Posted by: kevinfortruth | August 3, 2011

HLN and Nancy Grace are at it again.

I have been known to talk to myself at times – sometimes out loud. The other day someone on HLN, maybe Jane Velez-Mitchell said that Casey Anthony is going to have to return to Orlando and start doing probation for her old charges relating to her writing bad checks and that she will be required to be in court Thursday morning.

I don’t know why I said it out loud but when I heard about Casey having to come out of hiding and return to Orlando, I said “Yea, right, watch HLN put up another dumb countdown clock in the bottom right hand corner of their screen, so everyone can keep track of when Casey has to return”.

I truly said it in jest and I was even chuckling when I said it, but I never thought that a probation hearing – even for Casey Anthony – would warrant a countdown clock.

I saw the countdown clock for the first time tonight on the Nancy Grace show. Diane Diamond was hosting for Nancy, so the countdown clock didn’t bother me that much. On a side note, last night, Deborah Norville was hosting for Nancy and she did an excellent job. Boy, I am getting real spoiled not having to put up with Nancy and her attitude and her nastiness. I watch her show because of the subject matter and I just put up with her crap to keep up with some of the crimes that are covered.

I was reflecting on the different times over the years that television shows had countdown clocks and this is the first time I have ever seen one for a probation hearing.

I remember NASA space flights having countdown clocks and New Year’s Eve countdown clocks but HLN and Nancy Grace have taken countdown clock usage to a new low.

Does anyone here want to speculate on other reasons HLN and Nancy Grace will use countdown clocks relating to Casey Anthony in the future?

Does anyone think that HLN is having all these ladies hosting for Nancy because they plan on replacing Nancy soon? How I wish that were the case.

In closing, I would like to speculate on one additional thing. Nancy never seems to announce in advance that someone will be guest hosting for her, so I wonder if people are asked to host for Nancy when Nancy is incapacitated. I have read on numerous sites that Nancy likes to tip the bottle so to speak and maybe if it ever turned into a binge, she might need a guest host from time to time – sometimes at the last second. Thoughts?


Comments appreciated

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