Posted by: kevinfortruth | July 20, 2011

Does anyone really want the Prosecutorial Misconduct issue resolved?

If so, subpoena the cell phone records, the landline records and the email records of Linda Drane Burdick, John Bradley, and the sheriff office representative that Bradley says he communicated with.

Also, take Linda’s laptop and desktop, the sheriff’s laptop and desktop and Bradley’s laptop and destop. But… don’t use Bradley’s software – use the other company’s software, Net Analysis, to analyze all the emails and documents – just to make it fair.

Let the cards fall the way they fall.

If it turns out that Linda Drane Burdick was communicated with in sufficient time for her or Jeff to discuss the matter in court before the jury reached the verdict, but she chose to conceal the information – she should resign and if the D. A. himself was aware of it as well ahead of time, he should step down as well.

I find it interesting that the Prosecution did not reference the searches in closing arguments – considering the searches represented the cornerstone of their case. I believe they knew because Bradley either told them on a phone call and/or via an email in advance of their closing arguments.

Baez did not know about Bradley’s revelations because Burdick and Ashton kept it from the defense. All Baez knew was that Net Analysis only showed 1 search and that conflicted from Bradley’s software that showed 84 searches.

Also, when Baez attempted to talk about the difference in the search count between the two companies and the two witnesses, the Prosecution objected.

Prosecution departments from time to time do not play fair – violating laws and rules of the court and they hope it is never found out and used to grant an appeal or even a reversal of a verdict.

In this case, a person on HLN (her first name is Casey but I cannot remember her last name) said that because Casey was found Not Guilty, even if the Prosecution did what they are being accused of, it does not need to be looked at because it did not hurt anyone.

To that, I say Phooey…. if someone did something intentionally wrong, they will continue doing things like that in hopes that every time they do things like this in the future, it will result in them not getting caught.

Doing things wrong to not get caught is what criminals do – so if Linda Drane Burdick did what she is being accused of doing, she by definition is also a criminal.

If Baez ends up being charged for violating rules in a trial – so be it. But, just because people do not like what he did in the court, it does not give the Prosecution the right to violate the law or the rules of the court.

Remember this: If YOU are ever on trial, you would insist that the prosecution follows all the laws and that they should not do anything underhanded or illegal to convict you. They are the one’s who requested the grand jury and they are the ones who brought you to trial – if the evidence and the testimony is not strong enough to convict you, they have no right to play games illegally to get you convicted.



  1. Olivia, Kevin, Rose Marie,
    Below is a URL (one of many) on the topic of prosecutorial misconduct. So often, it seems, any investigation into misconduct deems no significant detriment to the case or trial. Go figure!
    And Rose Marie, sooooo glad you escaped Nancy ‘Twins Mom’ Grace’s subliminal abuse!!

    • Yea, Christy, thanks for the reference. I read on another lawer site that if the Prosecuter is caught with his pants down so to speak, if it did not affect the outcome of the case, like the Casey Anthony case, nothing will happen to the Prosecutor who committed the violation.

      Sort of like if you go into a bank with your guns blazing, as olong as you do not leave with any money, you are okay. Wow, only in America.

      That really gives Prosecutors the incentive to keep doing things like this because there are so many reasons to “forgive” the prosecutors. I almost forgot, they where white hats and ride into town on white horses.

  2. First I don’t understand why the Producers, Nancy Grace, Jane Velez, Vinnie, & Dr. Drew of HLN areniodismissed fir inciting violence. I watched the trial LIVE. I would turn in HLN later and listen to Nancy Grace cut testimonies in half, cut the end if sentences off, lieand completely twist the truth. I used to believe her. Never again. The rest of the bunch colored suit.
    NOW !!!! Since Nancy Grace blabbed the BEGINING of her show with LOUD STATEMENTS OF repeating 84 times, 84 times, 84 times over & over for months…PRE-meditated SHE SEARCHED FOR CHLORAFORM 84 times.. SOOOO sick of her MOUTH.. NOW .. WHERE IS HER MOUTH .. SHAME ON THIS LAUGHABLE REPORTING.. Nancy Grace can never be believed again.. She is worse than anyone in the Anthony family a should be diismissed for good from her job..

    • First, Rose Marie, CONGRATULATIONS, for breaking the hold Nancy had on you… You are not alone, many have been duped by Nancy – the constant repeating of things over and over and over until they get drilled in your head to the point that anyone can feel Nancy should elevated to Sainthood.

      Today is no different. Today, Nancy started ou her show about a lovely 5 month old girl from Michigan who is missing – abducted by her bio father. Note: the baby was taken on June the 27th, a little over 3 and 1/2 weeks ago, but Nancy kept saying that the first hours are critical – like it happened today. She went to another person and asked her if Kate (the baby) could still be alive and the lady said “probably not. Nancy seemed frustrated with her answer and switched to someone else and yet another person. Nancy was speaking rapidly like this show was critical in finding Kate. She put up a screen with the reward, the numbers and other info. Sure, the info is critical considering it is the first night that Nancy BOTHERED to cover the abduction. For the last three and 1/2 weeks Nancy was in Casey mode – every single minute – Poor Kate did not matter to Nancy while Nancy and her kids were on vacation in Orlando and the Nancy circus show was all about Caylee and Casey. During this period there were kids that went ON and OFF Amber alerts and Nancy did not cover ONE of them. So, Nancy “I am all about ratings” Grace is all worried about Kate tonight – it almost seems like Nancy was drunk or she was on drugs because she just could not get it in her thick head that these hours tonight are the same as the hours for 3 and 1/2 weeks. The boyfriend might have given Kate to someone and Kate might still be alive but Kate did NOT go missing tonight. Poor, Poor, Poor Nancy.

      Also, Nancy went from guest to guest to guest in an effort to say that the 5 new pieces of evidence would have made the jury convict Casey of First Degree Murder but NONE of her guests fell into the trap – they all said, one by one that it would not have mattered. Nancy cut each one of them off at the knees to jump to another and another.

      Please understand this everyone. I truly believe that Nancy does not care about missing and exploited children, murdered moms, wifes, daughters, or anyone else – and if she does cover a story, like how she did tonight, it is done for the ratings.

      I was duped about 6 months ago when the girl who was kidnapped and taken from the southeast to California and was observed in a grocery store and the clerk attributed her noticing the girl because of the Nancy Grace show, I said wow, Nancy played a part – GREAT! I still feel glad the girl was found because of Nancys coverage, but I truly believe Nancy does NOTHING unless it is for ratings.

      She and HLN will be sued for millions and HLN will drop Nancy from their network and she will be home with her twins 7 x 24. Then maybe Jean Casarez will take over the show and a human will be in charge for the first time.
      Nancy is sweating getting sued and I hope she loses every penny.

    • Oh, also, Rose Marie, I guess you have noticed that since the Prosecutorial Misconduct issue came up two days ago, Nancy still has yet not discussed the 84 searches and trust me – she never will………

  3. Just read your post regarding the prosecution… and am running late
    for a meeting. Please some one educate me. If they in fact did hide
    that information, are they truly NOT held accountable even after the case is
    “closed”? It’s not like double jeopardy…the prosecutors are sworn to
    UPHOLD THE LAW, not play by their own games. What the hell is going on
    in the State, or country for that matter taking in to account Cristy’s note..
    Why can’t judge Perry haul their butts back into court? And it DOES matter, even if the case is closed!

    • Hi Olivia; As far as educating you, I am learning about this myself – so, that said, the Prosecution is required to play by the rules – no matter how many people HATE the defendant or how many people feel the defendant is guilty In addition, if the defense is playing games – i.e. pushing the letter of the law to the point where the judge can throw the book at the defense, that DOES NOT give the prosecution the right to circumvent the law.

      In my polls regarding the prosecution and the D. A., one of the options was “no, all is fair in love and war”. I put that choice in there to see how many people felt it was okay for the prosecution to break the law in an effort to get a conviction – and more people chose that option than any other.

      No matter what, emotions should NEVER enter into trial proceedings. I can speculate that if the Defense files something in court about what the Prosecution did regarding the evidence, the Judge could (but probably would not) cite the prosecution. Remember, the Judge and the prosecution all get paid by the government – so you can see how a judge might give the prosecution the benefit of the doubt.

  4. It has been my own personal experience and observation, that there is more criminal activity by officers of the court in our Ada County, Boise, Idaho Courthouse, than on any street corner or dark alley anywhere in this city.
    I have observed four trials in their entirety, as well as other various court proceedings where I saw blatant prosecutorial misconduct. (Threatening a defense witness if he showed up to testify. Intimidating family members of defendants not to support their loved one in court. Outright lying to the jury, then the defense attorney exposes the lie and sets the record straight. Shaking a finger in a victim’s face with, “Oh no, we don’t say that here”, when the victim was telling the prosecutor and victims advocate that they had the wrong man!!!) There are so many more where these came from. Watching the Casey Anthony trial, it was so strange to see Judge Perry participate and actually seem to be in control of his courtroom. Where I live, most of the judges are lazy and disconnected from the cases. The prosecutors run the show!
    It is my firm belief that most prosecutors share a certain specific mentality. They are sinister, accusatory, negative, very miserable people. If there ever was a time when prosecutors were truth and justice seekers, that time has long passed. Here, it’s all about winning the game, getting the interview on TV, notoriety, the career boost, the financial gain, etc. All at the expense of the defendant, honesty, integrity, ethics and true justice. A stinky rotten so called justice system.

    • Hi again Christy; Wow, what a court – it is easy to see how things can get out of control considereing the judge and the prosecutor get paid from the same government. Here’s hoping you are never at the wrong end of the arm of the law.

  5. Many prosecutors are conscientiousness people and follow the law, but of course some care more for their careers than for justice.

  6. How about Cindy Anthony perjuring herself when she admitted to performing the searches herself although she physically was not home to do it? She has not been prosecuted. According to your logic, she should be!

    • Hi Cathy. There is a difference in Cindy lying on the stand and Linda not informing the defense of exculpatory evidence. Both are violations of the law but Linda is an officer of the court and is expected to follow the law when performing her duties. Now, back to Cindy – she could and should be found guilty, even though she did what many, if not most, mothers would do for a child. Cindy already lost a granddaughter and the thought of losing a daughter as well slanted her better judgement. She could be found guilty and sentenced to maybe hundreds of hours of community service. If nothing is done, then because the case got such national coverage, we would be telling EVERYONE – not just mothers in America, that it is okay to commit perjury.

      Cathy, how do YOU feel about her being prosecuted for perjury? I feel the judge can sentence her to something reasonable – to do less, he should step down from the court.

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