Posted by: kevinfortruth | July 17, 2011

HLN – Countdown to reruns?

The city of Orlando exhaled shortly after midnight last night.

Casey Anthony, along with her lawyer, Jose Baez, walked out of the jail and got in to a SUV and drove off to parts unknown.

Several networks estimate the crowd between 50 – 100 people.

There were mounted police guards, numerous policemen on foot, and a variety of police cars that provided crowd control and from all reports they did an outstanding job.

Jane Velez-Mitchell, the HLN “Drama Queen”, as usual, did her best to make a mountain out of a molehill. She tries to make every interview, every camera shot, every question so overly dramatic that one wonders if she is in some alternate universe.

For example, I watched a video of her showing all the signs that people were carrying – trying to make each one more spectacular than the prior one. There was one woman who was describing her own sign to Jane, which was quite detailed, saying: “I put together the whole sign the same way with Elmer’s Glue, but the picture of Caylee looks like it has red streaks on her face in the same area the duct tape was. “ She further said, “The Lord said we were doing the right thing protesting”. She also said “the Lord gives me revelations”. Jane said this morning “this was a sign that Caylee is applauding what we were doing”. The woman with the sign related the red in Caylee’s face to a religious revelation, yet Jane said “You maybe superstitious or not but it maybe a sign from Caylee in Heaven, telling everyone to go for what you are doing”.

Then Casey came out with Baez and after their vehicle drove away a handful of police cars sped off fairly quickly to provide additional security. Humorously, Jane described the mass exit of police vehicles as leaving “with tremendous urgency”.

All I can say is that Jane tries the best she can – she is obviously out of her comfort zone and out of her league.

So, today HLN will probably condense and rebroadcast their thousands of hours of the trial, the after party, every second of crowd footage, all the countdowns (the verdict countdown, the sentencing countdown, and the jail release countdown).

What I truly found interesting was the countdown clock HLN had up on the screen for the past four or five days. It was ticking down to zero, which was estimated to be at midnight last night. What happened, however, was that the two hours leading up to midnight were filled with Nancy Grace “reruns” – yes, reruns.

….and if you have not yet had your fill of Nancy Grace, there will be more reruns tonight. It might be labeled something like “Justice for Caylee” but it should be labeled “Nancy Grace and Caylee – getting ratings for HLN in our own way”.

….in closing, where was Nancy last night at midnight and where was Nancy on Sunday morning? I am sure she was doing something “in her own way for Caylee”, I just cannot, for the life of me, figure out exactly what that included.

Caylee is no longer with us and that is a tragedy but unfortunately the HLN coverage by Jane Velez-Mitchell was comical at best.



  1. Kevin, You are 100% on point. With it all. The entire HLN network
    makes me want to puke. I really couldn’t think of another more appropriate
    blog term…. sorry. A woman with a sign that thinks “The Lord is talking to me!!, that says it all. The “Lord”, is speaking, to HER. Well thank GOD she came to Orlando with that sign. Finally, there is a backlash starting against HLN, and Nancy Grace in particular. These blogs are working! Please every one check out a great you tube video on line. Google,
    “Insane Nancy Grace gets owned by Elizabeth Smart”. It starts a bit slow,
    but then wham, Elizabeth Smart gives it to her. I can’t get enough of it. (really LOVE it when Ms. Smart rolls her eyes). Last week a network “big wig” called Nancy Grace a “monster”… He was quoted in an article in the New York Post, I will try to find it, can’t remember his name off the top of my head. The point is, way back when Kevin first started this blog, the underlying message was how scary it is becoming to see the amount of people basing their opinions on the crap that networks like HLN are putting out there. What is happening in America? Our lack of education in this country is embarrassing.

    • Hi Olivia; Yes, I agree with you and I hope the backlash continues – HLN acts like Casey is the story of the century. The story is Caylee and she died and that is very very sad. They are obviously very afraid of lawsuits and also the day when people tire of the Casey coverage and what will happen then? It will be like when everyone eats from Thanksgiving thru New Year on a sugar high and then the letdown in January.

      ….and poor Jane, she is really the lap dog for HLN and she is so expressive and acts like she is vying for an Emmy or an Oscar for her investigative reporting. And to see Jane overanalze the 12 – 15 seconds it took casey to come into view until she got into the SUV – she makes it seem like “The shot heard ’round the world”. She analyzed how she looked down, how she smiled, how she voiced “thank you” to the guard, what she wore… it is almost like watching corn grow – except corn is one of God’s creations. Get a life Jane….

      Thanks Olivia… more to come, I am sure.

      Also, Olivia, I found a link to Bill O’Reilly interviewing “Twin Mom” where at the 3:00 minute mark Bill talks about Nancy’s old boss at Court TV being quoted as describing Nancy as a monster.
      Here is the link:

  2. Great post and we must think alike because I posted a blog earlier today with the same questions. Makes you wonder if maybe there’s not some hot water the network has found itself in…

    • Great minds, right? Where do you blog?

    • My earlier blog her about HLN circling the wagons shows that they are probably in damage control. They put all their eggs in one basket and they ended up with pie in their collective faces and now they are trying to recruit the world against Casey. The more they make her look bad, they shift the attention from all the trouble they caused during the trial and years before the trial. HLN is being very unethical in their coverage.

      • I couldn’t agree more- honestly, it’s so far past unethical, it’s pathetic. My blog is I have several posts, and they run along the same lines as your posts and your readers, too. As you’ll see, I’m wondering if the FCC or other journalistic bodies haven’t stepped in and told them to rein it all in. I’m STILL amazed that Nancy Grace was MIA Saturday night and all day yesterday.

  3. I hope not as well – seeing it dozens of times already is enough.

    Maybe Nancy will come out with a “In my own way for Caylee” 6 DVD set covering all her coverage of all aspects of Caylee’s disappearance, the arrest, the discovery of Caylee, the trial,closing arguements, the verdict, the sentencing, countdown to the release of Casey, the release of Casey, and a 7th DVD titled “Where in the world is Casey Marie Anthony” and it comes with a coloring book, crayons, and a Nancy Grace T-shirt, and a U. S. map along with additional maps of North American and Europe so you can speculate where Casey is. Maybe she is in Ohio, Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico, or even Ireland. Everytime she is spotted, HLN will send out Jane Velez-Mitchell and a camera crew to verify the findings.

    It could expand into an entire product line from Casey’s blouse she wore at sentencing, the pink blouse she wore when she was released, a Mattel “Casey” doll, a Nintendo game for her bobble heads to track Casey and even a watch that illuminates and beeps when Nancy updates her Facebook page with a new Casey sighting. Oh, the possibilities….

    ….and if you call within the next 15 minutes you will get an 8th DVD that will include clips of Nancy saying “Call in the lawyers”, “put him back up, NOW”, and “until tomorrow night, Good Night Friends”. This set is going fast – we only have about 14,000,000 left, so don’t hesitate – have your credit card ready when you call.

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