Posted by: kevinfortruth | July 28, 2011

So, Nancy Grace viewers, are you enjoying the week without Nancy?

Well, three nights so far without Nancy Grace – well, not really, she left a lot of video footage of herself that her team is working in the show each night. I think Nancy is doing that so her diehard fans do not suffer from Nancy withdrawal.

I, myself, feel like weights have been taken off my shoulders.
Most of you who follow my posts here know how much I admire Jean Casarez, so you probably also know how much I enjoyed Nancy Grace with Jean Casarez and without Nancy.

Normally, when Nancy is doing her own show, I am at the edge of my seat waiting for her to flip out and spray someone – anyone – with her venom. Its like watching World Extreme Cagefighting and waiting for that one high kick to the opponents head and then watching the fighter reel back in pain.

At the end of the show Monday night, I noticed my shoulders did not hurt from tension and there was no perspiration on my forhead from all my body movements trying to prevent Nancy from assaulting one of the defense attorneys.

Sure, there is some exxageration here on my part but I think everyone gets the drift of what I am saying.

I cannot remember Tuesday’s substitute for Nancy but it seemed like a non-event – she appeared to be an average host – nothing spectacular – so so at best.

But Jean was her charming self on Monday. First, she is very lovely, which is great – she is very easy on the eyes, but more than that, she is a real, warm human and not a hateful android.

So now we are up to Wednesday and the substitute is Diane Diamond. What impressed me is that she came on a said a sentence or two and then the focus was on a missing 5th grader from New Hampshire, who went missing sometime after she went to bed and when she would have normally woken up in the morning.

Diane did not sensationalize the case – she presented all the relatent information but there were no sharp cutting words – no intense stares – no accusatory comments about family members – especially because she had a step-father, a fact that Nancy would have beaten to death. Diane was inquisitive and factual in a concerned yet warm manner.

Also, Diane did NOT run over anyone providing input – the sheriff’s spokesmen, relatives, other regular guests that comment. It was also very refreshing NOT hearing “Bombshell Tonight”, as a matter of fact, a guest joked about this is where Nancy would say “Bombshell Tonight” and they both laughed about that – nicely done.

Lasty, Diane briefly discussed Casey Anthony and she did it without any anger, hatred, accusatory remarks – refreshingly done, I might add…

Diane said that she will also host the show on Friday night and I can hardly wait to watch. I would enjoy the show more if it were named The Diane Diamond Show or the Jean Casarez Show.

One other thing, I found myself paying more attention to the content Diane was discussing because of her compassion – the pleasant absence of shouting and intensity proves that there can be life WITHOUT Nancy.

Nancy does her best to make the Nancy Grace show primarily about Nancy – and not the rapes, crimes, kidnappings, abductions that should be the focus of the show. Diane gave off vibes that she was here for both her viewers and the victims as well.

One interesting part of the show, though, was when Sue Moss, the loud mouthed freqent guest came on, doing here normal nervous screaming laced with anger and passion. I actually started laughing because she looked and sounded like a psycho or a deranged escapee from Bellevue.

I have no idea who the guest host will be tonight, but I had a scarry thought – what if Nancy decides to do the show herself? That will destroy the streak that is so refreshing.

I am not sure how she would be, but it would be interesting if Lisa Bloom hosted the show tonight. I enjoy her when she is on the show and I believe she would be a good host.

That said, if Nancy Grace ever decides to let Sue Moss host the show, I will swear off television FOREVER.

This poll might be a little premature, considering there are two more nights WITHOUT “Twin Mom”, but for those of you who have been watching, have you enjoyed the show more because of Nancy’s absence? If you want to take the poll after Friday night, that will be fine as well.



  1. I think the Nancy Grace show is fantastic whenever there’s a substitute host on there. My favorite “substitute” host on there is Jean Casarez. Her voice is very soothing!

    • Hi Anonymous; Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I also agree – Jean is a great host when she fills in for Nancy and like you I believe she would be a great replacement for Nancy if and when Nancy goes off the air – sooner the better in my opinion.

      In addition, Jean is very classy, never puts anyone done, doesn’t outshout anyone, and to be truthful – she is very easy on the eyes.

      Thanks again for stopping by.

  2. Nancy Grace, Jane Velez Mitchell again??????? When will it stop?????

    • When they stop Dave….. thanks for asking. I greatly appreciate your one sided concern. HLN is making blood money from advertisers by continuing to cover Casey Anthony and all you can do is question my blogs when I do not make a penny in the process.

      Maybe you might consider writing HLN and asking them when they intend on slowing down or stopping the coverage of Casey considering a jury found her not guilty of the three major charges and for them to focus on missing and kidnapped kids or women who are missing or who have been battered and abused. There are kids currently on the Amber Alert list and others are on the National List of Missing and Exploited Children that they will not cover because they are focusing on Casey Anthony.

      Maybe in your email or your call you can ask HLN and Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell why they spend significantly less time on missing or murdered African American and Hispanic kids and women. If the African American or Hispanic teen or college age girl is abducted – if she comes from a middle class of fairly upscale neighborhood, they will cover the case.

      I know you like poking at me Dave because of my political persuasion and that is okay, but why not redirect the poking on issues that really matter and take a meaningful stand on something important?

  3. Love your viewpoint!! I finally figured out that NG was giving me huge spikes in blood pressure and thought I would spew when I heard her excuse for the sickening, dehumanizing use of “Totmom” over and over and over to infinity. I liked DD also–her voice was so soothing compared to the screechfest.

    • Hi SK, and welcome/ Thanks for the affirmation. When Jean came on the first night I felt good until she got on the Casey Anthony band wagon for a little too much time. Jean is the sweetest person and warm and charming and so easy on the eyes – as DD is as well, but DD was an oasis in the desert. I found myself listening to DD more and remembering more. It is hard to listen and retain when your blood is boiling and you can see the steam on your glasses (joking) There was another lady who was so – so but still a good alternative to Nancy. I dont have high blood pressure, but whatever it is when Nancy is on, it probably went down 10 – 15 points when Jean and DD were on.

      And I agree with how Nancy said she came up with Tot Mom – and that is bunk. She sometimes slips and refers to Casey as Casey but to say that was the nickname to remember the case, that is pathetic. She is such a phoney and such a liar that it sickens me for HER of all people to get on Casey for lying. Sure, Casey is a liar, but Nancy is the last one that should be finding fault with anyone for lying. ….and it was so nice NOT to her “Unleash the lawyers” – except one of her guests joked about that and it was a funny diversion for a few seconds.

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