Posted by: kevinfortruth | July 5, 2011

Was I watching “Family Feud” for the last two days?

In my last blog I spoke of the word “brilliant” and then tonight the lightbulb went off.

Does anyone remember watching Family Feud – two families pairing off and competing for prizes? The family who guessed the top answer then had the choice to come up with all the other answers or they passed the turn to the other family.

Either way, each member of the family playing, in order, could guess an answer and when they guessed wrong, they got an “X” and if they got three “X’s” before guessing the final answer, the other family had a turn to win.

Did you ever notice EVEN WHEN a family member made an obsurd answer all the family members would say in unison “GOOD ANSWER”? They were supportive even when the answer was so ridiculous people in the audience were laughing, but they still chimed in their support.

That is how I saw the closing arguements. The bobble head CNN show hosts, guest lawyers (mostly prosecutors or judges) all called both closers for the Prosecution “BRILLIANT”. I would bet my last dollar that some of them thought the closings were either so-so or just okay but they were deathly afraid to say anything different. How sad!

The only reason why I say this with conviction is that every one of them used the word BRILLIANT. They sounded like a Baptist choir that was practicing for Easter Sunday services.

Ashton’s closings wer very good but NOT brilliant. Burdick’s was okay but again surely not BRILLIANT.

bril·liant (brlynt)
1. Full of light; shining. See Synonyms at bright.
2. Relating to or being a hue that has a combination of high lightness and strong saturation.
3. Sharp and clear in tone.
4. Glorious; magnificent: the brilliant court life at Versailles.
5. Superb; wonderful: The soloist gave a brilliant performance.
6. Marked by unusual and impressive intellectual acuteness: a brilliant mind; a brilliant solution to the problem. See Synonyms at intelligent.

Well, one person said something different – Mike said that Linda Drane Burdick “Hit it out of the park”. Well, Mike, I applaud you for using your own words and thinking outside the HLN and TrueTV Box, instead of what was on the sticky note everyone else was reading from.

Just to be sure everyone understands – I want justice for Caylee but I do not want someone convicted unless that person is found guilty BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT.

Anyone wanting a conviction under less stringent terms is UN AMERICAN.



  1. If the jury finds her guilty, then some other form of fault will be found. People like yourself will claim they did not prove reasonable doubt, others will claim that Perry was biased towards the prosecution, still others will claim ineffective counsel. A whole other contigent will say her family sold her out instead of supporting her and another group will claim she did not receive a fair trial. It will never end………………… Will anyone on the other side of the fence ever just consider that maybe she is guilty and even the “monster” most of America believes she is……..

    • “People like yourself” – what a narrow minded comment. If Casey is found guilty there is an automatic appeal process because of our legal system – and I hope you do not object to that. Counsel could have been better but if it was ineffective – the legal system will determine that.

      I believe you are masking your own biases and you chose to point to “people like yourself” because you cannot cope with the possibility of a “hung jury” because there must be one narrow minded liberal holding up Casey from the death penalty she deserves.

      Please get off your high horse and simply realize that we have a legal system, with all its faults and loopholes that is the best system going.

      This is obviously your first time here and if you took the time to read many of my posts and responses you would realize that I have said dozens of times that I believe she is guilty, but guilty of one of the lesser manslaughter or aggravated child abuse charges and NOT first degree murder beyond reasonable doubt. Even though you probably have an extensive vocabulary, “reasonable” is not a word you use frequently. We obviously differ on the highest charge we feel she deserves to be convicted of but please try to hold off on your tacky catch all remarks like “people like yourself”.

      You found a convenient way to fault each group of people that differ from your opinion. It must be wonderful for you to know exactly what happened – how she did it, why she did it, when she did it, how she disposed of the body, and be able to fault EVERYONE because they do not see it exactly as you do.

    • Also, one for truth, you say it will never end – well it will never end because we are all adults here with our own opinions, thoughts, and ideas. Until mind control is the norm for the day, we will choose to analyze things and make up our own minds – until “people like yourself” work hard to deny us that as well.

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