Posted by: kevinfortruth | July 5, 2011

Maybe Twin Mom will shut up about Tot Mom

Nancy “twin mom” DisGrace has been harranging Casey Anthony – Yes Nancy, her name is Casey Anthony, for well over three years.

She has been badmouthing her for years – distorting video imagages, puting up every negative photo, every prison phone call – she was obsessed with this case for, I am sure, was ratings, ratings, and ratings.

Nancy has already started yapping today – she just said that Casey won, not BECAUSE of Jose Baez, but they won IN SPITE OF Jose Baez…

C’mon Nancy – stop the sour grapes – you placed future raises and future ratings, on your obsession with seeking a First Degree Murder verdict.

You bet all your chips on this case and YOU lost.

The justice system worked as intended.

I am sure you will tone down your rhetoric for FEAR of being sued.

Just now Jane Velez Mitchell attributed the verdict akin to the Stockholm Syndrome and that human beings (in this case referring to the jurors) are not rational and that the jury got to know Casey. What? Am I hearing right?

Jane also said the jury’s desire to punish Casey weakened because they sat across from her for so long.

The rhetoric will continue with all the bobble heads coming up with reasons to blame the jurors for being ignorant of the law, the prosecutors for maybe leaving a stone unturned, and even the sheriff’s department for not responding EFFECTIVELY to Kronk’s calls. If they found Caylee earlier – maybe there might have been evidence that might have led the jurors to another verdict.

Also, I am sure that Jeff Ashton’s frequent laughing and his facial and body gestures and the blowup between Baez and Ashton alienated the jury from the prosecution.

Maybe the jury got the last laugh this time Jeff and I hope it teaches you a lesson.



  1. I seldom agree with Nancy Grace, but this case is an exception

    • Agreeing with Nancy’s position on a verdict is one thing – but I don’t believe any sane individual can approve of her demeaning manner to guests.

  2. Another thing – watch Jane and Nancy tonight – they will screen their calls even more than usual so there is not one person who goes along with the verdict. That will help them justify their opinions and assault on Casey over the years.

    Jane has already brought up the Stockholm syndrome during the day and on her show as well. Now she just said that look how the defense team sat in relation to the jury and that is why they DID NOT convict her because they got to know her.

  3. Well said, Michelle – also, I believe Nancy is the single force by how CNN and HLN bobble heads took a collective assault on Casey – in all aspects.

    This really end up costing Nancy her job and CNN/HLN some big bucks because they gave her free rein to continuously attck Casey over and over and over.

  4. The first person he should go after is Nancy “Twin Mom” DisGrace – and I think he should turn up the heat until she is fired as well. She, all by herself, has done more to damage our judicial system because of how she acts on her show.

    I would speculate that some potential jurors were excused or whatever the term is because Nancy Grace, and Nancy alone, tainted the jury pool with all her vitreol. She stretched the truth to new levels and people, because of Nancy, wanted to burn Casey at the stake. But, why is it that 12 jurors can look at the same evidence that Nancy discussed and methodically and logically arrive at a unemotional verdict?

    I hope everyone turns on Jane Velez Mitchell and Nancy Grace tonight to see how many reasons they can come up with to say that justice was not done. Nancy bet all her chips for the past three years on a conviction and it did not work out that way.

    I posted a little earlier today about things Nancy and Jane said on tv after the verdict was read – believe me, they will not stop with all the excuses for days.

    …..and if Nancy keeps up with the slander, defamation of character, and whatever else, she will be sued. (God willing).

  5. You know, Michelle, I do not agree – I feel they just felt the evidence did not fit the charges – right or wrong, they did their job.

    The sheriff’s department can take some of the credit by not doing their due dilligence when Kronk kept calling. Kronk can take some of the blame for not going to the Caylee search team months earlier saying that he thinks he saw an infant head and bag in the woods.

    If either of those situations got resolved, there might have been DNA, prints, or other evidence to prove the case. The father and mother lying on the stand, and even the badgering of the blonde attorney who kept attacking the mom helped with the reasonable doubt..

    ….. and the biggest thing that might have TURNED the jury was Jeff Ashton, laughing on numerous occassions, but especially during Baez’s closing remarks probably helped lose respect from the jury. Jeff Ashton might be technically excellent in cases but his cocky, arrogant, mannerism probably turned off the jury and Baez was the guy who looked like he was not doing anything right, so he won the sympathy of the jury.

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