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Coverage for Lisa, Yet no Coverage for Jahessye. Why?

Coverage for Lisa, No Coverage for Jahessye. Why?

News coverage of Occupy Wall Street is starting to get mainstream media coverage at the local level as well as nationally, but I think two other movements should be started in an effort to get the same coverage – and soon!

The first movement should be labeled “Occupy Nancy Grace” and the second movement should be called “Occupy Jane Velez-Mitchell.

I have written numerous blogs on these two ladies in the past and for the most part they have fallen on “blind” eyes and “deaf” ears.

Maybe I am barking up the wrong tree. Maybe white folk simply don’t give a hell, but as far as why blacks and Hispanics are not up in arms is beyond me.

There are many sites on the Internet that have written about the lack of national interest when black or Hispanic kids go missing or when black or Hispanic female college age students have been raped, murdered or have gone missing.

On an occasion or two, Nancy Grace has covered a missing black female teenager, but normally when the young girl in question is from an affluent family and neighborhood or if the girl happens to be lighter skinned.

If the previous paragraph engenders anger from anyone – white, black, or Hispanic, then my blog is accomplishing something – but if this blog fails to accomplish that, then the blog has failed miserably.

At the end of 2010, two girls went missing – Phylicia Barnes, an African-American teen who was visiting relatives in Baltimore, MD from North Carolina and Haley Dunn, a blonde haired white middle school teen cheerleader from Abilene, Texas.

I personally remember all the coverage Haley Dunn got on the Nancy Grace show but I do not believe Phylicia Barnes got anywhere near equal coverage – which does not surprise me. reports that Baltimore police spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi and the commander of the homicide unit were set to appear on Nancy Grace to discuss missing teen Phylicia Barnes but they were bumped from the Nancy Grace show for an hour long report on missing white teen Hailey Dunn. I find that amazing – an entire Nancy Grace show covering the abduction of Hailey Dunn while very little or no time given to Phylicia Barnes. If that does not exemplify racial bias I do not know what does.

Here is the specific link to the minglecity article about Phylicia Barnes:

I would give my right arm for Nancy Grace producers to produce statistics not only the number of shows dedicated to missing, abducted, kidnapped or murdered children and teens by ethnicity. I would also like to see the minutes dedicated to each case.

I have seen Nancy Grace shows where a white child gets what is equal to half or more of the entire show while a segment spent on a minority child gets what might be equal to a 4 or 5 minute commercial break in length. Believe me, I am not exaggerating.

So, why is my gander up today?

Last week I blogged about Nancy Grace not covering the disappearance and possible abduction of 10 month old Lisa Irwin from her home in Missouri. Lisa was reported missing late one Monday night, but Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell did not cover the alleged abduction until 10 days later. Critical time was lost and the absence of immediate national coverage might have decreased the likelihood of Lisa being found alive or even found at all.

I have said for months that Nancy tends to work in missing kids when it suits her programming but her bobble heads have responded that Nancy has total control to cover whatever she wants to cover and when – even though Nancy states that time is of the essence in finding kidnap victims.

Sometimes Nancy, when she finally decides to start covering an alleged abduction, will open the show with “Breaking News Tonight”, and then start the coverage like the child in question was just kidnapped minutes earlier – and then she passionately says that time is of the essence and the first 24 – 48 hours is so critical to solving the case – never saying, however, that the child went missing 4, 5, 6 or more days ago. She should be embarrassed for not covering the case earlier – she truly disgusts me when she does this.

What disgusts me more is her apparent racial bias regarding abductions.

But in reality, she might be doing what her base wants – maybe because the bulk of her viewers are white and they naturally are interested in missing white kids – preferably blonde haired kids and teens like Natalee Holloway, JonBenet Ramsey, and even though Lisa Irwin does not have much hair, she appears to be blonde or maybe a strawberry blonde in the making.

Lisa Irwin did not get coverage for the first ten days but Nancy and Jane are making up lost time because there were ingredients about her case that they could focus on – the mother buying wine while she was with a “mystery man” (who turned out to be her own brother), and an opened window, an unlocked front door, and all the lights on in the house when the father returned home at 4:05 in the morning from his first evening shift at work. Wow, what a coincidence, right! In addition, their 3 cellphones where taken, so Nancy and Jane could play on all of those individual items to point to the family as persons of interest, if not suspects.

Well, it took me half the blog, but there is another young girl missing – but “unfortunately” for her, she is black, or for those politically correct, she is African-American. If I am wrong for using the term “black”, well so be it. I grew up in a mostly white neighborhood made up of Irish, Greek, French, and Scottish neighbors. My neighborhood bordered a black neighborhood, so my elementary school was probably 70 or 80 percent black and the rest a hodgepodge of whites. My junior high and high school were about half black and half white.

Well, let’s get back to the missing black girl. Everyone reading this probably has no idea she is even missing. Why? Because Nancy and Jane have yet to cover her alleged abduction.

Her name is Jahessye Shockley, a “cute as a button” 5 year old girl from Phoenix, Arizona.

From what I have read, she probably walked out her front door and has not been seen since. A neighbor said she saw a girl fitting Jahessye’s description being pulled into a black sedan through the passenger door but it cannot be substantiated that it actually was Jahessye.

Jahessye went missing on the 11th, so Nancy has at least 4 more days to cover the abduction – if she covers this case at all.

So, early in this blog I talked about Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Nancy Grace and Occupy Jane Velez-Mitchell and I was as serious as a heart attack when I said it.

Most of Nancy Grace supporters are white and they are so dedicated to Nancy they will not even raise an eyebrow. So, if anything is going to be done it will require blacks and Hispanics to rise up and take this issue to CNN in Atlanta.

Maybe some whites can send letters to CNN Headquarters via CNN’s website. They can also go to Nancy Grace’s and Jane Velez-Mitchell’s website and send emails to them telling them to cover the case of missing 5 year old Jahessye Shockley.

In addition, I strongly suggest some African-American church’s in Atlanta organize a peaceful demonstration in front of CNN headquarters in Atlanta. Make up your own signs but something pertaining to Nancy and Jane not giving equal coverage and equal time to kids of “color” on their shows. Nancy and Jane are not doing this in a vacuum – anything covered on their respective shows are either blessed or approved by CNN. Make sure some of the signs talk about the apparent racial bias of CNN, Headline News, Nancy Grace, and Jane Velez-Mitchell.

Also, whenever a child of “color” goes missing, have the family and friends and nearby churches carry signs telling CNN, HLN, Nancy Grace, and Jane Velez-Mitchell to carry the story. HLN and CNN should be embarrassed into doing their job.

Oh, by the way, here is the picture of missing 5 year old Jahessye Shockley, a cute little girl who deserves to be found and returned to her family as much as any blonde haired white girl who has gone missing.

And now, here is a photo of baby Lisa, the “other” cute little girl who is missing and deserves to be found and returned.

Here is a link to more info on Jahessye Shockley:

I started out the last paragraph with “Oh, by the way” in a way to show how missing kids of color are usually covered on HLN shows – like an afterthought – and it makes me personally sick.

I encourage all readers of this blog to post a comment – there is no requirement to agree with this blog and all comments are welcomed.

Also, please participate in the one question poll. Choose the best answer that applies to you or fill in your personal response in the blank area.



  1. She must stop farting on camera.

    • Or at least owning up to it when she does pass gass instead of blaming her dance partner. That was inexcusable of her. He should let her fall flat on her ars next time for lying.

  2. Nancy , where are you regarding Jajessye Shockley?

    • Hi Mad; Unfortunately, that is a question Nancy will probably never answer. Thanks for stopping by.

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