Posted by: kevinfortruth | July 20, 2011

Did HLN discuss the 84 searches today – Yes and No

Today, HLN, during the afternoon discussed the 84 searches and brieftly mentioned that the programmer acknowledged his software was incorrect and that he fixed it and the count was actually 1 instead of 84.

Jane Velez-Mitchell took the high road and discussed the issue and it was left with the audience that this is a big issue and is not going to go away.

Not surprisingly, Nancy “Twin Mom” Grace chose to avoid the subject after she had mentioned the searches over and over during the trial.

I am not surprised that Nancy would choose to weasel out of a meaningful dialogue, she is after all a disgraced prosecutor and not talking about something that would benefit the defense is something prosecutors do well – but keep in mind that Nancy is NOT a prosecutor – she is a defamed prosecutor who is now a questionable investigative reporter and host at best.

I am not alone in my opinion that Nancy would not discuss this shocking development. Please visit the following site that discusses this issue much better than I have done so far.

By the way, dozens of articles are popping up and a good share talk about Nancy and her own prosecutorial misdeeds and misconduct – even where some of Nancy’s convictions were overturned at the Georgia Supreme Court level because of her misconduct. (Sigh of relief here on my part because others are speaking up – and very reputable blogsites at that!)


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