Posted by: kevinfortruth | November 17, 2011

Blogs, Posts, Comments, and Polls

Most bloggers, here on WordPress as well as those on other blog sites,, after doing extensive research, present their “findings” to be reviewed by visitors to their blogsites.

The quality of the blog is not the issue, but feedback – positive or negative – is what bloggers hunger for.  Do we look for kudos or pats-on-the-back?  In my case, I do not think so – but I want as many caring individuals to evaluate what has been presented to them and then give some feedback.

The first way people can participate is to give a comment – it can be from one word to a million – and anyone can seize the moment – so to speak – and give me hell or say that the blog was way off base or they can relate to the blog on a personal level because the same thing I am blogging about happened to them – and I truly hope they expand on that – by translating their thoughts and feelings into written comments.

A few months ago two commenters got into a shouting match so to speak and it got nasty and I usually ended up ducking for cover.  I lost control of my blogsite and for that, I apologize.  I ended up deleting all the comments from the two posters in question and from that time on there appears to be a reluctance for people to comment – however, there appears to be an uptick as of late – probably because of the very emothional subjects I have been blogging about.

Now for the poll aspect to my blogsite.  Everyone likes statistics, such as 75 percent of kids hate Broccoli or 8 out of 10 people want Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell to include more minority kidnappings and abductions on their shows.

To arrive at these results, I tend to include one or two polls for each post.  Some of my posts do not have Polls associated with them.

So, what I am hoping for and asking all of you for is to take the time to comment and also participate in the poll or polls associated with the post being presented.

I found out one negative about polls here on WordPress.  If you are on my mailing list and you find out that I have posted a new post via email, when you click on the link and read the post, you do not actually see the pretty poll – unless you click on the link at the bottom of the post itself, which will take you to PollDaddy to participate in the poll and if there are two polls, then you have to go to post, then go to PollDaddy, and back to the post and click on the 2nd link to the 2nd poll.  Whew, I am exausted already.  No wonder people are not voting.

A solution however is for all those who get notified that another of my posts is out there, please go to your favorites or bookmarks and get to my blogsite.  When you are on my homepage and after reading the post, the one or two Polls will be there, in all there glory for you to vote and then click on results to see how everyone else has already voted.

I appreciate everyone who visits and I hope that they take the extra effort and comment and vote.

One last thought, I promise – if anyone visiting here has any ideas on how I can improve my polls, please step forward and either leave a comment with the poll itself or the post that it relates to.  I am a novice on Polls and I would greatly appreciate feedback.



  1. Thanks for commenting – onewhoflew – I always enjoy feedback. I should be careful in what I ask for because if comments do pick up I will be tied up replying and won’t have time to blog.

    I do my best to research a topic before posting it, but I also interject my thoughts and slant and other viewpoints are welcomed if tastefully presented.

    Also, I always acknowledge when I do not know something or when someone sends me to my Funk and Wagnalls. One thing I have always admired about you, seriously, is your command of the English language.

    Have a good evening and don’t be a stranger.

  2. Sometimes your erudite blogs, leaves commentators speechless and they don’t know what to say. Other times you have said it all and in great detail, then there is nothing more left to say.

Comments appreciated

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