Posted by: kevinfortruth | July 15, 2011

When will other crimes matter again?

Caylee Anthony and the trial of her mom, Casey Anthony, captured the collective interest of almost everyone in America. You can literally find thousands of blogsites, news sites, and social media sites still covering the trial and the verdict.

But, now that the trial is over and the verdict has been read, when will the talk shows start covering other crimes of passion – crimes they intentionally chose not to cover for the past several months?

As far as HLN goes, I believe their continued coverage of the Casey Anthony verdict is because they invested so much time and so much commentary on the chance that Casey would be found guilty of a major crime and her being sentenced either to death or to jail for a long period of time.

I feel that if Casey were found guilty of First Degree Murder, Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell would have already have reverted back to covering rapes, murders, abductions, kidnappings, and other crimes of passion.

It seems that instead, all of HLN immediately went into damage control, choosing to not return to their conventional programming in an effort to save face because people would have started criticizing Nancy and Jane for their unrelenting assault on Casey.

HLN felt the collective need to assault anyone and everyone to keep the focus on the trial and to shift the focus from the fact that they were wrong about the jury verdict.

Nancy is barely beginning to cover other crimes, which goes to prove that Nancy Grace is in it strictly for the ratings.

Some reading this might take exception to my opinion and I will counter those exceptions in advance by my final comment.

If Nancy cares about young children who are missing or who have been abducted, kidnapped, violated in some way or even murdered, why has Nancy not covered ONE child during the trial?

During the trial there have been numerous children placed on list of missing and exploited children, but Nancy chose to not cover any of them mainly because of her obsession with the Casey Anthony Trial.

I believe that a balance could have been struck between covering the trial and squeezing in a minute or two of each show covering a current Amber Alert or info about a missing college student, or to cover another crime of passion.

Nancy, herself, said on her show the other night that after she was in Orlando for a few days that she flew her family down to be with her and during the day they went to numerous tourist attractions.

She also said that she went to Orlando to help Caylee “in her own way”, so I guess a two or three week vacation constitutes helping Caylee. I watched much of the trial and I do not recall seeing Nancy during the day at all – yes, she was there late in the afternoon discussing the trial but I believe her trip to Orlando was more for a vaction than to cover the trial.

So I will close with two questions:

Nancy, why did you not find one minute on any of your shows during the trial to cover missing children, murdered children, abducted children, or kidnapped children?

Jane, why did you not find one minute on any of your shows during the trial to cover any crimes against women – i.e. rapes, assaults, kidnappings, or abductions?



  1. JVM seems to ignore her alcoholism when it suits her. How dare she appoint herself judge and jury for Casey Anthony ( and the jury ) ! She is very, very lucky that she did not kill someone while intoxicated- but she definitely neglected, and/or abused her family & those around those when she was drinking. Leave Casey alone. Those allowed to complain (or not) are Caylee’s family- Caylee was important to them. “Mind your own P & Q s” as my grandmother always said. I would sue them all for defamation, slander, and whatever else legally applies. I wonder how many people have neglected their own kids while being engrossed in someone else’s business!

    • Cindy – great observations – and I would like to ADD ONE. JVM does seem to ignore her alcoholism EXCEPT when she is pushing her book. Anytime anyone talks about addictions, Jane whips out her book and talks about it. I find it interesting that HLN lets her peddle her book on the air, but that is her and their business.

      ….and kudos to your grandmother – Mind your own P’s & Q’s should be standard fare for EVERYONE.

      Again, just to assure EVERYONE on both sides of the fence, I truly believe, to this day that Casey is GUILTY of SOMETHING, probably the 2nd or 3rd charge – just not first degree murder. The prosecution did not prove their case and the jury went by the letter of the law and by the judge’s instructions and to ignore either of those would have committed an injustice.

      HLN is just full of it – and they are full of sour grapes – they put all their rotten eggs in one basket “Twin Mom’s” basket, aka Nancy Grace – queen of the evil empire, aka HLN.

      Thanks for writing Cindy. I really wonder if HLN will give it up after Sunday Night after Nancy plays her broken record for one more day. She said she was HELPING Caylee in her own way but she spent every day with her twins and husband but was not helping Caylee at all.

  2. I’m sure its all about the ratings, i have looked unsuccessfully for the cable ratings just to compare HLN to other networks for the last few months , including daytime trial coverage.,, I have always like Dr. Drew , i have a (uneducated) interest in human behavior, however i have noticed Dr. Drew’s show become more “networked” up of late, although still a easier watch than other coverage. Also i saw a bit of Nancy Grace on Bill O’Reilly, defending her constant coverage and slanted view of Casey Anthony,,poor nancy was just looking for justice for caylee ofcourse.

    • I share your sentiments John that Dr. Drew is easier to watch than the Nancy and Jane. But, that said, I think he got pulled in, along with Joy Behar. I really believe the network itself, HLN, made a corporate decision to sink or swim on the trial and the after shocks. I know its their choice, but I am disappointed that the two primary shows in question (Nancy and Jane) say they are their for crimes of passion – missing kids, kidnappings and abductions and they have blown off all current cases.

      For the entire week, so far, Nancy has gone into basically reruns – just showing jail footage, court footage, and rehashing the whole trial – that shows me she is too lazy to even spend 5 minutes on a current amber alert.

      I really think Nancy had some kind of meltdown because of the verdict and she cannot stay away from covering the who story every minute of every show. How sad.

      Well, enough about that. I am shifting gears this weekend and am going to blog about Social Security and Medicare because that is very important to so many of us. more to come.

      thanks for posting again John – have a good weekend.

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