Posted by: kevinfortruth | July 21, 2011

To our well-off multi-millionaires and billionaires – we love you!

We love you even though:

1. Your kids do not have to serve in the military because there is not a mandatory draft – they all have their degrees and you ultra-rich moms and dads make sure they have good jobs. Don’t worry, inner city kids and country kids tend to sign up for voluntary military service and fight our country’s battles because they tend to be more patriotic than your kids and because many of them cannot find adequate employment due to the poor economy.
2. Also, you do not have to go to sleep at night worrying about your kids serving in a war zone – nor do you have to worry about them coming home in body bags. Your only concern is that your kids might get hurt surfing or getting injured while driving their Ferrari’s.
3. Your greed in maximizing profits for the companies you either own or manage or are heavily invested in usually results in those companies moving their manufacturing or production facilities overseas so you can make even more money. And if your kid is running one of those companies, he or she will end up with a “golden” parachute, while “blue” collar workers get “pink” slips and will end up out of a job for an extended period while our politicians try to come up with ways to limit unemployment compensation for these unemployed workers you let go.
4. The hefty tax reductions you have received since the start of Bush II’s 1st term in office are being spent on frivolous things like jewelry, luxury vehicles, boats, 2nd or 3rd homes, and other discretionary items and are NOT being used to grow businesses that would result in putting Americans back to work. Why would you want to put Americans back to work – your real profits are made overseas, right?
5. You do not have to worry about Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid because your large incomes and investment income gives you sufficient wealth to buy into the best health plans in America. As a result, you are OKAY with reductions that Congress is considering in Social Security and Medicare. You are also okay with a means test because that would mostly affect middle income Americans. Your “means” so to speak is so high that losing your Social Security check would be like an average American losing a $20.00 bill.
6. You never have to choose between paying for your prescriptions, your utility bill, and buying food because you can do all of that without batting an eye. Keep in mind that there are Seniors who were hard working blue collar workers all their lives who are now choosing to take half their meds in an effort to reduce their monthly expenses and while doing so they are putting their health in jeopardy. They also turn down their thermostats in the winter to 60 degrees or less and bundle themselves in flannel underwear and three or four blankets while you enjoy your romantic fireplaces and set your thermostat to whatever pleases you. They are also opting for fans instead of energy consuming air conditioners and in doing so they are risking strokes. When they go out to dinner, they bring home half their meal in a to-go box because if not, they might not have anything to eat the next day. And when blue collars go somewhere in their car – they carefully plan and consolidate every trip to keep their gas bills as low as possible, while you ultra-rich nonchalantly drive anywhere and everywhere – when you want and where you want as you drive your large inefficient, gas guzzling SUV’s.

The disparity between the rich and the poor is at its’ highest in American history and it appears to be getting worse with no hopes of ever reversing. Congress is doing everything possible to keep that trend alive and well.

If things continue at this rate, I would not be surprised to see the rich transitioning to huge gated communities that rival castles of yesteryear with everyone else living in slums outside these communities. Some of these communities already exist but I expect to see them protected by very high walls, guard posts, and electronic surveillance equipment and possibly surrounded by a moat and drawbridges – seriously.

So, what can be done to reverse this trend? You might find this hard to believe, but average Americans can force change but they do not realize they are fully capable of doing so.

I am neither rich nor poor but I am very concerned with the demise of the middle class and I think it is high time that average Americans rise up and do whatever it takes to return the middle class back to a decent standard of living.

Individually, we are relatively powerless to force changes – but if we pool our resources and our votes we can get rid of those members of Congress – in the House and the Senate who primarily care about the rich at the expense of the average voters.

In part II of this blog, I will list steps that will show everyone what can be done and what will need to be done to dismantle the stranglehold the rich and powerful have over the other 98 percent of Americans who the 2 percent depend on for their wealth……

More to come – and soon.



  1. I guess I didn’t make my point clearly. The working poor with 3 jobs, and raise their children to the best of their ability are the ones who don’t get the “hand up” help they need. I agree with the welfare problem at the top= but until the economy picks up- eliminating waste, fraud and duplication of services at the bottom would save $$$.Hong Kong now has the greatest per person income per capita. We’re 9th. If we could pay no taxes, and have the ability to open a small business within 24 hours of filling out one form – like HK- Walmart’s power would be gone

    • No, Cindy, what you wrote was fine,. In my efforts to respond to every comment, sometimes I respond with one eye on the original post and the other eye on the reply I agree with you – some get a hand up, and others sometimes choose to ONLY put their hand out, and the third group – which neither of us focused on is the group that pulls themselves up by their britches and makes a go of it themselves. These are the ones that get overlooked. Sometimes we focus on that one obvious individual who beats the system from the left and right, benefiting from food stamps, food kitchens, other charitable organizations, and sometimes even bragging about how they beat the system. It is those individuals who make it hard for the other two groups.

      …. and to me, Wal-Mart represents the Evil Empire. If old Sam Walton could see how his company has evolved, he would fire the whole bunch of them – including his kids.

      It is no accident that four of top ten richest Americans are Waltons and the way they are making their billions nauseates me. Forcing some of their supplies to close down their facilities and relocate overseas to help Wal-Mart offer things at lower prices makes me sick.

  2. I forgot the free Safelink cellphone, the Escalade loaded with “stuff the bus” school supplies that never make it to school, ( the 50 extra given to her from the govt to buy school supplies spent on her hair)- and the filthy shack one or many of her babies’ daddies pay for. The cashier at our local gas station who works 60 hours a week makes too much money- as her husband also works- the working poor who need it still can’t get it

    • I can feel your anger and anguish – but truly, I believe the crab legs are the exception – I have worked with many working poor who hold three jobs and still make time to go to school meetings, take their entire family to church on Sunday (frequently without the dead beat dad)

      I am more worried, as I said below, about the welfare at the top. I saw a show about Donald Trump who was complaining that companies in the U. S. were being forced to relocate overseas or to have their goods manufactured overseas. Wal-Mart, does serious arm twisting of American companies to move their facilities overseas so the goods will be made cheaper, and Wal=Mart will have an edge on selling those products cheaper and also that Wal-Mart would maximize profits on the spread between wholesale and retail.

      Do you think it is an accident that four of the top ten richest Americans are named Walton?

      I admire Wal-Mart for their original business plan but I hate Wal-Mart for their strategy of closing factories and production and manufacturing here in the U. S. so Wal-Mart can make more money.

      American companies who cave to Wal-Marts demands for moving overseas get more shelf space in Wal-Mart. If you dont cave to their pressure, you dont do business with Wal-Mart.

  3. “Subterranean Income” = eating and a roof over your head as a middle classer who is paying far more due to the health care plan and deadbeats, while the exclusions/co-pays escalate for my health insurance I also pay for.

    I donate to charities who offer a hand up- not a hand out.
    That hand that’s out holds the keys to a car I could/would never afford with sparkling fake nails grasping a Big Mac; smiling from the driver’s seat with perfect teeth as she takes her kid to the orthodontist – all on my dime.

    True story- a month ago, I had a 300lb. EBT mom with cold crab legs, hostess and chips in her cart laugh at my coupon box and caculator. “Oh, isn’t that cute- I don’t waste my time like that”. Through sheer will- I refrained from an action that would’ve required bail.

    • I agree, there are those who are playing the system, but I really believe the welfare abuse is at the top of the pyramid. Sure, fancy nails, crab legs, and perfect teeth with gold crowns would set me off as well, bug again, it cannot compare to the rich who move whole production facilities overseas and towns are left devastated afterwards.

      The rich want us to single out the fancy nails and the crab legs – as long as everyone who is not rich rich spend their days infighting, the rich get richer.

      Lower income welfare is getting lesser and lesser as loopholes get closed. I agree, handups are better than handouts – but there are people who are getting handouts who simply do not know or comprehend that handups are actually better for them. I am not supporting their beliefs or their lifestyle, but they are affected me less financially than what the Exxons and Pfizers, and Wells Fargos and Wall Street is doing to middle income Americans.

      Big institutions want us fighting each other – the poor has the highest unemployment – more like 20 – 25 percent and that is terrible. The poor resent the middle income individuals who probably see a 9 – 12 percent unemployment and middle income resents the hand outs – which is so convenient for the people with 0 – 5 percent unemployment who shop at Tiffany’s and dine at 5-star restaurants and stay at 5-star hotels.

      I admire people who have made it, but when they expand their wealth at the expense of those below them, something is really wrong.

      One additional comment, there are millions of Americans making money off of our countries predisposition for war. The military industrial complex wants and needs war to make their billions – that is the welfare I am more concerned about because our troops are dying so they can make more and more money.

  4. Thank you for expressing your love for millionaires and billionaires; I have not amassed a fortune yet, but I have high hopes. And once your lucky numbers are chosen at powerball lottery, then we both can join the millionaires club.

    • And you can be sure “onewhoflew” that if I do win the lottery, I will dilute my wealth by sharing it with others who need it. Also, if I win, I will gladly pay my taxes – I will not divert any of the money offshore to minimize my tax obligation and I will voluntarily donate my monthly Social Security check to a local church – even if the government already chose to keep it from me because of a “means test”. In addition, whatever I choose to give to charity will not be written off on income tax filings because giving should be just that. Some people only give if they can also deduct part of the giving from their tax obligation. Still, giving is the primary thing but if you have that much – why try to get part of it back on tax filings?

      I am confused however by your comment “And once your lucky numbers are chosen at powerball lottery, then we both can join the millionaires club”. I don’t remember any conversation, email, or text where I agreed to split my winnings with anyone. I do admit I would buy someone the car of their choice, but splitting the payout was not part of any deal. Good thought, though.

      I know people who actually cheat on their taxes – they own rental properties and when they replace their own refrigerator in their own residence they figure out a way to show that the expense was actually spent on one of their rentals – it is no wonder our goverenment is going down the tubes – everyone is looking for their own way to wiggle out of tax obligations.

      Millions of Americans earn what is commonly called “Subterranean Income”. If that income, which collectively is estimated to be in the 10’s of billions annually, was taxed at normal tax rates, our country would be in a better position fiscally. For those who are curious, I am talking about the income earned by those who are musicians in clubs, those who do lawn maintenance and odd jobs such as laying carpet, masonry work, home repairs, baby sitting, miscellaneous services, waiter and waitress tips that go unreported, etc. etc. etc.

  5. Looking forward to the 2nd part of this blog.

    • Me too, I am diligently finishing up research and putting the pen to the paper now. Thanks for your continued interest.

  6. As i started reading this, the Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son song started playing in my head.

    • John, I remember that song very well. Just to be sure, I do not begrudge anyone who is well off – my only concern is that the gap between the rich and the non-rich is widening exponentially and that will lead to the demise of America as we know it.

      I keep hearing that America’s corporate tax rate is the highest in the world – I do not know if that is true but when corporations like Exxon pay 0 in taxes, the actual rate does not matter. We, as citizens, have tax rates as well and we have standard deductions and when the smoke clears, the actual rate we pay in taxes is much less because of the deductions.

      I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that we have been paying into Social Security all our lives and now, Congress wants to implement a “means” test to say that I, or others, do not really need all or part of what I was promised – while at the same time, Congress has been lowering the tax rates on the highest income levels – there is something radically wrong with that – especially when the richest Americans are shifting jobs and manufacturing overseas in an effort to make even more money while closing factories here and disgracefully putting millions of Americans out of work in the process.

      • I am a poor man, so i may sound bitter, but when i hear politicians, talk about cutting S.S. and or Medicare as opposed to cutting tax loopholes or raising taxes on the ‘fortunate ones’ because that would hurt the economy for they would not be creating new jobs (how has that worked for the last few years) it sends me into a deeper depression and anxiety.

        as your stated above “richest Americans are shifting jobs and manufacturing overseas in an effort to make even more money”
        being out of the job market you may not be aware some of the ones that stay here offer little or no benefits, pay very little, if they dont fill their needs by a cycle of temporary employees.
        sorry i don’t mean to go on a tirade.

        I would like to see proposed from a politician that people worth “X”amount, would forgo their S.S. i realize this would not be a cure but it might be a bandaid. Problem is I would not know what that “X” amount would be. one, two, three million?

        Believe it or not i am not speaking from a bitter or envious heart,
        just disheartened.

        thanks for listening

        • Hi again John; poor or not – you have as much right to speak your peace as anyone in America. Also, I did not see any sour grapes on your part. Over the past year or two, Entitlements has been given a bad rap and is almost considered to be adding to the demise of America – which could not be further from the truth. Most people are not adding one and one and getting two because they are being misled by the Republican Party.

          Americans have been paying into Social Security, and Medicare for that matter, all their working lives. That huge bucket of money does not belong to the U. S. government, it really is OUR money – there is no matching money from our government. The government promised to take care of that money and when we reach a certain age, the government will calculate how much money will be paid back to us monthly. The government never said along the way, that they would EVER do a means test to see if we should get monthly payments or not.

          The government has abused this money over the years and has put IOU’s in the account – promising that they would pay it back to the account so it would always be solvent to pay us in our later years.

          Some people might be shocked to hear this but it is true: Social Security deductions are calculated based on a maximum salary of $108,600.00. That means if you are an engineer and that is your gross salary, you and everyone else in America making that amount and more will pay the same exact amount into Social Security. I played with the wording but it still confused me – what I am trying to say is that Bill Gates, Wall Street Executives, company CEO’s who make millions or even billions DO NOT pay any more into Social Security than that lowely engineer making $108,600.

          I am on a single site and when I mentioned that fact, a woman wrote me and she did not believe it – so I sent the reference to her and she also told me that many of her friends were surprised to find this out as well.

          John, the problem with your proposal is that is there are millions of americans out of work – some have lost their savings, their 401k’s and their homes. Sure, the millionaires and the billionaires could forgo their SS payments and not even feel a dent in their monthly budget but there are many people in middle income america that Social Security would also penalize who depend on those payments.

          The bottom line is that the Government has NO RIGHT giving any of us less money just because some financial GURU determines we really do not need it – don’t do a means test to anyone already paying in currently or anyone already receiving payments – make all future participants agree to those terms – leave the rest of us alone because, DAMN IT, it is our money.

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