Posted by: kevinfortruth | November 19, 2011

Why is everyone so obsessed with the KarCASHians?

I do not know about anyone else, but I am sick and tired of seeing all the media coverage in scandal tabloids and all the television entertainment shows, and the reality shows (past and current) about the Kardashians, aka KarCASHians. (more to come on that in a minute or two). 

My negative opinion has become stronger because of two recent events – the first, obviously, being the ridiculously extravagant and pathetic wedding between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, and the second being the “sweet 16” birthday gift given to Kendall Jenner, Kim’s sister.  Just in case you haven’t heard, the gift was a 2012 black Range Rover that cost $90,000.

Am I jealous of the extravagant wedding or the Ranger Rover?  Surely not.  I am happy with what I have.  I do not resent what someone else has.   What bothers me is that in these tough times average Americans are hooked on an average family that has garnered fame by the better than average looks of a couple of their daughters and the reality shows that the entire family have been in or are still in, including step-father Bruce Jenner – a former Olympian who won one medal, Gold, in the Decathlon. 

Most of us would have never heard of the Kardashians if Bruce Jenner did not win a Gold medal or if Kim’s mother, Kris, did not divorce Robert Kardashian, who was known for being one of O. J. Simpson’s lawyers.

Kris, the mother, is referred to as the Matriarch, but beyond that title, exactly what does she or her daughters (and son) and husband Bruce, bring to the table?  I have no earthly idea.  By the way, how many average families even use the term Matriarch?  Not mine, you can bet on that.

I am sure there are a ton of men who would give their right arm to wake up next to Kim or one (or more) of her sisters – so what?  I have personally seen thousands of women at major malls across the country that are more appealing than any of the Kardashian girls – yes, even Kim the beautiful.

From what I understand, everything that happens to anyone in the family, such as either a nude photo, or a sex tape, is highly calculated to garner attention and fame and to make any of the family to be worthy of page one in all the tabloids. 

I hope I am not the only one who truly believes that the Kardashians bring little or nothing to the table.  I am further confused as to how or why the family made in the vicinity of $65,000,000.00 last year. 

Can any of them hold a tune or do any serious acting on stage?  On the flip side, do any of them do any meaningful charity work – other than to add tons of money to the piggy bank of the family KarCASHian? 

On a side note, regarding the Occupy Wall Street movement, I personally dislike the major focus on the 99 percent – I think the number should be more like 75 or 80 percent but that is here nor there. 

So, based on the revised numbers above, lets go with 80 percent for sake of argument.

Why are 80 percent of Americans so crazy for the KarCASHians?  Americans flock to their stores and buy their products just to have a piece of the KarCASHian empire on a shelf or a curio cabinet.  I am sure every trinket sold in their stores probably goes for $25.00 minimum – whether it be a small box of chocolate that is maybe worth $2.00 at best or maybe some costume jewelry or maybe even a book that describes how worthy the KarCASHians are of your money.

People stay glued to their nauseatingly “reality” show that consists of phony smiles, trite bickering, and scripted dialogue.  What is terrible about all of this is they get paid a pathetic ton of money for doing these shows and suckers like us watch every episode.

I’ll share a secret with everyone here, but please don’t tell anyone else  – I have never watched one episode of any of their reality shows and unless someone handcuffs me to a chair in front of a television and staples my eyes open, I never will.

Okay, you might think, what is the big deal here?  Well, let me throw out a few numbers that might make you sick – especially when you are trying to pay for your meds, your rent or house payment, your electricity, your car gas, your groceries, and even when you get up at 4:00 AM the day after Thanksgiving to save as much money as possible on gifts  for those you love. 

Before you read the next paragraph (please, no peaking), I want each of you to reflect on  the following: 

1.      Think about how much your family has budgeted for Christmas.

2.      If you are married, think about how much you or your parents spent on your wedding.

3.      Try to remember how much you paid for your last car.  (I am sure you probably financed it).

4.      Take a stab on how much your mother or your mother-in-law spent getting ready for your wedding.

5.      Do you remember how much your bachelor or bachelorette party cost?

Okay, before you continue, go get the bucket you always grab when one of the kids or the dog gets sick.  A little drum roll please, it is Showtime.  Enjoy!

1.      The size of Kim’s wedding ring was 20.5 carats and cost approximately $2,000,000.00.

2.      Her wedding band was a little more reasonable – $200,000. (what a steal!)

3.      The wedding flowers cost approximately $2,000,000 and the couple registered for a vase that was valued at $7,500. 

4.      Kim’s bachelorette party was estimated to cost $50,000. (not on her nickel, mind you!!) 

5.      Kris Kardashian, again, the Matriarch, is rumored to have had a facelift for the wedding at a cost of $50,000.  (She just could not “face” the wedding with her face the way it was!)

6.      The couple is rumored to have made approximately $17.9 million, with a “M” for the wedding.  How much they spent out of that for the event is unknown.

7.      On a side note, the “Donald”, as in Trump, is rumored to have spent $1M on his wedding to Melania Trump.  (a little more realistic for a billionaire, right?)

Well, I am exhausted after researching for this blog and my stomach has rolled over a few times while typing in these dollar amounts.

What I don’t understand is how so many Americans can walk past all those Salvation Army kettles at all the malls and shopping centers when they know every penny will be put to good use but on the other hand they flock to everything KarCASHian.

Is it because so many people think their day will come and they will be just like the KarCASHians – wealthy, without knowing exactly why they have all the money or what they did to deserve it?

I am sure that Land Rover will drive past so many homes with foreclosure signs in front of them without batting an eye. 

One nice thing you can do is instead of watching a Kardashian reality show episode is to get in the car and drive to your nearest grocery store and buy one of the available prepackaged Thanksgiving or Christmas food bags that will go to a family in the area so they can have a nice holiday.  If your store does not have those bags, I am sure they are selling food gift certificates you can buy that can be given to needy families that can use buy groceries for the holidays. 

God Bless America and God Bless the great American dream.



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  2. you can’t get mad at the kardashians because idiots are obsessed with them and buy their stupid products. i follow my favorite celebs too, only those with actual talent, but i keep my money in my pocket!

  3. I guess I must be very old, because I don’t know who they are. But I enjoyed the sketch on Saturday night live.

    Let’s all watch Bloomberg channel and Margaret Brennen.

    • I am fine with that. Maybe the KarCASHians need to spend some time on those channels to learn how to spend their celebrity money wisely and respectably considering fans and customers have made them rich.

    • Oh, Matt, if you are very old, I must have been buried with the Dead Sea Scrolls. Seriously, Margaret Brennen on Bloomberg channel in the late morning puts all the KarCASHians to shame. Well, Kim has married a top notch pro football player, an average NBA basketball player, so as long as she is lowering her standards, she probably could switch to college football and hook up with PSU assistant coach McQueary… morally, they would be a good fit in my estimation.

  4. Who watches Kardashian reality shows and why?

    • Hi again Matt – there must be millions of people watching their episodes but I do not know why. With all the family issues we all have, why take on another family to see all the pettiness, arguements, and bickering? I sure do not watch their episodes and when I am at a grocery store, it turns me off to see Kim, et al, on the covers of women’s magazines and tabloid magazines.

      Kim should be the centerfold for Psychology Today because any person who spents that much money on rings, flowers, wedding, and related expenses needs to have a photo of them taking a variety of psych medicines as the centerfold.

      The problem is that there are millions of men in America who think she is a hottie, but you can be sure that if you are in a relationship with her, she will call every shot and her boyfriend needs to learn how to say, “I’m so sorry, I do not know what I was thinking – forgive me”.

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