Posted by: kevinfortruth | August 3, 2011

Jane Velez-Mitchell says she is an addict – and I agree

Poor Baby Jane Velez-Mitchell – she is very open about her past as being addicted to alcohol and says she has been sober for over 15 years but she does not admit to her addiction to Casey Marie Anthony.

In Jane’s book, from excerpts I have read and interviews I have seen, Jane talks about addictions of all types – drugs, alcohol, and even shopping addictions.

She also says in her book that she is an “out” lesbian, animal protection advocate, vegan, and recovering alcoholic with over 15 years of sobriety.

I wonder if she is obsessed with Casey because of her own lesbian tendancies / preferences. If Jane finds Casey sexy and attractive that might be enough reason for her spending an inordinate amount of time on Casey during her show.

If that is the case, then more power to Jane but it would be nice if she would share her desires with her viewers. Otherwise, it would give us the mistaken impression that Jane is only interested in justice being served.

I am crazy about Kristen Scott Thomas and I try to see every movie she is in. She is an incredible actress and I find her very attractive but I would never have her pictures all over my apartment and then tell people I am writing a biography about her as an excuse.

And please, do not get me wrong, I have nothing against lesbians, gays, transgenders or bisexuals – my attitude is “to each his/her own” – live and let live.

My only issue is that if the real reason Jane is covering Casey Anthony excessively is because she is physically attracted to her and when showing Casey out dancing with men and women during that 31 day period it is because she wishes she were there dancing with Casey, then that explains everything. and again, If Jane is obsessed with Casey because she is attracted to her – that would be okay – but don’t pawn it off as covering Casey from a legal perspective and how she hurt Caylee.

During the trial, Jane was analyzing every facial expression, every tear, every smile, and every time Casey was accused of turning away from her mom and her dad. She also over-analyzed every outfit Casey wore and even how she walked into the courtroom and also how she walked out of jail when she was released.

Being a television host would be a wonderful cover if someone were obsessed with a person and had the opportunity to look at that person, study that person, while behind the scenes and even off camera drooling over that person.

Go Jane.



  1. Thanks for the info. It makes sense now. I had seen her a couple of times and my first thought was she looked as if she had just swallowed a handful of downers or something.

    It would make sense that she’d analyze every action of someone else if she has been through counseling. That’s the addiction. Go in for treatment-come out an “expert.”

    There’s nothing wrong with being an animal rights advocate. Most people love animals. I know of a guy that went to give water to a man’s dog that was chained out front with no water. When that neighbor came out and gave him a cussing, he just so happened to have a shotgun in the trunk of his car and gave him what for! He said the other neighbor wanted him to shoot him some more, too.

  2. Hi Christy! Well, I guess you could say that Kevin got his butt kicked
    last week on this particular blog…. People posting with fake names,
    fighting amongst themselves, generally causing a web host’s worst nightmare. (Kevin). I think he eventually got things under control,
    but it took him many hours and long nights. I felt so bad for him.
    I myself was the recipient of over 66 email notifications and finally
    deleted the whole mess… I’m not sure if any one actually posted anything
    about the original blog topic! So glad Kevin didn’t throw in the towel,
    I love the “real people” like you on his site…

    • Hi Olivia; I am still not sitting down because it hurts to do so. Not really. But anyway, thanks for hanging in there.

      By the way, do you remember that famous line “I’m back”, well I just did another controversial blog, so lets see how it goes….

    • Hey Olivia,
      Thanks for getting me caught up on things around here. (Poor Kevin.)
      Butt,….do you need a donut Kevin? (As per your post below Olivia’s.)
      Hee hee! Sorry,…no Bun intended! Oops! There I go again!
      So, this is the blog about Jane being an addict, right? And people were fighting amongst themselves defending / bashing her? Only (people) turned out to be less in numbers because some were posting ‘using their middle names’?
      Well, Kevin, wishing you strength and stamina, and I would like to echo the thanks you’ve gotten for providing a place for people to comment, opine, converse, agree, or agree to respectfully disagree.

      • So, Christy, we are going upscale with words like opine. As far as the donut, bring it on, I could really use a plain cake donut with a little handle on it like the old Dunkin Donuts of past.

        …and thanks for the echo comments. We will pick up the pace again – I got off balance the other day but that too will pass.

        Take care lady


  3. Wow, what happened here Kevin? Olivia? Anybody? Woo Hoo! I feel soooo alone!
    All of a sudden I’m not getting messages in my e-mail of new posts. So when I tried to find the latest, I kept ending up in posts from June! ???
    Tried a different route, and here I am.
    (As per the Polls…..I was seeing them and was able to participate.)
    Hope all is well with everyone!

  4. I also want to thank Kevin for his work and for his generosity in controlling michellefrommadsion. I am not the bad apple. Never was and never will be. Thank you, Keep up the great work kevin 🙂

    • It took a while to clear out all the comments and then to identify a newer one as spam, but I will no longer approve any posts from that person ever again. Sure, she/he might sneak back in as another person, but when that fact surfaces, I will IMMEDIATELY do the same thing – but swifter.

      This person kept cutting and pasting the same post and reposting it – at that time I was absolutely sure this person was the lemon.

      Have a great weekend.

      • Thank you sir, and have an excellent weekend yourself!

  5. Kevin, NO need for apologies! You do a wonderful job and it’s
    a shame a few bad apples caused you such distress. I for one
    appreciate your tenacity and will continue to participate in
    the community!

    • it took a while, right? Never having been involved in a slug fest like this, it caught me off guard but it now is back to normal, whatever that is.

      Have a great weekend and thanks for hanging in there.


  6. Ok I’m done. I have 66 emails on this site, the first 10 i have read
    ALL have to do with “fake” people, so much DRAMA.
    I am deleting all posts to this blog, and will return, when these
    idiots get off the site. Sorry Kevin, but I guess you would need to
    see it from my end…. After a long day was just checking in to catch
    up with the “established” real people on you wonderful blog.
    I feel sorry for you. You do such a great job, and again I am the
    first to admit that I do not understand the intricacies of running
    a blog, but there’s gotta be a way to get rid of these people.
    I say three strikes YOU ARE OUT!

    • I can relate Olivia. I stayed up to 3:00 AM this morning deleting dozens and dozens of posts where two different people where arguing back and forth all night long. I ended up deleting all of the posts from both parties and I spammed one of them because he started sending the same post over and over every minute or two. It was the most frustrating day I have had in years. As a result, that will not happen again. I knew people were staying away during that battle and I can assure you that will be last of that kind of behavior.

    • Also, to all the regular people who play “nice” here, please accept my apologies for what happened last night. The person causing the bulk of the problem is no longer welcomed here and if by chance he/she returns under another id and even an IP address, I will take the same action I did last night, but more decisively and quicker.

      Again, my apologies.

  7. To Janel Corey White, or who ever the he’ll you are,
    GO AWAY!!!! No one gives a shit about your drama.

  8. Wow, just logged on and saw all the drama regarding people posting under fake names, fake genders, fake what ever…. I am tired so I’ll make it short, Kevin, you are an awesome blog host, one of the very very few I enjoy participating in. If people can’t “play by the rules”, kick their fu**ing a**es off the site. There are plenty of us who enjoy and want to participate in healthy, diverse,
    fun sharing “debate” site. Which you provide. However, my personal email was compromised, and I have an IT person working on it. Sometimes you can be too nice…. Love ya, mean it.

  9. Kevin, first I see no Poll… Is there one?

    Jane Valez-Mitchell wrote a book. About what?
    Being a lesbian animal loving recovering alcoholic?
    There are a million of those…. Why is her name hyphenated
    like a married woman’s? I really don’t watch the show when
    she is on due to overly dramatic, wild crazy way.
    But she still doesn’t hold a candle to Nancy Grace, who’s
    sheer presence wants to make me hurl.

    • Hi Olivia; Someone else told me that when they get an email dealing with a blog where I have also included a poll, they do not see the poll in the email. So, if someone gets an email notifying them of a post I have just done, I would recommend that they visit the blog directly via a bookmark and then they will see the poll that is included in the blog.

      As far as hyphenated names, I remember from my Air Force career I knew both men and women from Puerto Rico who had hyphenated names and my understanding is that when a woman with a hyphenated name marries, one of the hyphenated names drops and she takes her husbands name – making a new hyphenated name. Confusing? It is to me as well.

  10. you are so right Janel. Those eyebrows also remind me of Oscar the grouch. … and not that I know her persuasion, which is truly fine, I wonder if her persuasion dictates how much coverage she gives Casey because of maybe even a subliminal attraction. I am sure I will catch hell for this observation but I can handle it.

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