Posted by: kevinfortruth | July 16, 2011

Maybe HLN will throw in the towel in 29 more hours – yea, right, fat chance of that happening!

Well, Casey MIGHT be released from jail sometime in the next 5 – 7 hours and I hope 10 – 15 Black Chevy Tahoes with tinted windows pull out around midnight and go in 10 – 15 different directions – that way the prison system will have pulled a coup d’état on HLN and leave them holding the bag.

Another alternative is to find 4 – 5 girls in the Orlando area who look a lot like Casey – dress them up in the blouse Casey wore on verdict day and fix their hair just like Casey and then have them roll out in Black SUV’s with the back windows down – one girl in each SUV = waving to the crowd and to drive HLN crazy, crazy, crazy.

I loved it when the defense party after the verdict invited Jean Casarez inside and left Jane outside with all the protestors.

I am also glad that the Associated Press (AP) is invited to the jail tonight along with a photographer and a videographer – and NOT HLN, Nancy, or Jane. Another slap in the face to HLN and their pair of WACK-O women.

HLN has ruined its chances of interviewing anyone of importance because of their unethical method of investigative journalism. MSNBC, Fox, and the major networks will get all future interviews that the public is interested in seeing.

Hopefully, after midnight EST, tomorrow night, HLN will stop all their ridiculous coverage of the trial, Casey herself, the jury, and the neighborhood around the Anthony’s residence.

I doubt it, but that is what I am hoping for.

So, the poll question of the day: Is HLN partially responsible for the Oklahoma woman who looks like Casey Anthony being run off the road?

Here is one link to the story:



  1. Poll Results from the New York Daily News, re posted by me
    to this site. Maybe people are starting to “wake up” and become
    informed, before throwing out all kinds of biased off the cuff comments.
    Very nice….

    These are the pole results, below, from the New York
    Daily News. I just copied the results a few minutes ago.
    So…….89% of the people agree with the jury’s verdict.

    Do agree with the jury’s verdict that Casey Anthony was not guilty of murdering her daughter, Caylee?
    Yes. 89%
    No. 4%
    I’m not sure. 7%

    • Thanks Olivia for the stats. My assumption is that thousands of people participated and that is great. The numbers are surprisingly higher that I thought they would be – but maybe everyone is so tired of the HLN coverage there is a backlash. It appears that people are just starting to take the emotion out of their opinions – finally!

      thanks again Olivia.

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