Posted by: kevinfortruth | October 15, 2011

To Occupy Wall Street protesters currently occupying Zuccatti Park in NYC

To: Occupy Wall Street protestors currently occupying Zuccatti Park in NYC.

One way to keep Mayor Bloomberg from trying to evict you from the park or to have the police close ranks and pepper spray you folks or hit you with clubs is for all of you to follow the laws.

Picket where you are allowed to do so in an orderly manner as possible.

Those of you occupying Zuccati Park; organize groups and take turns cleaning up the park. Ask Brookfield Properties, the company that has the contract to keep the park clean, to provide you folks with barrels, brooms, and whatever equipment they use to pick up trash and do the work yourselves. Make the barrels available and accessible to Brookfield Properties employees so they can pull up in their trucks to get rid of the trash.

Brookfield Properties should be happy to see all of you doing the bulk of the cleanup. They will be able to shift some of their cleanup people to other parks and facilities where they can be utilized more effectively.

By doing this, you will be taking away the option that Mayor Bloomberg wants to implement to evict your group from the park.

Also, those in charge of the Occupy Wall Street New York movement should also focus in finding your collective voice. I understand some of the things you are trying to address but many Americans are patiently waiting for your “Platform” to be stated clearly to everyone.

There are probably hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions, who are waiting in the wings to plug into your cause – after you clearly define your purpose, your goals, and your expectations.

So, in a nutshell, get to work – do what is necessary on your part to give others reason(s) for joining your cause.



  1. I am going to occupy a starbuck, sit and sip on coffee and watch the girls as they flounce in.

    • Maybe you can poll these lovely customers of Starbucks and find out if they support the Occupy Wall Street Movement and if they do you can start the Occupy the Alamo movement and lead them to the promised land.

  2. They should occupy congress and kick out the bums.

    • I agree entirely…Also, they should ask each member of Congress – Senator or Congressman or woman, Republican, Democrat or Independent, if they support “Occupy Wall Street” and anyone who doesn’t, then he/she should make their own “Bucket List” because Occupy Wall Street will diligently work to defeat any and every member in Gongress who does not place the 99 percent first – absolutely first – unequivocally first….

      And when they are out of office, they won’t have to put together a “Bucket List” because they already have their list put together.

      Lastly, they can give each Congressperson, lets say, 7 days to answer and if the time passes, the default will be a resounding “no” and Occupy Wall Street will initiate an effort to defeat each person.

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