Posted by: kevinfortruth | July 23, 2011

Public library computer pornography access Part Deux

I am surprised with the poll results so far about taking steps to minimize children from viewing and listening to pornography on library computers.

Here is another article on the subject from the NY Post:

If this piques your interest, call your own public library and ask about filters, privacy screens, and internal speakers and if kids can accidently or intentionally view pornography.

Kids don’t have to hide dirty magazines under their mattresses anymore — they can just go to the library.

Children 13 and older can easily access hard-core porn in the city’s public libraries by simply claiming to be of age on the software and clicking off the filters that block XXX-rated content.

And library patrons say it happens all the time.

“You’ll see three or four kids, 13 or 14 years old, and they’re all gathered around a computer giggling,” said a regular at Brooklyn’s central library at Grand Army Plaza.

Even kids who don’t want to surf for smut can be exposed to it because they can wind up sitting next to porn gazers.

“A lot of the times, I see people watching pornography and stuff like that. The man right next to me today was watching naked women,” Julio Sosa, 14, told The Post at the Jerome Branch in The Bronx.

Library officials defend their policy of allowing easy access to porn as a free-speech issue and say just .5 percent of Web traffic on public-library computers is to porn sites.

“Our staff carefully monitors use of computers in adult areas. It is long-standing library policy — here and across the nation — to abide by the First Amendment,” said New York Public Library spokeswoman Angela Montefinise.

But Julio says kids watch it anyway.

“She [a librarian] comes over and tells them to stop watching it, but once she leaves, they just go right back to watching it,” he said.

City library collections never included pre-Internet porn, in books, magazines or movies, and some religious leaders and politicians say the standard should be the same for online porn.

“There’s a big difference between exercising your ‘freedom of speech’ at home and exercising it in a public place such as a library, where you’re surrounded by other people — including children,” said Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro, who is threatening to cut taxpayer funding of libraries.

Montefinise says that would unfairly penalize New Yorkers.

“If public funding for library computers was pulled, the biggest victims would be the people of Staten Island and New York City,” she said.

Julio, who likes to play video games on the computers, says porn watchers should be booted.

“They shouldn’t be allowed to watch it,” he said. “You don’t know if a minor like myself could be walking by.”

Read more:

Read more:

Here is one link, Office Max, that sells privacy screens that go over monitors to narrow the viewing to who is directly in front of the monitor.



  1. I really like your topics- they stretch me; great to pass onto my kids to help them develop greater analytic skills. !st amendment- as you know- only applies as long as it does not hurt others. Here, viewing of certain subjects would “hurt” others.

    • Hi again Cindy; Thanks for the kind words. If you like some of the stuff,stick around, there is more to come. I think your last sentence was a typo and that is find because I knew what you meant.

      thanks again for the comments.

  2. Well, here in my Southern state, no one is watching porn- the “parental control” is active on all the computers in our counties’ libraries. I would say in libraries that do allow it- the only ones watching are kids who don’t have a computer at home. Risking a public charge like Pee Wee Herman discourages all but the young, and/or stupid

    • That is good Cindy. I do not know where CNN got the idea that all libraries allow porn viewing. It just does not make sense to me – especially in the Bible Belt – I believe there would be 1,000’s of protesters in front of libraries if they got wind of even one library allowing porn on public library computers.
      Its nice to see that someone is aware of what is going on in their own community. Kudos to you

  3. To quote Don Henley “The more I know, the less I understand
    All the things I thought I figured out, I have to learn again”

    I had no idea one could access porn at a public library, i do not understand the benefit of it . I assumed there would be a filter blocking certain sites.

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