Posted by: kevinfortruth | July 7, 2011

Who could host a show that would be up against Nancy Grace?

There are those who absolutely love Nancy Grace but there is an ever growing army of people who have lost respect for Nancy Grace and would like her off the air.

Some people might say that if anyone does not like Nancy Grace they should simply turn the channel.

That sounds logical except for the fact that Nancy is destroying our legal system as it is. Everytime she “feels” that a case is sensational enough and it can increase her viewership, she goes on a mission to totally undermine the person in question – distorting the truth at the least and in some cases she intentionally leaves out pertinent facts or twists them in a way that makes the public want to crucify Nancy’s latest victim.

Even though Casey is physically attractive – not a knockout mind you – her personal public actions during her daughters disappearance has resulted in millions of Americans expressing a strong dislike – even hatred for her – and I believe it all started on the Nancy Grace show.

The trial even brought more of Casey’s inappropriate and tasteless actions to light but most bobbleheads already hated Casey before the trial ever began.

There should be no place on television where one person has the lattitude and encouragement of the management to go on relentless attacks on individuals be it accused murderers, scam artists, and others accused of crimes who have yet to be put on trial.

I am putting up a poll to elicit feedback from all of you regarding what would happen if MSNBC, USA Network, Current, or E! decided to start a show similiar to Nancy Grace but on a more humane level – still covering crimes of passion, rapes, kidnappings, abductions, and murders – keeping us informed of major crimes but doing it in a way that informs us instead of trying to incite us to riot.

We all are under enough pressure dealing with taxes, jobs, cost of medicine, war, health care and the like and it would be nice to have a show more with the feel of 60 minutes yet it will still cover major crimes.

So, please take part in the two polls, the first asking what channel could best compete with Nancy Grace and the second poll wants to know who is the best person to host the show.

Also,please tell a friend or two about the polls. After a week or two, I will do another blog about the results from both polls. Thanks.



  1. Good Morning Michelle; After doing a lot of searches last night in response to your comments about the personal life and activities of Nancy Grace, I realized my blog was shifting in a direction I cannot support. As everyone knows by now I do not respect Nancy Grace – I do not like how she body slams people nightly – her current receipent of her vitreol is Casey Anthony. My objections to Nancy are related to her show and not her personal life. I found one site last night where you went into a tirade with a few people and my head was spinning with all the dialogue.

    As a result of how the dialogue went downhill quickly on that site in 2007, I do not want this site to go in that direction. I do not want this blog to turn into a personal attack on Nancy Grace. What she does “off the clock”, so to speak, is her business. I am focused on how she runs her show and I need to stay on topic.

    The primary focus here is the Casey Anthony trial for now, and I know the Nancy Grace show, and specifically Nancy, has become very intertwined to the point that talking about one is going to lead into a discussion of the other.

    I intend on keeping all incoming posts to not discus Nancy personally – show discussion is fine but that will be the scope in all future communications. If anyone else wants to find out about things you have in your files, it will have to be taken offline.

  2. ARE YOU SERIOUS???? (Sorry Kevin. I’m not yelling meanly…I’m SHOCKED!!!) And….WOW!!! Michellefrommadison….tell us more! I am beside myself! All that, and Twins Mom has the nards to publicly denounce Casey the way she does???? UN….BE…LIEV..ABLE!!!

    • I have been trying to find articles about some of the worst things Michelle has bentioned but I am batting zero. I know about her prosecutor problems and the lawsuits but I cannot find out anything about the drinking, drunk driving, or even one of the twins falling off the bed. More to come I am sure.

  3. I would gladly have turned the channel if there had been a different network covering the trial. Between HLN and In Session, we still had to deal with all the commercials,and worse, the non-stop yapping of the anchors giving us their biased, twisted versions of what we missed during the commercials!!! I never watched HLN or In Session before the trial, so no love lost to turn the channel now. But I absolutely agree Twins Mom (Nancy DisGrace) and her ilk, (Vinnie, Drew, Jane, etc.) are all extreme detriments to our justice system and dangerous negative influences on certain easily manipulated and brain-washable sheeple.
    They are all salivating to get to the jurors. And if the names of those who would choose to remain anonymous are made public, and suffer harm in any way because of their verdict, I hope they sue the pants off the State of Florida!

    • Yea, that whole crew bothers me. Especially Jan in the courtyard talking to the public – stoking the flames. The one I think the world of is Jean Casarez – she is so level headed. Did you take the new polls? Either way you vote is fine. I am just trying to get the numbers up.

      The obsession by Jane about finding out where Casey is going to go is so absurd. Also, all the comments about how Casey fixed her hair and makeup, and that she was dressed like she was being released was interesting as well. I guess they have to fill up the day – they are stuck in Orlando, so if a train goes by, it becomes news to HLN and CNN and TruTV

      • Yep! I took the polls! And what a wonderful thought (goal?) to find an alternate option to HLN.
        The train passing by is my favorite part. It muffles the anchors voices for a few moments!

  4. Wow, what stuff. So, does that mean that she is an alcoholic or she just likes to drink? She is always commenting on how much pleasure her twins give her and how much love she has for them. I wonder if she is happily married? I know it is not any of my business but that might explain things – maybe if she is in an unhappy relationship that is why she is so nasty on television.

    Did you see her guest gig on GMA the other morning? She was so unprofessional and she kept yelling “Push up Bra” to complain about Casey. She tried to interrupt the hosts and Dan told her to wait a few times.

    So, where to you read all this scandal? The New York Daily News or other tabloid style newspapers?

  5. Geraldo Rivera, Anderson Cooper, Glen Beck, Janine Pero, Jean Carareza, Bulwinkle & Rockie, Mickie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daffey Duck, or even the Golden Girls. Essentially, anyone could stomp Nancy Grace right into the ground. You do realize Nancy Grace is not her real name?

    • No, I meant if you had other names that you would like to see off CNN/HLN – people who are either on the air or people who are in charge. But, I like your replacement list. Some good names. I agree with you on Jean Casarez – she is competent, a lawyer, even tempered, and would not be as dramatic as Nancy.

      and regarding Nancy, I did not know that it wasnt her real name. Wow, where do you get all this stuff? You are fascinating.

      • I still cannot find anything on her name and that is okay. I have viewed court documents and all I see is “Nancy Ann Grace”. …and as far as her purchasing anti-grace websites those people must have compromised their values and sold out. I was also unaware that she can no longer practice – I just assumed after she got her bottom chewed out so many times by the GA Supreme Court that she felt it was time to leave. It turned out good for her – now she can escalate her attacks on people without a Judge slapping her with comtempt charges.

        I see she recently lost in court when she tried to prevent a video recording of testimony. That must have really bugged her.

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