Posted by: kevinfortruth | June 25, 2011

Caylee Anthony – another possibility to ponder

It’s Saturday and Judge Belvin Perry has dismissed the jury very early in the day because of some significant legal issue dealing with the case.

Another week of witnesses, testimony, and evidence and I am more unsure of exactly what happened to Caylee.

I am perplexed as to how some people are so absolutely sure that Casey committed first degree murder – sure there are bits and pieces of testimony and evidence that could point someone to that hasty conclusion. It might be that Casey either murdered Caylee or that Casey committed some form of involuntary aggravated manslaughter, but if I were on the jury I would not be able to say, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Casey is guilty of either of those two charges.

There is quite a bit of testimony yet to come, along with additional evidence and maybe at the end of all that I might come to a different conclusion.

Now, for the purpose of this specific blog – there appear to be two conflicting possibilities regarding Caylee’s untimely death.

The first element has to do with chloroform and the second element has to deal with the swimming pool.

I would like to present a scenario that ties these two elements together in a way I have not heard before – but it makes more sense than any scenarios I have heard so far.

There have been a lot of photos lately showing Caylee opening the sliding the door leading to the back yard, climbing up the ladder, and even going into the pool by herself. All of those pictures have been submitted as evidence to promote the possibility that Caylee got out the door, climbed up the ladder that was left in place accidentally, and then drowned in the pool, where she was ultimately found by her grandfather or Casey.

That scenario, to me, is the most unlikely of the various scenarios that have been presented so far.

The reason I discount this scenario is that it does not consider the whole issue dealing with chloroform and also the duct tape.

So, here is a scenario that I would like to present that makes sense to me.

Casey enjoyed partying and no one disputes that. Casey wanted her mother to baby-sit frequently and even though Cindy enjoyed caring for Caylee, she also wanted Casey to step up to the plate and be more of a mother to Caylee.

I believe Casey did all the Internet searches she is being accused of, after having a major blowup with her mom. Casey, after becoming knowledgeable about chloroform, started using it on Caylee at night to knock her out so she could go out and party because Cindy said that she did not want to baby-sit that often.

On one of those occasions, Casey came home to find that she accidentally overdosed Caylee. Casey then panicked, not knowing exactly what to do. Casey probably decided to sleep off her drinking and to wait until morning to think more clearly. It might also be possible that Casey intentionally overdosed Caylee after having a major argument with her mother, but I just don’t think that is the case.

After pondering how she would handle Caylee’s death, Casey decided that she would put Caylee in the pool to fake an accidental drowning so that she would not be charged with killing Caylee. Casey timed it all because she knew her dad would come by and find Caylee floating in the pool. After all the emotions, crying, and shouting, Casey might have told her dad the entire story and together they concocted the whole story that Casey’s attorney presented in opening arguments.

George, being a retired police officer, quickly surmised that because there would be no water found in Caylee’s lungs, drowning would not be determined to be the cause of death and the medical examiner, police, and prosecutors would believe that Casey murdered Caylee. As a result, George and Casey decided to hide Caylee, possibly in the trunk of the car, until an appropriate time when either Casey or even her dad could place Caylee in the woods down the street.

Now as far as the duct tape, Casey decided to place the duct tape over Caylee’s mouth and nose long after Caylee died to prevent pests or insects easily getting into Caylee. In an act of love, she placed a heart sticker on the duct tape like a lover would place S.W.A.K. on a Valentine card.

On the other hand, George and/or Casey might have decided to simply use the duct tape to throw people off. Either way, Casey put the sticker on the tape.

If that is why the duct tape was used, then aggravated charges would not apply to the duct tape but it would apply to the chloroform.

As everyone reading this now knows, I have way too much time on my hands. That said, this scenario is the only one that ties the duct tape, the chloroform, the pool, and the heart sticker.

The heart sticker was a form of apology from a loving mother to a precious innocent daughter who died way too early because of a tragic mistake on Casey’s part – a mistake that Casey should do jail time for committing.

For this whole scenario to work, Caylee’s body had to be completely decomposed because if she were found too soon, the pool scenario would not work because a medical examiner would not find any water in Caylee’s lungs.




  1. I believe the first part of your scenario is correct. She and her mother had a fight and she left home with Caylee. She started living with her various boyfriends and going out at night to party. She was not going to take Caylee to her moms house because she was mad at her and wanted to punish her by not allowing her to have Caylee. She was drugging Caylee to make her sleep.She returned to her car after a night of partying and discovered that Caylee had died from inhaling too much chloroform which had been held on her face with the masking tape. She then panics and puts the body in the trunk of the car and drives around trying to decide where to hide the body. I absolutly do not believe George or Cindy or Lee had anything to do with Caylee’s death. All it takes is common sense to know that she is the guilty one. I can’t belive her family is throwing themselves under the bus for her. But I guess they feel that they have lost a grandaughter and they don’t want to see Casey put to death. I do not believe for one moment that she was abused by anyone in her family. She is an narrcistic spoiled brat and all she thinks of is herself.

    • Hi Harjan;

      Another good scenario. The only thing I do not like with your post is your inference to “all it takes is common sense to know that she is the guilty one”. That implies that you have common sense and anyone differering in the presumption of guilt does not have common sense. That almost made me disapprove of the post. There have been way too many posts here implying that people who dont agree that Casey MURDERED her daughter are dumb, stupid, idiots, or the like and I have decided to encourage everyone to tone down the insults. There are many scenarios out there and I appreciate hearing all the possibilities.

      One thing I keep reading about fairly frequently is a hint that when she went out she drugged Caylee and put her in the trunk and I cannot imagine anyone doing that – I always assumed – with no proof – that she left Caylee at home when she drugged her. Either way, because of all the attention given to the pool, I still think Casey put Caylee in the pool afterwards to try to create an alternative death scenario. I think Casey put Caylee in the drunk to hide her while she tried to figure out when to dispose of her. If the pool was not involved at all, Casey might have put a lot of trash in the trunk as well to make the smell appear to be garbage instead of a decomposing body.

      Another thing is I do not think Casey was frequently applying duct tape to secure the rag or what ever she applied the chloroform to her facial area. The duct tape being applied and reapplied on multiple ocassions would have eventually affected her facial skin in a bad way. It would also have resulted in hair loss each time. The first time I believe duct tape was used was before Caylee was taken to the woods.

      I am probably way off but there is something about the pool, duct tape, and chloroform – unless Casey got the pool idea from the girl in her prison who lose her child to a swimming pool accident.

      Thanks again for writing. Caylee deserves the truth to surface and the perp (or even perps) to be prosecuted for whatever crime(s) were committed. If both of these lead attornies would stop all the games and put their egos behind them, maybe the real truth would surface by testimony and/or evidence.

  2. Hopefully the jury after hearing the evidence will make the right decision.

    • One could only hope that they can sort through all the confusing testimony and make the correct decision. The lawyers on both sides are letting their egos and petty differences get in the way of giving the jurors meaningful information to make a decision.

  3. If what you’re saying is true, then she is still guilty of manslaughter/murder 2, along with lying to LE to avoid prosecution and would also make Papa Wacko prosecutable. This is also assuming that the Grandmother of Lies did in fact do the internet searches (while documented to be at work). Of course we’ll never know as long as this family continues to hide behind their web of lies. Very creative theory, but not buying it!!!

    “The truth will set you free”

    • As you know, I am only throwing this out there because it is plausible and makes sense based on all the evidence so far. If it is true, it would not be murder – it would be involuntary manslaughter – and aggravated at that. If it was not intentional, it cannot be classified as murder, just manslaughter.

      ….and if her father helped in some way – even remotely – such as helping her conceal the death then he would also do time – I agree. The only thing this would do is take Murder 1 off the table, which is surely better because a lesser charge like this would not warrant EITHER life in prison with or without the possibility of parole or it surely would be better than First Degree Murder with or without the death penalty.

      Trust me, she obviously did something very, very bad and depending on the charge she might be convicted of, a lot of her cellmates will be out to get her for taking the life of a child – no matter the actual title of the count she would be convicted of.

      I also doubt the mother did any of the alleged searches. I have seen the programs that produce those statistics and they are terrible – there are many things they do not take into account- screen refreshes, scrolling back and forth windows, how the search was initiated versus if there were elections made from various choices offered. People are hung up on the 84 searches. Anyone doing 84 specific searches in a short period of time is not looking at the results long enough to even find ingredients for pancakes instead of how to make homemade chloroform.

      Crime statistics such as those search numbers are only as good as the parameters put into the program extracting the data from the hard drive hidden files and the person analyzing the data. Programs of that type can make a sinner look like a saint and vice versa. Another factor is the person or team that actually wrote and tested the program before marketing it

      Bad code does not a good program make……

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