Posted by: kevinfortruth | October 12, 2011

Dancing Nancy – she has an unfair advantage in voting – really!

For those of you who watch the Nancy Grace, you know what I am talking about but for those of you who do not like Nancy Grace or simply do not watch her show because you watch something else in the time slot, please read on to see how Nancy is using her show to gain an unfair advantage in the voting.

Regular readers of this blog know full well that I have little or no respect for Nancy Grace. Liking her or not liking her is not the issue – I feel she gives her bobble heads the mistaken impression that she is there as the voice for missing, exploited, or kidnapped kids – when in fact she is only there for them when it works in her show’s schedule.

When she is covering some “important” trial or major piece of news, these kids need a voice representing them but they usually cannot count on Nancy being there for them. Case in point – I do not believe that Nancy has uttered the name “Lisa Irwin”, the 10 month old little girl who went missing 9 days ago.

The only reference to this missing girl was this past Monday night when Jane Velez Mitchell did a segment on her own show and then a segment on the Nancy Grace show that Jane was hosting during Nancy’s absence to be on Dancing with the Stars.

The segments were well done, but they were a week late – a week that was critical in hopes of finding Lisa Irwin alive – if she is in fact alive after an alleged kidnapping in the middle of the night.

So, now to why Nancy has an unfair advantage regarding viewer voting for contestants on Dancing with the Stars….

The Jane Velez-Mitchell show and the Nancy Grace show are rebroadcasting all of Nancy and Tristin’s pairs dancing and they are running “commercials” for Nancy where they give the phone number for Jane and Nancy viewers to call to vote for Nancy.

The advertising they are doing would cost anyone tons of money – possibly tens of thousands of dollars over the entire season of Dancing with the Stars. In the commercials they repeat the phone number numerous times and they remind everyone that Nancy is dancing for the Center for Missing and Exploited Children and that all winnings will be given to the center.

The commercials are done numerous times on each Jane and Nancy show – more so on nights that Nancy is dancing and voting is encouraged.

The precious minutes dedicated to these commercials could be better spent covering kids who are missing or have been abducted or kidnapped.

Dancing should be on a level playing field and the Jane and Nancy shows should focus on the intent of each show – Crimes against Women (Jane’s show) and Crimes against Kids (Nancy’s show).

So, if anyone wants to level the playing field, I have a suggestion.

Watch Dancing with the Stars and pay attention to the voting. Then when the results list is displayed on the screen, you will usually find Nancy and Tristin close to the bottom of the board.

Look to see if anyone has fewer points than Nancy and Tristin and if so, vote for that couple. If no one has fewer points, look for another couple having an equal number of points or a couple who has slightly more points than Nancy and Tristin and call in your vote for that couple.

You cannot vote against someone even though that would be wonderful, but you can vote for someone else because the free advertising is giving Nancy an unfair advantage in the voting.

Chynna Phillips got the boot last night and it was because she made an obvious goof when she lost her footing and forgot her steps but she recovered wonderfully.

Nancy, on the other hand was anything BUT GRACEful – she seems like she is dancing with a bed board strapped to her back – Tristin is practically carrying her the entire dance, but if you noticed, when Tristin dipped her, Nancy fell down on her back. Nancy pauses throughout her dance because she does not know the steps but Tristin is there to quickly help her recover, so it does not show because there are many awkward pauses throughout her dance routing – almost like a car sputtering on a highway because the fuel mixture is not correct.

What HLN is doing to support Nancy amounts to cheating – HLN knows it and Jane and Nancy know it.

Help make the playing field level – free advertising on television shows every week should not be allowed – so to cancel its effect, vote for someone else instead of Nancy and Tristin.

On a side note, TMZ showed a video of Nancy and Tristin being interviewed after their dance and during the 22 second video either Nancy or Tristin or Brooke passed gas. TMZ had a poll and 73 percent of those responding believe Nancy was the culprit.

Here is the link:”


  1. Best of all, Nancy (can’t remember her last name) danced with me, the person with the opening day of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building!

  2. I danced with a woman named Nancy (a woman from Colorado). No joke.

  3. Hi Kevin! I’ve read about 20 of your blogs tonight, voted in your polls and laughed while reading your posts to my husband! I’ve never watched NG. However, the few moments I occasionally have to endure her banter on GMA fires me up enough! And when i read the comments elsewhere of the people who watch her show regarding a trial late this summer I myself said they must have been drunk from the cool-aide. Oh how i love using that expression in a variety of contexts. DWTS is a show I have watched season after season. Is it just me or does this season seem a bit off? Good job bringing “awareness” to what happens when people get lazy in their own minds and allow others to think for them.

    • Welcome Sonja; Thanks for stopping by. I just did another blog, this time about the PSU child molestation scandal and I plan on doing a few more on the subject before the smoke clears. Wow, this is the first time I have been told that a wife shares blogs with her husband and they get a chuckle out of them. Thanks also for voting.

      Something is not clicking here on the voting. Many read the blogs (now over 16,000, I believe), but there is a lot less interest in the polling – well you can’t have it all, right?

      Regarding Nancy and DWTS, she really played the system – running ads on her show many times a night, encouraging people to call in to vote for her – under the pretex that all the winnings would go to the National Center for Missing and Abducted Children. I would just like her to focus more on kids. She used to, but she not gets into some of the current cases 4, 5, and even 7 days after the first news about a missing or murdered child comes to the forefront. I truly believe she is shortchanging the kids she says she is always there for. Enough about that.

      I plan on doing another major blog on Nancy this upcoming week and it will be very controversial.

      thanks again for stopping by.


      • Hi Kevin! I was offline for a bit because two of my children became ill:( Nancy running commercials promoting herself is so “Nancy”. I have a comment about her children suffering due to how much she works.

        I like the polls on your blog!! Well NG was voted off finally… She seems to be a woman who loves to talk about ethics and moral responsibility so I wonder if she even thought to herself that she may be cheating?
        My husband and I have five children, ages ranging from 12 to 5. When the downturn hit, my husband was given a pink slip so I returned to work teaching young adults literacy. I worked for for a govt contractor and taught young adults for almost three years. It was a very demanding job; only having two weeks without the students to prepare large units; and, working 8-5 teaching with no summers off (not that teachers loaf around during the summer anyhow). I worked in the evenings and on Saturdays to grade and fill out the mind-numbing, redundant paperwork the govt required.
        I was snappy, tired and slept on the weekends instead of participating in family outings. I left in June when he found an appropriate job. We live in one of the two states hit hardest by the recession.
        So to validate your point, i don’t know how she could work that much AND be emotionally available for her young children! I know women working is the accepted norm. Both my mom worked and i was a daycare, latchkey kid which is maybe why i chose the opposite. My mom wasn’t available to her children much either. Don’t get me wrong, I support women who choose to work and/or excel in a career. It has just been my experience as a child and as a mom that intense working does adversely impact the children.

        I’m off to read your Penn State blog! I am truly shocked by many aspects of this scandal. Take care:)

        • Again, welcome back. To be sure, I want you to know that I am totally supportive and appreciative of teachers. I always post, comment, blog on websites and dating sites to those who try to blame teachers for everything – when they should be looking in the mirror first.

          I was married to a teacher who became a vice principal and then a principal and ended her career as the Assistant Superintendent of Administration for a very large school district with well over 100,000 kids.

          School hours is only one part of a teacher’s day – meeting parents before school starts, working through lunch, being outside watching kids on the playground, meeting other parents after school, grading papers well after dark, and even buying school supplies on the way home out of your own pocket is just the beginning. There are also PTA (or PTO) meetings, continuing education, class trips, and many other responsibilities to boot. Teachers earn every nickel and then some. In relation to other careers, teachers are responsible for the health, safety, and the lives of not only the kids in their class, but they co-share the responsibility of all kids in the school.

          See what you started Sonja…. joking – but after reading your comments, I had to put in my two cents (or ten or maybe a whole quarter).

          Again, you are one of the jewels here who is always welcomed.

  4. I don’t understand why those who can’t stand her, still watch her.

    • It is a sickness I am sure – I must get my meds checked. No, seriously, to be knowledgeable enough to write about someone you have little respect for, it is necessary to study that person before you can arrive at an unbiased opinion and write in detail with a high degree of certainity.

  5. Good job kevin I am like you I can’t stand her I was hoping that she was going to get her butt kicked off last night. We can only hope that happens next week.

    • One can only hope. thanks for commenting

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