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So, where should the anger for the jury be redirected?

I apologize for repeating information in the next paragraph, but it is a lead in as to where I am going with this blog.

Everyone seems to be focusing on the Casey Anthony jury. There have been numerous comments made on several of the jurors not completing high school. Several are claimed to have arrest records and yet another juror’s sister committed a crime with her boyfriend.

Geez, let’s dig deeper and we might find out that one of the juror’s second cousin’s great grandfather shot Abraham Lincoln. Maybe one of the women on the jury had breast augmentation and a tummy tuck or one of the male jurors wears a hairpiece and uses Viagra on the weekend when he hits the local bars. I am sure Nancy would call all of that Blasphemy and that those jurors should be flogged in the town square.

This ridiculous commentary started yesterday when CNN / HLN decided to overanalyze the jury in an effort to deflect attention from their two nightly blabbermouth investigative journalists – namely Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell.

Nancy has constantly criticized Casey Anthony almost nightly for years and her rhetoric started heating up shortly before jury selection. Nancy “Twin Mom” Grace has made a mission out of crucifying Casey and it truly is killing her that Casey was found Not Guilty. Yes, Nancy, Casey was found not guilty – not Tot Mom, but Casey Marie Anthony – also Nancy, she does has a real name. I do not know if Nancy is the one who coined that nickname on Casey but I believe she has used it more than anyone else on the planet.

I think I just hit on why Nancy continuously refers to Casey as “Tot Mom”. Casey’s full name is Casey Marie Anthony and Caylee’s full name is Caylee Marie Anthony. Nancy could not use Marie as part of both their names because to Nancy, one is a little saint and the other is a sinner. How to fix that problem – come up with, or use, a nickname and use it with a derogatory tone to remind the world that Casey threw away her Tot. Nancy would never be able to get away with that tasteless dialogue in court but she has a lot of latitude on her show.

Nancy must be humiliated that not only has Casey been declared “Not Guilty” but Nancy herself, has been found to be “Guilty” by a court of public opinion for relentlessly attacking Casey as she has. As a result, Nancy is trying to deflect attention from her own wrong doing by interviewing as many people as possible in an effort to find fault with the jury, the trial, the defense, the evidence, and the testimony. Is the FBI lab next on her list?

Queen Nancy feels that she NEVER is wrong, so she needs to show all the things that went wrong that prevented the jury from seeing the Light and to prosecute Casey on all charges and recommend that Casey be sentenced to prison for the maximum amount of time possible.

I might have mentioned it in another blog, but Jane Velez-Mitchell is even saying that the defense had the upper edge from the beginning because of where Casey was seated in comparison to where the defense is normally seated in trials.

Well, daily, throughout the whole trial, Nancy and Jane have been critiquing how Casey smiled, cried, was being stone faced, or rudely turning away from her parents. They were both almost counting tears to evaluate each crying episode to determine sincerity. If she was doing that many terrible things, the jury would have seen each and every one of them and they would have disliked Casey even more than they did.

Everyone in the media today is doing their best to put the prosecutors up on pedestals.

They collectively are saying that Jeff and Linda and the rest of their team did the best job possible and that personalities did not affect the jury outcome.

Compare a trial to scoring in figure skating. The prosecution would get high scores for technical content. They knew when to object and they were highly successful in doing so. The other score could be equated to delivery – and that is where they earned lower scores. Read on.

I believe the bobble heads did not consider the actual delivery by the prosecution and are only scoring the technical content.

Jurors are made up of good, hard working, average Americans – blue-collar Americans who feel it is their civic duty to serve. On the other hand, white collar Americans work hard to escape jury duty – it just does not fit on their social calendar – golf tournaments, cruises, plays, musicals and tennis matches.

If the jury were made up of blue bloods, Casey would already be on death row.

The downside of having blue-collars on the jury versus blue bloods is that prosecutors need to win over the blue-collars – they better not talk down to any of the jurors and they better stick to the facts and not embellish the evidence to make it seem like they are relentlessly attacking the accused strictly because they are obsessed with nailing the defendant to the wall – and enjoying every minute of it.

Also, for the prosecution to say to the jury “and because of this, you have no choice but to return a verdict of guilty”. Don’t dare tell the jury what to do – that is for the judge to do from a legal perspective. The prosecution could have said “We have presented YOU with all the facts and the testimony and it is now your turn to analyze what you have witnessed during this trial and we implore you to return a verdict of guilty. It doesn’t hurt to grovel – a little begging goes a long way.

Facts in a case are one thing – but presenting them in an arrogant, condescending manner is another. Jeff was not only arrogant but when he laughed he showed disrespect and I am sure some in the jury thought he was implying to Baez, “I am better than you, you are a fool to even be competing against me in this courtroom and the verdict will support my arrogance.”

I also believe the FBI witnesses came across like they were holier than thou. In the beginning they came across as experts who really knew their stuff but when the defense brought some of them back for cross-examination and when the defense invited other FBI specialists to counter the earlier FBI experts, then it looked like the lab was losing credibility with the jury. It is one thing for a private lab expert to counter what an FBI expert said but for competing testimony between FBI experts – it showed that the FBI could be as flawed as any other investigative agency.

So, where is all of this going? I hope I have not lost anyone yet.

Why, and where, should the anger for the jury be redirected?

The person, or persons, who screwed up the most in this whole criminal process was the Sheriff’s Department.

Roy Kronk called the police several times to report that he thinks he saw a skull. Wow, if I received that call, I would have sped to the scene before Roy Kronk ever hung up the phone.

I would have roped off the area and did an immediate, thorough search. Not only was that not done, but a future call to police resulted in law enforcement telling Kronk to go visit the search team and tell them about the “skull”, which Kronk did not do. I ask why?

One time when the police came out, a good part of the area was under water. To that, I say “Big Woop”. I have seen police dredge lakes and rivers and I have seen searchers sift through garbage dumps. To not search the water because of concerns with poisonous snakes or alligators is ridiculous. Equipment could have been used and protective clothing could have been worn to minimize injuries.

Also, the actions by the police have been justified because they might have damaged evidence – well to that I say “Guess what, you left that to Mother Nature and she did a damn good job, didn’t she?

I would have preferred that a sheriff pick up Caylee’s skull four months earlier than when it was actually found and retrieved.

If Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell can repeatedly say that this trial should have been all about Caylee, the same holds true for the woods. It should have not been about the water, nor the snakes or alligators – it should have been doing everything to find Caylee.

There should be a citizens investigation of the Sheriff’s department and why they shirked their duties during that part of the investigation as it relates to Roy Kronk’s calls and how the police responded and how thorough they were in those searches for Caylee.

Almost four months passed from Roy Kronk’s first call to when Caylee was “officially” found.

So, why aren’t Nancy and Jane complaining about the Sheriff’s Department? Why? Because it is not nice to attack the guys in the white hats – whether they be prosecutors, FBI lab personnel, the police, or even the judge.

Nancy depends on police, prosecutors, former judges, and other law enforcement professionals to support her constant barrage on criminals and if she once criticizes members of the “club”, they will not bear witness on her show.

History has a habit of repeating itself and if someone does not turn a critical eye on all these individuals and agencies to see how they can improve and to take action against those who were derelict in their duties – this will happen again and again and again.



  1. You Kevin, are my new favorite author!! Very well said!

    • Welcome again Christy; I am flattered but I am not sure which of my posts made your day – was it the latest one about refocusing the anger? If so, you made my day because I liked writing that one.

      • The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth be told…..ALL your posts are great! Yes, the most recent, refocusing the anger, prompted my comment.
        Think about the differences between the trial that was, and the trial that might have been…………

        • Thanks Christy – I dont know why some people have to attack like that. I don’t need everyone buying into everything I write but I was hoping to have a blog where they could be a discourse without obscenities and knives in the back. Thanks again.

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