Posted by: kevinfortruth | October 31, 2011

Nancy and Jane – Do you ladies remember 12-year-old Brittany Mae Smith?

Why? I decided to reflect on  an abduction case from last year, in which Brittany Smith was abducted by her uncle Jeffrey Easley in Virginia and was later observed in a San Francisco grocery store by a clerk who said she saw a photo of Brittany and her uncle on the Nancy Grace show a few days earlier.

So, how does this tie in to the two currently missing girls – Baby Lisa and Jahessye Shockley?  I will get to that in the coming paragraphs – I promise!

Well, for starters, the baby Lisa abduction was not covered on Nancy Grace or Jane Velez-Mitchell for the first ten days of baby Lisa’s disappearance. During that time the Kansas City police and the FBI diligently investigated Lisa’s disappearance and as more titillating information surfaced – such as the mother purchasing a “big honking box of wine” (words of Nancy Grace), with a “stranger” (again, per Nancy) and Lisa’s mother admitting to being drunk, Nancy and Jane felt it was time to cover Baby Lisa’s disappearance because there was a lot of “National Enquirer” type information surfacing that would appeal to their viewing audience. 

Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell have been spending significant amounts of time on the baby Lisa abduction – sometimes 30 or more minutes on each show for well over a week – a few times baby Lisa had a whole show to herself.  On the other hand, Jane spent a little less than six minutes on one show covering the disappearance of Jahessye Shockley, the cute little black girl who is believed to have been abducted after she went outside her house over a week ago while her mother left for a short period of time.  

Since Jane’s initial brief coverage of Jahessye’s disappearance – a full week after she went missing – Jane did not even bother to show a map of where Jahessye lives – nor did she even talk long distance with the person who came forward to report a sighting of a young black girl being abducted in Jahessye’s neighborhood.  A simple map showing Jahessye’s house and the location of the abduction might have a long way in encouraging others to come forward.

Now, back to baby Lisa. What is interesting about the Baby Lisa case is that witnesses have come forward recently to say that they saw a man walking with a baby only dressed in a diaper the night Lisa disappeared.  This person was seen on the street where Lisa lives and also about 4 miles away at an intersection where a motorcycle rider observed who appeared to be the same man, again with an infant only dressed in a diaper in about 45 degree weather.

Comparing the coverage of both girls, Nancy has repeatedly displayed maps of baby Lisa’s house, a lake, the grocery store, and locations of the sightings where the man was seen carrying a little baby only clad in a diaper.  Regarding Jahessye – no maps and nothing on the car and the person who allegedly abducted a little girl in Jahessye’s neighborhood.

Jane also interviewed Jahessye’s grandmother and at the end of the interview, she promised her that she would stay on the story and keep Jahessye in the news.  Since that interview, she discussed Jahessye only once for about 11 minutes, while she has covered baby Lisa’s disappearance every night – and much longer than 11 minutes each night – more like 25 – 30 minutes each show.

If Nancy and Jane covered Baby Lisa a week sooner than they did, maybe these witnesses might have come forward sooner and the police, along with their trained dogs, might have picked up a scent and it might have led to a resolution of this abduction.  

Some might think the abovethat statement might be an exaggeration, but I do not.  Some of you might remember the Brittany Smith case – where the 12 year old girl was abducted by her uncle in Virginia – yet was observed in a San Francisco grocery store a few days later by a clerk who called police and Brittany was safely recovered and returned to her family in Virginia.  This clerk said that she saw Brittany and her uncle on a television show and I believe it was probably the Nancy Grace show. 

Now to Jahessye Shockley – another adorable child who was not mentioned on Nancy or Jane’s shows for over a full week after her abduction.  An eyewitness came forward to say that she thought she saw Jahessye being pulled into a car not far from her house.  Because Jahessye’s disappearance did not hit the national news for a full week, critical time was lost in getting out photos and pertinent information to the national media. 

It is also possible that if Nancy or Jane covered Jahessye’s disappearance a week earlier – including photos nightly along with information such as phone numbers, it might have jarred memories of other people who might have seen Jahessye with her abductor or abductors.  Keep in mind that it is believed that a passenger in the vehicle pulled Jahessye into the car, so there were at least two individuals involved in the abduction.

There is an old saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words” – I would like to add that “a picture along with pertinent information might lead to a thousand clues”.

Nancy, in the past, has proudly taken credit for Brittany being found due to her photo being shown on her show, and if that is the case, why are Nancy and Jane so derelict in showing missing and abducted children sooner rather than later?

To me, it seems like these two ladies start covering these kind of cases when it suits their production schedule – and by that I mean after they talk about where Casey Anthony might be and after they cover every minute of the Dr. Conrad Murray trial.

I know Nancy and Jane have a production staff that determines what to cover each night and how much time to spend on each topic – trials, murders, abductions, and the like – but to me, cases of missing and abducted kids TRUMP trials and the latest rumor as to where is Casey Anthony. 

Newspapers and magazines spend significant time figuring out lead stories, along with photos and up to date information that needs to be worked in each story.  However, if major breaking news pops up, all bets are off.

Papers and magazines go in scramble mode to reassess priorities and move things around to solve what has to be done before they go to press.  I remember seeing many movies where someone in authority yelled out “Stop the presses” and everyone came together and diligently worked together and they all felt great when they accomplished what they just accomplished – even though it required additional work out of each of them.

The same goes for missing kids.  I am sure that Nancy’s production team felt like a million dollars after they worked in the story about Brittany Smith and thanks to them Brittany was observed in a grocery store and rescued.

Why have Nancy and Jane changed their priorities so much that stories about missing and kidnapped kids usually have to wait as much as a week (or more) before they first cover a given case?

Sometimes cases involving black kids and Hispanic kids are put off longer – unfortunately they are not covered at all at times.

I think it is great that Nancy always honors a deceased military person – usually those who have been killed in Iraq or Afghanistan – but if you look at the date of death, some of these heroes died in combat maybe many years ago.

I would like to suggest that Nancy use that time occasionally to cover timely abductions and kidnappings – like Baby Lisa and Jahessye Shockley.

If HLN or Nancy do not want to alternate the “hero time” with “abduction/kidnapping time” then Nancy needs to have two segments at the end of her show, one for a hero and one for a timely abduction/kidnapping. 

The reality is that the coverage Nancy and Jane give to missing and abducted kids is as clear as Black and White.



  1. I read they had pinged the location of the phone, but I don’t always believe what I read as it seems that the ‘journalists’ are often working with the bounty hunters trying to omit others from collecting a reward.

    The child has been missing for more than a month and the only reason anyone is interested is to milk out any money that could be made from “not finding” her.

    I read something that was reported by CNN that the husband of the girl that was first said to be drinking with Deborah was the one drinking with her instead. They’d just separated that very day-just hours prior to the disappearance. I assume it’s just NG’s way of “truth and justice” to tell these “little lies” intent on destroying the lives of those not yet connected to a publisher or Hollywood in one form or the other.

    I think there is a reason the New York lawyer was called in. Why would he be interested in this case? They will try to take it to trial I think and put on a show since the one with KC and family was a complete failure come trial time.

    • Thinker, I agree with you that what we see and hear regarding Baby Lisa is not always the truth. HLN and the two female bobsie twins will say anything to keep us addicted – as many of the cases they cover have parents, friends, and neighbors that have either criminal records such as child molestation, child abuse – the spicier the better. Now, the young girl who is missing in Phoenix is black and her parents have criminal histories but because this little girl is African American, all bets are off.

      I also agree with the probable motive the New York lawyer is involved. This might be his 5 minutes of national attention if one or both of the parents is arrested and the case goes to trial.

      More to come, I am sure. Hang in there Thinker, I am confident something big is going to happen regarding Baby Lisa this week.

      Did you notice that Baby Lisa did not get coverage on Nancy Grace at all on Friday? Michael Jackson’s doctor trial got all the attention. Even though he warranted some attention, Baby Lisa is still missing – a minute or two should have been given to her case and another couple of minutes given to 5 year old Jahessye. To my knowledge, Nancy Grace herself has not covered Jahessye – Jane covered Jahessye on her own show 2 or 3 times but Nancy has not and even when Jane filled in for Nancy, to my knowledge she has not covered Jahessye on Nancy’s show – maybe once but not more than that.

      Kids are kids in God’s eyes – they all deserve to be covered in the news – locally and nationally. I cannot understand why African American churches are not boycotting in Phoenix as well as in Atlanta. To effect change, you need to be the squeakiest wheel on the stagecoach.

  2. I find it amusing that these journalists simply do not appreciate the outside forces tearing up their town. They tell it like it is:

    You’ve probably already read that, but I just thought I’d share.

    Most cower to these big news stations, though you can tell they’d prefer not to. These people don’t give a rip. They tell it as it is! Lol!

    • Thank you Thinker for thinking I have a handle on everything, but I only have one pair of eyes and hands but I do my best…… I just looked at the link, thanks to you. What a mess. Nancy and Jane appear to have a handle on the prosecution, even though they keep saying that the mom and dad are not suspects – but these two ladies keep stoking the flames. If I were the family after a couple of dozen hours apart and being brow beat by the police, I would refuse to be interviewed in that manner again. That is like going into a torture chamber. I do not profess to know whether the family (either one of them) is or are guilty – that is not the issue to me right now. The police should be happy to have them both in the room and ask them questions together. If the police want them apart, then they are suspects in the eyes of the police. Who are they trying to B.S. anyway?

      Thinker, I appreciate all your interest in the case and this blog. You are welcomed anytime.

      By the way, do you know if they are still questioning the lady with the pink hair and are they questioning her ex boyfriend and pink lady’s 7 friends? Something is fishy with the cell phone call that lasted 53 seconds (not sure about time) and who answered it. Do you know if they pinged the location of the throwaway phone?

  3. I am of the opinion that the media stages these things just for the advantage of other media outlets or those within their “bashing union” or something. If you read the local media about this case it is clear they do not agree with the national news outlets and they are more community oriented.

    Here’s an example:

    Once again they are quoting Furman, a man that LOST a major case because of his ineptness. Yet, they made an “expert” out of him. They bash people who cannot speak properly yet never edit their own “professional” articles-reread and you’ll see what I mean. These people are supposed to be educated in writing and reporting on news….they aren’t friggin’ bloggers!

    I can see why they wanted to see the local attorney gone. Someone probably asked, “WTF?” and that just didn’t jell with the overall plan. Conversely, if they haven’t read or kept up with the bloggers and how the news outlets use them as vigilantes to keep a fight going on then they’d be blindsided on how these people work. They must be thinking that the public will always report back to them or the police. It doesn’t always work that way.

  4. Agreed! They are also doing a big disservice to the average intellect across America, as well.

    I do not think their show is doing a thing for exploited children as it appears they are the ones that are also exploiting the children. It’s as if they didn’t come from royalty they deserve the bashing for being ‘average Joe’ on an average day-the families of the children, that is. They just can’t cry real tears like they do in Hollywood or speak properly like the specialists that have been called in to analyze them.

    Now is the time for the police to put together a group that is dedicated to working these types of cases instead of letting the vigilante Internet groups take over -that idolize these TV bounty hunters and/or authors -and like to make it much more dramatic than it could/should be just to be promoted on the sensation-seeking “news” crews that make the news instead of reporting on it.

    Blaming the jury, in KC’s case, is/was another point in lowering the average intellect of the public. These people believe what is being reported as the truth and the norms of our society.

    It wasn’t just NG, either. Geraldo did his share of tearing up the neighborhood, another outlet reported on a ‘ghost’ being seen at the patio door, the local media nagged and picked on the family and pinned them down to prevent them from searching because they thought they could bully them into giving them information that would lead to the body, which was all along only a few hundred feet from where they were staging their hysteria/ranting and stomping about for a justice they never believed in in the first place.

    All they did was criticize any and everyone that wasn’t part of the media.

    That’s what I saw, anyway.

    • I agree, Thinker, it is not only NG. I saw on HLN the other day where Ryan was filling in (he is the young African American HLN person who was interviewing Jahessye’s grandmother and he kept apologizing and then asked her about Jahessye’s mom being arrested in the past but never talked about the person who witnessed a young girl, Jahessye’s age being pulled into a vehicle. He never showed a map of the street or neighborhood and never interviewed witnesses. He was a black man appearing to be a friend of the black grandmother – the grandmother should have rocked his world by saying how little coverage that Ryan, Nancy, and Jane and HLN were giving to Jahessye and the TONS of time they were giving to Baby Lisa.

      I do not personally care if Jahessye’s mom has a criminal record – Jahessye does not have an arrest record and she is the one who is missing – so the police should not hesitate to search for Jahessye and networks should not downplay their coverage. Their collective actions are racist.

  5. Perhaps they are just trying to even out the prison quotas between blacks and whites. OR, if they treated blacks and Hispanics like they treat the white families a major war or lawsuit would errupt-don’t you think?

    Your explanation may also explain why it seems that white people are getting dumber. I never knew of Nancy Grace until I read about the Casey Anthony case online. Jeesh!

    All news stations went wild with the trial of Casey Anthony. Only about 4% of viewers even thought the state had no case because of lack of evidence. That is like saying 96% of Americans are downright stupid or something…jmo.

    But, if this case gets convoluted enough, they at least have a high powered New York lawyer that will surely entertain the masses and demonstrate what the “system” is all about. KC’s trial was a real snoozer and the only action they got was outside of the courthouse.

    • Part of the reason why Casey was determined guilty by a large part of America is that Jane and Nancy bashed Casey every day on their shows. They had Casey “convicted” before the trial ever started. When the verdict was rendered, Nancy and Jane went into damage mode and tried to blame the jury, the prosecutions case, and even the defense for the outcome. A few good lawyers could tone Nancy, Jane, and HLN down. Courts are for trials, not the media. They are doing a big disservice to the judicial system. IMHO.

  6. They probably only want to feature the ones that will make them money. Having all their “experts” that comment on the cases and sneer at the families that are grieving are costly, to say the least.

    Many of these people are under educated and are easily mocked. Therefore, perhaps they hope others will not fall victim to the same assaults and do something about their situation and not be one of these parents whose child has gone missing. Not to mention, their DNA may be pre-programmed to bring about their situations-according to their studies, of course.

    These people can’t afford the best counsel, so they are forced to summit to the reality show atmosphere to avoid prison.

    Then, en mass, the population can analyze every book they’ve ever read, every song they’ve listened to, every TV show or movie they’ve watched and try to determine why these people are so unworthy-unlike themselves, because they are the ones writing the shows, books,and the music that make these people who they are…and capitalizing on it big time!

    But, everyone else should do charity work and support their causes because it just makes the world a much better place in which to live. Not to mention all the crime that gets solved and the PIs and bounty hunters that get to cash in, too.

    Is that a just system or what?!!!

    • My assumption is that the majority of people who view Nancy and Jane’s shows are white and they probably are more interested is missing white kids. If that is the case, it truly is unfortunate for missing or kidnapped minority children.

      The problem is that Jane, herself, promised Jahessye Shockley’s grandmother, on national television, that she would keep Jahessye’s case in the national news but since that night Jane has covered the case only once for about 12-13 minutes – but during the same period, she has covered Baby Lisa for 10 times that time. Also, Jane has been filling in for Nancy while Nancy is “Dancing with the Stars” and while filling in for Nancy, she has covered the Baby Lisa case nightly while not covering Jahessye once on Nancy’s show. The statistics speak for themselves. Minority kidnappings matter less and they get less coverage – less in frequency and in time devoted on each show.

      Nancy’s devoted followers say that Nancy can cover the cases she wants to cover, but I strongly disagree. Children are children and all children who are missing, abducted, or kidnapped deserve their cases covered in the national news.

      To devote more time and frequency to white children over hispanic or black children is showing racial bias – minority kids deserve equal coverage that might lead to them being found – dead or alive. I will go out on a limb in saying that any fan of Nancy who also believes that Nancy is okay when she gives less coverage to minority abductions is also displaying racial bias.

      Rosa Parks can ride a bus now and blacks and Hispanics can serve in the military, but their kids apparantly do not deserve equal time when they are abducted or kidnapped. We still have a long way to go. All people, black, Hispanic, and whites should be OUTRAGED because Nancy, Jane, and HLN are giving less coverage to Jahessye.

      Baby Lisa is getting a lot more courage because the mom was drunk, that she purchased a “Honking big bottle of wine” (per Nancy’s own words) with a unknown person, (who turned out to be her own brother), and that the parents will no longer permit the police to interview them individually. Nancy and Jane’s shows are television versions of the National Enquirer or the Globe – only sensational stories with salacious facts or rumors are worthy. Both ladies keep saying that the parents are not suspects but they keep treating them like they are.

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