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Amber Kids – Nancy has “No Time” left for you.

The Guess Who recorded “No Time” in 1969 and it hit #5 in the U. S. but hit #1 in Canada where the group is from. They also recorded “American Woman” which also hit #1 in Canada.

These two hits came to mind this week while watching the Nancy Grace Show and Dancing with the Stars. Why? Because Nancy Grace, due to her involvement in the current season of Dancing with the Stars and her obsession with the Dr. Conrad Murray trial, has no time left to cover kids that are missing or assumed abducted – regardless of their Amber Alert status.

Supposedly, Nancy Grace has stated that she will donate all her winnings she earns on Dancing with the Stars to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. The wording that is frequently displayed on her own Nancy Grace show says “all her winnings”, so I assume that to be what she earns every week she is on the show. I also assume it does not mean that she will only donate the big prize if she wins it.

Over the past two weeks Nancy has found time to focus entire shows to the Conrad Murray trial and her normal brief segment on fallen American heroes who died in either Afghanistan or Iraq and that is wonderful for her show to acknowledge each military person and their families – be it spouses, kids, siblings and/or parents. When I do watch her show, I pay attention to that segment which is usually near the last five minutes of every show.

Nancy Grace, often says that she is there for those who cannot speak for themselves. She spent years talking about Caylee Anthony along with other kids who were found dead or were missing or kidnapped. It did not appear necessary for these kids to be on a current Amber Alert, but it appeared that many missing kids got a little more extra coverage if they were on an active Amber Alert.

I felt for years that her coverage was quite honorable until I started paying more attention to when these cases were first covered, the specifics about each case, and how much time was spent on her show for certain kids over others. African American kids and Hispanic kids get significantly less coverage than white kids – sometimes missing African American kids or Hispanic kids get no coverage at all. There are websites that have done extensive analysis on the racial disparity in Nancy’s coverage of missing kids.

Blonde haired teen and juvenile children get tremendously more coverage, whether it be missing teen Natalie Holloway in Aruba or JonBenet Ramsey, the young girl who went missing in Boulder Colorado.

I digressed and for that I apologize.

It seems like Nancy has put all missing kids and teens on hold while she is dancing on Dancing with the Stars.

She insists that she is there for the missing and exploited, but somehow, in her infinite wisdom, she is spending the majority of her show’s time on the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray. In addition, she is spending an inordinate amount of time showing highlights of her and her partner or other contestants on the Nancy Grace show – in lieu of covering the kids and teens she professes to champion.

The last time Nancy simply blew off kids for an extended period of time was during the Casey Anthony trial. Her obsession with Casey, who she unprofessionally referred to as “Tot Mom”, got almost exclusive coverage on entire shows for months and months – the “full time coverage” she devoted to Casey Anthony continued well after the trial ended – unfortunately at the expense of time that should have been devoted to kids currently missing or kidnapped.

I equate this to a mom who ignores her kids to play Farmville for hours and a child drowns in the bathtub. If Nancy is a self-professed defender for the missing and kidnapped, then she needs to hold up her end. She should not be able to slight them for weeks and weeks at a time while she covers a murder trial or markets herself on her own show to beg her followers to vote for her each week on Dancing with the Stars.

It is rumored that Nero fiddled while Rome burned and Nancy is doing the same thing. I have no problem with Nancy being on Dancing with the Stars, but I have serious problems with Nancy spending so much of each “Nancy” show interviewing previous contestants of Dancing with the Stars and watch her being cute and prissy asking each previous contestant for suggestions on what she can due to win.

In a nutshell, in my estimation, “Nancy is playing while kids are missing”. When Nancy does, by chance, cover a kidnapping case from the start, Nancy expresses the urgency for getting involved early and doing everything possible to use all resources available to locate the missing child – stating that the first 48 hours are most critical in locating and recovering the missing or kidnapped child.

The unfortunate thing is that because of all the time Nancy is dedicating to Dancing with the Stars on her own show it becomes just like what the Guess Who sang “No time left for….”, but in this case “kids”.

In my estimation, Nancy is exploiting the missing and the kidnapped to solicit votes for herself on “Dancing”. Some might say that she is doing it to raise money for the Center for Missing and Exploited Children”, but I think different on that subject. Nancy is in it for selfish motives – mostly to win and for the attention – in a nutshell, it is all about Nancy.

In addition I would speculate I am sure the “Center” for these kids would rather have ONE kid found alive and returned than for them to receive a check for ANY amount of money from Dancing with the Stars.

Lovers and worshipers of Nancy Grace will probably say this blog is all sour grapes. Her selfishness in covering “Dancing” on her own show, a show that is supposed to be dedicated to finding the missing and kidnapped, is beyond the pale. Her actions for the past three weeks and her anticipated actions for the remaining time she will remain on “Dancing”, speaks for itself. Shame on you Nancy.

In closing, Jane Velez-Mitchell is devoting every show to the Dr. Conrad Murray trial, so another full hour is not necessary – especially back to back. I believe Nancy timed “Dancing with the Stars” with the Dr. Conrad Murray trial so she could get her family out there at the same time on someone else’s nickel for business and tax purposes.

No Time – Nancy style

No Time left for Kids
while I am dancing with the stars
the kids must wait until I lose
and retire my dancing shoes

Even then I might not care
to cover missing kids
if a trial is in the news
or “Tot Mom” is being sued

But, sometime I promise
when nothing is going on
I will cover a missing kid
who conveniently falls off the grid.

HLN Woman – Nancy style
(American Woman)

Headline woman
please report on me
I’ve just gone missing
and I’m making my plea

I know that you’re dancing
and it’s a lot of fun
but please don’t forget us
until your dancing is done

You said you’d be there
when kids need finding
but it just seems like
you need a little reminding

In closing, please Nancy, don’t forget the kids!



  1. Wow!! Kevin, you’re quite the song writer! Awesome!

    I agree with all that you say here. And I don’t care if I’m sour grapes. I am thoroughly disgusted and disappointed that Nancy Grace is still on Dancing With the Stars, when she clearly should have been the very first to go! Sadly, I am questioning the fairness and legitimacy of the show.

    • Not really, but thanks Christy…. I agree, Nancy should be gone already. Chaz is having problems with his feet but he almost has a cult following that is keeping him alive on the show. Hopefully he will start feeling better and be able to perform a little better.

      One thing about Nancy on “Stars” is that she is so out for herself – she very seldom seems enthusiastic for others. Last week when the other couple got voted off, Nancy did not approach them at all and the only one she hugged was Hope Solo in an effort to congratulate her for surviving. If Hope gets voted off next week, Nancy will go nowhere near her. She is only there for herself and is not bonding like the others.

      Also, Nancy’s partner is pulling her in the direction she needs to go and Nancy is seriously lacking fluidity and is dancing like a wooden soldier on Duracell batteries that are running out of energy. She talks too much about her trial experience and her twins on every “Dancing” episode and she is milking the “Center for Missing and Exploited Children” for all it is worth.

    • By the way Christy, what are you doing up so late?

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