Posted by: kevinfortruth | July 13, 2011

HLN + excessive or inappropriate coverage = death threats

Ever since the verdict was announced in the Casey Anthony trial, HLN has been saturating viewers with 7 x 24 coverage – and questionable coverage at that.

It appears that HLN wanted to have their cake and eat it too.

1. Jose Baez, after the verdict, said something to the affect that nobody was the winner, then the entire defense team went off to the restaurant to have a celebration with champagne and munchies. HLN complained, saying that it was inappropriate for the defense team to say one thing and then celebrate a victory right in front of everyone. What I find amazing is that HLN said that people SHOULD NOT be seeing this and that it is inappropriate – but HLN kept showing the camera filming the party – the camera was flush up to the window showing people “high five-ing” and jumping up and down with exuberance. I call HLN hypocritical saying that no one should see the party, yet continuing to film and release the footage on their network ad nauseum.

2. HLN has been reporting that numerous individuals have received death threats – from Cindy and George Anthony to some of the jurors – yet it was HLN’s over zealous criticism of the jury that led to the death threats. We heard Nancy Grace talk about the education level of some of the jurors and talk about how some of the jurors had criminal records. We heard HLN and TruTV throughout the trial complain that many of the jurors were not even taking notes. We also heard on TruTV and HLN that the prosecution was not allowed to challenge one or two of the jurors and that one juror specifically could not be challenged because that juror was an African-American.

3. Also, we heard Jane Velez-Mitchell say over and over that the jury could not have even deliberated because they did not even have enough time to review the instructions provided by Judge Belvin Perry and then they went to dinner and the following morning came in all dressed up and returned with a verdict. HLN and Jane and Nancy felt that the jury never even asked to review evidence and that maybe they just wanted to go back home after a long trial – so they came up with a quick verdict.

4. Some jurors have come out and said that they are sick to their stomachs because of the verdict – yet HLN and Jane Velez-Mitchell complains that if they are sick now, then why did they return a Not Guilty verdict? Jane lacks the ability to comprehend that the jury WANTED to find Casey guilty of something but felt forced to acquit her because there was not enough evidence to convict her of anything BUT lying to police.

I also feel that HLN has been brainwashing their viewers with the same coverage over and over and over to a point that it mimmicks what prisoners go through in confinement.

Unfortunately, people are so emotionally wrapped up in this case, they unfortunately cannot break away and as a result, they end up almost in a trance listening to all the negative coverage until they become bobble heads.

I equate this coverage to the first Iraq war and we ended up with nightly coverage of all the shock and awe bombing hour after hour. It it also not much different than the Iranian embassy hostage crisis with Ted Koppel saying nightly “America held hostage – Day xx”

People watched that nightly for well over a year and that engendered much anger.

So, my position on this subject is this: HLN is putting itself in a very precarious position where they are enticing people to watch the negative coverage over and over, including criticizing the jury repeatedly and blaming the Anthony’s themselves for lying on the stand and creating an alternative scenario that resulted in the jury voting the way they did.

When you are trying to blame someone for something, the first question to ask is “Who benefits?” Well, if the public is stirred up in a way to keep them continuously angry, the person (or company) who benefits is the company obsessed over its ratings.

HLN benefits if there are protests in the streets and death threats made to the Anthony’s and individual jurors.

Citizens do not need to diffuse their anger – they need to redirect it to the principals who dropped the ball – the sheriff’s department for not handling Roy Kronk’s calls more effectively and for the prosecution for not coming up with a better list of charges that would have resulted in a more effective prosecution.

Now HLN is doing another countdown – they are counting the days down to when Casey will be released. Before the verdict, HLN was in verdict countdown, then it was sentencing countdown.

So, my question is this: Do you feel that HLN would be partially to blame if there is any retaliation against either the jurors, members of the Anthony family, or the defense or the prosecution teams?

A one-question poll is attached below. Thanks for visiting.



  1. I was looking for someone else that felt this way.These people are sick, sick , sick. Why don’t we just bypass the courtroom and send them straight to Nancy Grace’s personal firing squad. A woman in Oklahoma was nearly killed because she looks like Casey Anthony.

    • Hi Lee; I think that HLN could be partially responsible for that fit of rage in Oklahoma because they brainwashed anyone and everyone in America who got hooked on their wack-o journalism. Nancy Grace is the Jim Jones of Investigative Reporting – everyone who is addicted to her and JVM drank the HLN Kool-aid.

      If in fact Casey did accidently or purposefully kill Caylee, she will have to live with that on her shoulders for the rest of her life – I believe in Karma and what goes around will come back around.

      As far as a firing squad goes, Nancy feels she is both judge and jury and that is both sad and pathetic. I remember someone in Germany years ago that was both judge and jury and the only difference was the full mustache.

      America is too wonderful a place to let our judicial system cave in to the likes of someone who appears to be suffering with a multitude of disorders like OCD, Passive-Aggresive behavior, and one who either lies or stretches the truth at every turn in the road. She was chased out of our judicial system because of numerous violations in the courtroom – just do a Google or Yahoo or Bing or Norton search for “Nancy Grace and Georgia Supreme Court” and you will see that her squeeky clean conviction record was not that squeeky because cases of hers were overturned by higher courts.

      Maybe we can pass the hat – raise some money – purchase Jane Velez-Mitchell’s book and send it to Nancy “twin mom” Grace because she needs to read it to deal with her own addictions. IMHO.

      Thanks for writing, Lee.

      And when will kids on the Amber Alert list and the list of Missing and Exploited Children’s list appear on Nancy’s show? Obviously, none of these angels are deserving right now because Nancy is still in a rage for Casey being found Not Guilty. I hope Nancy “Gestapo” Grace tones down her rhetoric soon and remembers there are kids out there needing her compasion – if she has any – maybe its all about ratings and she really does not give a hell about kids.

  2. I do not think the Nancy’s and Jane’s of the world would have a problem if the jury had of returned in 2 hours with a guilty verdict. I tried to watch nancy grace the night of the verdict but was unable to complete the entire program however i did hear hear her talking about the education level of some of the jurors,,was offended but not surprised.
    By the way love the “twin mom” moniker.

    • Thanks John. I admire you for trying to make it through one full episode. Watching her show is like watching the shock and awe of the bombing of Iraq – you only can take so much bombing.

      Also, she, as well as the other HLN bobble heads have been doing everything possible to discredit the jurors – individually and collectively. I just felt the need to slight Nancy because of how she finds monikers about people she does not like or respect. Nancy would, however, consider the “twin moniker” a badge of courage – even thought I use it to avoid using her given name.

      Thanks for posting John.

  3. “Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment.”
    — Rumi

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