Posted by: kevinfortruth | July 8, 2011

Casey Anthony trial – needs a cooling off period

Yesterday there was a hearing in Orlando, covered by CNN naturally, to have the names of the jurors who participated in the Casey Anthony trial released.

Judge Belvin Perry said yesterday that the jurors have been receiving death threats and as a result, he wants to delay releasing their names for up to seven days.

The date that Casey Anthony will be released from jail seems to be a moving target. Yesterday the date was to be Wednesday the 13th but this morning they are now saying Sunday the 17th. I am sure this moving date is to keep CNN/HLN off balance as well to make it possible to have Casey released in the dark of night sometime between Wednesday and Sunday.

CNN/HLN, since the trial’s closing remarks has been having various watches – “Verdict Watch”, “Sentencing Watch”, “Release Date Watch”, etc. etc. etc.

CNN/HNN has gone into all out assault on Orlando in an effort keep this trial coverage at the top of the news cycle. Months ago the death of Casey Anthony was being covered exclusively by Nancy Grace, then it overflowed into the Jane Velez-Mitchell. Now it is now being covered by Dr. Drew, HLN Special REPORT, The Joy Behar Report, and the Morning Express with Robin Meade – Robin’s show runs from 5:00 AM to 12:00 noon.

So, it appears that CNN/HLN is dedicating almost 14 hours a day to the Casey Anthony Trial and all its ramifications.

I believe CNN/HLN needs to have a cooling off period. I am well aware that it is a ratings game and HLN is enjoying record ratings – but at what potential cost is this being done?

Who is in a position to suffer from all this negative energy?
I believe the jurors, the Anthony’s themselves, the defense team, and possibly even Roy Kronk. I have not heard of any threats against Casey herself, but I am sure those threats are next.

I believe the saturation coverage by CNN/HLN is stoking the fires of anger, rage, hate, and threats of violence – and for what? Ratings, Ratings, Ratings!

Another thing HLN is doing wrong specifically is being obsessed with everything that can be done to Casey Anthony because the jury did not reach a verdict that CNN/HLN was expecting. HLN has a lot invested in this case. Nancy Grace has been beating the Death Sentence drum for months and months and HLN is taking the position that because an unjustice has been served, HLN is going to do anything and everything to avenge Caylee. They are pushing for no book deals, no movie deals, to have Casey pay for the trial, the search, to be sued by the nanny, and maybe even Roy Kronk.

They constantly criticize the jury and that is evoking anger from everyone.

All this rhetoric is requiring the police to have a mounted patrol in the courtyard near the courthouse and to even set up zones for people who are protesting the verdict and another area for those who want the verdict and the jury to be respected.

CNN/HLN can help matters by taking their investigative reporters away from the courtyard – especially Jane Velez-Mitchell. She has a way of encouraging outbursts from the crowds and that is not a good thing.

Second, CNN/HLN can reduce the number of hours of coverage. If CNN/HLN is not willing to do that, then I suggest that viewers do everything possible to reduct the number of hours they stay glued to these networks. It is not healthy to stay focused on this trial that many hours a day.


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