Posted by: kevinfortruth | July 9, 2011

Headline News (HLN) – is it circling its’ wagons around Nancy Grace?

There is a term associated with Blackjack called “doubling down”. That is when a player, after initially looking at what was dealt, chooses to double the bet. Some casinos also permit you to further double down after you split your hand.

I am not a gambler per say, I have been to a few casinos over the years but I have never played Blackjack – I have played poker and blackjack on slot machines but I just like one on one games – me and the machine sitting in front of me.

Anyone reading through all my posts here will notice quickly that Nancy Grace is definitely not one of my favorite people – in reality, she is one of my least favorite people for reasons too numerous to mention in one post.

My opinion about her goes against the grain of people who love Nancy. There are valid reasons for people to adore Nancy – she is an advocate for the good guys and she comes across as the dragon slayer – she has made it her mission in life to take down any and every bad guy standing in her pursuit of justice. Those goals sure sound wonderful to me as well.

But, here is the hitch – Nancy takes her attacks to extremes. She uses her graphics team to constantly come up with videos, photos, lacing each with blinking, flashing, and tabloid style editing to exaggerate everything presented in a way to almost brainwash her viewers into making it seem like anyone and everyone she attacks is the next Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, or even Richard Speck.

I will concede that many of the individuals that Nancy chooses to focus on – mostly for ratings I must add – are probably guilty of crimes against society. Nancy carefully researches all crimes of passion – looking into who has been arrested or who is a person of interest of a major crime – be it rape, kidnapping, murder, or even molestation.

For Nancy to consider the crime, she requires two things – is the victim, or victims, of the crimes likeable enough and “physically attractive enough” to grab the attention of my audience and the nation in general – and is the suspect or person of interest colorful enough and potentially questionable enough so she can literally destroy this person in a way to have her audience start dipping their torches in kerosene and walk through the streets insisting that this person be hung in the town square in lieu of a trial.

Caylee fit the bill of the victim for Nancy to focus on and why not? Caylee was an adorable, cute, big brown eyed, angelic little girl. Caylee was a shoo in for half of the equation. It also helped that Casey, her mother led such a bizarre and unacceptable lifestyle after Caylee went missing. The contrast between Caylee being missing and her mother being a liar who was leading a partying life style made this case such a gem for Nancy. The only thing left for Nancy was too then bleed this case dry for every ounce of passion she could squeeze from her viewing audience.

Nancy orchestrated this saga from start to finish like a coach paces his football team during the season so that all the player’s hit their peak performance as the team approaches the playoffs.

Nancy chose to go to the trial because she said that in her own way, it was her way of helping Caylee. What I find interesting is that we saw so little of Nancy during the day. Where was she? She obviously was not out looking for Caylee because poor Caylee was found years ago – so, again, exactly what was Nancy during the day to help Caylee?

Jane Velez-Mitchell was hitting the streets during the day interviewing people outside the courthouse and then she was also on her own show at night. Nancy on the other hand kept a low profile.

Well, what does this all have to with circling the wagons and even doubling down?

We all talk about the world changing after 9/11. That statement is being used to beef up security at airports, to install cameras at street corners everywhere, to permit wiretaps, to monitor any and all activity on the internet, and even to extensively monitor individuals who peacefully protest the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

As significant as 9/11 was to the American public, the jury verdict of Casey Anthony was that and more to Headline News(HLN) and Nancy Grace.

Headline gambled on Nancy Grace – HLN either encouraged, permitted, or allowed Nancy to verbally and graphically assault Casey Anthony on a nightly basis.

That activity, like the football team example I mentioned above, was permitted to increase to a crescendo to match the timetable of the trial from opening remarks through the closing arguments.

What HLN and Nancy did not expect was for the jury to return a not guilty verdict on the three major counts.

The moment those three verdicts were read in the courtroom, everything changed – and there was not a darn thing HLN and Nancy could do about that.

I am sure Nancy was devastated – for three years Nancy held a “mock” trial that did not follow any rules of order or rules of law for that matter.

HLN and Nancy Grace went into immediate damage control. HLN’s crown jewel of ratings was about to be knocked down a peg or two for her relentless attacks on Casey. Some of her followers might decide to change channels in a way to show that Nancy crossed a line for three years that obviously backfired in not guilty verdicts.

Casey’s defense team also commented on “those” who were relentlessly attacking Casey and that “they” would be hearing from them.

What was HLN to do? The only logical solution was to come to Nancy’s rescue by circling the wagons around her and her show in a way to show their collective support.

I am sure there is an email trail from the heads of HLN that went to all their evening shows for them to interview anyone and everyone who could be critical of Casey, the whole trial, including the jury, and to also attack anyone who took an opposing viewpoint.

I am also sure they were told to not directly attack the prosecution team, especially Jeff Ashton – reminding all the talk show hosts that the prosecution represented the good guys. They were probably told to have some minor things to bring up as to what the prosecution could have added to their arsenal of weapons but to do it in a non-threatening manner.

All the talk show hosts on HLN, from Robin Meade to Dr. Drew to Joy Behar and other shows that host special reports and the like were strongly encouraged to find and interview every prosecutor, every judge – active or retired, every mental health professional, to do everything possibly to discredit the verdict and Casey Anthony.

They were also encouraged to beat the drum about any rumored book deals, movie deals, or other possible sources of revenue for Casey and to find anyone who might have a reason to file a lawsuit against Casey as well.

HLN has been relentless in covering this case – not that the case is unimportant – it is just that they are really trying to make it the case of the century. In the process they keep relating the Casey Anthony trial to the trial of O.J. Simpson and its surprise verdict – to the point that these two trials will forever be tied together.

Tying the trial of a white mom, Casey Anthony, to the trial of an accused black male murderer was no accident – HLN is playing the race card in a further attempt to paint Casey in the “darkest” light possible.

Nancy’s obsession with Casey and Caylee has become a HLN obsession with Casey and Caley and it all makes sense, because it all has to do with ratings.

I find HLN’s obsession just like the “blood diamonds” that were mined and sold in Africa to raise money to fund conflict and war, HLN is using the death of Caylee to boost their ratings and increase advertising revenue.

Why do I say this? I say it because the Nancy Grace show was and has been willing to put all other kidnappings, murders, rapes, and child molestations on the back burner.

Another shining example of how Nancy Grace functions is how she totally avoided the disappearance of Holly Bobo. What I find interesting is that Holly Bobo met Nancy’s criteria for inclusion on her show – but she avoided the case like the plague. Holly, after all is blond AND beautiful, and very white.

The main reason, I believe that Nancy avoided the Holly Bobo case, was that the case was not explosive enough and more importantly no one was talking. The family clamed up, the FBI clamed up, the local sheriff clamed up and Nancy was left with nothing to excite her viewership with.

Holly Bobo is still missing and still no coverage. Nancy’s show has done two – maybe three segments on Holly Bobo. One segment was on a night when Nancy did not host her own show. The basic information about Holly’s disappearance was presented to the viewing public but there was no additional information being released to warrant any additional coverage.

At the top of the front page of the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children website are the photos of three children who have gone missing in 2011. There are more, but these three are highlighted.

So, the first one is an infant – Zaylee Fryar, who has been missing since May 1, 2011 but she is getting little or no coverage on the Nancy Grace show. I suggest that because Zaylee is mixed race Nancy chose to not put her to the top of Nancy’s list for inclusion on her show.

The second person is Lovedeep Singh, who has been missing since June 23, 2011. Unfortunately, Lovedeep has a couple of things going against him – first, he is Asian, he is also dark haired and olive complexioned, and he is a male. Even though he should matter, he does not matter enough to make the cut on Nancy’s show.

The third person is Larry Grant, a cute blonde haired four year old boy. There must be something about Larry that is not exciting enough for Nancy to spend a segment on one of her shows – Larry is blonde and an adorable but he still is a boy – but one would think that should at least warrant some coverage on the Nancy Grace show.

One thing about Larry, that Nancy might not have noticed, is that at the same time Larry went missing, his younger sister Trinity Grace Grant went missing as well. She is three and she is cute as a button – Trinity has a smile that could melt icebergs – and still no coverage.

Nancy could be getting two abductions for the price of one – so why don’t they warrant even a few minutes on Nancy’s show – after all, Nancy swears she is there for ALL missing and exploited children, murder victims, kidnappings, and victims of child abuse.

In addition to the four children I have mentioned already is the case of Katherine Shelbie-Elizabeth Phillips, an adorable infant girl whose names are longer than the names of the four months she has been alive. Katherine also has an active Amber Alert issued in her name. Katherine is very young and does not have visible hair yet, she has blue eyes, is four months old and weighs approximately 12 pounds. Katherine went missing on June 29th and her Amber alert will be expiring this weekend, if it already has not done so.

By the way, Katherine is the only child who is currently on the National Amber Alert List and in my personal opinion she deserves a few minutes on a show that is supposedly there for kidnappings and abductions – especially of children too young to care for themselves

As everyone is aware, the first days of an abduction or kidnapping are critical. Is Nancy so obsessed with trying to defray criticism for her attacks on Casey that she cannot devote time to any of these missing children? I believe so.

Well, maybe after Nancy drains the last drop from the Casey Anthony trial and the death of Caylee Anthony, she might consider covering some of these precious children who have gone missing over the past few months.

I tend to focus on one thing at a time myself – I don’t juggle well – but when necessary I can also stop what I am doing on for a few minutes and shift gears when needed.

Nancy on the other hand does not seem to be able to shift from one major case to another.

In closing, I would like to say that Caylee is no longer with us and that Casey has been found not guilty of the three major counts.

I can see HLN still wanting to cover many of the aspects of the trial and Caylee’s death, but life must also go on – there are new children that need finding and cases that need solving.

Time has more than passed for HLN to devote at least some of their vast resources on cases deserving their attention.

Here is the link to missing and exploited children. Please stop by there and visit for a while.

In closing, I am but one of thousands of websites and bloggers who have come to the conclusion that Nancy Grace is primarily on air for ratings and the big bucks.

Here is a link to one such website who states their concerns about Nancy Grace more eloquently than I have here so far.



  1. …..and what is interesting Michelle is that Nancy, aka Twin Mom, is still attacking Casey. Also, I dont know if you saw it, but on Nancys show on the day of the verdict Marc Klaas went into a small tirade saying that Casey was absolutely guilty of murder and that she got away with it. I have always respected Marc but at that moment I lost all respect for him. I feel bad that his daughter was kidnapped and murdered but that does not give him the right to still accuse Casey after she was found Not Guilty. I hope they end up suing Marc Klaas as well. It is way overdue for people who feel they can slander someone without any repercusions to find out that they can and will be held to the letter of the law and their pockets will have a little less jingle soon.

  2. Yo, Michelle, what happened to your pic?

  3. Very interesting comments, Michelle. Regarding Vinnie, I think he is a hybrid version of Nancy and Jane and just as arrogant. If HLN wants to stay out of lawsuit trouble in the future, they should replace Nancy and Jane as soon as possible – and NOT with Vinnie or Ryan Smith. Jean Casarez would be a wonderful alternative to Nancy, aka Twin Mom and Dr. Robi Ludwig would be able to fill in Jane’s shoes with ease.

    I truly believe that HLN gave Nancy a long leash with Casey Anthony because if and when a guilty verdict came in Baez and Company would have no grounds to sue HLN and Nancy Grace but since the verdict went against their master strategy, HLN will probably be cancelling corporate bonuses so they can pay their legal expenses as well as a huge lawsuit payout.

    • Its back – must be something on my end, got a placemarker and a big red X earlier but when I refressed, you were there in all your glory.

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