Posted by: kevinfortruth | July 31, 2011

Are you tired of Obama’s empty promises? I am!

Several of his unfulfilled promises are causing us millions, if not billions, per day.

First, I voted for Obama, but for the past two plus years I have seen a man who ran on change evolve into a person who will concede on anything and everything so as to be able to check off a box on his “To Do” list.

Second, I am a registered Democrat and I am tired of all of Obama’s empty promises.

Most of the items he can say he has accomplished ended up being so diluted that I do not believe he should have been able to check them off the list.

In addition, major items on the list show no signs of ever being checked off. I will talk about two of them and tie the items to the budget and to even the Tea Party to show that even they are not interested in reducing spending – except when that spending is for improving the health and well being of average Americans.

1. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. President Obama said that he would bring home ALL combat troops in 16 months after taking office. That point in time has long passed. He also said that there would be a residual force left in Iraq for logistics, training, and to protect U. S. civilians. Unfortunately, some units were “renamed” so they would not be considered combat units. Guess what, they are still there and they are in the field, near the Iranian border with all their equipment and weapons and not for training purposes – nor are they protecting U. S. civilians unless the cook in the unit is a GS-7 and all the combat troops are protecting that one civilian cook. To confirm what I am saying is the truth, look at the U. S. military deaths over the last month and you will see at least 3 troops in a combat unit near the Iranian border that were killed by opposing forces. Bottom line: If those troops were home in the U. S. as Obama promised, those 3 troops would not have been in harms way to be killed by the enemy. We believed our government when they said combat missions are over but if so why are Americans still dying in combat?
2. Guantanamo Bay Military Prison. President Obama made a very clear and concise promise to close Guantanamo Bay Military Prison in 2009. His promise was met with strong opposition and funding for the closing was voted down. Our government really wants it open because we can torture there at will – we control who visits – the Red Cross, prisoner lawyers, U. N. Human Rights groups, etc. etc. If we closed the base and moved all the prisoners to U. S. Super Max prisons, we could not torture like we currently do. But, keep in mind, the U. S. keeps saying it does not torture. We could save millions per day by closing Guantanamo and moving the roughly 172 prisoners to one or more Super Max facilities in the U. S. that were designed to securely house these kinds of prisoners.

Now, how does all this fit in the discussion on the budget ceiling? Simple. We are spending billions per day on the two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as our “mini” wars in Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia – those are countries that I know about – but you know the old adage – if you see one roach, there are hundreds in hiding.

So, if we are spending billions, maybe even tens of billions, per day on war, why are we not hearing from the Tea Party, the Republican Party, and the Democrat Party about reducing (or stopping) all these expensive and unnecessary and unfounded and illegal wars? I feel all members of Congress wants to spend excessive amounts on continuous war and use money that could be better spent on schools, police, firefighters, libraries, health care for those needing assistance and also to fix infrastructure in the U. S. like bridges and highways.

There is no such thing as the Tea Party – it really is a small offshoot of the Republican Party – sort of like a “Green Beret” unit in the U. S. Army organized to attack the Democrats and make it seem like defeating Democrats is what is necessary to get out budget back in order.

I will close with this – if a compromise Bill is passed today or tomorrow that primarily consists of cuts in Entitlements without any revenue increases for those making over $1,000,000, we should take note of all the signers and insure that each and every one of them is voted out of office in 2012 in the House of Representatives and all those Senators who voted for this Bill in the Senate who are up for reelection in 2012.

If we average Americans are supposed to make shared sacrifices for the good of our country – even if it means an outright assault on our Social Security and our Medicare, why would our Congress not roll back tax cuts to the very rich, those Americans making over $1,000,000 so those rich and ultra rich share in this “shared sacrifice”???

I am tired of Obama standing up in a speech taking a strong position and then becoming a sheep when the vote is tallied – I find him to be worse than the old bait and switch tactics that Sears and Roebuck used to get people in the store to buy that cheap washer and dryer and then tell the shoppers they are all sold out.

So, if you love Obama for his speeches but hate him for caving in to the Republicans all the time, maybe it is time to realize that he is simply a DINO, a Democrat in Name Only.

If President Obama signs an increase to the debt ceiling using Benefits Cuts without any increase in revenue, he will no longer be MY president.

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  1. Obama is a fake.. He is a Closet Republican.. He appeared out of nowhere into the presidency with eloquent speeches and false promises. Old Bildeberg Obama duped the american people and will continue CAVING IN to help the rich get richer…..WHAT HAVE WE DONE… IS HITLER REALLY DEAD?

    • Hi Angela; I also believe the Bildeburgs blessed Obama’s “appointment”. and I also believe he is a wolf in sheeps clothing – i.e. a closet republican. He talks like a Dem and says he is going to do something and stick to his guns until it happens and then he dillutes it in half and again in half until it really becomes a copy of the Republican platform on that issue and then the Republicans start griping about what he just agreed with them on. I voted for Obama and I wish I had not in retrospect. I do not believe Obama is Hitler – maybe Himmler, but I think all the Generals are with the Bilderburg.

  2. But he got Bin Laden! And he showed some balls in the way
    it was handled…. Just sayin, got give credit where credit us due…

    • I agree, if you talk to any Republicans, they will tell you that Bush and the military never stopped looking so Obama should not get any credit – to that I say Bull….

      My frustration is with the gap between his speeches and his promises compared to what he conceedes on. Every thing he claims as success ended up so dilluted that I question the valuf of what was left.

      For once, I would like the Dems in both Houses and the White House to hold their ground firm without conceeding anything and if that means that interest rates go up, or the military does not get paid or bills dont get paid – so be it… But in reality, the Republicans would finally give in instead of coming out looking bad. Now they will be heros along with the Tea Party for holding the Dems butts to the ground. Which means average hard working Americans lose again, again, and again.

      How is it that ultra rich keep their tax cuts, their precious kids do not serve in war and middle income Americans share the pain and share the suffering ALL ALONE.

      It is because there is a GAP wider than the Grand Canyon between Obamas speeches and his actions. For that, he should step down because he is not doing anything good for the people who put him in office. And I am one who gladly voted for him and now I regret that vote and he better never depend on my vote again.

  3. from an AP article this afternoon
    As details began to emerge, one liberal organization, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, issued a statement that was harshly critical.

    “Seeing a Democratic president take taxing the rich off the table and instead push a deal that will lead to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefit cuts is like entering a bizarre parallel universe — one with horrific consequences for middle-class families,” it said.

    I could not help but think of your blog ” Are you tired of Obama’s empty promises? I am!” when i read this.

    • Hi John; I have had this gut feeling for weeks that it would go down to the wire and the Dems and Obama (whatever affiliation he now has), caving and hurting the poor and the middle class so that the ultra rich can keep their tax cuts.

      It is though the Senate and the House are playing good cop and bad cop against us, but what we thought was the “good cop” party turned out to be an illusion.

      Thanks again for posting, John – I look forward to your feedback.

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