Posted by: kevinfortruth | July 17, 2011

Hysterical and Ludicrous News (HLN) and Nancy DisGrace Enterprises Special Offer

In Nancy’s, aka “Twin Mom’s” own way of helping Caylee, she is releasing a Commemorative gift set.

The set contains:

1. A 6–DVD set containing:

Caylee’s disappearance,
Casey’s arrest,
the discovery of Caylee,
140 hours of Nancy berating Caylee –
spread over three years
250 hours of trial coverage,
closing arguments,
closeup and slow motion of Jose Baez calling
Jeff Ashton “this clown”
and Jeff Ashton laughing at Jose Baez,
rebuttal arguments,
the verdict in HD format and Dolby sound with a repeat button so you can feel you are watching HLN over and over

2. A “where in the world is Casey Anthony” coloring book with a 64 crayon set so you can color Casey’s hair in dozens of vibrant colors to disguise her on each page.

3. a Barbie style Casey Anthony doll with 6 removable heads – each with different color hair and eyes, and 6 pair of designer sunglasses

4. A Nancy Grace t-shirt size 2-XL to wear as a nightshirt while you watch all the Nancy Grace reruns at slumber parties.

5. A U.S. map so you can track Casey as she relocates to places like Ohio, Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and parts unknown.

6. A European map so you can track Casey in case she goes to Ireland or other places in Europe.

7. A Nancy Grace Investigative Reporter Watch that illuminates and beeps every time a Casey Anthony sighting is reported so you can immediately go to the Nancy Grace Facebook page to find out exactly where Casey is at the moment – down to a 2 block area.

Note: Everytime Casey is spotted, HLN will dispatch Jane Velez-Mitchell with “extreme urgency” to track down and interview Casey.

….and if you call within the next 30 minutes you will get an 7th DVD that will include video and audio clips and Ringtones that you can download of Nancy saying:

“Breaking News Tonight”,
“Bombshell Tonight”,
“Unleash the Lawyers”,
“Call in the lawyers”,
“are you out of your mind?”,
“put him back up, NOW”,
“What?, Whoa, Whoa, Back it up”,
“that is not what I asked you”,
“Shut his microphone off please”, and
“until tomorrow night, Good Night Friends”.

…and as an added bonus – an 8 x 10 photo of Tot Mom and Twin Mom wearing matching velvet tops and oversized costume jewelry necklaces.

This set is being offered at the amazingly low price of:

4 equal payments of $39.99 plus 14.99 shipping and handling.

Wait, this deal does not stop here….

…..if you call within the next 30 minutes, we will double your order – just pay separate shipping and handling

This set is going fast – we only have about 14,000,000 left, so don’t hesitate – have your credit card ready when you call.

Legal Notice: Part of the proceeds will go to the HLN / Nancy disGrace Legal Fund



  1. cool, i actually laughed out loud

  2. LMAO. I bet there are people out there who would really buy this.

    • Do you think we outta check with the Home shopping network. we could incorporate and have the kit made in China where everything else is being made. Joking. I would never make a product if it needed to be made in China…..

  3. I agree.

  4. That is absolutely hilarious! Love this!

    • Donna, thanks for your post. Glad you liked my twisted humor.

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