Posted by: kevinfortruth | July 6, 2011

The prosecution did a good job – what things went wrong.

When the jury announced that they had reached a verdict, the bobble heads were ecstatic – normally when a jury comes to a fairly quick verdict it is not good for the defense – of course there are exceptions.

So, the prosecution was highly regarded for their closing statements Jeff for two closings in two days and Linda for her closing. They had a night to prepare and everyone was giving them kudos for the strategy.

Does anyone, other than me, want to speculate as to why the jury went the way they did? I mean, do you have any gut feelings why the jury did not buy into the prosecution’s case.

I would really appreciate all responsible feedback – any profanity will either be edited or if beyond the pale the post will be deleted.

Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.

Now for my reasons:

1. The prosecution team acted like they were judge and jury and they were overly harsh to some of the defense witnesses.

2. Jeff Ashton was, for the most part, very condescending – he acted like people had no choice but to believe everything he said or implied.

3. The laughing incident, in my opinion, was a major turning point where the jury shifted allegience from Ashton to Baez – Jeff blew it acting like a cocky arrogant white clean cut affleunt attorney embarrassing a more blue collar less experienced, average Hispanic attorney. There, I said it.

4. The Sheriff Dept committed a major goof up by not listening and responding to Kronks calls – if they did they would have found Caylee months earlier and DNA and evidence might have been recovered and used possibly to convict Casey and/or George or maybe even Lee or one or two fo Casey’s friends.

5. Kronk should hang his head low – he was obsessed with getting a reward or money from the media. I also feel he moved the skull and the bag to hide Caylee elsewhere until he would return her with the skull in the bag and then start the search all over again.

Your turn – anyone, everyone?



  1. Why are there so many innocents in jail, and killers walking free on streets?
    Because perfect justice is impossible.

    • I think there are overzealous police and prosecutors who rush to prosecute someone – maybe someone who was easy to blame and also to keep their prosecution record intact. It is not a perfect system and can stand some improving but do you have an alternative legal system that is better?

  2. I had my doubts as to whether the jury would convict her based on the requirement of “beyond a reasonable doubt.” I am still convinced that she killed her daughter. Accident or not, there should be some punishment. Such a shame that the body was not found for such a long time.

    As to you thoughts:

    1) Agree that sometimes they were hard on the defense witnesses – but geez – some of them were spouting garbage. (The lady that claimed to be a grief expert.)

    2) I didn’t take him that way at all. While I preferred the directness of Linda – I did not feel that way about Jeff Ashton.

    3) Have to agree with you on this one. Rude and unprofessional.

    4) Possible, but not likely. The body and other evidence were already under water in August which is probably why they didn’t want to check it out.

    5) I do agree that he touched the bag and the skull. I do not believe he moved the body. There was just to much debris on it and plant growth through it.

    As in all cases of people who commit crimes and get away with it, I have to believe that a higher power will provide justice. Still makes me sad.

    I also have sympathy for the jurors. They did what they felt they had to do and I pray that they will be left alone. They may very well have felt she was guilty and had little choice but to find her innocent.

    • Hey Bickham; Good comments… I agree, the grief expert was in her own world, right? We disagree a little on Ashton and that is fine… That is what makes the world go round. Also, I think Kronk was money driven and after he called police and even had his friends out there, it behooved him to move the body – but your logic about the root growth makes sense, although I can brush up stuff to make it seem like the leaves and dirt hve been there but roots are another story. Regarding not wanting to go under the water, police dredge rivers, lakes and the like and it might be laziness on the police part that Casey might have dodged a bullet. And regarding Kronk – I concede on not moving the body, but he could have right from the start told the search team “Guess what I found yesterday”. Stupidly he did ot do that. Why? That slays me – something is fishy. Thanks again Bickham…. like how you laid out the response.

Comments appreciated

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