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Nancy Grace – Casey Anthony Trial, Nuclear incidents, or both?

There is no doubt that the nation is focused on the death and disposal of Caylee Anthony, the young daughter of Casey Anthony and the granddaughter of Cindy and George Anthony.

TruTV has dedicated its daytime viewing to the Casey Anthony trial – in addition, Nancy Grace has covered almost nothing else – except her daily one minute segment to a fallen hero and a daily short video showing some of her cult-like followers.

In addition, MSNBC, Dr. Drew, Joy Behar, Jane Velez-Mitchell, and others have spent significant coverage on the trial as well.

The White House, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Ft. Calhoun & Cooper Nuclear Power Plant in Nebraska and the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico must be tickled pink that the trial is keeping attention away from nuclear energy and its potential disasters.

For several days in March, Nancy Grace had all of America sitting at the edge of their seats deeply concerned with potential nuclear fallout from Japan being carried across the Pacific Ocean to our shores. Every night for almost a week Nancy accused the Japanese Government of covering up the disaster and that someone should force them to tell the world the truth about the potential health hazards to America.

It must have been a slow week for exposes about murder, kidnapping, abductions, and missing and exploited children because Nancy Grace could not tone down her rhetoric. During her coverage, Nancy elevated the disaster in Japan to the status of a child abduction and then she stopped covering the disaster almost on a dime. Why?

Did our government intervene and insist she shift her focus from Japan to something else like a murder or a missing college student? Did her advertisers who peddle their products in Japan force CNN to tone Nancy down?

There is no doubt that the nuclear disaster in Japan was devastating as well as dangerous to both the people of Japan and the world in general, but I find Nancy Grace’s passion about the disaster disingenuous because the continental United States is experiencing potentially three nuclear disasters and we are not hearing as much as a peep out of Nancy Grace.

In my estimation, Nancy is consumed with maximizing viewer ship – i.e. she will do anything and say almost anything to sensationalize every segment of her show – be it an abduction, a murder, a kidnapping, a rape, or even a disaster like the one that occurred in Japan.

The death of Caylee is a tragedy and the actions of her mother immediately after her death has pulled on everyone’s emotional strings and everyone wants just done but this trial needs to be tempered with the public being informed of significant local, national, and world events – especially of some of those events could cause death or significant health issues.

There is a national media lockdown on these three potential disasters – two in Nebraska and one in New Mexico. The sites of these three events are about as different as night and day – two are nuclear power plants and the other is one of our nations leading laboratory that produces nuclear weapons. The power plants in Nebraska are being ravaged by flooding and the weapons laboratory is in danger of being consumed by an out of control fire.

The fire and its potential damage are so serious that the town of Los Alamos, with a population of 10,000 and the laboratory, with a population of 12,000, have been evacuated. In one corner of this laboratory are 20,000 55-gallon sealed drums of plutonium-tainted waste.

Nebraska actually has two nuclear facilities suffering from flooding and they both are in danger of requiring a shut down, which in both cases could contribute to meltdowns.

No company or agency wants negative publicity and the nuclear industry is no exception. I am sure there are lobbyists for the nuclear industry working frantically to tone down all coverage of these three potential disasters.

Regardless of negative publicity, I feel the media needs to keep all Americans informed as to any and all potential disasters.

We should be kept informed whether or not a major murder trial is in the news.

I sympathize with the Anthony’s – all of them – but I also want the appropriate amount of media coverage be given to nuclear events that could develop into disasters.

Please click on “When Reporters Attack” to view the John Stewart segment that shows how utterly riduculous Nancy Grace is to individuals with a better understanding of a subject than her.



  1. If the jury truly believes Casey is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and convicts her, I would like to hear their reasoning with proof positive that it MUST have been Casey, and Casey alone, intentionally committing murder. If each and every juror cannot do this, then I hope the verdict is not guilty.

    • Hi Barbara; Thanks for your comments. I agree with everything except the part about “alone”. I am not sure that is a requirement. I, for one, do not believe Casey is or was capable of doing everything they accuse her of by herself. She is too young and self-centered to cover all her bases so perfectly not to leave a trail that would lead the police to her. If her dad helped her dispose of Caylee (not that Casey did that), they could find Casey guilty and her father might never suffer time in jail. As you have probably read here, I believe there is sufficient doubt and then some.

      Thanks for writing.

  2. Nancy Grace is obsessed with Casey Anthony. I admit that I’ve watched just about every minute of the trial, but Nancy Grace has made it her mission in life and that is very sad. I agree all she is after is “viewers”, but it’s like HER opinion of Casey and everyone taking part in it should be the only one that matters. What is this lady, if you can call her that, trying to accomplish with all the ranting and raving? After the trial is said and done with, then what? Ms.Grace will find something else to obsess about, but when will it stop? When someone “b***s her h**d off, or worse someone in her family? So my opinion about Nancy Grace is don’t pay any attention to what she has to say because it’s all about “ratings” with her anyway.

    • I felt the need to mask a couple of words in your post – but I appreciate your comments. Yes, Nancy, aka Twin Mom, disGrace, is OCD about Casey and it truly is scary…. I question her sanity as she continues to be off the charts – it is as though she has bet her own pension fund on the verdict. I wonder if she can function normally at home because of this OCD behavior? She, like a lot of others, refers to Casey as being a compulsive liar – well Nancy, aka Twin Mom just needs to look in a mirror – also she should look at the recordings of her shows and actual trial footage to realize who the biggest liar really is.

      I she is obsessed with her ratings but that is no excuse to distort the truth. Some people tell me to just turn the channel but that is a cop out – she should be OFF the air for her behavior and her distortions.

      Thanks for writing Crittafor….

  3. Defense could have won the case if they had a redirect saying to the effect that “people are all different and have different reactions to tragic events right? Answer: YES. If everyone acted the same to loss then it is probable in your expert opinion that the Prosecution would not question the Defendant’s behavior at all and you probably would not have been asked to come here today to help us understand the effects of loss right? Answer – YES. Isn’t it true that random behavior could be EITHER a coping mechanisms for guilt, real, contrived, or imaginary, as well as the many types of behavior indicative of a “normal” (quote gesture) response all the way along the scale to the type of unpredictable behavior that we don’t typically see in our daily lives that would require intervention but is still most certainly a reaction to a tragic loss, berievement, and grief? In your expert opinion of course. Answer: YES – Wouldn’t it also in your expert opinion be incredibly difficult and just irresponsible to conclude one way or the other, whether a person is troubled by grief, or troubled by guilt based on that persons subsequent coping mechanism following a tragic loss? Answer – YES. So finally, in your expert opinion, there is really no way predict how any individual person would react, feel, think or act following a tragic loss from either situation correct? Answer – YES. Thank you. No further questions. Case won.

    • Mike; well thought out and well written. The defense had their chance to shine but blew it. Maybe another attorney in a retrial but not this one. I am also surprised that they did not push George on the affair and Kronk on why he never called the search team and why there was a large gap between his initial calls and when he finally called on his last visit to the site. The whole story about the skull being seen and then the skull falling out of the bag could have been explored more. Jose leaves a lot to be desired. His poor defense job will be justification for a retrial.

    • Mike, thanks for writing and thanks for the great insights. Each of us acts differently. I believe her actions were her coping mechanism to her loss. No matter how Caylee died, Casey coped in her own way – whether she was a willing part of her death or not.

      There are a hella lot of people who are currently living in glass houses throwing stones and for those who screamed the loudest will probably see their own situation make them reflect on how they acted toward Casey. As I have said numerous times so far, it is easy for so many to attack Casey as long as they have six degrees of separation, if Casey was a cousin, sister, mother, daughter, neighbor, good friend, the attackers would be supportive of her until a jury came back with a guilty verdict – and even then they would stand by her.

      Nancy, aka Twin mom, is the leader of this cult and I cannot figure out why – if it is strictly for ratings and a big pay increase – I say, shame on you “Twin Mom” using an accused felon for your self serving needs.

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