Posted by: kevinfortruth | July 18, 2011

HLN – All the Nancy and Jane reruns will not change the Jury’s verdict “Not Guilty”!

In the early 1970’s, specifically 1971 – 1973, Howard Cosell, Don Meredith, and Frank Gifford hosted Monday Night Football. I remember that crew well because not only were they quite entertaining, they were extremely knowledgeable of the game as well.

I remember one game – I do not remember the teams that played that night but I remember one specific play and the dialogue the three broadcasters shared – it was absolutely hilarious.

There was a play that Howard Cosell took exception to and he was fit to be tied that the umpires called it different from how he saw it. Howard kept arguing with Don and Frank and he kept showing the play over and over until Don finally said “Howard, no matter how many times you keep showing that play over and over, the outcome is still going to be the same”.

The same holds true with HLN and the verdict in the Casey Anthony Trial.

Memo to: Nancy, Jane, Dr. Drew, Joy, Robin, Vinnie, all the guest prosecutors, judges, medical professionals, and other guests HLN invites on their shows and all the corporate heads at HLN.

Casey Anthony was found “Not Guilty” by a jury of her peers and no matter how much time all of you devote to:
criticizing Casey,
the jury and how much time they deliberated,
the legal system,
the defense team,
the opening arguments,
the definition of reasonable doubt,
witnesses for the defense,
where Casey sat in relation to the jury,
how she dressed each day,
how much of a liar she is,
how she might make money on a movie deal,
book deal,
or even interviews
– she still is Not Guilty.

….and as I said before, Casey is possibly or probably guilty of something – exactly what, I do not know, but she was found Not Guilty of the three major counts that were brought against her.

HNN – you are looking more ridiculous every hour and every day you continue to spend on this case.

HLN – your network and Nancy Grace bet the farm on a First Degree Murder Verdict and YOU lost. Let it go.



  1. no justice in america after the no verdict today on the monster murderer jodi….you can murder& slaughter anyone and get one moron ignorant juror to stop the process of a conviction …..jane -velez-mitchell was a joke as she was running a circus event in front of the court house….she was laughing at every given moment…..maybe she was thinking now i can get that better position at the network?… can you smile and carry on with laughter as this irresponsible reporter showed?

  2. I had to comment, with all due respect, 22 blog posts on Casey Anthony, et al? It needs to be left to die, all the blogs will not stop the national media.

    • I agree CDG but it is HLN devoting dozens of hours every single day. I blog in response to HLN coverage – Dr. Drew, Nancy, Jane, Robin, and Joy. Instead of counting my blog posts, why are you not writing HLN and asking them to taper off the coverage? Again, I am not trying to have them stop – just to be respectful of the jury and our court system. A lady’s suv was forced off the road and the perp yelled that the driver of the SUV was a Child Killer (because she looked a lot like Casey Anthony. That happened NOT because of my blog but because of all the hatred and slanderous comments of the HLN crew.

    • Also, the count is 27 and not 22, but thanks for taking the time to browse them. My blog is strictly voluntary and I will soon blog about other things near and dear to your heart – like Social Security, health care and other senior issues that I know you are interested in Mr. D.

      • Go for it Kevin, LOL

  3. Ha Ha, just read the Hysterical and Ludicrous News (HLN). Love it.

    • I have gotten a few Ha Ha’s so far. Nice to see that people like it. Thanks

  4. I didn’t know “Doctor Drew” was part of HLN. I don’t watch his show, but heard him on the Howard Stern show and thought what an ass he was.
    He is the one who tried to save the likes of Jeff Conway, and Dennis Rodman? That explains it.. HLN is a sick joke all over the place! They not only “F” with people’s minds, they employ “PHYSC. Doctors” to supposedly
    heal people? Didn’t Jeff Conway, or however you spell his name, just
    pass away? From a drug overdose… I know the media spin was he died from pneumonia. It is really starting to hit me, how much this HLN network is hurting us. I am such a believer in the bill of rights, and freedom of speech
    in this country. But doesn’t it cross some sort of line when uneducated people believe the propaganda spewed by HLN? Shouldn’t there be at the very least, a “disclaimer” at the beginning of each show stating what you are about to view is for entertainment purposes only, and is in no way based on truth? Or something?

    • I like your post, Olivia…. One thing though – I really do not think the bobble heads are ALL uneducated. I really think that Nancy especially – and now HLN in general lately, repeat and repeat and repeat – to the point they are brainwashing even average people with high school degrees and even college degrees. Elizabeth Smart was brainwashed, so was Patti Hearst and a multitude of others – I remember Jim Jones and all his followers who drank the kool aid. HLN is not far from being a cult – collectively HLN is becoming its own sweat lodge and the followers have no idea how their minds are being altered.

  5. A very sincere, thought provoking blog.

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