Posted by: kevinfortruth | July 4, 2011

“Brilliant” the new word for the day.

I am perplexed as to the overuse of the word “Brilliant” the past two days. I can understand the need to seek justice for Caylee – I really do, but it seems that all the Bobble-heads were handed a sticky note instructing them to use the word “Brilliant” over and over in an effort to solidify the prosecution’s case.

I thought Ashton’s closing yesterday was well done but I would not elevate it to “Brilliant” status. His closing remarks today were delivered with precision and he should be lauded for how he wrapped up the case.

Personally, I thought his assistant, Linda Drane Burdick did not deliver the close that she promised, nor did I think she was as effective as she could have been. I simply feel she is less experienced and that she is probably a rising star – but she is just not there yet. She seemed to be reaching for the right word or phrase all the time – she lacked sincerity as well She opened with that “she would not use evidence, pyrotechnics, and posters, – further saying that is not my style. She also said that she would not ask the jury to make decisions based on emotion and then she used videos, recordings, photographs laced with emotional comments to play on the juror’s heartstrings and to leave them emotionally charged.



  1. In my opinion, there is zero evidence to convict of 1rst degree. Purely speculation as to how the little girl died, no real evidence.

    • I agree Lotus… I wish I knew exactly what happened – and we might never know – but doubt, and a good amount of it exists.

      Thanks for writing.

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