Posted by: kevinfortruth | July 29, 2011

HLN and Casey Anthony – Kissing Cousins?

Now that the Casey Anthony trial is over, HLN and all of its hosts are still in scramble mode to continue their collective campaign in bashing Casey at every opportunity. In addition, HLN is actively doing everything humanly possible to increase market share and that translates into increased advertising revenue.

They figure if they keep the trial, Casey Anthony, and indirectly Caylee in the news, they can maximize ad revenue on all their shows – loosely translated that means “Making blood money on Caylee”.

They are also hell bent on doing everything possible to find out exactly where Casey is and that translates into “Where in the world is Casey Marie Anthony?” I am sure HLN wishes it could author a book where they can show Casey visiting all her favorite nightclubs where she is doing shots and everyone is touching everyone else. The book could also have a centerfold map of the U. S. and it could come with map pins where readers could map the current rumors as to where Casey is at any moment in time.

At the same time this is going on HLN is ”doing the right thing” for Caylee by making sure that all their morally correct viewers promise to not purchase any videos, photos, books, movies, or any personal interviews of Casey (especially if any interviews are granted on competing networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, or any secondary networks such as “E”, OWN, or even USA, TNT, or CURRENT.

What I find interesting though, is HLN is continuing to show a picture that is rumored to be the “first” picture of Casey after leaving the jail where she is drinking a bottle of beer. HLN is also showing Casey at clubs having a good time dancing with women and men along with numerous photos of Casey in quite provocative poses.

So, why isn’t what is good for the Goose (HLN in this case) not also good for the Gander (Casey)?

HLN constantly covers segments showing details of everyone who is standing in line to get money from Casey either through lawsuits or just to present her bills for services they have performed.

HLN keeps doing their best to interview celebrities like Mark Geragos, Larry Flynt, and others to keep viewer interest at an almost historic high.

HLN has also covered every rumored offer that either has been presented to Casey or rumored offers that might be offered to Casey. These range from Jerry Springer, to Hustler, Vivid Entertainment, the three major networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC), and even a consortium of foreign investors who are rumored to pool their money to pay for an exclusive Casey Anthony interview.

If debts are mounting against Casey, she will need some income stream that can be used to pay all the people in line but HLN is doing the “noble” thing by doing everything possible to dissuade any companies from doing business with Casey. To me, that translates “We (HLN) can make blood money off of Caylee but no one else can – including Casey”.

I think HLN is acting like a spoiled child who is being punished and sent to bed with no dessert. They really want the interview with Casey but Baez and his team are giving interviews to other networks instead of HLN because of how nasty HLN’s hosts have treated Baez and company collectively during and after the trial. As a result, HLN is talking to everyone else to counter the blackout by Jose Baez.

HLN would love to book an “Extreme Cagefighting Match” between Nancy “Twin Mom” Grace and Casey “Tot Mom” Anthony with Jane “Loud Mouth” Velez-Mitchell and Vinnie “Perfect Hair” Napolitan as referees. It would be 3 five-minute rounds. Judge Beldon Perry would be the announcer and he could stop the fight at will to have side-bars with the referees to discuss any cheap hits, spitting, or rumored biting incidents. Tickets could go at high as $150.00 ringside and CourtTV, aka TruTV subscriptions would go for $49.99 because hundreds of people would pack bars and clubs to view the “most hated women in America” fighting for the crown.

I digress and I apologize, but wasn’t it fun???

If HLN cared so much about Caylee and her unfortunate death they would not be trying to prevent Casey from making any significant income in the next few months because that money would be used to pay off lawsuits and to pay claims by others who helped in the search for Caylee.

So, to help out, why doesn’t HLN donate some of their lucrative profits from ad revenue to Texas Equusearch, and anyone along the way who volunteered their services in finding Caylee?

I am sure HLN’s loyal listeners would highly appreciate anything HLN would choose to do on behalf of Caylee. HLN could even donate money on Caylee’s behalf to other active cases, like the case they are covering of Celina Cass, the 5th grade girl who is missing in New Hampshire. Why not? HLN gets significant ad revenue from covering these kind of cases – why don’t they simply give back some of that income to where it can do the most good?

On a side note and not of any less importance, Jean Casarez was in last night for Nancy “Tot Mom” Grace and she did another wonderful job filling in – except for the fact that the WHOLE show was dedicated to Casey Anthony in one manner or another. Not one minute was dedicated to Celina Cass, but 45 seconds was spent on a tribute to LCPL. Stephen Johnson USMC, who died on October 8th, 2006 at the age of 20. The tribute was well done and quite deserving but HLN, in their infinite wisdom chose to ignore little Celina Cass, the 11 year old girl who is still missing in New Hampshire close to the Canadian border. Shame on you HLN, Nancy Grace, and even Jean Casarez, who chose to not keep Celina in the public’s view. Up until last night, Jean was at the top of my list as a suggested replacement for Nancy but Jean lost all my respect by focusing every minute of the show to Casey Anthony.

Please take part in the poll “Should HLN donate some of its Caylee Anthony Blood Advertising Money to charities?”

By the way, I used the word Blood just like individuals referred to Blood Diamonds in South Africa. I have no intention of showing disrespect to Caylee but I did intend to show disrespect for HLN and its hosts who are making ad money off of Caylee’s death. And as Nancy Grace says “It is all about Caylee”.



  1. The best thing all networks could do is man up and NEVER mention this woman’s name again. Ignoring her is the best punishment the likes of her could receive. And allowing Caylee her own ‘freedom’ after all this would be merciful. Let the child rest in peace finally.

    • HI Sophie; You are a jewel – well said…. I keep posting things like this to bring HLN to everyone’s attention on how they are treating Caylee like DeBeers mines the blood diamonds in South Africa.

      People can say I should stop my blogging about HLN and Nancy and Jane and their Casey and Caylee coverage, but keep in mind that I am retired and I do not make ONE RED CENT doing this. I am just trying to show how HLN is milking this story for advertising dollars and they have no plans in sharing any of that Caylee advertising money to donate to Missing and Exploited Children – hell, they do not even consistently cover missing kids on a regular basis until they are found. And the biggest frustrating thing to me is this: Hispanic Kids and Black Kids only matter to HLN if is the slowest of news days and if those kids are exceptionally cute or they are honor students or if they come from above average families. I better stop on this subject or I will never finish venting…..

    • Another thing Sophie, HLN is bring all the potential clients of Casey to the forefront because HLN was so nasty (via Nasty Nancy) to Casey and Jose Baez that neither Casey or Jose will ever give an interview to HLN or any of its hosts. EXCEPTION is Jean Casarez, the one substitute HOST who is more human than all the others combined – she got invited into the after verdict party and Poor Baby Jane had to stand outside looking ridiculous.

      So, HLN keeps talking about ABC, and CBS, and NBC and the possibility of interviews for Jose and or Casey. HLN is the little kid who did not get an invite to the black and white ball.

      • Hi Janel; Thanks for the comment. Based on the time, I am trying to tie it to one of my posts but I did so much posting today, I cannot pinpoint what you specifically were referencing. Take care.

  2. Quick post, first, well said on all above…. but I have a bone to pick with you.
    I tuned in last night to Nancy Grace for the first time in months because you told me/us she hadn’t been on the show this week, and whamo! Nothing but Casey Anthony! I was so disappointed, and you make an excellent point on the lack of coverage for Celina Cass, which is what I expected to see. (I am just ribbing you Kevin, however I did think of you before falling asleep because I got so frustrated with the HLN show, it got my mind stirred up).
    Great job on the blog! You are awesome! I really have to go… have so many thoughts I wish to post, how about just this one. WHO is paying HLN to advertise? I say boycott those products.

    • Thanks Olivia… and for noticing what I have been complaining about…. Little Celina gets attention when HLN doesnt have much news to spew about Casey or Larry Flint or Padilla or whoever else is trying to give Casey money. Kids, missing moms, rape victims, abductions, etc. only matter when news is slow. Case in point, Holly Bobo – because the family and the FBI, and the TBI and the local police were not talking up Holly’s disappearance, HLN and Nancy and Jane did not give a hell…. but Nancy’s bobble heads do not see the forest for the trees so to speak. She is a saint to them.

      Now Celina – what an adorable girl – important one day on HLN and Nancy and then NOTHING the next day. Might sound crazy, but her one crooked tooth shows everyone that she is a 12 year old and a special little girl that deserves to be found. Some of her photos make her look older and more like a little fashion model. The little tooth shows that innocent little girl side of her that deserves to grow up and enjoy the world.

      HLN how can you turn your back on Celina for even ONE day. Shame on you….

      Could you imaging a parent giving one child gifts, kisses, hugs one day and the next day ignoring that child and sending her to her room with no food? That is what Nancy does with her cases. The other night TIME WAS CRITICAL IN FINDING CELINA. Police were searching, dogs were out, even the border patrol was helping because Celina lives near the Canadian border. BUT, the next day and night NOTHING from HLN. HLN’s actions are not only inappropriate, but they are IMMORAL and DISGUSTING.

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