Posted by: kevinfortruth | November 16, 2011

Who is minding the Penn State chicken coop?

aka, Should the Special Committee appointed by the PSU Board of Trustees be allowed to investigate itself?  Surely not!

Penn State Students, Graduates, and friends have one chance to get it right – otherwise one cover-up will turn into two and PSU will lose all credibility as an institution of higher learning. 

Can you believe how many individuals are coming forward to initiate a full investigation into the Penn State Sex Scandal?

The U. S. Senate is hinting at initiating an investigation and surprise, surprise, the PSU Board of Trustees wants to do their own investigation – I am sure they do!

I am sure Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell will also do their own pseudo-kinda-investigation that will look like the National Inquirer invading CNN and HLN headquarters.  HLN and the National Inquirer are kindred spirits – different media, but the same B. S.

Why should the U. S. Senate stay out of the fray?  Because the Senate represents the 1% of America – and if the Senate looks into the scandal, it will result in a document not worth the price of the ink on the paper and it could turn out to be worse than the 9/11 Commission Report or the Warren Commission report.

The Senate is already in bed with big business and key executives across the country and world, so why would they want to do a thorough investigation of their golf and dinner buddies – especially if some of them might be complicit in the original cover-up?

If the Senate cannot and does not seem to care much about the 99 percent of Americans, then why should we believe they will represent the 99 percent of students and the alumni?

Do you, as students and alumni, want wolves going into the chicken coop to investigate?

Also, the Board of Trustees will soon launch their version of PaternoGate.  They have already identified who they feel is to blame, so why would they dig deeper? They might find another coach who has been either on extended sick leave or on vacation and his/her name will simply be added to the existed list as a way of dotting an “i” or crossing a “t” to their previous list.  They cannot end up empty handed, so one new name is better than none.

If Sandusky’s indiscretions were, in fact, the biggest “open secret” at Penn State, why would anyone believe that some, or many, of the Board members were not complicit in the cover-up?  I find it amazing that only individuals directly involved in the football program were let go (except for the PSU president).

This situation is ripe for another cover-up, only this one will embarrass PSU even more.

If 15 – 20 Board members have to go, then so be it and it should not matter what their status is on the Board or what their status is in industry, government or the educational community. 

Before any investigation of any kind gets kicked off, students and alumni should demand all Board members swear UNDER OATH, to the following: 

  1. That they had no knowledge of Jerry Sandusky’s alleged crimes before the scandal broke.
  2. That they had no involvement of the cover-up at all.
  3. That they would be willing to take a lie detector test to prove their non-involvement.

 All across America there are police, district attorneys, investigative reporters, and crime shows, where there is an unwavering insistence for all individuals to submit to polygraphs to prove they are not involved in whatever is going on. In addition, many are required to swear under oath to answer certain questions.

Many on the Board represent the top 10 percent of Americans, and some are in the top 1 percent – and being the good Americans they are, they should be proud to show their non-involvement in the first cover-up.

Keep in mind that polygraphs and swearing under oath are becoming standard fare in America, so what is good for the goose…..

If the Special Committee appointed by the Board (how convenient!) has full power to investigate the university, from top to bottom, will it also investigate the Board itself?

Why don’t we appoint Mike McQueary and his father to be in charge of the investigation?  I know that would be ridiculous for anyone to do that, but I threw that out there to show how equally ridiculous it would be to have the Board of Trustees to investigate itself.

I know there are students on the Board, but I am primarily referring to those members on the board who are from industry and government and will have the bulk of the say regarding any investigation.

The other day I heard proud students yelling “We are” followed by a variety of endings to show their collective belief in what they share and are committed to.

Now, though, I believe students could start yelling “We won’t” to show their resolve in having a thorough, no holds barred investigation. 

We won’t put up with a quasi-investigation that will protect those at the top who might have been involved in the original scandal”

We won’t let JoPa be the scapegoat for other individuals who might have financial interests that run counter to the needs and the integrity and the moral standards our university is known and respected for”

We won’t accept a shoddy investigation that will further add to the diminished impression others now have of us.  We know that if a thorough investigation is made, and it causes more heads to role, it will show our Alumni, our students, and everyone across America that we have regained our respect and we will forever adhere to the standards and policies previous generations of PSU students established for us to follow”

A few days ago, some students rolled over a media van.  That event cemented student resolve for the truth.  It could have been much worse, it could have been an ambulance but it wasn’t.  Maybe it was a statement to the media that PSU students and alumni can watchdog themselves.

A day later, there was a vigil to show the love, caring, and humanity shared by the student body and the alumni and the family of PSU students.

Now, your resolve and your love for PSU has to demand that this investigation be as pure and thorough as the history and the moral fiber that has been woven into PSU from its’ inception.

Recently, PSU took a wrong turn and it is now like a clipper ship trying to right itself. Will an investigation put PSU back on course or will it continue to veer in the wrong direction?




  1. Hi Kevin,

    I too fear for JoePa’s health too. I retired (semi-retirement) from the Univ. of Texas and it was a challenging physical and mental change, even though I was only in my mid- Fifties. I pray, as a concerned Penn State alumni, for Joe, his family, and the victims. May true justice be served and the problems at Penn State pass as swiftly as possible for Joe and everyone.

    That McQueary email was unusual, because the Grand Jury report never mentioned him stopping the incident, except for him catching them in the act and both of them noticing McQueary was watching them. But, that in itself could have stopped them in the act.

    Police- the UT police have the power to arrest too. He may have reported it to the VP, who was also head of the Penn State Police, hence it was reported, indirectly perhaps, to the Police.

    Coaching position- Truly, he probably would not have received the Coaching position if he did act against the wishes of the good ‘ol boys. Hey, it’s that way here in Texas too, bad Politics. At least Joe, would not let Jerry S. qualify to take over his coaching position. This, again, shows Joe’s moral concern for doing the right thing.

    Thanks for the tons of information coming from back home at Penn State!

    • Hi again Don… Great comments…. You will find this interesting. I lived in San Antonio for almost 29 years before moving here in Sept 09.

      McQueary’s email appears to be carefully crafted. General enough without any specifics yet he appears to be trying to say that he did all the right things. He cant have it both ways. Maybe just startling the two, caused things to halt abruptly but the kid must have thought he was not worthy enough to be fully rescued, wrapped in a towel or allowed to get dressed and taken to a hospital for a full exam.

      If what is being said about the activity seen, that would have been enough to put Sandusky away for a long, long time.

      It is imperative that the upcoming investigation be thorough because anything less will cause PSU to lose all credibility and many parents will chose to not permit their kids to attend in the future.

      Also, if this scandal was the biggest “open secret”, I have no doubt that some or many of the Board had knowledge of it and the decisions they made to dump JoePa was to cover their own tails. To totally sweep out the football staff and leave the Board intact would be a terrible injustice to Joe, because that would mean that he was protecting the Board and they stabbed him in the back.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      • That is incredible you are from San Antonio too! I lived in PA for almost 20 years, SA about 35. So I am more of a Texan too.

        Yes, according to the Grand Jury reports, of “8” victims, Sandusky will be fried. And a 9th victim has reported him to the Police yesterday.

        I too am interested in what part the Board had in covering up the scandal, it just might be the biggest secret of the case, and why the Board wanted Joe to leave some years back. Clean house of all the witnesses, and they can cover up all the tracks.

        Time will tell.

        • Yes, Don, it seems like we have been two ships passing in the night – one going southwest and the other northeast.

          I agree also that more victims will come forward. My biggest concern is that this “open” secret was such that board members of stature knew and made decisions they thought would be in the best interests of keeping the scandal low key and they did not seem to care about how all this impacted the kids.

          the secret was so open, so to speak, that other football programs did not want Sandusky on their staff, so the secret was more wide spread than within the geographical boundaries of PSU main campus. I think the secret was probably known to U. S. politicians representing Pennsylvania and I also am confident that our propr Governor and current Governor (who was Attorney General) also knew and that is why the U.S. Senate wants to control the investigation.

          Considering it affects both Dems and Repubs equally, there will be no Hatfields and Mccoys duking it out to make the other party look bad – it is in both their interests to try to bury the scandal any way they can.

          Even if unbiased people could be selected, they would be approached by powerful people who would whisper in their ear that if the truth did surface and certain heads would roll (including active politicans) they would tell these unbiased people that it would no be advisable to present truthful findings because of what a full blown scandal would do to PSU and Pennsylvania.

          I say, the time has come to stop protecting blue bloods and let the hammer fall on who ever knew and acted inappropriately to cover it up.

  2. Excellent editorial, your article tells it like it is at Penn State. Some members of the Board of Trustees surely knew about this sex scandal, for years, but in all fairness to our American ways of justice, the board needs to be investigated before any conclusions are made. And, Joe Paterno should not have been fired, by the “Board”, until investigations of his knowledge are completed too. Otherwise, JoePa is just a convenient Scapegoat for the ‘Board”- so they could show everyone they are doing their job by getting him fired. This sounds more like Napoleonic justice to me, and Joe should fight back, with all legal means possible, to get his reputation back and his deserved honorable retirement.

    • Hi Don; thanks for your post – you make some very valid points – and if I have not said so myself, here and in other places, such as the official PSU Facebook page, JoePa was railroaded and I found that both interesting and disappointing considering that he has so much tenure with Penn State.

      I wonder if JoPa had his time in front of the Board of Trustees or if they hastily made their decision for the “financial” good of the university. Normally, when someone in any organization has so much tenure and respect, the reasons for letting that person go are so clear – there is no backlash – just sorrow and disappointment of what transpired.

      I do not know JoePa but I am sure he gave much more of himself 7 x 24 than the University gave him back in compensation – I also believe that he is an honorable individual and would take the proverbial “sword” for Penn State.

      JoePa is much older than most coaches in America and I would speculate that most coaches have not given as much of themselves to their programs in comparison to JoePa and because of that, I am deeply concerned with his well being.

      Stopping anything on a dime can cause immediate and serious damage to your health – physically and mentally – and I fear that he could die by “natural” causes before he gets to speak his piece or speak his peace, depending on which applies in this situation.

      I just read a pathetic article having to do with an e-mail where McQueary says that he contacted police – but does not say exactly “Which” police – campus police, local police, State police – your guess.

      He also says that he stopped the incident in the shower, – but not physically – WHAT???

      This email is what I would expect between elementary school kids. I believe he was being intentionally evasive in the email because his “daddy” might have counseled him or he was strongly encouraged by someone high up in PA to be very careful of anything said or written about the incident.

      I might be wrong but I think this email was carefully crafted to give him options in case of any legal or civil proceedings against him – again, if McQueary did the right thing like he hints at in the email, the good ‘ol boy system would not have rewarded him with a coaching position – they would have disposed of him like a soiled towel in the locker room.

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