Posted by: kevinfortruth | July 7, 2011

Casey Anthony Trial – Top and bottom charges yet nothing in the middle

It might be possible that because this was an extremely high profile case, the prosecution decided to go for the jugular, i.e. they were going for BLOOD, and lots of it! – they thought they would go for the maximum charges because they were sure to get one of them. In addition, they only filed a handful of charges dealing with lying to authorities because they did not want to submit a 200 lb. document. I am joking about the weight in a way to say they did not want the public to see hundreds of charges submitted against the defendant.

All that was fine, considering they would be successful in receiving a guilty verdict from the jury on one of the first three charges.

There were many, many charges they could have submitted as well dealing with either child abuse and/or charges related to child neglect – but they didn’t.

In addition, this morning in court, Assistant D. A. , Linda Burdick, said that the four charges of lying were just a portion of what they could have submitted to the court – to that, I say, “Oh, well, Linda”.

I equate this to a high school student applying for only THREE colleges – all very prestigious, but not also applying to a group of second tier colleges as well because the student feels his/her grades and scores are SURE to result in being selected to one of the top three. In effect the student is rolling the dice but is confident that AT LEAST one of the first three will accept the student.

They stacked the deck – they put all their bets on the first three horses – forgetting that there were seven or eight other horses they could have bet on.

People are outside the courthouse raising all kinds of havoc, yelling “How can she walk for what she did?”

Well, ask Kenny Rodgers (The Gambler) aka Jeff Ashton to explain how he gambled with taxpayer money the way he did.

He is the one who rode in on the white horse and threw all the taxpayer money on WIN, PLACE, and SHOW. In fact, he felt he didn’t need to even waste money on PLACE and SHOW because he knew a horse named “First Degree Murder” was going to win.

The bottom line is this: Jeff Ashton, or his boss, the D. A., chose to make their bets the way they did. They probably felt that if they also had a handful of lesser, but still serious charges, that the jury might jump on one of them INSTEAD of the “DEATH PENALTY” charges.

Another example, if you take your family out to a nice steakhouse restaurant, your younger kids will find the chicken nuggets and the fried chicken if they are shown the kids menu but if you only show the “adult” menu, they will choose a nicer entrée.

Now that all the smoke is beginning to clear, people should be asking “Hey Mr. District Attorney, why did you GAMBLE with our taxpayer dollars and why did this defendant, who we feel is at least guilty of lesser, but still felony charges, escape all serious charges and is going to walk out of jail next week? Why?

I know it is not politically correct to find fault with anyone riding in on a white horse, but c’mon, there is enough blame to go around in this case.

I know that Florida is known for its racetracks but I never thought the highest purse was bet by the D.A. in the Casey Anthony Pari-mutual Race of the Century.



  1. You are a jewel Michelle. I know I am going against the mainstream sentiment and that is risky. I feel we need a show that identifies criminals – whether they be rapists, kidnappers, abductors, wife beaters, substance abusers, and murders but it needs to be done in a way that we do not send people in the streets with torches and guns. There should be a show that can talk about crime the same way a couple can over dinner or a group of people can talk about in mixed company. We don’t need to determine or prove guilt on a television show – otherwise we would not need trials, juries, the defense and the prosecution. We could save tax dollars and pick a citizen randomly and have him/her go after the accused. Wow, that would be the “new” America.

    Everyone committing a crime should be found guilty and sentenced to jail and possibly death when appropriate – but not on a television investigative journalism show.

  2. Interesting….it didn’t occur to me she could file lawsuits against all these talking heads and networks. I guess that is what Chaney Mason was referring to when after the verdict he said, “we’ll be talking to you soon” when referring to the talking heads.

    And Thanks Kevin for the Email! Appreciate it!

    • Thanks Earthzebra for stopping by. A few people wrote me about your site and they think highly of it.

  3. Michelle, lets jot down the names of people at CNN/HLN whose heads should roll. Maybe you can follow up with a couple. Gee, who can I start with?

    Oh, I know a couple.

    Nancy Grace is at the top of my list. “Breaking News Tonight” – CNN, “Call In The Lawyers” – because we are going to need them – every one of them. – and in closing, “We won’t see you tomorrow night,” so.. “Goodbye Friends”.

    Gee Nancy, maybe you can hire a lawyer in Florida. I think his name is Jose Baez.

    Jane Velez-Mitchell – Keep it here at HLN because we are all over it. – Casey Anthony Trial Watch, Verdict Watch, Sentencing Watch – Where is Casey going to go when she gets out Watch – Waiting for the Jurors to talk Watch – Will Casey Sign a Porn Contract Watch – Will Casey get a book deal Watch – Will Casey get a movie deal Watch – Will Casey get a publicist Watch – What will Casey eat for her last night in jail Watch – Will Casey dye her hair blond Watch – Is everyone sick of all the watches Watch.

    Keith Olbermann has a segment called “Worst persons in the world”, so, Jane Velez-Mitchell should start a segment called “Casey Anthony Watch for Tonight”. She is so dramatic and so obnoxious.

    • I agree Michelle – but do have any other names? One person I like a lot and would NOT put on the list is Jean Casarez – she is good and she is HUMAN. I am thinking of doing a new poll like I did earlier here about who would you pick to replace Nancy “Twin Mom”. By the way, because Nancy refuses to refer to Casey as Casey or Casey Anthony but enjoys saying “Tot Mom” in the most unfavorable light, Nancy’s primary name is now “Twin Mom”.

      By the way, I still could not find any reference to mental disorders that you mentioned about Twin Mom? Do you have a link? I have several links to all the lawsuits and how the Georgia Supreme Court slapped her hands a few times for her shennanigans in court, but nothing about her state of mind.

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