Posted by: kevinfortruth | July 6, 2011

Nancy Grace – let it go for your own sanity

She spent the entire day picking on the jury – tearing them apart juror by juror.

Here are Nancy’s criticisms of various members of the jury. Two of them ONLY made it through the 11th grade. Another did not want to be on the jury. One was arrested for DUI. Another charged with paraphernalia of drug possession. One whose sister beat up their father with her boyfriend and they did jail time. The prosecution tried to strike two others but the judge refused.

Sue Moss, one of Nancy’s bobbleheads said that there was no way that Caylee died in the morning because she was not in pajamas when she was found in the woods and she did not die in the pool because she was not found wearing a bathing suit.

Sue Moss also said that you don’t wear duct tape to go swimming – what a tasteless remark – someone should take her aside and teach her some manners.

Well my take on this is that IF Caylee drowned in the pool and was found much later (and it might have been evident, because of her color, that she was absolutely dead, Casey would have changed her into some favorite outfit that either she or Caylee liked. Then Casey and/or George ended up disposing of Caylee. Please bear with me – I do not approve of any of this, I am only saying it could have happened.

I hope and pray that Baez brings Nancy down for all her lies and misstatements about Casey.

CNN/HLN better grab Nancy aside and bring her down to earth and read her the riot act or else the two networks along with Nancy and possibly even Jane will be sued for every nickel they have.

If Nancy cannot get her way then she will plow over everyone who differs in opinion from her. She does it nightly on her show. She desperately needs to justify her own distorted view of this case and if that means discrediting witnesses, the FBI, the Defense, the Prosecution, the Sheriff’s department, or whomever, she will do it.

The bright light in the evening was when several of her cronies, i.e. the lawyers she has been plowing over for years, started vocalizing their differences with Nancy about the case and each time Nancy immediately called someone else to counter the traiters. The audacity of a guest on her show actually developing a backbone.

Nancy appears to possibly be close to either a meltdown or a breakdown. I hope she does not have either but I hope she simply will get off her soapbox or better yet, get off her show.

During the show Nancy said that she and Jane had evidence that the jury and the public do not have and that is why she knows Casey is guilty, even though Casey was found not guilty.

She was also gripping about the defense party at the restaurant across from the courthouse.

The person I feel bad for is Jean Casarez. She is on Nancy’s show almost nightly and has subbed for Nancy at times and each time she did a marvelous job. Jean was the only media person invited to the party and Jane Velez-Mitchell was left outside in the street. Gee, I wonder why?

Jean Casarez is trying to walk a thin line and I admire her for that. As I said before on this blogsite, Jean Casarez would be a more than capable replacement for Nancy Grace. Keep your fingers crossed on that possibility.

The celebration party was behind closed doors – it was only noticed because the media was gawking thru the window with their cameras and caught sight of the party but Nancy and even Dr. Drew found the party and its celebration disgusting.

Get over it Nancy, the jury followed their instructions to a “T”. Too many agencies focused on the wrong things and the defense, even though they lacked all the government agencies that the Prosecution had helping them, ended up on the winning side of the equation.

The one person I am disappointed with is Marc Klaas, whose daughter was kidnapped and murdered years ago. Marc said to Nancy Grace tonight that even though Casey was found not guilty in a criminal court she was found very guilty in the court of public opinion. Marc further said that he believes that Casey Anthony crossed over a line when she murdered her own angel and he has no doubt in his mind that she committed the crime and that means that now there is a psycopathic killer on the loose and this woman (Casey), and there is no doubt in his mind that she will strike again. We’ve seen the incredible mood swings and she can turn on her parents on a dime and now that she will be back in society and its only a matter of time that the confluence of circumstances creates another toxic mix and hopefully this time she will not get out of it and though there is no justice for Caylee and he thinks that at some point in time there will probably be other victims and there will be justice for Casey.

Jose Baez should demand a public apology and a retraction from Marc for his libelous comments about Casey.

Well, this wraps up this blog for tonight. More to come tomorrow – I am sure. Good Night all and thanks for viewing and participating here.




  1. Dear Nancy,

    Enclosed is a definition you may wish to review. Please note all sources agree on it’s meaning:

    1. (of two or more people) Fully in agreement.
    2. (of an opinion, decision, or vote) Held or carried by everyone involved. – – Merriam-Webster – The Free Dictionary

    Define Unanimous at – characterized by or showing complete agreement: a unanimous vote. Use unanimous in a Sentence ·

    Unanimity – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – Unanimity is complete agreement by all people in a given situation. When unanimous, everybody is of same mind and acting together as one. Unanimous consent –

    Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – In parliamentary procedure, unanimous consent, also known as general consent …

    • Hi Tom; Nancy is not capable of appreciating your post. In her mind, the country is unanimously against Casey and that everyone in the country now realizes the jury was in error and they now see the light because they all are sick about the verdict they rendered. HLN and CNN are on a rentless pursuit to turn the country against the jury and to make sure Casey does not profit in any way from any publicity, book deal, movie deal, interviews or to even have a life and a simple job to make ends meet. In effect, they are on a mission to prove that Nancy was right and the jury should be hung in the town square at sundown..

      Thanks for your coments Tom.

  2. Let’s do it. Please post contact information on all media figure-head, story chasing, whose perverse “coverage” fall into this category. Perhaps it would be best for all to communicate a response on a particular day in order to increase the odds that it will get their attention ? I think I might call it “Justice for ALL” day or something like that.

  3. I really hope someone sues Nancy Grace. Some of us believe in the American justice system and now that it has spoken Nancy needs to move on before she degrades it any further. I really think that there is the possibility that innocent people could be seriously harmed (or killed) because of her and if and when this happens … what will that make her ? A Murderer ?

    • Tom, thanks for posting and I want to assure you that I agree with everything you wrote. I am confident her wings will be clipped by a hefty lawsuit and I hope that TruTV will cover the case. I have sworn off CNN and HLN effective midnight last night and I intend on writing CNN and HLN and advising them of my decision and providing them a copy of my recent blog. I also intend on requesting all posters to contact CNN and HLN and expressing their disappointment as well.

  4. what nancy grace does isn’y journalism it’s garbage and hate period..and HLN and anyone who condone sher should be embarrased…

    • Hey Terry, thanks for your viewpoint. Please take the polls. I would really appreciate it.

  5. my only issue with this is the inciting of the mobs that grace and her HLN morons are doing..someone is gonna get hurt or worse..but at least this may signal the end of grace and other slike her on TV too much hate and it must be eliminated…in my opinion the garce show was the main reason casey was acquitted ..this is a little case that they made into a major case..there are thousands of kids killed each year(unfortunately) why was this case chosen to over hype?..cause casey was younbg and hott thats why..makes great ratings….

    • Terry, I have been saying much of what you just said here and I appreciate your frankness – some bash me for saying the same. I admitted this earlier, but because of Nancy’s constant bashing of Casey, I still wanted Casey found guilty, but on lesser changes – maybe the 3rd felony but not First Degree murder – I felt Nancy attacked her enough.

      The first thing that came to my mind when the verdict was returned on the first three charges was “In YOUR face Nancy Grace”.

      Casey and her lawyers ought to attack Nancy in her wallet – and deeply – and maybe she will then tone down her rhetoric or step down. Also, CNN/HLN has deep pockets and Jose Baez ought to legally pick their deep pockets and maybe they might return to move humane programming.

      I agree on the “hot” – Nancy must have showed her dancing on every one of her shows for a long, long, time and that stirred up the interest, hatred, and increased ratings. In effect, Nancy USED Caylee’s death for her own ratings, raises in pay, and her ego. Sickening I say…

  6. I read some of the comments and did not realize that this was a hate forum for Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell. I disagree with beating up the media, she kept the spirit of caylee alive when everyone else forgot about her. Probably some over educated asshole who doesn’t have a job but looks good on blogs.

    • This is not a hate forum for Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell. I have no respect for Nancy Grace but I don’t hate her and I surely have never said that I hate her. She did keep Caylee in the news but she did it in a way by constantly berating Casey. She also stretched the truth at every turn. For example, tonight Queen Nancy started out her show by saying “…and the first payday for Tot Mom has rolled in from Vivid Entertainment. PORN. They want Tot Mom to make a movie to quote help her transition to her new life”.

      I am sure that Vivid Entertainment would like to sign up Casey for a film but for Nancy to erroneously suggest that Vivid Entertainment has paid Casey is just another bit of trash reporting on Nancy’s part.

      I thank you for the compliments on me being overeducated but I am not, even though I have a college degree. Also, I thank you for saying that I look good on blogs.

      But now read this, I will not stand for anyone, even someone using initials to “hide his or her name”, calling me or anyone else an asshole on my blogsite. It appears that you are and your IP address is You are no longer welcomed here and any and all future communications from your handle, your email, and especially your IP address will immediately be deleted.

      I am approving your post so people can see exactly why I responded in this direct manner.

    • ….. also, I do not beat up the media. I just comment on individuals in the media who make an effort to distort the truth and continuously attack people maliciously. Oh, by the way, IMC, I no longer have a lob because I retired after serving in the military for over twenty years and then I worked in industry for some of the largest companies in the country and I retired about a year and a half ago.

  7. Kevin, you are the fountainhead of wisdom. Do you have a website? You could be the Grand Guru of the internet. I am going to email CNN and see if they would offer you a position as a commentator on social issues.

    • Interesting comments – thanks for the nice words but I am only as wise as the next person and if I were the fountainhead of wisdom as you say, I would not be exposing myself to some of the abuse this blog has received at times. Many people here provide positive commentary and I am greatly appreciative for that, but some…. well, let’s leave it at that. Thanks again. Also, CNN would never offer me any kind of position other than opening the mail or helping with their website.

  8. I am not a fan of Nancy Grace, but she has a point in this case.

    • You have got to be kidding – I dont agree but thanks for commenting.

  9. Hi Michelle; I don’t believe that I have read anything about a diagnosed health or mental issue with Twin Mom – To me, she shows signs of having a serious mental health problem but a lot of people do. Look outside the courthouse and see people – many of them adults in their 50’s and beyond – truly flipping out – saying things that they might regret later. Also, shame on HLN – especially Jane Velez-Mitchell for getting people all stirred up – She heard one person reference the OJ trial and then she said there you have it all the people hear feel the verdict is just like the OJ trial.

    The chief of police in Atlanta should talk to the head of HLN and advise them to tone it down. People are upset – generally individually – but when you have someone like Jane stirring up things, you end up with groups of people yelling and that could really rise to small riot in a heartbeat.

    • This verdict may actually be the start of the disintegration of the current HLN media-hosts. They have all been proven to be wrong for their several years of their coverage on this case. Just wait till Baez gets ready for the slander, defamation and other charges made by HLN against his client.

      Can’t wait. 🙂

      • I agree, CNN/HLN allowed it – obviously my opinion is proven by how long they allowed it to continue. It might also be they are really more involved than just allowing it – they might be complicit and have encouraged or directed how those two ladies (Nancy primary and Jane secondary) to act like they do.

  10. Kevin I admire you for your entheasm. You would be a transcendent commentary writer.

    • Thank you for the nice words. No doubt, I have enthusiam but it has been tested this last week. I am sure there is more to come because HLN and CNN are stoking the flames in a way so that a huge crowd shows up at the courthouse tomorrow for the sentencing. It is a self fulfilling prophecy for them – encourage an outcry and then be there to cover it.

      Just like yeserday – HLN – Jane and Nancy complained about the party at the restaurant and the public SHOULD NOT have to see that and the Defense should have had the party in a more private area such as an upstairs office – yet they had their cameras up to the window filming the celebration inside. They cannot have their cake and then eat it as well.

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