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Penn State University Cover-up – Something really stinks here, but exactly what is it?

The case involving the alleged pedophile sex crimes committed by Coach Sandusky is getting more complex daily – sometimes hourly!

I thought I already had a fairly complete list of all the parties allegedly involved in either child molestation, lying to a Grand Jury or those involved in the rumored cover-up – but more names keep popping up and this scandal appears ready to explode out of control. 

In addition, the number of parents coming forward to say that their child was either molested by Jerry Sandusky or was a recipient of questionable physical contact by Jerry Sandusky is increasing as well. 

The number of boys molested by Sandusky was expected to increase somewhat and to just think that if one of the janitors or McQueary took immediate action and rescued one of the victims and also reported the incident to the FBI or the Pennsylvania State Police, this tragedy would have come to an end years ago.   Please understand though that one boy being molested is one boy too many.

Over the past week or so, I have read dozens of blogs and I have read thousands of comments associated with these blogs.  In addition, I have posted blogs and comments to sites too numerous to list.

Unfortunately, out of nowhere this morning, a friend of mine called to tell me about a District Attorney who had looked into one of the molestation cases and came to the conclusion that there was insufficient evidence to prosecute Sandusky.  In a strange twist, this D.A.’s car was found quite a distance from where he lived and worked as a D. A.  In addition, his computer was found at the bottom of a river – the hard drive was missing initially but was later found nearby – washed up on the riverbank.

Ray Gricar, the D. A. of Center County, is still missing but he recently has been declared dead at the request of his daughter.  The declaration must have been pursued for Gricar’s daughter to deal with estate issues.  His bank accounts and credit cards have not been used and people are not sure if he was murdered, committed suicide, or simply ran away from the area for his own protection.  It has not even been proven if his disappearance is tied to the Sandusky case.  D. A.’s sometimes have a long list of enemies and any of them could have been involved in his disappearance.   

So, exactly where are we now? 

The President of Penn State University has been fired, along with Joe Paterno.  Sandusky has been arrested and later released pending trial and two PSU employees, Tim Curly, the Athletic Director and Gary Schultz, the senior VP of Business and Finance have either voluntarily stepped down or have been put on administrative leave (paid or unpaid) to hire attorneys and defend charges against them.

I personally find the timing of this scandal interesting and highly suspect.

There are three sayings I have been drawn to for much of my adult life and they are “There is no such thing as an accident”, “Timing is Everything” and “Follow the Money”.

Let me dissect each of them and how each pertains to this scandal and rumored cover-up.

1.      “There is no such thing as an accident” – Napoleon Bonaparte. 

Three different individuals witnessed Jerry Sandusky on Penn State property with young boys.  In 2000, a janitor observed Jerry Sandusky engaged in a sex act with a young boy.  The janitor shared what he observed with other janitors.  Another PSU employee observed Sandusky and a young boy holding hands as they left the football facilities.  He did not report what he observed. In 2002 Mike McQueary, a 28 year old graduate assistant observed Sandusky violating a young boy sexually in the showers.  McQueary went to another room and called his dad who advised him to come home.  The next day, McQueary told Paterno something, but we do not know exactly what was shared between the two men.

These three men were not where they were by accident – per Napoleon Bonaparte’s quote – these encounters were fate.  If for no other reason these men had the opportunity to be heroes and each man failed miserably.  Look at any video and listen to the comments of others who did the “right thing” – in most cases risking their lives – whether it be a neighbor running into a house fire to rescue people or someone else who runs in front of an oncoming car to rescue a person who otherwise would have been killed, these rescuers were put there at that moment to have the opportunity to do the right thing.  The reason why heroes do not buy into the fact that they are, in fact, heroes is that they each made a snap judgment to do the right thing – it is almost as though they did not have a choice – their subconscious desire to be part of the eternal battle of good to win over evil dictated what happened.

2.     “Timing is Everything” – as I hinted at earlier, the timing of the scandal going from an “open” secret to being released to the world seems very suspicious.  The most suspicious aspect of the timing is that it is as though the Board of Trustees might have waited for Joe Paterno to become the winningest division I football coach so that he could lock in that recognition and then it was okay for the house of cards to crumble around him – including him. 

In addition, the “roll-out” of incrementally more damaging information every few days was meant to have people roll their eyes and think “Wow, what else?”  If all these chunks of scandalous events and info came out at the same time, it might have resulted in the football season being cancelled, which would have resulted in the loss of millions of dollars to the school coffers. 

The timing of information about the judge who set bail for Jerry Sandusky came out a day late and that was no accident.  If the judge recused herself by acknowledging that she was involved in Sandusky’s organization, another judge might have been placed on the bail hearing and Sandusky might have had to pay $50,000 toward his bail and he might have been required to wear an ankle bracelet.

This whole scandal is being highly choreographed and orchestrated by at a minimum, the Board of Trustees, including the current Governor of Pennsylvania, who at the time of some of these sexual acts was the Attorney General of the State of Pennsylvania.

3.     “Follow the money” – As you can see, I saved the best quote for last.  For those of you who are not aware, the phrase “Follow the money” was a famous quote from the movie “All the President’s Men” that had to do the Nixon and the Watergate investigation.  Since that movie, the phrase has become universally acceptable when someone is trying to find who is guilty of almost anything to hear something like “If you want to find who is guilty, follow the money” and I feel like a truer word was never spoken.

Penn State makes tens of millions of dollars from their football program, so it became essential for the “Board” to try to distance itself from the rumored crimes of Jerry Sandusky because it could affect Bowl Games, television revenues, and even ticket sales and revenue from memorabilia sales.  There is a fortune riding on this scandal.

What bothers me the most regarding the scandal is that there are rumors floating around that the entire football staff will be let go at the end of the season – with an emphasis on the word “entire”.

In my humble opinion, if Sandusky’s rumored sexual assaults on young boys was that much of an “open” secret, then letting the entire football staff might be the right way to go – or is it?

That plan, if it is true, does not pass the proverbial “smell” test. 

The reason why I say that is because if the secret was that “open”, why would it have been only “openly known” and isolated to just individuals in the football department? 

Was this “open” secret known in any of the following departments and if it was known in any or all of these departments, why won’t there be a housecleaning in those departments as well?

  • the Board of Trustees
  • Human Resources
  • University Police
  • General Counsel
  • Public Information

And lastly….. would all current members of the Board of Trustees, including the current Governor of Pennsylvania testify under oath or take polygraphs to prove when they first were made aware of Jerry Sandusky’s rumored sexual activities involving young boys?

Regarding the “Board of Trustees”, I mean each and every member – whether they were appointed, elected, or are Ex Officio or Emeriti Trustees.

  • Members ex officio
  • Appointed by the Governor     
  • Elected by Alumni  
  • Elected by delegates from agricultural Socities.
  • Elected by board representing business and industry.
  • Emeriti Trustees  


  1. I think you hit the nail on the head…..Money being the most important part of this cover up until now….Joe did what he should have done.. only thing he didn’t do was fellow up or maybe he was told not to say any thing if he wanted to keep his job……What a shame that so many lives had to be hurt because of one mans evil mind….

    • Hi Ethel; Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. It truly is a shame that this all could have been stopped so early on and the number of kids taken advantage of would have been kept to a minimum, but others were thinking of only near term considerations such as the football program and the revenue it brings in. I also believe because JoePa was so close to retirement already, he either volunteered to take the hit or the board, trying to protect itself, sacraficed JoePa for the good of the good ‘ol boy network. The good ‘ol boys are so well connected, they are insulated from outside pressures and even prosecution. No matter who investigates, the board and possibly elected officials will not be investigated – and if they are, nothing significant will surface and the beat will go on, to the demise of PSU.

Comments appreciated

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