a filthy vulture as they walk from the courthouse to try to go have lunch. Disgusting tabloid behavior.
    Kevin, I can’t find a blog or anything with a recent time date to leave a comment or opinion with HLN. I refuse to “Like” them on Facebook. Can you direct me? Thanks.

    • Hi Christy; Didn’t Jane look ridiculous? She was so out of breath running across the courtyard and then to interrupt the defense team after they just finished a grueling trial and they needed to sit and get some nourishment. She asked if they thought there was justification for an appeal but Jane is oblivious to the fact that if Casey is found guilty there is an AUTOMATIC appeal. Poor Jane. She loves to hear herself talk. She asks questions so long that you could almost run to McDonald’s, order lunch, eat and digest lunch, and even throw the trash away before Jane finishes her question. And then to add insult to injury she always cuts people off before they finish their last sentence – why?, so she can run her mouth again.

      She, like Twin Mom Nancy DisGrace, cherry pick who they will interview. I am sure there are people even in the courtyard outside who have mixed feelings about guilt or innocence but they will NEVER be interviewed.

      Regarding commenting to CNN/HLN, you can go to this link:

      • Thanks Kevin!
        Ha ha! Really like your post! Yeah…..poor Jane. See…Jane….Run!
        It seems there are strict requirements one must meet to be an HLN anchor: Morally, Dignity, Ethically, Honesty, Humanely….Bankrupt!!!
        I have found they all meet those standards “Brilliantly”!!!!
        (I owe you a response novel, in response to my response novel to your response! ???)

  38. Ewwww! Kevin and Olivia….I just had the image of Ashton, Twins Mom and Rush L. superimposed flash in my minds eye! Yikes! They don’t make monsters any scarier than that!

    • Hi Christy; I could hear the “Ewwww!”. Thought you would like that…. I added a few polls with another one to be added tomorrow after the Judge gives the instructions and list of charges to the jury. Enjoy!

  39. The video has already been posted on you tube of him laughing…
    And it clearly wasn’t just a smile he was covering up. Man, he’s either got a pair of big ones, or is yet again, another narcissistic a hole, too many of which are in the DA police departments. What a day, huh?!

    • Did you notice all the CNN HLN talking heads did not acknowledge a laugh – Vinnie hinted at it and, I apologize for not knowing her name, but the pretty black lady who mentioned that she was or is a prosecutor also talked about Ashton laughing and that he laughed in opening remarks. I am a little disappointed that Biaz chose to lash out that way – he could have handled it a little more professional, but Ashton needed to be put in his place. …..and yes, it was quite a day. And, as far as the prosecution fine tuning their rebuttal – I hope they stay up all night and fall asleep during their presentation and get fined for falling asleep. YES!!!!!

  40. I only agree some what… Jeff Ashton was specifically instructed, only
    two hours earlier, by the judge to stop with his antics, yet continued to
    “spit in the face” of the court so to speak. In full view of the jurybut semi-obstrctructed by the judge. I believe that when Baez turned and pointed at Ashton and yelled, “like this laughing man”, it was his only way to stop it.
    I think when Cheney Mason jumped to Baez’s defense, he could have been about ready the have the jury “polled” immediately to find out if they had whitnessed Aston’s antics. If they had it could have been grounds for an immediate mis trial. Baez took the high road and saved Ashton’s ass. I’m sure he also didn’t want a mis trial. Jeff Ashton is almost a twin to Nancy grace at this point, in fact, wasn’t it a similar situation that got her thrown out of the DA’s office in the first place? HER antics, though not the same caused a mis trial in a tripple muddier case….

    • Hi Olivia; thanks again for the comments. I was unaware that the Judge’s view was partially obstructed, but if so, it is the Judge’s fault – he is leaning back in the chair – and if he wants to keep an eye on both attorneys he should sit up and position himself to keep an eye on them – just like an umpire in a baseball game or a referee in a football game.

      Again, it is the Judge’s courtroom and he has the responsibility to keep an eye on things. If you remember, during opening remarks of the defense, Ashton was outwardly laughing at Biaz’s comments and not a damn thing was done. Ashton reminds me of some rich kid in class hiding behind the kid in front of him and doing things and hoping he will not be seen. Dirty tricks again.

      • Maybe there ought to be other court officials to focus on individuals to keep order. You do not have one referee or one umpire, you have several. Sure, there is one senior umpire but the others see things and throw flags.

        Ashton looks good in a suit and appears to be professional most of the time but he pushes the envelope way more than should be allowed.

    • Ha! Olivia, my sentiments exactly likening Ashton to Twins Mom, (Nancy Grace)!!

      • Hi Christy, “Twins Mom”, love it. I call her Nancy DisGraceFul…

      • That is funny ladies because I was likening Twin Mom to Rush Limbaugh, so maybe all three of them can get a condo together.

        Also, Nancy (Twin Mom) uses the term “Tot Mom” so she doesn’t have to acknowledge Casey by name – so as of this minute – Nancy is Twin Mom the Ex-Prosecutor.

  41. FINALLY, Jeff Ashton was told to stop with his facial antics.
    But he is still doing it! If I were a member of the jury, I’m not sure
    how I would take it… Actually, no, I am pretty sure I’d be considering
    him a condescending ass. Where is his “respect” for the court?
    And might that add in to my consideration of all the evidence during
    deliberations. I know ethnically it shouldn’t, but…. OMG, he is actually LAUGHING
    right now at the prosecution table! WHY is he not being penalized?????

    • Hi Olivia; Your post about George being a police professional with considerable experience sent me hunting about his police history and then I uncovered something that floored me. The police, after finding George in the hotel, along with empty pill bottles, THEN found a suicide note IN GEORGE’s CAR.

      The suicide note was unfinished, but it ended with “Lee, I am sorry” and then only the word “Casey” – as though he didnt know exactly how to finish the letter. Confused, I believe he accidently left the letter in the car and then did his drinking inside along with taking a few pills to make him seem delirious. To this I say that if a person, specifically an ex-police officer wants to commit suicide, he/she will and they will thoroughly execute that task with precision.

      How in God’s name can he be losing reality and getting delirious and writing about it IF the note is in his car? Wow, I found numerous links to the “partial” note in the car on several websites and they all reference the same source – the police at the scene.

      George was a seasoned police officer – but even after you leave the force, you do not leave all your knowledge and experience behind. If George wrote a note in the car and “forgot it” and went inside with a few pills and some liquor and then started texting relatives, it makes one ponder his real intentions – we see on numerous shows and movies where people who commit crimes also fabricate or concoct alibis, and this might be one of those cases.

      If Casey was EITHER found dead because of an overdose of chloroform or an accidental drowning in the pool and Casey called her father (because he was a prior police officer) and she was at a loss of exactly what to do because she was in shock, George might have stepped in to take care of things and then the coverup started.

      He and Cindy, his wife, might have decided to gamble and hope that Casey will be found not guilty of the major charges and because of that, George will not admit complicity in the coverup because he would be charged with felonies and absolutely go to jail. Cindy needs George and they are letting Casey take all the heat – oh, and by the way, she deserves to take some heat – either because she was negligent in preventing an accidental drowning in the pool, or she committed aggravated manslaughter when applying chlorform. By the way, there is absolutely no evidence of her making chloroform, no evidence of ingredients, no empy cans, bottles, etc.

      Don’t get me wrong, I love and cherish life – especially of young children – I hope they all have the opportunity to grow into adults and live out life’s dreams. If Casey is proved to be guilty of any aggravated charges of harming Caylee, including Caylee dying as a result of Casey’s hand – she should have to serve time – a significant amount of time, time to ponder her actions and to realize the wrongs she has committed, but if those charges are not proven beyond a reasonable doubt, she should be found not guilty – again, she will not be found “INNOCENT”, but “not guilty”.

      • Just a had chance to read and digest your post, I had NO idea that the “suicide note” was found in George’s car! And I agree with your entire “theory” above. Very well thought out and written. I knew there was no evidence on the chloroform… Ok, here comes the big question now that they have basically rested the case, except for the States rebuttal tomorrow, which I might add was really caused by Jeff Ashton’s highschool behavior so it’s not fair that he gets all of tonight to fine tune it, are you going to post a new online “vote” to see where every one stands? Please, please… I’m dying to know how the poll results… have changed.

        • The jury saw his antics and saw the frustration in Baez so let them have all nite to work on their close. Defense rested and they can relax a little. The jury also is aware of all the antics of all the prosecution witnesses – remember the arrogant FBI blonde who did not even want to answer that a school was down the street and said she doesnt guess about things like distance? It is pathetic that professionals play those games when a life is at stake.

          Oh, I did two more polls and will add the third when the judge advises the jury of what their possibilities are regarding charges and options. So, there are two fun ones for now. Enjoy.

          There is a disappointing assumption in the media, the population in general, and with various agencies like the FBI lab that all defendants are guilty and should be treated like dirt. Even though maybe a majority of defendants are possibly or even probably guilty they all deserve their day in court.

          BOMBSHELL TONIGHT – Nancy disGrace would never buy into that theory. CALL IN THE LAWYERS – lets get their opinion. also, I’LL SEE YOU ALL TOMORROW NIGHT, AND UNTIL THEN – GOODNIGHT FRIEND. ;o)=

        • By the way, Olivia, the First Degree results went down from 53 to 49 to 46 and now it sits at 44 percent. The next two went up a little but now there are 10 percent of the people now saying either Casey will be found guilty of 1 – 4 counts of lying to authorities (29 people) or will be found not guilty entirely (two people).

          My gut is that she probably willl be found guilty of the 3rd count and an automatic appeal will result in a better defense team and more evidence will be admitted next time and Casey will be found guilty of 2 – 3 counts of lying.

    • Wow, Ashton, after being reminded to not make jestures was actually laughing and using his hand to disguise that fact and the Judge was NOT DOING HIS JOB. Letting Ashton get away with those actions could sway the jury into thinking that Biaz is a joke and should not be taken seriously. Ashton AND Biaz should both be strongly chastized. Biaz was wrong in his choice of words but Ashton has been provoking him for quite a while and I am sure the jury noticed Ashton laughing, with facial and head movements.

  42. Watching the closing arguments. Can any one on this site explain why Jeff Ashton is being allowed to roll his eyes, shake is head, and continually make disparaging facial expressions without being sanctioned? The jury can see him doing this, and considering judge Perry’s constant reminder to every one against this type of behavior, why is it being allowed?

    • He has been doing that the entire trial – as a matter of fact, at opening arguements he was visibly laughing at Baez’s comments. The judge did NOTHING to chastize him. The judge sentenced two people for their actions and excused a juror, but Ashton has taken liberties.

      Ashton took 77 minutes and a few seconds – I am curious if the judge will insure that the minutes are close to equal. If not, there are probably many justifiable grounds for a retrial.

  43. Sorry, Michelle used the term “molested”.

    • I am far from an expert but I have read that children who have been molested tend to become molesters when they get older. I dont believe that logic applies to ALL children who have been molested but maybe some of them end up in counseling before that could happen.

  44. I just read all of the comments on this site, and wish to address one specifically, made by “Michelle”. She states that abused parents make the best parents anyway… Michelle. You are dead wrong, and obviously not an expert in “abuse”. While I understand that this is a discussion site, please check the real facts about such issues before posting as though you are an accredited authority. That was a true Nancy Grace move.
    There is no truth that abused children grow up to be “better” parents.
    In fact the opposite is t

  45. I am just saying all of these, and many more unaddressed questions will hurt the State, and add to “reasonable doubt”. Still have closing arguments, but all of the “facts” have been presented.

    • I also believe there is sufficient reasonable doubt to not result in first degree murder but I think she might be found guilty of something like involuntary manslaughter. The prosecution executed their case as well as they could absent hard evidence. Biaz did a terrible job. The bearded lawyer should have been the primary.

  46. If I tried to commit suicide by drinking a six pack of beer, and taking some high blood pressure medicine, I might be dead on any given Saturday. And I’m pretty sure if I was intent on really doing the deed, I wouldn’t text the whole world so the police would find me either. Or go on national television across the country to appear on Good Morning America the next day! And, questions for the men out there, If you were SO devastated by everything going on, are you really gonna run out and have sex with a “volunteer” ? And why exactly WAS George Anthony let go as a sheriff’s detective, 6- months short of him being able to collect a pension? Why did they fire him after 9-1/2 years?
    The man reeks. You can see his rage boiling, and not for the obvious reasons. Everything above were facts presented during the trial. Any guys on this blog out there who think they would be “shanking” another woman with all that going on? So many many questions the State did not address. Can some one please tell me where Casey Anthony obtained chloroform, or even the components to make it? There was 0 percent actual proof that she ever was in possession of it. Too many questions left for a sequestered jury to convict of murder. Just MY opinion…
    Hey Kevin, figured out where to post, 🙂

    • Welcome back Olivia; I am not sure if and where she got the info on making home made chloroform. I am not sure where I read it but she did not have enough money to buy zanex so she wanted to make her own (rumor). If that is true, she might have made a drug that was too strong. Just another guess on my part. ????

      • Good morning Kevin. The “components” required to make Xanax, or any controlled drug for that matter can only be obtained by a licensed, registered chemist or custom pharmacist. The only reason I point this goes to further Casey’s immature, teenage type belief that she might be able to make it herself. Chloroform on the other hand occurs naturally in plants, in the basic component of Chlorofil. It then needs to be mixed with other elements to create actual chloroform. I think you have a very good point, in that she may have tried to make it herself. Especially having that “immature teenage” type thought process. Sounds plausible, will be interesting to see how or even if Mr. Baez will address the issue.

        • Hi Olivia; I agree, certain ingredients are controlled – I was trying to say that she was probably trying to cut corners and make something that was less costly. Thanks for all your good comments. I think Baez will not even touch the issue of homemade “zanex” type drugs or chloroform. That would add to a rebuttal and lead one to believe she drugged Caylee often or at least several times, which would add to justifying aggravating circumstances. What a mess, right?

    • Yea, I smell a skunk as well. He is a long time police officer and I am sure if he wanted to check out off this planet he would have been able to do so. And a six page note, I do not buy that. and then near the end of the letter he started not making sense but the letter is real neat and readable, give me a break. I believe he was emotionally vunerable and his volunteer was ready willing and able. He visited her a dozen or so times and I have no doubt they had sex numerous times. Something really stinks – why didnt they read the other texts? They read the last one where he signed George and Cindy. I think George was involved maybe after the fact but he did not want to go to jail so he and Cindy threw Casey under the bus. The whole family is screwed up. Cindy is one tough cookie.

    • Also Kronk is questionnable. He finds a skull and a dead snake but he does nothing with the skull for a while. Brings a friend back to see the snake but not the skull. He did not call the search people, why? Then a couple of months go by but he did call the police twice???? My guess is that he moved the skull and the bag so that no one else could find Caylee and get the reward. Then he returns the bag and the skull that magically falls out of the bag…..

      Who knows, maybe George knew Kronk thru police days and had Kronk dispose of Caylee. The possibilities are endless, but I do not think Casey is the only one involved. She is way too young and inexperienced to pull off all that without leaving traces or evidence here and there.

      George faked the suicide because he was too chicken to go through with it and also he does not want to tell the truth about Caylees disposal because the task of even moving or disposing of a dead body is a felony and he doesnt want to spent years in jail.

  47. Like you, I respect your opinions. I have a couple of questions. It seems to me that you believe that Casey Anthony is indeed responsible for the death of her child. But you also seem to be saying, that the child’s death was accidental and not pre-meditated. LIke everyone else who has commented. no one knows exactly WHAT happened or how exactly the child died. The prosecution has not put forth clear and convincing evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt HOW the child died, I agree with that. Unfortunately, your opinions, which are just that– merely opinions, seem to be undermined by your inability to be totally objective in your analysis of the evidence. Your comment that Casey “loved her child” and put duct tape on her mouth out of love–how could you possibly know what her intentions were, you agree that Casey has told many lies. For you to believe that 1. Casey had anything to do with the duct tape or 2. her reasoning behind it leads me to believe that your opinons on the matter are as subjective and emotionally driven as everyone else who has commented. I am not going to say whether I believe Casey is gulity or not. The truth is ALL the evidence, even the scientific and forensic evidence hasbeen basically circumstantial.

    But don’t pretend you’re all about opinions and “let the evidence speak for itself,” when you yourself are putting forth your own emotional interpretations of the evidence.

    Based on your post, those who feel she guilty simply because she failed the report the accident and is a “sociopaht” have just as much merit as YOU who states she is “guilty” for “who knows what”, but she LOVED her child and acted out of her devoted love for her child, you don’t know her.

    come on, let’s not be hypocrtical here.

    • I express my opinion here – I do not attempt to stuff it down someones throat. There have been many people who posted here making defamatory comments. Obviously if a mother overdosed a child – the act, or repeated acts to allow one to party nightly, were not acts done out of love. Casey has some serious mental issues and possibly feared criminal consequences for what she did. Continuing with my scenario (not proven at all) in her distorted mind, she disposed of Caylee and fabricated numerous stories – none of which I approve at all, nor do I approve of any of her actions for the 31 day period.

      Regarding the tape, I said that if the tape was applied long after Caylee died – either by an overdose or by drowning in the pool, the actual applying of the tape was done out of love by Casey – like it or not, that is my opinion.

      I also agree that the defense did a terrible job based on their opening statement. The swimming pool theory has not held water so to speak and the overdosing of chloroform makes more sense – I just do not agree that the overdosing was intentional.

      There are 12 jurors and each will have their own opinion but hopefully will come to an agreement of guilt or they will find her not guilty (highly unlikely). I will not say to any of them that they lack the ability to be totally objective in their analysis of the evidence and testimony.

      Just because we differ in our analysis, that does not mean I cannot be objective any more than I can say that you lack the ability to be objective. You start out partially agreeing and respecting my comments and then you get your dig in about me lacking the ability to be objective – congratulations – that shows a passive aggressive approach.

      There have been people here who have said that Casey NEVER showed love for Caylee – that has been disproven by relatives and friends – all I am saying in her twisted mind, she was expressing her version of love for Caylee by taping her mouth shut before disposing of Caylee in the woods.

      Dont get me wrong, if she did what she was accused of, or if it truly were an accident, all her actions were either illegal, immoral, or as a minimum grossly inappropriate.

      What some people hate is that I have remained open and showed a variety of possibilities that could have happened. I just do not believe that she killed Caylee in a premediated manner with malice. I do not believe she is innocent of all charges and I believe she will be found guilty of one of the three major crimes – I just do not know which one.

      I NEVER said she is NOT guilty of first degree murder, I just said that I believe there is not enough evidence for a conviction of that charge.

      This is a highly charged case and if anyone takes a position somewhere in the middle or a little to the right, they will be beat up by everyone. If she is convicted of the highest count, then so be it.

    • Another thing I disagree with about your post is that you say no one knows exactly what happened and I agree with that – but the difference between me and a handful of the posters here is that they KNOW what she did, how she did it, when she did it, and where she did it, and should be prosecuted because THEY KNOW she is guilty. Talk about that a little. I am presenting a scenario – i have never, nor will I ever, say that is exactly what happened. Please reread some of the posts by people who keep saying SHE DID IT, I KNOW SHE DID IT, etc. etc. etc. If you really believe no one knows exactly what happened, then respect everyones opinion but THEN be critical of those WHO PROFESS to know EXACTLY what happened.

      • Hey Kevin,
        Thank you for your kind words in response to my last comment. I have to say, I am still at a loss as to having a substantive belief in whether Casey is guilty or innocent, (unlike so many others here.) Which by the way, brings me to question if those who have adamantly insisted that she (is) guilty of the charges against her,……. doesn’t that make them witnesses? How else could they know? And if they did witness Casey murder Caylee, I don’t recall hearing testimony about it. Or….is this herd mentality nothing other than Nancy Grace’s BOMBSHELL instigation? (Oops, sorry about the caps! I got a little carried away!) Just like her perception of Casey during George’s testimony. That Casey was sneering and on the verge of breaking out laughing. ????? One of us is delusional and I’m going to say it’s Twins Mom! Casey’s expression was clearly disbelieving disgust.
        My thoughts on the trial……What trial? I watched a circus! (Roy Kronk….did he lift the bag, or not? Did Caylee’s skull roll out, drop out, or was it half buried or laying on the ground?) I heard testimony on each scenario. What effect would that have on the alleged placement of duct tape? There were crucial questions never asked of George Anthony regarding a potential drowning, or if he assisted in any way in the disposal and cover up of the remains. Unless of course all this information did indeed come out at trial, and I missed it due to commercials, or the ever frustrating, consistent interruption by the anchors. In which case we were getting updates and interpretations of the trial from their point of view. With their spins and twists. There are many other issues I would have liked to see addressed.
        And then we have the prosecution feverishly objecting to just about every word that came from the defense. They were obviously desperate to keep potentially vital information from the jury. This practice is nothing new or different then what happens at trials every day across the country. It’s part of the game. But it makes for an unfair trial. And an extreme danger for a defendant facing the death penalty, (which I am staunchly against based on the numbers of those accused, prosecuted, convicted, put to death, and then at a later date,…..found (unquestionably) completely innocent.) There are no do overs for them.
        I, (like most I assume) would really have liked to hear from Casey. I think it would have helped humanize or personalize her. She was demonized before the trial even started, and I have no doubts there are members of the jury who believed she was guilty from the start, (like many who have posted here), despite attempts made to show evidence and testimony to refute that.
        But then, what if Casey had taken the stand and succumbed to a total meltdown with the absolute truth as even God knows it to be, either taking full blame herself, or implicating she had help. I believe if it didn’t conform to the prosecution’s (and others) theory, she (still) wouldn’t be believed.
        This entire case was based on pure speculation. There were outright lies, half truths, disagreements among experts, embellishments and fabrications scattered throughout the whole trial. I certainly wouldn’t want to be on the jury. And for the sake of our justice system, (which effects us all), I hope there are at least a few fair minded, independent thinkers on the panel.
        Watching the closing arguments at this time…… The prosecution painted the sinister picture of their version of events, as is expected. I’m hearing the defense bring some much needed logic and reason to the table. That there was not even a hint of a history of child abuse in this case. That there were numerous people in the car and around the car who smelled nothing remarkable. The defense is breaking down the trial, exposing (all) the (exculpatory) evidence the prosecution is (by law) to be seeking from day one. Which, it is coming to light, was fraudulently manipulated, bent, twisted, distorted to the point of well beyond any fragment of truth by the prosecution. Utterly shameful.
        And for Ashton to sit there smirking, in all his unprofessional glory. Judge Perry tells him to stop. Then with a totally blatant disrespect for the court, the judge, the integrity of true justice in this case, the defense, the public, Casey, and yes, little Caylee……Ashton laughs (albeit not out loud) behind his hand. Unbelievable! Or is it? While most of the HLN anchors deny seeing it, some admit to it.
        Yet….they are badmouthing the defense for it!! Again…unbelievable!!! The Judge claims both sides to be in violation. There may be sanctions. By my own personal observations of behaviors during this trial, Ashton is the spoiled brat he’s so finger pointedly touted Casey as.
        Baez just finished his closing argument. I am now quite comfortable on the innocence side of the fence. I realize the prosecution will give a rebuttal, though as far as I’m concerned, they should rather stand up, drop (all) charges…yes, (all), apologize to Casey, the Judge, the defense, the public, and all officers of the court. Okay….maybe in a perfect world. Maybe with an ethical prosecution. Highly unlikely we will find that here.
        This post was written over a couple days time. And now, in my conclusion….Yes!! There is a conclusion! It is my hope that all those that posted here who in their own minds, had Casey guilty as sin from before the trial even started, will make an honest effort to try to remain neutral, objective, open minded and fair from the start of any future trials you may have the opportunity to observe. (You may well appreciate those practices by others should you ever find yourself at the defendant’s table.)
        Our system is not fair and just. It is not what it was originally set up to be, and hasn’t been for a very long time. The fact that Casey is sitting in court facing the death penalty is an unfortunate testament to that. Disclosure of the exculpatory evidence in this case should have, and could have prevented that. And now…….I rest my case.

        • Hi Christy; You go girl – I thought I was the only one to write a novel in one post – just joking – I really appreciate you taking the time to visit and to participate the way you are doing.

          First, your sparing use of CAPS is wonderful because you use them for emphasis – when some use all caps they are using it to shout someone down or they just dont care.

          Now, for all the people who were so outspoken against Casey before the trial even started – most are mindless Nancy Grace bobbleheads. Some have been brainwashed – remember Patty Hearst and even Elizabeth Smart? Thank God they both rebounded with counseling. Elizabeth Smart had her day with Nancy Grace and thankfully she stood up for herself and put Nancy “The Brainwasher” in her place.

          As far as Kronk, he was all over the place. First he saw a dead snake and a skull and a bag – 3 different objects. He then returns with friends, supposedly for the snake – yea, right. Then he calls the police a few times and the police recommend he call the Caylee Search People who are parked in front of the Anthony house but he doesnt. Why? So he decides to do nothing for quite a while. My theory is that now that the police were told and two of his friends know about the skull, he panicked and took the bag and skull and hid them elsewhere for a while. He then went about his own way for a while – no Caylee found yet, so he brings back Caylee’s skull in the bag but the jaw falls apart from the skull – so he duct tapes it – he sure knows about duct tape because he supposedly duct taped one of his girlfriends or wife in the past. When he returns with the bag, Caylee’s skull falls out – he then calls police, and he is the hero of the day. Did he or was he given a polygraph? Not sure. Another possibility is that there was no duct tape across the mouth and nose but when the jaw separated, Kronk took duct tape off the bag and put it on the face to hold it together.

          Regarding Casey crying, laughing, being stone faced, turning away, looking down – Casey could not please Nancy if she kissed Nancy’s feet. If Casey cries too much or too little or maybe when the camera is on or off – Nancy is so biased I truly feel sorry for her. Her family must walk on eggshells all the time.

          And as far as Casey not testifying, here is my read on the matter. Casey (and possibly, George) found Caylee in the pool and if that came out on rebuttal, then Casey would surely be charged with parental neglect even possibly under aggravating circumstances considering she or dad hid the body. If she overdosed Casey accidently, then she would have been charged with at least involuntary manslaughter with aggravating circumstances, another felony with serious consequences – also, disposing of Caylee – another felony (with or without her dad).

          My guess is that Casey probably knows exactly what happened to Caylee because her most recent story per Baez is that Caylee drowned.

          Also, regarding everyone who came to burn Casey at the stake even before the trial started – I would love Casey to be their neice, daughter, cousin, granddaughter, sister-in-law, or even mother and see how fast they put out their torches.

          There is a fairly general belief that people lean toward the prosecution, the police, and the medical examiner because anyone considered to be the bad guy/gal MUST BE the bad guy/gal. These assumptions work as long as you do not work with this person, golf with this person, sleep with this person, or even live next door to this person. If there are six degrees of separation – burn them at the stake.

          Oh, Christie, I have been re-reading and responding to your comments top to bottom and I just got to the part where you say it took you two days to put it together – thanks for telling me that after I worked so diligently responding in record time. Joking, Joking, Joking…………..

          You are really a caring individual who is not afraid to analyze everything and after being exposed to more information, moving left of right when appropriate – kudos to you…

          Thanks again for commenting.

          Kevin in PA

  48. I’m sorry but what kind of logical way of thinking led you to the conclusion that Casey loved her daughter? A person who routinely drugs a child to the point of her passing out for her own selfish desires is in no way demonstrating love for anyone other than themselves. Rather she is demonstrating contempt, frustration, selfishness, and hatred. None of those qualities are at all rooted in love. And then to go as far as to say you disagree with a medical professional on her expert opinion is ludicrous. A child who is duct taped after death would be largely indicative of homicide. It’s almost as if the guilty party is saying don’t say a word. It’s our secret. Not I love you and I’m doing this so you a dead child doesn’t get filled with bugs. I mean are you serious? First off I would never drug my child so I could party because I love him. Second if my child were to accidentally die I would report it so as to avoid any possible misinterpretation. Third if I had anything to do with my child’s accidental death and felt a need to hide it I definitely wouldn’t duct tape my child’s mouth and nose closed. I mean really. What would be the point? I’m just saying as a science and counseling professional with a child, Casey is beyond a reasonable doubt guilty. Love was never a part of her relationship with Caylee. And her emotion, expression, lies, and a number of other things she does daily show her to be guilty.

    • You are more than entitled to have your opinion – whether you are a science and counseling professional who has a child or not. I do not use words like ludicrous. I am surprised a professional like you can make a black and white statement like “Love was never a part of her relationship with Caylee”.

      Look at the videos of Caylee and Casey – listen to her parents, her friends who spoke of the love that Casey had for Caylee.

      I am not saying Casey is a Saint. She made some terrible decisions. She did dumb things. She probably committed some form of aggravated child abuse when she dosed her daughter with chloroform and when, and if, Caylee died because of an overdose, that warrants aggravated involuntary manslaughter but not first degree murder because there was no premeditation to kill anyone.

      I respect your opinion and I will not say you are ridiculous or your comments are ludicrous for saying there NEVER was love from Casey to Caylee. You appear to be a very black-and-white with little grey, strongly opinionated individual who appears to be very inflexible.

      Sure, Casey lies and lies well, so do her mom and dad. Her dad obviously had an affair and that is not a good thing, but her dad told his mistress that Caylee’s death was caused by an accident that went very very wrong. That means he told that to his mistress and then went out the next day and asked people to help find Caylee and bring her home.

      I have daughters and granddaughters and I would never drug them, I would never duct tape anyone either, You were not there and you cannot prove that Casey duct taped her daughter. And as far as the medical examiner, I only disagree with the possible reason for the duct tape – I do not approve that if it was done – no matter the reason – but I do not think Casey duct taped her daughter in a premeditated manner to intentionally kill her in a way to be charged with first degree murder. Were you there? Do you know anything more than circumstantial evidence to prove your point? You have your opinion and I respect that – But to say unequivocally that she is guilty and to say exactly what she did and how she did it makes me wonder about your professional credentials and your educational background. By the way, “logically indicative of homicide” is NOT HOMICIDE – only an indicator of potential homicide.

      Thanks for your post.

      • Wow, L. Johnson had information that proved that Casey Anthoney routinely drugged her child on a regular basis! Sure hoped she turned her evidence over to the prosecution, because THEY could never prove that. In fact I believe the only person continually hammering home that supposition is Nancy Disgrace. It is so very scary to me that people are willing to convict soley on their opinions.

  49. Well……..if u don’t like Nancy Grace turn off the tv!\

    • It is not that I do not like her, I do not respect her and I feel she is doing grave harm to our judicial system. I could say the same to you, if you do not like my comments you have the right to stay away. But instead you comment and I respect your comments.

      Thanks for commenting. By the way, do some searches about Nancy’s past as a defense attorney and how much trouble she got herself into. Also, do a search about lawsuits that have been filed against her. Also, if you are open minded and would like to see how nauseatingly unprofessional Nancy was when she interviewed Elizabeth Smart, please vitis this video:

  50. I dont understand why everyone wants to convict casey and give a young girl the death penalty. Especially since it was her moms, dads and police’s fault. They are all controlling ass holes that backed casey into a corner. Casey had 7 felonys I heard. She has had a life of being controlled and screwd by law enforcement. I highly doubt that cindy or george want there daughter dead so why is everyone rooting for the state to execute her. I am sick of everyone putting the blame on casey. The people around her need to take responsibility also. Especially the cops! Just waite until law enforcement comes after you and you will see who the real bad guys are! They make everyone a psycopath. Quite rooting for them!

    • Hey Super – thanks for commenting. This whole case has been a mess from the start. Her defense team leaves a lot to be desired. Also, to be sure, if she is found guilty, she should do the time appropriate to the charge she is convicted of. I believe she will appeal the conviction and if she gets a good defense team, minus Mr. Biaz, her conviction will be overturned. That is a lot of speculation with a lot of assumptions, I know.

      She has done a lot of dumb and stupid things and acted in a way most people wouldnt,but that, in itself, does not warrant a conviction of First Degree Murder.

      Another thing – I do not think she is capable, by herself, of doing what she is accused of doing, without help. There should have been hard evidence pointing directly to her but there is none. This is where her father comes in. I believe he helped cover up an tragic accident that I have expanded on below. He is the experienced ex cop who could have tied all the loose ends together to dispose of Caley.

    • Absolutely love supermans June 30th post. He is right. Unless you have been unjustly arrested , or even arrested and taken to jail, you have NO idea what it is like. I cannot believe that so many people on this site presume to know what Casey Anthony has had to go through, for almost THREE years, in a 6×9 cell for 23 hours a day, with no human contact other than the corrections officers. I say every one who is so convinced that she is guilty, or doesn’t cry constantly, or what ever opinions they are expounding, try to make it through one WEEKEND in her situation. Much less three years, as innocent until proven guilty I might add.

      • We might never know what actually happened and who was involved in disposing of Caylee. My guess is that George is involved somehow. The people who come across as though they know exactly what happened really amaze me. One thing is to speculate but to actually claim you know the exact details, well, they should write a book if they know so much.

  51. Kevin, I am new to your site, and can’t figure out how to
    comment, on your post back to me. As some one
    who used to put in 12 hour days, without access to daily news,
    I would often tune into Nancy Grace at the end if my long day
    for “legal updates”. I am sure thousands of people are doing the
    exact thing every day. And getting only her side of the story.
    So, how to stop this woman? It seams to me that what she is doing
    almost borders on illegal. I mean, can a major network push their
    agenda on people who believe they are getting the whole story.
    it’s funny you mentioned Rush Limbaugh, I was going to do the same.
    But at least with him, it is clear what his agenda is. And making his
    “maid” get his drugs for him didn’t hurt. Loved that day!

  52. As for my earlier post where I stated that Nancy Grace’s callers
    are “bible belt, uneducated people” let me clarify.
    It is a well known fact, that her callers are well screened
    prior to getting on the air. SHE only let’s these types of
    people comment live on her show. It just further fuels
    her narcissistic personality. I did not mean to
    offend any one on this site. Oh, and can’t resist,
    all I can focus on when seeing her, is the commando
    “helmet head hairdo” ! Hey, what can…. I’m can’t help
    it 🙂

    • Breaking News Tonight – I agree with the “uneducated” reference to her followers and the geographical reference was also okay – it doesnt reflect on all people in the bible belt – just that subset that follows her. And until your next post, Olivia – “goodnight friend”…… a little touch of humor.

      Oh, I almost forgot – “Bring on the lawyers”……

  53. Dr Sally Karioth, grief expert testifies for the defence.
    The prosecution wasted far too much time on this witness.
    Two questions would have sufficed.

    1. How big is your wine cellar?
    2. What plants do you grow in your garden?

    No further questions.

    Qualified? Perhaps….Believable? No
    She provided everyone a moment of levity with her profoundly unique style.
    Like a breath of fresh air. Truly refreshing.

    • Her inability to discuss her published works unfortunately made some laugh – she obviously is very intelligent, caring, and professional but I agree – way too much time spent on her.

  54. THANK YOU for your article on Nancy Grace. Boy did you hit the
    nail on the head! Every single thing you said is true. I have the
    “luxury”, meaning the time, to watch the Casey Anthony trial live.
    I also reside very close to alleged crime location, so being local
    have watched and listened to the extensive media coverage for
    the last three years. Nancy Grace DOES have a responsibility to
    report on the facts in this case, on both sides. The problem is that for
    those who work, and cannot watch the trial live, they may be forming
    an opinion based on this blow hards television show, not “true and
    accurate” reporting. And I know this is a “snarky” comment, but every caller
    to her show begins their call with, “I love you Nancy”, or, “God Bless you
    “Nancy”, all bible belt, uneducated people. Sickening. For the record I
    watched Nancy Grace for a few months only. Could no longer take her
    biased self serving love feast. I myself will wait until the trial concludes,
    in it’s entirety before forming ANY opinion on Casey Anthony’s guilt
    or innocence. We are all inocenent until proven, beyond a reasonable
    doubt in this country. And Thank God for that.

    • Hi Olivia; Well thought out post – good observations. I, myself, have made a promise to stop watching Nancy Grace any longer – her bias on things has caused an almost irrevocable damage to our legal system. She almost has a cult following that truly believes EVERYTHING she says. She could, if she wanted to, hand out Kook-Aid laced with just about anything, and her viewership would drink it. It really scares me how much people believe what she says. I recorded the trial every day and compared it to Nancy’s opening, and I do not want to call her a liar – but I actually believe she believes what she says about Casey and other cases she covers. I will say, though, that Nancy no longer has the ability or desire to present or even hear both sides of an issue.

      If the jury finds Casey guilty that will be fine, She will have been judged by a panel of her peers and not simply by Nancy “I don’t want to hear anyone else’s opinion” Grace. She is Rush Limbaugh in a pant suit and that scares me.

  55. John Dennis Bradley testified that someone searched ominous words on the computer confiscated from Casey Anthony’s home.

    Death, chloroform, internal bleeding, ruptured spleen, self-defense, chest trauma, inhalation, hand to hand combat were among the words Bradley said were searched on Google and Wikipedia. Some were actually bookmarked.

    Given the fact that the prosecution has already proven that Cindy Anthony was at work on some of the days she claimed to look up Chloroform, it does not look good for Casey. There does not have to be direct evidence linking Casey to the Computer or the murder. Circumstantial evidence can some times be more damning then direct evidence.
    Casey Anthony then laughed out loud during the questioning of her own “bug expert” witness on the stand.
    The circumstantial evidence is piling up exponetially.
    I recall three years ago Casey Anthonys blogging if diy chloroform might be dangerous. It apparently is somewhat different then chloroform purchased legally from a pharmacist. I suppose it is possible she mixed up a bad batch.
    It depends on how the jury interprets the info gleaned from the computer.
    I do not believe she will be found guilty of first degree murder. This does not however mean that I believe she is innocent of said crime. I believe she will be found guilty of a the lesser crime manslaughter. I feel dreadfully sorry for Cindy Anthony. She let a troubled Casey leave the home at one in the morning with her granddaughter crying nana nana. It is going to take a long time for Cindy to realize it was not her fault; she could not have forseen the tragic death of her granddaughter. I hope for the Mothers sake Casee does not get the death penalty.

    • Great comments. I do not believe Cindy did the searches and she might live to regret saying that she did the searches. Not only because of the lie itself, but it will come across as trying to cover up her daughters searches which will shift the focus back again to the searches and the intent of the searches and if what was gleaned actually resulted in the death of Caylee. I know there is a lot of circumstatial evidence but there is also a lot of doubt being raised during testimony. I agree, she will be found guilty of a lesser manslaughter or aggravated child abuse charge.

  56. Three yrs ago Cindy Anthony told police that she and her daughter had had a horrible fight. It was a punching screaming cat fight which took place around midnight. Cindy was sick and tired of Casey threatening her with denial of her grandchild if she didn’t get her own way. Casey knew the mother had fallen in love with Caylee and used this to her advantage, only on this particular night after many months of threats, Cindy said enuff is enuff, get out. Casey ran to the bedroom snatched Caylee out of bed and fled into the night. The mother had wanted to adopt Caylee and Casey had said no. I believe she carried out her threat to the Mother. In order to hurt the Mother and deprive her of the one thing she loved the most she killed her grandchild, chloroformed her, taped her whole face, placed a heart over the mouth and burried Caylee in her favorite burial spot for animals. Casey is guilty of premeditated first degree murder.
    The mother had been threatening to kick Casey out for almost five months before the final knockdown fight. The search for chloroform and ways to kill a child had been going on for a few months prior to Calees death. Caseys behavior is typical of a true psychopath. She will more then likely escape her just reward, the death penalty, and spend the rest of her life la belle of the prison cantina.

    • All the pieces seem to fit in your scenario. It makes sense. The testimony and some evidence might create enough doubt to have the jury choose one of the other counts in lieu of first degree murder. We will see, right?

  57. The theory came out at the last minute because Baez knew this case did not have a chance with the nanny theory, ok? Like Dr. G said, your child drowns, you call the police hoping there might be a chance. She did not cry once with real tears over her baby girl. Go back and look at the videos. Listen to her voice as she lies to detectives. She threw her father on the bus because she knew he and Cindy were testifying for the prosecution. She knew that he wouldn’t mind her throwing him under the bus because he does not want her dead. She manipulated her family as she always did to get her way. How dare people feel sympathy for someone who knew that her child was in the woods and had a blast the whole time. People who have been molested make the best parents because they don’t want their child to be hurt or damaged. All the hugs and kisses in front of people had to do with her acting. She is a good actress. She should have pursued that as a career.

    • I, myself, am not capable of evaluating one’s tears to determine if they were “real”, “fake” or even crocodile tears. It is easy for someone to hear lots of journalists and talk show hosts say they were fake tears and that she turned away in disgust when…… but the bottom line is that none of us know what is going on in Casey’s head. We see her expressions and we interpret them with our own biases. Some people have said she is at times expressionless but anyone can see the tension above her eyes and eyebrows where the nuscles on her temples tighten up – those actions are expressions even if they are involuntary – but we easily find fault because we do now see her wallowing in tears. Everyone does not cry alike – we do not take a “Crying 101” course. I believe she is guilty of something – exactly what, I do not know. The jury will decide. My fear is that if she is convicted of a lesser charge there will be those who will say that she beat the system. Well the system is the best we have and will all will have to live with the verdict.

  58. Correction *grandaughter!

    • Good catch – I do stuff like that all the time. Join the group. I missed that when reading that because I knew who was in the woods.

  59. Whether it was an accident or not, she left that child in the woods and had a great ole time. She got a tattoo, she partied and she knew her time was coming where she had to say something. Why would George throw his daughter in the woods and then tell Casey to play for 31 days and return with a bogus story about a nanny? He would have created a better lie with her. He went to visit her in jail countless times begging for information and she kept telling lies and showing signs of frustration with every question. It was all about what she ate in prison and ME ME ME. She is a liar and lied about everything in her life. She pretended to be a good mother and couldn’t handle it anymore. She needed to end her misery. She knew she had to grow up, get a real job, and find her own place to support her child that was going to start to ask for things and for attention. She couldn’t live with her parents all her life. She needed to grow up and be a mother to a little girl who was starting to have a voice. Cindy and Casey fought about that all the time. So in a rage she killed her daughter which meant she no longer had a huge responsibility and felt she could lie her way through this whole thing with details. She couldn’t handle that pressure and so she killed her. Sure everyone has opinions but check out the home videos of Caylee being ignored purposely. The child appears frustrated. Her mother hated her. I have followed this case since the beginning. I have followed her lies and almost believed there was a nanny because of how well she lied. George and Cindy struggled big time trying to find her. They suffered abuse and are still in pain. It upsets me to think that people can’t accept that this girl was a good mother. A good mother does not do what she has done. A good mother says the truth. A good mother REALLY WORKS to provide for her child. A good mother does not go on websites saying that Casey Anthony is innocent. She has lied all her life with her pretty little face and got away with it and it sickens me to think that maybe she will get away with it.

    • Another thought – I just cannot believe that Casey was smart enough and experienced enough to pull off not only a murder, but the various steps of the coverup and disosal of the body WITHOUT someone else assisting and I believe her father assisted by using his extensive police experience to do anything and everything to make it seem like an abduction, murder, and disposal by someone other than Casey.

  60. Given what is known about the dynamics of the family, Casey’s reaction to a accidental death is not all that alarming. Look at other young girls who find out they’re preganant. Fearing the wrath of the parent (s) they hide the pregnancy, give birth in a bathroom and throw the newborn in a dumpster. Out of fear. Cindy was cold and controling. George…well can’t be sure about the accusation but it’s possible. She’s already been told she’s a bad Mom. The child accidentally dies under her watch (Casey’s) and the game of panic begins. Really surprised Baez did not engage her in extensive therapy with an abuse specialist who could have testied on her behalf as to the toll it takes on one’s psyche. Was she spoiled? Perhaps. But why spoil her and not Lee? Unless you’re trying to keep her mouth shut.

    • She might have been spoiled and then Caylee became the adorable girl who got spoiled even more and Casey lost her status for various reasons – lying about her job – going out too much (in their eyes). The family dynamic must have been off the charts. I agree, Cindy appears to be a tough cookie. I would not want to cross her.

  61. I think this has all been resolved – at least on my end.

  62. Kevin-The abrupt ending of trial proceedings on Saturday was due to a request by Baez for Casey to be evaluated for competency. She was evaluated by 3 dr’s and found to be comptetent.It appears to be a tactical move on behalf of Baez so that when Casey takes the stand, she can be seen NOT as a sociopath but a desperate, scared Mom. Thus hoping the jury will find her more believable. What do you think?

    • I am sure her lawyers and trying to evaluate whether to have her take the stand or not. She might have been having some emotional issues with all the recent family members on the stand and the photos and videos of Caylee, so the defense might have wanted a professional evaluation to see if she is up to taking the stand. Makes sense to me.

      She has been caught in quite a few lies but that doesnt make her a sociopath necessarily. I agree she is desperate, scared, and concerned about what might happen to her and how that will affect her family. I bet that if she takes the stand, the blond attorney will try to crack her left and right – they will not want the male prosecutor attacking her.

      Good observations Jobella, stop by again………….

    • I am finally seeing more people logically dissecting this trail, and not pre-persecuting her. This is the strangest case I have ever witnessed, or heard (again, I do not follow trails [too busy]). I hope the jury sees this for what it is (guilty or not) that there is A TON of resonable doubt. If the girl is guilty (personally I think she is guilty of lying to the police, and utter stupidity), she cannot be found guilty because AGAIN, there is nothing linking her to the disappearance of her daughter. And yes, Jeff Ashton comes across as a malicious D.A., but that is his job, just like Baez’s only job is to protect his client. What puzzles me though, is why in the world is no one asking George or Cindy Anthony on the stand one simple question, “Did your grandaughter drown in your pool?”

      • Great post Joe; My gut tells me she is guilty of a little more than lying – maybe parental neglect – and if she did o.d. her daughter on chloroform, maybe involuntary manslaughter – I am goint to wait and see on the rest of the evidence and testimony. And, instead of asking if Caylee drowned in the pool, I would ask George “were you involved in disposing of Caylee’s body” or did you see Caylee alive or dead after 15 June (not sure about the date though). Also, the defense could ask George – “Do you know how Caylee’s body ended up in the woods and if so, do you know how she got there and where you involved in any way?

      • George has yet to take the stand for the defense. Baez should be questioning him about his experience as a cop and his knowledge of crime scene evidence, DNA collection etc. Casey was 22 years old when this occured. Can anyone reasonably believe that she had the skill set to remove all incriminating pieces of evidence or DNA from 3 locations by herself? She supposedly OD’s her daughter, puts her in the playhouse, then in the trunk then in the woods and there are no eye witnesses. NO evidence linking her, no DNA. Even a career criminal would have a hard time pulling that off.

        • Great points Jobella; I do not think any young mother (or dad for that point) could jump through all those hoops without leaving some kind of trail. Even the simple process of using duct tape – normally police find the roll somewhere. This is assuming that she did all those things before and if her father got involved. That would mean he would have had to retrace all her steps and cover stuff up. Maybe George and Lee cleaned up everything – who knows? I sure don’t!

          Thanks again for your thoughts, comments, and way of presenting them without attacking anyone!!! I wish more people laid out scenarios as unemotionally as you do.

  63. So this AM the Judge announces that the defenses request to have Casey declared incompetent is refused. What will they come up with next? The only defense they have at this time is to throw all sorts of garbage out there and see what sticks. Really bad on the defense! Blame everyone else. I am suprised they have not blamed G_d yet. I guess they still have time.

    As far as the remarks about the prosecutor, it is his job to do his best to get a conviction and he is doing an incredible job. Each time an “expert” is brought in he has the background and knowledge to dump each one in the can. When Lee Anthony got all weepy eyed on the stand and said he had just realized that Caylee was dead and that was why he was now crying and why he didn’t cry during his deposition. When the prosecutor pointed out that his deposition was taken six months after Caylee was discovered he had that deer in the headlights look.

    My take on Jose Biaz is to paraphrase Shakespeare: Jose is a poor player who struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

    Of course, that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.

    • I find it interesting that you make very pointed remarks and then finish with a disclaimer like “Of course, that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.”

      Lets take them one by one. First, the defense DID NOT request to have Casey declared incompetent – they requested that she be evaluated. Several defense attorneys and prosecutors said that the request was appropriate and part of our legal system – so therefor to refer to that process as “GARBAGE” shows either your bias toward the defendant or your bias against our legal system in general.

      And as far as dumping any “expert” in the can – again – your bias. He, the prosecuter is very skilled and professional and prepares well – but surely he did not dump anyone in the can.

      As far as Lee crying on the stand versus a deposition – I have given depositions and that is a very bland process – a recorder or a videographer, and a handful of lawyers. In court, you have the jury, all the witnesses, the visitors, the judge and most importantly, his parents and Casey sitting there. The prosecutor was asking pointed questions, as he should, and if there are any pictures or videos they play into one’s emotions.

      Let me give you an example, if your boss chewed you out in his/her office you might not get emotional but if your boss chewed you out in a staff meeting in front of all your peers you might get very embarrassed – you might turn red – stutter – get all sweaty.

      And as far as Jose Biaz being an idiot, as per your Shakespear quote, I doubt anyone in the legal community would say that of him. He is not as polished as the prosecutor, but he is far from an idiot. For you to revert to gross insults like this shows your own insecurities and need to fault someone. He completed 4 years of undergraduate school and then law school.

      Also, I did not see a deer in the headlight look on Lee, he was quite emotional and just did not know how much latitude he had to explain his feelings. He is going through a lot of pain – a niece he loved dearly is dead, his sister is being prosecuted on a multitude of charges including murder, and his parents are going through hell. I am certain if relatives of yours were going through a similar situation, you might have that same look if you were very emotional with all that going on. It falls under deep love, caring, pain, suffering – and to simply blow him off by refering to deer in the headlights does not bode too well for you.

      And as far as G_d goes, I am surprised that you have not recruited G_d yet to attach the Anthonys, Lee, Cindy, and Casey.

  64. Interesting theory about placing duct tape there to protect the child from bugs. I think there are several plausible explanations, but my theory is that the child accidentally drowned and the grandfather helped to make it look like a murder/kidnapping since he was a former cop. However, his own personal emotional involvement increased his likelihood of making mistakes. And while it’s conceivable a grandfather could try to commit suicide because his granddaughter is dead and his child is facing a potential death-penalty, I still find the circumstances around his suicide-attempt highly suspect. Did his wife (the grandmother) blame him? Did he realize after the panic had worn off that he had done a horrific thing and the anxiety set in? I’m not sure, but things don’t add up that she murdered her child. Also, only a clearly aged sociopath could party and smile for pictures without showing any signs of stress while knowing their child is dead. This girl is too young. Is she a liar? Yes. She’s a spoiled kid whose parents bailed her out one too many times. But she shows no physical hints of hiding something so horrific. That kind of sociopathic personality would only show up in a person much older and even then, the physical signs of even subtle facial muscle movements would be impossible to hide. While I think she’s a good actress, no one, except in horror movies, can hide the subtle signs of lying. This kid screwed up and dad went too far in bailing her out. The reality of what they had done did not hit them until a few days later when the trauma had subsided and the brain began to regain it’s normal thinking capacity. Plus, dear old grandma was not going to give up and by the time she figured out (or was told) what had happened, she had already opened her mouth too much. Casey should get manslaughter, several counts of abuse of a corpse, possible child neglect and several counts of lying to law enforcement. What a shame for everyone in this family. Grand baby, mother, grandparents, uncle and other relatives are ruined for the rest of their lives. My heart goes out to them and Casey – guilty or not – because the kid did a stupid thing, but she still hurts and her torture will be far worse than any the child experiences because her mind will drive her crazy with nightmares and constant PTS. What a horrible spiral. The truth will set you free and it shows why it’s easier just to be honest at the beginning.

    • Hi Jim; Many very good observations. I think the granddad was involved in some capacity. If he came forward and explained what happend, he might have to serve some time for covering up a death and also moving a dead body but Casey would not get prosecuted for First Degree Murder – probably Involuntary Manslaughter as well as a few other charges. I also agree with your observations about Casey – she is a very mixed up, selfish, young lady who did some dumb things – inappropriate things – and maybe some unethical things and she will probably do some serious time – but NOT life in prision NOR given a death penalty.

      Thank you for your well thought out and well presented comments. You said everything in a non-attacking manner. Feel free to return anytime.

  65. Anything is possible. If that is the case it will be interesting if the judge declares mistrial with prejudice because that would mean no possibility of a retrial. However, if they simply declare a mistrial, there might be a retrial and if so, the defense already knows the prosecutors case and they can defent it more vigorously in case of a retrial.

    I think the prosecutor is a snake in the grass even though he looks so professional and right out of GQ magazine. He is part of a dirty tricks campaign to stiffle the defense. He chose the First Degree Murder charge and he is doing every trick in the boog to get one. His blonde haired sidekick is another bad apple in the barrel.

    • thanks Michelle – appreciate your comment. All speculation on my part but it is still an educated guess based on what’s out there. Defense is not done yet, so lets see how the cards play out.

  66. I was fairly surprised by Lee Anthony’s testimony. So upset and crying because the family kept Casey’s pregnancy from him. Casey also so upset his testimony. ??? The emotion does not match the moment. So what are they both so visily upset about? Cindy igave testimony that is clearly not truthful. Listen to the 911 call and watch her now. She’s covering up something. But what? After court, George was reported to be seen in the elevotor, facing the wall, reading the bible. What’s with these people? Just my opinion, again. Caylee died accidentally. Casey paniced and kept it from her family until it was too late to report. George helped her cover it up. Mom found out. Now they’re are in paretnership and Lee is out in the cold one more time.

  67. You know I read all these comments, and scratch my head. I had a conversation with a friend at work about the war in Heaven. I asked him if an angel could have fallen and was innocent. He replied “no”, which of course he is probably right, however, my question to him was>>> “How do you know, we were not there?” He answered, you’re right, we weren’t there, but that converstaion wasn’t secular, therefore God would not allow an innocent angel to fall, or would he? By the way I wrote a book about that subject. Anyway, my point is this….we weren’t there when the child died. None of us know what happened. You cannot convict a person of murder if nothing links them to the crime, (if in fact the child was murdered)…and all you who think she was….how in the world do you know that? You remind me of the people who storm-trooped the Anthony home when the child was missing. If I was George Anthony I would have had them arrested for trespassing, or soaked them with my hose, what nerve they had. This trial is the presumption of guilt, and that is a fact, or no one would have the opinions they have. Shame on all of you who are calling for her head…I would love to see your attitude if it was your daughter fighting for her life. YOU don’t know if she is guilty, you can’t possible, it is impossibe for any of you to know that. The prosecution doesn’t know that. She is guilty of partying period…and let me ask you this…..that tattoo, “bella vita” which means Sweet life in italian….Did you think maybe she had it put there because she abandoned her child to her parents in there home alive, and decided to party, while the child was still alive? Why in the world would she kill her child to gain “freedom”? All she had to do was leave the kid with her parents, -after all they said they loved the child- and go sleep around. Makes no sense she killed the child…..Whew, sorry for the long post.

    • Well said Joe – and as far as the length of your post – dont worry about it. As you will see below with my replies, I try not to mince words – I say what I feel in my heart and if it takes 4 – 5 paragraphs, so be it. Looking forward to more of your comments.

  68. I’ve spent a lot of time reading the disclosed evidence and testimony. How Caylee died is purely specualtion and theory. The evidence proves nothing. I truly believe the father assisted in some capacity. The body appears to be staged. The duct tape was put on after the fact to support the kidnapping story. Being an ex cop, he knows very well what forensics would look for and how NOT to leave any traces behind. A young, party girl who acting out of fear or malice would not know how to do this. No DNA at the crime scene, nothing in the car, nothing at the home. No reaction from him upon hearing the news of the discovery of the body. Then “attempts” suicide. Notices the “smell” coming from the trunk and goes off to work like it’s no big deal. Throws her against the wall after she’s released (so the Mom does not suspect) I think he and Casey, together, came up with the story and he was able to maintain it. Casey cracked under intense interegation. The child, in my opinion, died an accidental death. She became terrified and hid the body. Dad found out and feared for his daughter. His own words…”I’ve already lost one and I don’t want to lose the other.” I would be shocked if this jury found her guilty of First degree murder.

    • Hi Jobella; Thanks for commenting. most of what you just posted is either in my original blog or buried in many of my comments – It all makes sense. If the father was involved, in some way, I hope he comes forward as a witness to the defense and clear up everything. I still do not condone Casey’s actions for those 30 or so days but young people who are under a lot of emotional pressure, including the loss of a child, do strange things. No, two people do not do the same thing – everyone acts their own unique way. I agree, she probably will not be found guilty of First Degree Murder and I do not believe she should. She might, however, be found guilty of a lesser charge like involuntary manslaughter. I have taken a lot of heat from some die hard Nancy Grace fans, but I think on my own, Nancy cannot say things over and over and over and have me succomb to her opinion.

      If Casey was her daughter or her neice she would not be as hateful and arrogant- trying to burn Casey at the stake – she would at least give her niece or daughter the benefit of the doubt. I might be wrong on that as well. She shows warmth and affection for anyone calling in that says nice things about her twins and she shows compasion toward each soldier highlighted near the end of her show – but in both cases, within a split second, she reverts to her normal hateful self.

  69. Hello Kevin, I am starting to think that Jose is trying to throw the case so another lawyer can argue incompetent representation. I believe this is the third or forth time he has tried to bypass the Judges orders for disclosure. This morning he tried to blame it on one of his co-councils and his own expert. Not a smart thing to do. The lady who testified this morning about the plants was a failure for the defense. One of things she testified to was roots cannot grow through holes in a skeleton.

    Just my opinion, I could be wrong.

    • Your comments have merit… Another thing though, from what I understand a witness for the defense went to the D.A.’s office to have his statement taken and they refused. The reason given is that his report had little in it or nothing in it – I beleve both sides are playing games, but Jose is not as competent as the prosecution appears to be. I believe the D. A. is excellent at playing games and he really knows his job – he appears to come across ad being above board but there are hints here and there that is is really playing a game.

      My gut feeling is that the defense has been outplayed and they are frantically trying to recover from a good offense by the prosecution. They might be hoping for a conviction knowing that a mistrial might be rendered and if so, a new defense team will know all the cards that were played and a new team can do a much better job.

      What a mess – I have no idea of the total cost to the state but it must be in the millions and if there is a retrial – the same amount might be spent – again, what a mess.

  70. Let us, for a moment take the law into consideration and assume Casey Anthony is innocent of the charge of murder, until proven guilty, beyond any reasonable doubt. That in itself does not explain or excuse the treatment of this little angel’s remains. Of this terrible crime, someone is definitly guilty. Guilty not only in the eyes of humanity, but also in the eyes of the law… A crime also punishable by time in prison. If not convicted of murder she should be spayed like a stray dog, and never allowed around children again.

    • Forgive me, I am totally confused by your post. You went from a thoughtful “assume Casey Anthony is innocent of the charge of murder, until proven guilty, beyond any reasonable doubt” to “someone is definitly (sp) guilty” to “if not convicted of murder she sould be spayed like a stray dog”. Wow, what leaps and bounds. So, help me here – if she is not convicted of murder she should be spayed? That makes me believe you feel she is guilty – no matter what and if she does “beat the system and the odds and the jury”, lets treat her like a dog and spay her….. and never let her around children again.

      Your post is the most bizzare so far. I would like to say that Casey is probably going to be found guilty of something – especially after I heard that the first three charges really expand out to possibly a dozen or more charges and the jury does not have to agree on one specific charge.

      What I do not understand at all is your comment “guilty not only in the eyes of humanity”. The jury is made up of humans and they represent hamanity in this case and they will decide this case – we have a legal system and as screwed up as it is sometimes, it is the best we currently have.

      I would like to close with a question for YOU. Lets suppose that Caylee is (or was in this case) your grand daughter and Casey is your daughter. and for sake of argument you are not sure if your daughter Casey is guilty or not, but you are extremely disappointed with her actions – no, you are not disappointed – you are furious with her for her actions – and for more sake of argument, she is found not guilty of all charges. Would you then recomment that she be spayed at a medical clinic near you and would you try to get a court order rendered that she could never be around children again – like we currently do for pediphiles? I seriously doubt it……. Wow, I am still shocked with your post.

  71. The older gentleman who testified on Saturday for the defense did not help the defense. His body language showed a distinct bias and his attitude concerning the forensic pathologist who did the original autopsy is quite honestly so skewed that the jusry can’t help but see it. By his own admission he has not been an active pathologist for a long time. Anyone who works in the sciences knows that if you are not active in your vocation the science will pass you by. This gentleman couldn’t even remember giving interviews with two major news groups. Actually you need not cut the top of the skull off if it is only the skeletal remains. There are many ways to inspect the inside of the skull without damaging the skull.

    Baez is alienating the jury with his actions and he is really starting to anger the Judge. Two times the Judge has mentioned “contempt of court” to Baez and he continues to ignore the Judges orders as happened this morning.

    I still believe Casey murdered (by choice or accident) Caylee and she deserves to spend the rest of her life in prison.

    On a side note, Kevin I think you are doing a great job with the blog. I also think that Michellefrommadison is a mole or whatever it is called on blogging sites. You know, the person who comes on with arguements that lack reality and prompt other people to respond to ridiculous statements.

    Of course, that is just my opinion, i could be wrong!

    • Hi again Huntley; Thanks again for your continued interest in this blog. We differ slightly but we are not that far apart. I believe the elderly gentleman with over 56,000 autopsies did raise some doubt – how much I am not sure – but if one or two eyebrows were raised of the jury, it might swing them from First Degree Murder – the offense that the prosecutors are hell bent on getting.

      About Michelle, I am confused with some of “her” comments as well as “her” intentions as well. If you read all the posts here, you will see why I put the gender in caps.

      And thanks for the compliment on the blog management itself – I have my opinions on the case as well as the next guy or gal but I do not stuff it down anyones throat – and in doing so, I do my best to not allow anyone else to swing a lot of clout here either. I do my best to keep everyone as civil as possible.

      One thing that bothered me was the blonde FBI witness who talked about the stickers – she did everything humanly possible to not answer anything in the affirmative to any question asked by the defense – short of lying – but she should have been identified as a hostile witness. Simple questions about is there an elementary school nearby and how far and she answered “I would not want to guess the distance” It was as though she was briefed to be absolutely as uncoopoerative at possible. Bias proved incompetent by not drilling her more by asking the question in different ways – i.e. He could have put up a map showing the layout of the subdivision – i.e. the Anthony house, the woods where Caley was found and the location of the school.

      If you are questioning someone who is avoiding all meaningful answers that could help your defendant, then get creative and do your job. That FBI person was cocky and arrogant and let her predisposition on Casey intefere with her being a proper witness.


    • The majority of people who have posted here feel that Caey is guilty of something. Many feel she is guilty of First Degree Murder – others, like me, feel she is either guilty of involuntary manslaughter or aggravated child abuse. I am confident that Casey will be prosecuted on one of the charges.

    • Godajustgod,
      You seem so certain in your comment. It’s as if you were right there to witness what happened to little Caylee. Were you there? Were you there to see Casey put her daughter to sleep in the trunk? Were you looking over her shoulder and saw her search the internet for ways to kill Caylee? Were you at the Anthony home while Casey was out partying? Then you must also have been there during the taking of all the pictures and video showing Casey as nothing less than a loving, attentive mother. Were you there to witness Casey involved in the other activities you so vulgarly describe?
      Personally, I have not formed an opinion one way or the other. How can I? We haven’t heard the entirety of the defense yet. Certainly I have thoughts about the case. I think the whole situation is a very sad tragedy. A precious little toddler is dead. Her mom, responsible for her death, or not, is facing the death penalty herself. The whole family has been publicly persecuted. There are tabloid TV anchors scrutinizing every word, tear, facial expression, and movement of each family member. They are touted as the very first and only dis-functional family on the face of this earth. Have you imagined yourself in any of their shoes? I have, and it’s horrific. Thankfully it’s not my reality. But it is theirs. And the least they should be afforded is even a minuscule of fairness from us, their fellow human beings as they suffer through the trial.
      By the way, Kevin has somewhat of a rule about using so many upper case letters in the posts. It sounds like you’re yelling. And another thing. Just because those of us on here support Casey’s innocence as she is to be viewed at this time, does not in any way support your unfounded fears for your grandbaby.

      • Hi Christy; I am at a loss for words for once. I cannot add one thing to your post. Your comments were sensitive, thoughtful, and very caring. It is very nice to see someone remain objective, without attacking, keeping an open mind until all evidence has been presented, all witnesses have been heard and the jury goes off to deliberate.

        It was a pleasure reading your comment. Come back anytime. Kevin.

  73. The older gentleman who testified today did an outstanding job, even though the prosecution went through hoops to trip him up.

    • I still say wait for the rebuttals. I think they foresaw all of this and have a reply. I wouldn’t worry about it. Based off the cross, after he looked at the body and cut the skull the residue was tested. I’d be interested to see who they bring back to respond.

      • I agree, the rebutal on the cross will be interesting.

  74. Dear Kevin,
    You are the one who commented on knowing the truth and not being able to “handle the truth”. Casey (and her lawyers) will one day stand before a holy God and tremble because of their deceit. lies, and no regard for who they take down in this trial. That is the other element in this trial that people like you forget – it is not o.k. to destroy anyone they wish in an attempt to free Casey and that s exactly what they are doing. Other criminals have done this such as Susan Smith, Scott Peterson, and Charles Stuart. I will be happy to contact you again once this sociopath is convicted. If she is not, she will be looking over her shoulder the rest of her life like O.J. has had to do. It is rumored that even he is ready appear on Oprah and tell the truth. Casey should save us all some grief and do the same.
    Next, some H/W for you since you are “college educated”. When a married person performs internet searches on a dating website and then has an affair, there is a correlation between those events. When a person searches methods of suicide and then kills him/herself, there is a correlation. When CASEY searched the internet 84 times for chloroform (among other methods of killing) and then her daughter is murdered, there is a correlation. As I said in my prior blog, you don’t want truth. You probably think the Bible is “one-sided” as well, but is 100% truth……….that can’t be changed!!

    • There is a difference in “knowing the truth” and being “for truth”. Also, our country believes in the “presumption of innocence”. Just because Nancy Grace has found Casey guilty 30 times on each episode that does not mean she is guilty – that is why we have a legal system. As I said before, Charles, and you seem to be missing this, if Casey is found guilty by a jury of her peers, then she will be prosecuted. Thank God that you, and 11 of your clones are not there because you would not need any testimony – you could simply hand out 11 guns and have your own firing squad.

      You represent everything America is NOT about and again, thank God for that. ….. and if Casey is found to be “Not Guilty”, which I doubt will happen, she will walk free, but she will NEVER be found “Innocent”, just “not guilty”.. Again, she will be found guilty and I believe it will be for the 2nd charge or the 3rd charge.

      And if she is found Guilty of First Degree Murder, that will not make me wrong, it will only show that I am an honorable American who seeks justice – and if you were ever charged with something, I would want you to have a fair trial.

      By the way, with all your attacks on people who differ with you, you might considering reading the Bible – it might help erase all the hatred you have for people who simply differ in opinion with you. Maybe you were never allowed to express your own opinion growing up and you are just learning to vent your anger on issues. Good Luck with that.

      Also, correlations are just that – correlations – guilt is guilt – and if Casey is found guilty, and AGAIN, I believe she will be found guilty on at least one count, then neither you or I will be right – it will just show that our legal system works OVER all your anger, your correlations, your vitriol.

  75. Casey is guilty of nothing less than MURDER (YES CAPS), whether or not it was planned, although HER internet searches prove it was. She is a female version of Scott Peterson, who thinks she is above the law and believes her lies will fool us all just as he did. She belongs on DEATH ROW just like him!! In addition, Nancy is great and is entitled to her opinion, just like you. If you disagree with her honest and forthright opinion of Casey and her scumbag lawyers, then change the channel. I am so sick of softhearted individuals like yourself that want to deflect the truth and are more concerned about a criminals rights than TRUTH! Though this is a circumstantial case, the sum of all the evidence equals MURDER, PERIOD! As Dr. “G” so eloquently said. 1) “A mother not reporting her daughter missing for 31 days indicates HOMICIDE” 2) “Duct tape on a child’s face indicates HOMICIDE” 3) “A child dumped in a field like a bag of trash indicates HOMICIDE” As I stated earlier, the only thing missing from any of Casey’s defense is TRUTH and I doubt we’ll see any in the upcoming weeks. P.S. – You might want to change the nickname to Kevinbleedinghearttosociopathicchildkillers

    • Just like you said about me not watching Nancy Grace because Nancy is the pillar of truth in your eyes, I suggest that you not read or participate in my blog because you lack the ability to have a meaningful, intellectual conversation based on facts. Your personal attack on me and the name of my blog shows your utter immaturity and bias in this case. The defense has not completed its portion of the trial and you have made a biased rendering of a guilty verdict without all the evidence and testimony.

      I am not a bleeding heart liberal – I am a college graduate and I served my country honorably for over twenty years. I have said repeatedly that if Casey is found to be guilty that she should be incarcerated – but in your bias and in your inability to read and comprehend all the comments that were made, you chose to dissect and lash out on what you want.

      All your comments you make COULD lead one to a presumption of guilt, but that is why we have a trial, a jury, and eventually a verdict.

      The internet searches that were done were just that searches – I can read up about murder and methods of murder or chemicals and use of chemicals but that does not mean I intend on committing a crime or using chemicals – I might be researching a court case or I could be writing a novel. It also has not been proven that Casey was the one doing the searches.

      It must be fun living next to you and hearing your one sided comments and shouting over anyone who has a different opinion than you. and if you want to comment again – please do so with more fact than emotion and if you attack me or anyone else on this blog again, I will simply disapprove your comments just as Nancy turns off the microphones of anyone with an opposing view from her – and remember these lawyers are her guests – so she is always stacking the deck in her favor but when one of them gives an opposing viewpoint – she shuts them down immediately. Good Day Charles.

      Come back if you want, but act in a professional manner without attacking or take your “A” game elsewhere.

    • Here you go Charles……Nancy Grace in all her ‘honesty’…And I’m sure there is a lot more where this came from. “Twins mom” is pure poison to the so called justice system.

      Professor Turley:

      “Consider the career of Nancy Grace. Before becoming a CNN and Court TV anchor, she was a notorious prosecutor in Alabama. In a blistering 2005 federal appeals opinion, Judge William H. Pryor Jr., a conservative former Alabama attorney general, found that Grace had ‘played fast and loose’ with core ethical rules in a 1990 triple-murder case. Like Nifong, Grace was accused of not disclosing critical evidence (the existence of other suspects) as well as knowingly permitting a detective to testify falsely under oath. The Georgia Supreme Court also reprimanded her for withholding evidence and for making improper statements in a 1997 arson and murder case. The court overturned the conviction in that case and found that Grace’s behavior ‘demonstrated her disregard of the notions of due process and fairness and was inexcusable.’ She faced similar claims in other cases.”

      Professor Turley appears on television as an expert legal analyst, but he’s not a feisty blonde with his own show and he’s plainly upset with how anchors like Ms. Grace are chosen:

      Professor Turley:

      “You might have expected Grace to suffer the same fate as Nifong. Instead, she has her own show on CNN, and the network celebrates her as ‘one of television’s most respected legal analysts.’ On TV, she displays the same style she had in the courtroom. (In the Duke case, her presumed-guilty approach was evident early on, when she declared: ‘I’m so glad they didn’t miss a lacrosse game over a little thing like gang rape.’)

      • You are so correct. Jonathan Turley is awesome. Every time I see him on tv I stop and pay attention. As far as everything you wrote about Queen Nancy, it is all true and there is even more about her unethical ways. I have written several blogs about Nancy. She is the biggest phoney on television – she talks about Casey turning on the tears for the jurors – well, Nancy turns on her tears anytime anyone mentions her two twins and Nancy turns on her tears when she mentions the G.I. she is focusing on each day but beyond that she turns into a monster on a dime. She is the most hateful television reporter currently on the air. Obviously she has a cult following – but so did Hitler.

  76. I am sure many people who have been abused do things they would not have otherwise, I just do not have the feel that George or Lee sexually abused Casey. Also, I believe the reason Casey backed the car into the garage and borrowed a shovel from the neighbor was to bury Caylee in their back yard but for whatever reason didn’t. That is why the Cadaver Dogs alerted out by the playhouse. The dogs alerted where Casey sat the bag down that Caylee was in to dig a hole.

    • Justice, everything you mentioned is your opinion – and we all have opinions and that is fine. The dogs did alert their handlers – that is a fact, but everything else you said about the dogs is speculation on your part. It is okay to talk about what the dogs did, but considering you are not a handler and you were not there when anhyone did anything with or without a bag, how can you say with conviction that CASEY SAT THE BAG DOWN – you were not there – that is your opinion ONLY. It is okay to have an opinion but to present it as FACT is wrong.

      If you prefaced your statement with “I believe Casey sat down the bag that Caylee was in so she could dig a hold and that is why the Dogs alerted their handlers.

      We have a legal system because of people like you who use events and rumors and twist them into facts. I also believe if Casey was a relative or friend of yours, you would be singing a different tune – it would be more speculation instead of JUNK YARD SCIENCE FACT.

      • I believe Kevin if you would look again at my statement, I did start with “I believe”. Perhaps I did not put enough “I believes” in my comment for you? I don’t post here to get into petty debates of this sort. There are too many blogs online for that, and my busy life does not allow time for this sort.

      • Also, Kevin, how in the world could you possibly know if I am a handler or not?

        • Okay Charles, lets get something straight here, this blog is about Casey and Caylee and the trial. If you attack me one more time, I will be forced to block you and also to remove all your past posts.

          You have way too much anger and hatred to post her any more. Stay with the facts or clear out. You are in my backyard now and if you want to be civil and stick to the facts I will welcome you – but one more attack on me, my blog name, or my ethics, or my belief in the bible and you will be outta here for good.

        • Hi Justice; I agree, you have prefaced your statements with that they are your opinion and I acknowledge that. I also am conflicted as to whether or not her father and/or brother abused her, but in the big scheme of things, I do not think it should apply to the trial. There are literally millions of kids who have been molested in their youth who are not being tried for murder.

          Also, if there has been a bad relationship between Casey and her parents and maybe even her brother, those relationships coupled with the wonderful relationships between Caseys parents and Caylee might have made Casey jealous enough to put herself first and want to go out clubbing with her friends and she might have even give Caylee an accidental overdose of chloroform. If that is the case, at least a conviction of involuntary manslaughter would be justified.

          Just to be sure, I am not professing her innocence, I just want her to get a fair trial, thats all.

  77. I do not believe George nor Lee ever laid a hand on Casey in a sexual way. That is her lies trying to put the monkey on anybody’s back and get it off of hers.

    • I believe Caseys lawyer put that out there to shift guilt away from Casey in an effort to avoid the death penalty. I also believe her mom and dad want her to live – no matter what actually happened. I am sure the mom and dad agreed to let the cards fall what ever way they need to to keep Casey alive. They are aware they are being put under the bus and they will not strongly oppose it.

    • Good point Michelle.

  78. Hi Kevin, You missed the sarcasm in the words. I do not believe this little girl was missing for 31 days. That was Casey’s statement. I do believe that Casey did, for whatever reason, kill Caylee. I don’t care if it was accidental, her actions after the fact is what I am talking about. How can any mother after killing (please don’t bring up the BS from Jose that she drowned) their child go out and act like nothing happened? She did what she did and she should pay for it.

    I have watcched the trial from the beginning so I do have my own opinions and concerns. One of my concerns is how trial lawyers like Baez can make remarks like he did about Casey’s father without offering any proof. Spin it any way yuou like but the FACT remains that Casey knew her daughter was dead, she knew she had caused the death and she kept it hidden while she maintained a normal life with friends.

    Hi Michelle, If Baez would have stated Caylee had died from a accidental overdose of Chloroform or Zanex (goes by the nickname of Zanny on the streets) I might have had a little sympathy for Casey. But blame everyone else is the basis for his defence. He is an accomplished liar just like Casey brags about being.

    I still stand by my original sarcastic remarks and I still believe both of you are wearing blinders! I do however respect your opinions. And once again I have watched the trial from the beginning so don’t assume I have not just because you disaggree with my words.

    • Hi again Huntly; I also do not believe Caylee was missing (to Casey) for 31 days – she was, however, missing to at least some of her family, the public, and authorities. Also, I agree with you in that I do not agree with or support Casey’s most inappropriate actions for that 31 day period considering we now know her child was dead earlier than originally thought. But, all of her actions, as inappropriate as they were, do not deserve a conviction of First Degree Murder and possibly the death sentence.

      I am not 100 percent sure if the father had knowledge of Caylee’s demise before her body was found. The story of him finding the body in the pool is plausible, but it just does not ring true to me. The whole issue of molestation, in my estimation, is some kind of smoke screen to shift focus to the father as the reason for everything. I agree that Casey probably knew that Caylee was dead. But, on the other hand, if she is such a compulsive liar, how is it that we believe the generalities of the drowning story but we believe nothing else from her lips. We cannot cherry pick what benefits the charges while disputing anything else.

      Compulsive liars lie on a regular basis but they do not lie about everything all the time – I believe anyone doing that would implode. At some point in time, I believe all compulsive liars will tell the truth when it most benefits them but by then no one will believe them anyway.

      When I was growning up my mom always told me that you can always trust a thief but you can never trust a liar. That still holds true.

      Lastly, I am still reading your bias in your words. To say Michelle and I, who really are very different individuals, are wearing blinders, is preposterous. I do not even know Michelle, she posts here regularly and that is our only common thread – this blog. I never tried to take you to task about whether or not you were watching the trial. Between the commercials and sidebars, I cannot believe ANYONE would waste their day watching it minute by minute. I started recording the trial a few days ago and I skim throu stuff, but I, like you, have a life and this trial has consumed way too much of it already.

      We have a legal system to sort out the fact from the fiction, the lies from the truth, and the guilty from the innocent. We could bypass that whole process and let a judge, while sitting at home drinking a glass of wine and enjoying a juicy steak dinner, to read all the police reports, recorded statements, look at all the evidence, and render a verdict while enjoying the last cut of the steak. Wow, we just saved a few million dollars and we never gave the defense a chance to present their side. Why should the defense have an opportunity to present – many people here have already crucified Casey based on her unorthodox social interractions during that 31 day period.

      We give suspects their day in court because it is their right. Everyone, you, me, Michelle, and everyone else having opinions on Casey and what actually happened, but are opinions are just that – opinions – the courtroom allows all that to be sorted out in a fairly structured setting.

      Caylee is not my biological granddaughter, but when I see her, I also superimpose my granddaughters’ faces over her image – I take this case very personally. I also have daughters and if anyone of them were on trial, I would want them to have a fair opportunity to have their day in court and I would deeply resent Nancy Grace trying to do her best to prosecute one of them in the manner Nancy is doing to Casey.

  79. OK lets take a look at the FACTS! Caylee goes missing for 31 days before Casaey admits she is gone. Mom calls the police and Casey admits she is “kidnapped”. Blames Zanny the Nanny and names her, putting this woman through hell. While Caylle is gone Casey rents movies, parties, sleeps around, enters a “Hard Body” contest, parties, gets a tattoo, parties, lies to parents, lies to boyfriends, lies to other frineds, lies to girlfriends, lies to police and just lies. Steals checks and monies from friends and parents. Anyone who puts on blinders to what this women has done is blind. She is a sociopath who needs to be put away for life. I don’t think she should get the death penalty, that would be too easy for her. She needs to spend the rest of her life in a cell thinking about what she did to Caylee.

    • Hi Huntly; I do not believe people are putting blinders on what this women(sp) has done – therefor I am not blind. She also might be a sociopath, but the last time I checked, being a sociopath is not a felony. Neither is partying, stealing, sleeping around, entering a “Hard Body” contest, going to parties, getting a tatoo, lying to parents, lying to boyfriends, lying to other friends and girlfriends, and even lying to police. Lying to police is against the law but you do not get sentenced to prison for life. She also lied about Zanny the Nanny. Also, renting movies is not a felony either.

      Now, lets get by the drama that you listed. If she is convicted of one of the three crimes against Caylee, she should be sentenced to jail and depending on the aggravating circumstances, she could be sentenced to death as well.

      Keep in mind that even if she were guilty of the 30 or 35 things you listed, NONE OF THEM are felonies. The defense has just started its portion of the trial – lets see what happens. I personally believe that the death was accidental and she stupidly did not know how to deal with it, admit it, or accept responsibility for it. She made stupid choices for how she acted and what she did from whenever Caylee went missing (or died), but again, stupid is not a felony.

      Your emotions are running rampant – try to stick to the charges and not the choices she made that you disapprove of.

      Thanks for writing. I appreciate your comments and visiting.

    • Hi again Huntly; I forgot to talk about Zanny the Nanny – what Casey did regarding the nanny was terrible, inconsiderate, rude, inappropriate, and unforgiveable, but, again, does not constitute being sentenced to a life behind bars – nor the death penalty. I do believe, however, that the Nanny could sue Casey in civil court for damages – surely whatever she receives would not be enough but it might give her satisfaction to get resolution, her name cleared, and closure.

    • The whole question is this….HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU KNOW SHE DID IT!!!….There is no evidence, no DNA linking her to anything. Is she guilty, no one knows WE WERE NOT THERE. What puzzles me is this, if her lawyer says the child drowned in the family pool, then why in the world doesn’t he ask the mother or father on the stand if the child drowned? Could Casey be guilty, absolutely, is there any proof, no. The pathologist the defense put on, exceeded any doube the defense is trying to build. If I was on the jury, after his testimony, not guilty would be my vote. But, I am not saying she isn’t guilty, just there is WAY too much doubt.

      • Great comments Joe; as you said, none of us were there and all the chatter here and elsewhere is speculation. I think that many people are Nancy Grace Tele-bots – they believe what she says as Gospel and they act like they are part of a lynch mob – and what is weird is that noone has any “skin” in the game so to speak. Caylee is Casey’s daughter and Cindy’s granddaughter. True, a lot of people here have daughters and granddaughters, like me, but I can separate my relationships from the facts in the case. Do I feel for Cindy and George – absolutely. I can also say that i feel for Casey – the errors in judgement she made, her actions during the time everyone thought Cayleee was missing. Casey is a young woman who appears to have some psychological problems and I am sure she regrets whatever happened to Caylee – be it murder, manslaughter, or accidental death. Caylee deserves her day in court – for everyone to find out exactly what happened to her. Anything less is criminal. There are too many games between the lawyers. The prosecutor is, in my opinion, playing many more games than the defense team is playing.

  80. Dom, without any substance? I am just referring to what some Experts have already stated, and I am commenting on the Casey Anthony case, ever hear of it Dom?

  81. If I may. I fight tooth and nail with people at work over Casey being guilty/not guilty. I for one do not think she deliberately murdered her child. Granted, this is the weirdest, strangest case I have ever heard ( by the way, I do not follow trials or am a publicity person, I just live in florida). She will be found guilty unfortunately, because of perception. Her lawyers have to prove she is innocent. The burden of proof was taken off the prosecutors when the public called for a witch trail. Therefore the burden is on her lawyers. Is she guilty? I for one do not think anyone will ever know. Should she be found guilty of murder/manslaughter, absolutely not.
    #1. There is no cause of death.
    #2. There is no evidence Casey commited any crime (except lying).
    #3. Public perception is brutal (remember the visits to her parents’ home?
    Case in point: a worker today commented when I mentioned her defense made a motion for acquittal. That person said he/she would be livid if she was acquitted. I asked why, that person’s answer was simply “Because she murdered her child.”
    I rest my point.

    • Great input Joe; I agree, this case is a mess. A lot of circumstantial evidence – no motive, no cause of death, computer searches were done but by who? Doing stupid things and making absurd choices do not constitute murder. We’ll see, though.

    • Joe, my only question is that many people say she will be found “guilty”, but there are seven counts – 4 with lying and 3 with the death of Caylee. The major one being First degree murder – which of the three death related charges will she be found guilty of from your perspective? Just curious.

      • First degree would be presposterous, there is no motive that anything was planned. Manslaughter is possible, but then “accidental” must come into question. I think the only crime she commited was stupidity (lying to the police and trying to cover up “something”). My wife told me last night she thinks the parents were there when the child drowned and covered it up, and are hanging the daughter. Now, hold on parents (i’m one also). I would absolutely NEVER throw my kid under the bus, guilty or not (italians don’t do that). However, why in the world would Cindy Anthony tell a 911 operator her daughter’s car smelled like a dead body was in it? Illogical. By the way, how many dead bodies as Cindy Anthony sniffed?

        • Hi Joe; Thanks for your analysis. I strongly agree with your reference to “stupidity”. If there was another charge with the designation of “First Degree Stupidity”, I am sure Casey would be found guilty. Caylee died and someone is responsible for her death in one manner or another – I feel her death was accidental by either drowning (which is not my first choice) or by using too much chloroform to knock her out so Casey could go out with friends. If the latter is the case, then involuntary manslaughter might be appropriate – but not murder. Also, if the parents were there when the body was found floating in the pool, then all the back and forth blaming might be to cause enough confusion so no one is found guilty, i.e. if several people are possibly involved then you cant find just one person absolutely guilty of anything…. and regarding the lying to police, from what I understand, when she was in the car with police and they were asking all the questions – she was never read her rights – so those charges might not stick either. What a mess.

          First degree would be presposterous, there is no motive that anything was planned. Manslaughter is possible, but then “accidental” must come into question. I think the only crime she commited was stupidity (lying to the police and trying to cover up “something”). My wife told me last night she thinks the parents were there when the child drowned and covered it up, and are hanging the daughter. Now, hold on parents (i’m one also). I would absolutely NEVER throw my kid under the bus, guilty or not (italians don’t do that). However, why in the world would Cindy Anthony tell a 911 operator her daughter’s car smelled like a dead body was in it? Illogical. By the way, how many dead bodies as Cindy Anthony sniffed?

  82. I think she did cover with the duct tape as you described and for the reason you described, but I can’t get past how she was able to carry on and act normal.. so i can’t disregard the abuse allegations. I do not believe she drugged Caylee over and over again. I think it’s the most confusing and sad story and I wonder if any truth will ever be known? I just feel stumped, but for some reason I am surprised I don’t share the “if it look ‘s like a duck etc; opinion.” Well the defense has not even got a chance yet so I will wait and see. i don’t think there is a chance in hell she will take the stand unless there is some truth to her defense.

    • Hi Linda – you are not alone in being confused. I know there is a large body of people who have hung Casey out to dry thanks to Nancy Grace crucifying Casey night after night after night – and dozens of times in each episode. My guess is that if her lawyer thinks the case is in jeopardy, he might recommend and she might accept to be a witness – especially if he feels she can handle the pressure from the D.A. Its risky. Some people think she drugged Caylee and put her in the trunk when she went out and then found her dead but I cannot believe any mother would do that. I could see her doing that at home but not in a car. I also think something is fishy with a meter reader walking down the street and looking into a wooded area and seeing Caylee’s remains. That whole issue remains to be explored.

      Nancy Grace keeps repeating things over and over and has most of her followers believing whatever she says and some of them have posted with so much anger here – I try to diffuse each post and ask them to view the evidence and listen to the witnesses and come to their own conclusion. As I said to someone else here, if I see something convincing during the defense part of the trial that convinces me that Casey is guilty, then so be it. Right now, I just do not see First Degre Murder BEYOND A DOUBT. A lot of circumstantial stuff points to her but I do not see premeditation and surely not motive – even though that is not needed. Thanks again for posting.

    • I agree. I also feel she is in denial – maybe she filled up her life with so much activity as a way of putting the death in a mental vault – like it never happened. I am not justifying anything she did or how she acted after the death occured, just trying to make some sense of her actions. She is under a microscope by Nancy Grace – if she tears up they are fake, if she is stoic, she doesnt care, if she looks away, she is dissing someone. If anyone looks at Nancy during an entire show, you will see “almost” tears, anger, disgust, verbal abuse, sympathy for troops, appreciation for anyone who says anything nice about her twins – but those varied emotional swings happen instantaneously – like she is turning on and off a faucet. I think she is a phoney of epic proportions.

    • Hi Linda; I think we all want to believe that no mother would murder their child. I personally believe it was an accident and that she panicked and went into denial. Defense starts tomorrow. If they do a reasonable job in rebutting the witnesses and the evidence from the presecution, then I believe she will be found guilty of the 3rd charge on the poll or maybe the 2nd charge but not First Degree Murder. Its showtime for the defense, I hope her lawyers bring their “A” game. But, if she is truly guilty, and we never might know, she should do hard time.

  83. I believe what happend was Casey used home made Chloroform to put Caylee to sleep so she could party and I believe she put her in the trunk after she put her to sleep and put tape over her mouth to keep her from making a lot of noise if she woke up before Casey came back. Unfortunately she done a bad job making and using the Chloroform or gave her too much of it, not knowing what she was doing.

    Once she found her dead, she left her in the trunk because she didn’t know what to do. She knew she was in a world of trouble if she reported it and she knew her Mother would be totally devastated.

    Once the smell started, she put her in the woods, then the coverup lies started and continued to get worse by the day until she had a mountain in front of her that she has no idea what to do with. Sadly, she doesn’t feel she has anyone she can turn to at this point. I think she needs deep Physotherapy along with her Dad and Mother.

    • I agree almost entirely…. what a mess, right?

    • Hi Justice; A lot of us here share similar opinions regarding chloroform and duct tape. I agree with much of what you said. Well, defense starts in the morning. Lets see where it goes.

  84. Anyone who does not think she is guily is nuts. I’m sorry, but you do not bag up your child and put her in your trunk, then lie about someone having her while you are out partying it up the day you later say she drowned in a pool she could not reach.

    She killed that child, blamed someone else, pointed the finger at her own parents. She has been a compulsive liar her entire life. She is missing a heart…or soul..or she’s jsut a nut. I think she was jealous of that child and wanted her freedom. We will never really know why she did it. But, the evidence to me is quite clear. Putting her in the trunk, and taping her mouth, should od her in. If not, I give up on our justice system.

    • I disapprove of your comments. You have no right to say that anyone who disagrees with you is nuts. We all process evidence and testimony differently – that is how we are wired and how each of us thinks. I could say outright that you are nuts for finding her guilty without hearing all the testimony – especially from the defense which has not even started.

      why cant you simply state why you think she is guilty without criticizing everyone who does not come to the same conclusion as you do?

      • Ditto, Kevin, well said too, thanks. 🙂

        • Thanks Michelle – well, defense starts tomorrow. It will be quite a ride I am sure.

        • thanks michelle

    • Terri, if you look at all the responses here – mine and from others – you are the only one who is telling everyone else that they are nuts because they do not agree with you. That is just not fair. We are all here because we care about what happened to Caylee and we all have our thoughts on exactly what happened. You surely do not know anymore that I do, but I respect the comments and opinions of everyone here. Just try to take it down a notch on slamming others who have a different viewpoint, after all we are adults here and we all care.

  85. Exception noted and agreed with. The phrase “get off” was a nod to the incorrect assumption the majority will have if she is found not guilty. I Agree absolutely with you response as well as your interpretation of the verdict. I do feel that in the court of public opinion however she will be forever guilty no matter the verdict and will have to leave the state should the evidence tip in her favor.

    • hmmmmm, I think that each jury is different. I think we don’t know what is in the juries heads, and I think legally speaking they did good…especially considering they still get rebuttal witnesses, I think they purposely left it vague so to speak so as the defense is boxed in a corner. Thinking back, the prosecution strategist worked overtime and did fairly well considering all the circumstantial evidence they had to contend with. Michelle, I rather would like to hear you offer more than a blanket opinion without any substance, as your thought process is interesting to me.

    • I agree, it does not look good, but I do not believe it was all tied together yet – maybe in closing arguements. If the defense brings their “A” game, they might be able to offset all the FBI witnesses. We’ll see, I guess. Thanks again for all your input to this blog.

  86. I do think she is guilty, maybe not of first degree murder, but definitely everything else. Do I hope she gets found guilty….honestly yes. Why? Because mistake or not her behavior AFTER the fact was HORRIBLE, insulting to any and all mothers who have been watching this unfold from day 1. I don’t feel that the death penalty is appropriate in this case, and would rather see life in prison.

    My personal opinion on the duct tape is this: She spent so much time elaborate coming up with EVERY little detail of her numerous lies. She laid down enough evidence to make them believable…not just regarding Caylee, but also regarding her ex boyfriends, friends and jobs. I think it is obvious she thinks on her feet, and I think it wasn’t panic that led to the duct tape, or even the burial attempt, but rather the attempt to make it look like her story is very plausible. Why would a mother duct tape a child? But a kidnapper might. I realize this hasn’t been really discussed nor is there any evidence to not on my thinking, but as with most other what if’s in this case, it works as well as most.

    I also happen to think Nancy Grace has become a problem. Many years ago I sort of enjoyed watching her show, but her antics during this trial have made me almost hate her. I want to point out that I find the court of public opinion very different from the court of law. I may find her guilty, but if the state can’t tie it all up in a pretty package, I don’t think the court of law should rule based off of public opinion. If she gets off, I don’t see that as changing whether she is guilty or not. And considering how high bets are in this case, (or any case involving a persons life or freedom) I respect and appreciate the rigidity of the scope for the prosecution.

    • Thanks for the excellent post, especially for expanding on clarifying what you feel she is guilty of. Too many people simply say she is guilty but do not want to go into detail and I find that unacceptible.

      The only exception with your comments is the reference to the possibility that she might “get off”. I think we all need to accept the decision of the court, i.e. if she if determined to be “Not Guilty” of First Degree Murder, then so be it – otherwise she is found “Guilty”, but to say I know she is guilty but she got off – doesnt really cut it.

      There was a grand jury, then charges, then the selection of jurors and then the evidence and the testimony – we all should accept the outcome they come up with. On the other hand, some say Bias is inexperienced and if Casey is found Guilty that might be because of her lawyer and that she really is innocent but because of her lawyers inadequacy the jury found her guilty. I dont like those arguements. If a person is found Guilty or Not Guilty, there is no asterisk (*) to the right of the verdict. Their verdict is law until an appeal and retrial overturns the verdict. Thanks again!

      • Exception noted and agreed with. The phrase “get off” was a nod to the incorrect assumption the majority will has if she is found not guilty. I Agee absolutely with you response as well as your intpretation of the verdict. I do feel that in the court of public opinion however she will be forever guilty no matter the verdict and will have to leave the state should the evidence tip in her favor.

      • I’ve only been watching periodically so I can’t really comment on the substance of the trial. I’ve heard questions of defense attorneys in the past that included the term “get off” and they don’t seem to have any problem with it. Also I can remember the OJ case and how a civil jury found him responsible (that he did it). One of his attorneys in the first case (Alan Dershowitz I believe) was asked how that could be. He said they both could be right.

        • The standards of a civil case are less stringent than a criminal case – so Dershowitz is absolutely correct.

  87. Thank you “kevinfortruth” my son and I have been avid watchers of all correspondence for this trial and you are the FIRST person to tell it like it is! Particularly dealing with Nancy Grace..I believe her show is so completely biased it’s unbearable to watch. I’ve witnessed her tell her producers to “Turn his/her mic off” when they give answers that don’t lay total foundation for her beliefs. Also, I agree with your statement regarding her family/friends should they ever be convicted of a crime…what position will she take?
    My real concerns here are, many future jurors are watching all of the commentators, reporters, “nay sayers” etc….not only stating their opinion, but also so easily convicting people based on personal opinions, or moral opinions. If people trust and listen to the media as they have thus far, when does a person remain innocent until proven guilty? The court of public opinion, (freedom of speech) seems to be of such influence that more and more innocent, (more importantly, not guilty people) are being convicted. when our media tries so hard to convict people charged with crimes before the trial, I’m concerned no one can be tried with a fair unbiased jury of their peers! The whole reason our judicial system allowed public trials was to ensure the trial was FAIR, but if our media has convicted them, when do we believe our peers will follow the truth/evidence and not what our commentators and reporters say they should….Nancy Grace has been banned in our home and we DO NOT believe she represents our justice system as a former prosecutor, and believer in the justice system should!!! Hopefully more and more people will tweet, facebook, speak out, etc about her obvious personal feelings inhibiting her from seeing all sides and allowing all strong solid debate! Truth needs no defending, and any reporter should welcome all strong debate to keep truth alive and ignorance dead. A bully comes in all shapes and sizes, she appears to be just that, a bully who gets mad when people don’t conform!! Let’s gather our strengths in numbers to stop this insanity….

    • Thanks for writing… It is a please to see someone else who sees thru Nancy. Unfortunately, she almost has a kind of cult following. Her followers act almost like a lynch mob. What I really am torn about is how she can turn off her hatred on a dime and then say “let’s stop friends, and remember Corporal xxxxxxx yyyyyyyy, who died in Iraq”, Then she charms the audience with her “Goodnight Friend”. Oh, also, when anyone talks about the twins she turns into butter… Then, on a dime she turns back into the Wicked witch of the East. I have know people where I have worked who turn on and off the charm and the hatred and the anger and they had to take serious meds to control those swings. Maybe Nancy needs to tweek her meds, if she is on any. IMHO.

  88. I did not follow the case on television when it first happened. I would see Nancy Grace on TV but it was always about FINDING Caylee. So, watching the trial, for me….is all new information. During the opening statements I was thinking, “ok, this could be true, she could have drown”. But now…after having seen the photos of Casey and her behavior, and the evidence of decomposition (I have a biology degree) I can’t help but believe that Casey CAUSED the death. I could not accuse her of 1st degree murder as of yet. Based on the evidence I’ve seen/heard, I DO believe it could have been an accident but by no means an accidental drowning. I am full aware of people all reacting different to emergencies and such. I think she will be convicted of manslaughter…thus far. I don’t know what the defense will say. Do I feel sorry for Casey…how could I not. Look what SHE has done to her life. Look what she let happen to Caylee. Look what she has done to her family. This woman is ill.

    • Very thoughtful post danielle….I also believe she will be charged with something – I just do not know what. The swimming pool story does’t ring true to me, but we are dealing with opinions,right? I also agree, she is ill – especially in how she acted after Caylee went off the grid for the first month or two. I still think she might have drugged her with chloroform to knock her out to go drinking and Caylee overdosed. the stickers make sense if it was Casey that did everything – I can also see the duct tape afterwards – even though the med examiner does not share that opinion. We will find out soon, won’t we! Prayers for Caylee, her grandparents, and even Casey.

  89. I have no way of telling what is true and not true here and it is not my responsibility to do anything about it. Take your gripe directly with michelle from madison.

  90. Are any of you watching the same thing I am. Seems to me you are not. I have followed this from day one with an open mind. I have no law degree, but I do have common sense. That girl is guilty as all get up. The prosecution has laid out, to date, a unique puzzle, with all the pieces starting to fit. Too much scientific evidence against her. I don’t think she should put to death. I think she should have to live in a little cell 24 hours a day and think about what she did to that poor, innocent child, until she takes her last breath. In the end, the only one she will have to answer to is GOD. I am quite sure little Caylee is an angel there with him.

    • Rhonda, we are all here to give our OPINIONS and that is all they are. Even when a judgement is rendered, there will be those who will say – she would railroaded and given a guilty verdict but I know she is not guilty. The reverse might be true – she might be found NOT GUILTY and there will be those who will say “How in the hell did she get away with it”. I respect your opinion as well as you should respect mine.

      I am not here to argue with you at all. That is what makes this country great that we all can have different opinions. Now, to you Rhonda, I have one question and I would like you to send back your reply here. If she is found NOT GUILTY, will you be able to accept that verdict – considering it will be rendered in a fair trial by her peers? If she is found guilty, I will accept that – she will be allowed an appeal and I assume there will be one if she is found GUILTY. But, keep this in mind – she will never be found INNOCENT – the best she can hope for is to be found NOT GUILTY.

    • Come on people! She is GUILTY!!!! Who in there right mind would drug there child so that they could have a night on the town? If someone is capable of doing this, then they sure are capable of doing other harmful unthinkable things! I read all the posts and could not believe people are actually thinking she is not guilty. Do you have children of your own? Would you ever in your right mind drug your child? Or better yet, not report your child missing? Let’s say she did dround, 911 was never called…. her computer had a sight that was looked at 84 times info on a chemical of which had traces in the trunk of her car, HIGH traces… also another detail that crosses my mind, an outline of a heart shaped sticker found on the duck tape which was covering her nose and mouth. And don’t forget they also found heart shaped stickers in Caseys bedroom. I could go on and on and on, but we all know the evidence.. So how could you ever feel any warmth for her.

      I can’t even look at her face!!! She is a walking shame to motherhood. I’m sure I will get attacked for this post, but I really don’t care. If she gets off this, she will never make it in our world. Our country is so torn from this, especially because the life of a child was taken for SELFISH reasons. And if she is proven guilty without the death penalty, she will never survive in prison, someone will get her.

      • I know my post is harsh, but like everyone says we all have a right to our own opinion and I was just speaking mine. I am just soooo torn from this, I had to get it off my chest. I have 2 girls 2 and 4 yrs old, so I get very emotional when I watch this case. I should probably stop because it has kept me up at night, thinking and thinking and leaving me heartbroken over Caylee, especially everytime they show her beautiful little face. I have cried everytime I see her picture. Justice needs to be served for her. It’s just so sad! Sorry if I offended anyone on my first post, just venting.

        • Heather, it is really fine for you to get emotional. I have daughters and grand daughters. The hard part is putting our own relationships aside to look at all the evidence and testimony. Unfortunately, the defense has not had their day yet. That might start Wednesday or Thursday and go for maybe a week. Depending on that part of the trial, I might change my opinion. Casey made some stupid, inexcusible choices if Caylee’s death was accidental. If she did murder Caylee, I hope and pray she gets prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law – but that determination is up to the jury – not you and surely not me.

      • Hi Heather; I for one am not going to attack you for your opinion. You are as welcomed to have yours and I am for having mine. I do feel she is guilty of something – just not for First Degree Murder. I do have children and grandchildren but that does not prevent me from looking at all the evidence and the testimony. Also, the drama was not necessary – the part about feeling any warmth for her. I do not feel warmth for her but I consider her a human being, just like me and you. She is having her day in court – evidence is being presented and witnesses are being questioned. Soon the defense will present its case. This is America – we have trials and she will be found guilty of one or more of the seven charges or found not guilty of them all. I personally feel she will be found guilty of a few counts of lying to police and she might be found guilty of either aggravated child abuse or aggravated manslaughter but not first degree murder. The jurors have to be unanimous in their verdict. Thanks for commenting – and see, no one has attacked you so far and I hope no one does. Take care.

      • Well said michelle.

  91. She is guilty, I think.

    • I respect your opinion as I am sure that you respect mine. Thanks for commenting. As I said to someone else, all the evidence has not been presented, so I might change my position based on future evidence and testimony.

  92. The jury is sequestered they dont watch Nancy Grace and if you dont like her just turn her off! The evidence is overwhelming as to Casey’s guilt of homicide. As Dr G
    the Medical Examiner testified, this was a homicide not an accidental drowning.
    The experts I have heard all say she will be found guilty but will not get the death penalty. I agree with their opinions. There is no evidence of anyone else’s involvement
    in this case but Casey. There is no evidence of an accident, there is the opinion of the highest medical expert in the case Dr G who declared it a homicide. As the defense in their blundering opening statement have declared a certain scenario (unbelievable as it is) they now have to prove it and they cannot do it. A ladder left by theside of that pool is not proof of a drowning. Casey is a convicted felon, when she is convicted again in this trial she will be in jail a long time as she deserves for killing Caylee.

    • As I said before, I respect everyone’s opinion. I am sorry you cannot accept opposing viewpoints. Maybe you have been brainwashed so much by your idol Nancy you cannot see the forest for the trees. Nancy in having her own trial on her show and she NEVER lets any Defense Attorney say anything she does not like. Nancy was a Prosecuting Attorney who got in trouble for her actions in the courtroom – do a little websearch on her trial history and see the trouble she got herself into. Also, if the jury finds her guilty, I will accept that. You, on the other hand have already found her guilty – my guess is that you formulated your opinion before the trial even started, but that is your choice also. Best wishes.

    • Also, what do you believe she will be found guilty of? I read the statement of charges and she is being charged with seven specific items as I mentioned in the blog itself. Which specific charges will she be found guilty? I have already speculated that she will probably be found guilty of prviding false information to law enforcement. Not knowing the exact wording of each charge regarding false testimony, I am not sure how many of those four counts she will be found guilty, but I feel she will at least be charged with one of them.
      In most states, first-degree murder is defined as an unlawful killing that is both willful and premeditated, meaning that it was committed after planning or “lying in wait” for the victim. There are other “murder” degrees, such as Second-degree murder and then comes the manslaughters – voluntary and involuntary.
      All jurors need to feel all the criteria has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt for them collectively to find her guilty of First Degree murder. I just do not see that the evidence and the testimony so far supports a rendering from the jury.

      But, I am a reasonable person and I will wait until all the evidence has been presented, will you?

  93. The only thing about the opening statements is that they were said to show that someone else MIGHT have been involved or commited the crime to establish reasonable doubt. …. and if they were too strong in the opening remarks and Casey is found NOT GUILTY, a grand jury could convene and then charge George or Kronk with crimes. There is a fine line between reasonable doubt and point blank saying that someone else DID IT. There are laws that have to deal with moving a corpse. I am certain there is a gaggle of laws that were violated by those who found the body and did not report it to moving it to disposing of it – to say nothing of making false reports to police. …and if the D.A. is embarassed if they lose the case, they will be going for blood somewhere else.

    • Before the defense brought out the *George thing, why did they already test George and Lee to see if they could be the Daddy?

      • I was unaware that was done. If so, maybe they did not know the actual father and were trying to find out who the father was to see if the bio dad was involved in Caylee’s disappearance or death. Not sure. Thanks for comment.

  94. Interesting…. but she still is vulnerable for making false reports…. Wow, that would be a hoot – millions on a first degree murder trial on the weakest of evidence – a lot of technical testimony from experts and some if not most of that can be shot down by other experts.

    I really want to see Queen Nancy eat crow – she has been spewing venom about Casey with all her graphics, photo overlays, and unproven theory. You can bet if Casey is found not guilty, Nancy will have a somach virus and will miss a show or two and will leave here lovely (and I mean that) assistant Jean Casarez to take the heat.

    I wish that every blogger on the internet who believes Nancy needs to leave CNN and HLN would ask their subscribers to write CNN, HLN, and Nancy’s show itself and push to get her replaced………. Nancy has to go… How about this line – “Unleash the bloggers”

    • Nancy was also poking about Casey being sick in court – she was asking someone on her show “Did Casey have a temperature?”, “Did Casey have a stomach ache?” Nancy, in my estimation, is the most hateful journalist on air.

  95. as far as the duct tape ,i told someone if i were the defense i would have said casey in her warped way of thinking, thought it would keep the bugs out of caylee.

    i do think casey is guilty of negligence, self centerness, and stupidity, (not in reference to her IQ but EQ emotional quotient ) but not intentional murder. whatever the case, its a shame. according to cell phone pings and phone log i think she found caylee dead around 4pm on june 16, probably left her in hot car and forgot.

    in reference to nancy grace, though i find the subject matter she covers intersting i can not tolerate her, i cannot watch her show anymore. some might call it ‘her spin’ on things i call it deceit.

    • interesting thoughts – we do agree on most tings – that casey was young and did some dumb things – and just like many grandparents and parents alike, if Caylee was left in car and died, that probably is a chargeable offense,

      What is sad though is how Nancy Grace is a one man band (and I do mean man) turning suspects ino criminals without a trial – and people (sheeple), specifically her fans are buying it. CNN and HLN are complicit in giving Nancy free reign in doing things.

      More people need to sue Nancy and CNN and HLN for all the damage Nancy has done to so many individuals.

  96. Thank You for the blog, it was great. I just started blogging here so i’m new to all of this, any ideas of how to get “out there”, you know what i mean, to have my blog actually read?

    • Glad you liked the blog. I also am trying to build up viewership. I’ll checkout your blog and maybe we can cross ref each other. talk soon.

    • I like your layout… maybe you can add links to wordpress blogs you like and others will put you on theirs. then if you also have an area where people can subscribe to yours they will receive emails advising them you have something new. Good Luck.

  97. I disagree,purely from a Psychic;s point of view. Casey Anthony did not use duct tape to prevent ” critters from entering her daughter’s mouth.” Caus if that being the case, ther are “oter openings ” that she failed to duct tape that critters could get into..atleast to date, I have not read a single article detailing this..? ” She used this tape as closure, ” the girl more than likely when found by her mother was in a state of rigamortis and she taped these openings to hide the expression they revealed, the only ones’ ( expressions) the killer did this to spare herself any empathy she might o ( by a Very slim chance. had felt that the killer could see and react to..

    • Thanks for your comments. Even though I do not know about Psychics, I respect your comments as a person interested in the case – plus they make sense. I believe the death was accidental – either in the swimming pool or as I suggested because of Casey forcing Caylee to sleep with an overdose of something. I am aware there are more points of entry than the nose and mouth but they are the major ones and the larger and most accessible.

      All the comments here are really helping to support an accidental death of some sort and that is good. Unfortunately, to offset the millions this trial is costing – the D.A. will be hell bent to get some kind of conviction – no matter how insignificant the charge she is found guilty of.

      …and I feel the prosecution, regarding a charge for the death of someone, should only be able to file ONE charge, be it First Degree Murder, Involuntary manslaughter, They should choose the highest charge they feel the evidence supports and they feel they can convict with – they should not be able to say well the First Degree wont work, so lets focus on the manslaughter.


      • You can only speculate that she murdered her daughter. In the future, please post in mixed case because when everything is in upper case it is interpreted as YELLING. I will disapprove any future comments in UPPER CASE. Also, your opinions are just that – opinions. The jury will weigh the evidence and the testimony and will arrive at verdict based on those elements – the compassion and strength will come into play if they find Casey guilty and they decide to render a death sentence or life in prison. Thanks for your comments.

      • I have been blasted by many of my friends and acquaintances for the following thoughts:

        I have a hard time with your post because it ignores our justice system. We really don’t know what happened, and while I think she is guilty of something, maybe (probably everything) I don’t feel it is of any value to assume we know about who she is based solely on the media. That is for the jury to decide. That is why justice is blind, blind to emotion. We can judge her assumed deeds all we want in the public opinion court, but in the court of law it has to be solely based off of what is factual, not inferred. I have an issue with your post. We hold her literal life in our hands, and playing god can not be done based off of suppositions and emotion. Just saying….

        • All we have is our legal system wth all its flaws – it still is better than most legal systems in other countries.

  98. Also, Michelle, if Caylee did drown in the pool, my theory might still apply regarding the duct tape. She felt so bad because of the drowning, and not knowing what to do she did nothing for a few days and when she made the bad decision to dispose of Caylee, she applied the duct tape and the stickies they keep talking about – both out of love, and placed her body in the wooded field. Obviously bad choices but choices a young, confused, mom might do out of desperation because she simply did not know better.

  99. I agree, hopefully she will not be found guilty of First Degree Murder. They might find her guilty of providing false testimony to police and they might tie her to some kind of abuse if she was drugging Caylee with chlorofoam so she could go out drinking, but the other charges don’t hold water. Thanks for replying – I always appreciate your comments.

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