Posted by: kevinfortruth | July 5, 2011

Jane Velez-Mitchell – tone it down before a riot breaks out

It is 5:26 in Orlando and Jane Velez-Mitchell is outside a restaurant across from the County Courthouse and she is blasting the defense team for having a celebratory party in the restaurant. We cannot see through the windows because they are tinted and because of the reflection of the light, but Jane is interviewing people and stroking the flames.

It might end up causing serious turmoil and people might be arrested or injured or worse.

Jane, tone it down please. You are turning out to be a trouble maker of the first order – You think you are doing the public a service but you are actually creating a situation you do not want to see carried out to fruition.

People have been simply walking around, somewhat in shock, quietly talking to each other showing their disappointment, anger, and even resentment to the defense team, the trial, and maybe even the sheriff’s department and the prosecution team for not doing a little more, but that was it until Jane started turning up the rhetoric.

Jane, you are really making a mistake. I could see Nancy “twin mom” DisGrace doing something like you are doing, but I have lost all respect for you. Also, you keep yelling that the defense team is partying inside and drinking champagne and that is infuriating the crowd as well. Shame on you Jane.

The country sheriff’s should remove you from the scene because you are possibily in the throws of helping start a riot.

Also, CNN and HLN, could be complicit if trouble breaks out because the film crew is filming interviewing people being interviewed while Jane is stoking the flames.



  1. Oh so true. Jane is stokeing the mob mentality with her hair flying , cavorting across the plaza like a wild woman.. Not attractive Jane. It is what it is. Let us have a little class under the circumstances and as kevin for truth expresses , respect our legal system.

    • I could not have said it better. some people are so protective of Nancy and Jane – it is nice for someone else to notice the trouble each of them stirs up.

  2. I hope that they prosecute HLN CNN and Nancy Grace and JVM if rioting starts out – the poor Anthony family have been through enough. The only reason they are keeping this going is to make sure viewers don’t go to other channels and that is just plain criminal! Who is the real criminal here anyway? If I were the Anthony family and this trash continues, I would look into a lawsuit! Go for it – we are sick of these mud ruckers!

    • I agree, L.R.R. – Jane, in particular, is stoking the flames and I believe it is in an effort to make another story – the good citizens of Orlando rioting for justice and Caylee. Justice for Caylee can be shown by respecting our legal system with all its flaws and to use this case as a learning experience.

  3. she does not matter, no one watches her, and those who do, must find a profitable trade.

    • As I have said, I do not like the Nancy Grace show but it is more than that. CNN/HLN is concerned about ratings but they are letting Nancy go about it all wrong – it is like she is making money and getting ratings sensationalizing death, rape, kidnappings, and other crimes. The way she interviews people is disgusting. Just go to youtube and do a search for “Nancy Grace Elizabeth Smart” and you will see how Nancy tried to exploit the tragic event Elizabeth Smart went through.

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