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Madoff, Paterno, and Kardashian

Collectively, these names represent so much notoriety I did not even have to mention first names.

Three different people, three different crimes and three different results.  Why?

Bernie Madoff is the most notorious of the three.  He bilked tens of thousands of people, from all over the world, out of tens of billions of dollars.

Deservedly, he is doing hard time in prison and many of his possessions have been confiscated and sold in an effort to help make restitution to some of his victims. 

One common thread Bernie has to the other people being “honored” here on this Wall of Shame is that some people knew of Bernie’s indiscretions before they became public and they did nothing about it. 

It would have been impossible for Bernie to rip that many people off without some people on Wall Street and Main Street, and even Pennsylvania Avenue knowing.  Bernie had connections in high places.

With all the high tech monitoring of phone calls, financial transactions, and emails, it would have been impossible for numerous government agencies to not know what was going on – maybe not to the degree it was happening, but if Big Brother was totally unaware of Bernie’s dealings, we need to reevaluate the tens of billions of dollars that are spent eavesdropping on corporations and civilians and find better uses for that money – like replenishing the Social Security Fund.

The reason why Bernie was so successful in ripping off so many people is that people are so greedy and they should have known that what Bernie was promising was too good to be true.  In effect, they got what they deserved.

Joe Paterno, on the other hand, has been loved by millions of Penn State fans, students and alumni for decades.  While Bernie was ripping people off, Joe was pleasing football enthusiasts year after year by preparing his teams to perform at optimum efficiency. 

Joe, who is intimately known by his fans and friends as JoePa, has had his share of success and has made his share of mistakes in the process – after all, he is only human.  His dedication to Penn State is unparalleled and he should be admired for his accomplishments.

There is no doubt that Joe did what was legally required of him regarding Jerry Sandusky, but in retrospect, it was not enough – especially from a moral standpoint.  Penn State, as well as its’ football program were important to Joe Paterno but at some point, the mantra “Do the right thing” should have been gnawing at him.  We might never know how many boys might have been saved from Jerry Sandusky’s immoral behavior if Joe went beyond the minimum and did what was necessary to bring Sandusky’s actions to the appropriate authorities – even if it meant that it would have inflicted negative publicity on Penn State and might have resulted in sanctions by the NCAA. 

The bottom line is that Joe, at least, did something by reporting to those above him.  Joe will probably not see any criminal charges filed against him but he will probably be sued in civil court and it will be a very costly lesson for JoePA. 

I know I started out this blog saying “three different people, three different crimes”, but again – JoePA did not commit a crime – even though it is a crime to so many individuals that Sandusky was not arrested earlier, but there were at least two janitors, one graduate student and his dad, one athletic director, one vice-president, and even the President of the University who could have come forward just like how everyone feels JoePA should have. 

Well, I saved the best for last – Kim Kardashian – who I like to refer as Kim KarCashian because she chose money and other material things in lieu of doing the right thing.  I would further say it was greed that forced her to do what she did. 

Also, anyone who did what she chose to do, either by her self or in concert with her entire family, was being very self-centered and materialistic.  Her obsession in having an expensive wedding with all the trimmings shows how low some individuals will sink to have their 15 minutes of fame.

Is Kim attractive – absolutely, but no one, including Kim is worthy of so much attention and fame – especially when she deceived so many of her followers and E! Online.

My guess is that after Kim saw Kate’s royal wedding in England, Kim wanted something that extravagant and even more.  I have no idea how much the royal family paid for their wedding, but the entire event was absolutely beautiful – and more importantly it was not based on a foundation of fraud. 

What I have read is that Kim realized before the wedding that she no longer wanted to get married and that the marriage would not last.

By then, however, the flowers were ordered, the facility was contracted, and invitations were sent out.  Also, food and entertainment was also selected and all contracts were signed.  To pull out before the wedding would have probably meant that E! would no longer spring for the wedding expenses.  If that happened, who was going to pay the $2 million for the flowers and the other millions for everything else?  You can bet your last dollar that the KarCASHians, aka Kings and Queens and Princesses of reality television were not going to be stuck paying for all those flowers if they did not absolutely have to pay for them.

To me, Kim is worse than the Runaway Bride.  She is also worse than the bride who said she was kidnapped and lied to police when she showed up in New Mexico. 

At least those brides knew what they were planning to do was not going to work and they had problems saying so, but Kim, on the other hand wanted her cake and eat it too.

If what the Runaway Bride did was worthy of a 7, then what Kim, the “Running all the way to the bank Bride” Kardashian did was worthy of a solid 10.

She wanted all the gifts, flowers, her mother’s facelift, as well as everything else, but if she knew the marriage was not going to work, she should have contacted E! and told them to cancel their involvement and that the Kardashians would spring for everything so far.  By not canceling, she showed her fans and producers that she was not worthy of the wedding in the first place. 

Numerous web sits give considerable detail to the fact that Kim said on numerous occasions before the wedding that she no longer thought the marriage would work.

If Kim decided to cancel the wedding and pay for everything incurred so far, her fans would not be upset as much.

Kim and JoePA met the legal requirements but JoePA got fired and will probably be sued in civil court but it looks like Kim will only get a little backlash from her fans while JoePA might be sued for millions.

Also, the backlash that we are witnessing is not because the marriage only lasted 72 days, it is because, in my estimation, that Kim and her family lied and duped their fans.  I think her fans should boycott the Kardashians on their television reality show as well as the chain of Kardashian stores.

Maybe Kim can donate $10 million to JoePA to help with his legal expenses.  Yea, right, don’t hold your breath. 

The Kardashians obviously enjoyed duping fans and corporations out of tens of millions of dollars and I do not believe they have any regrets – except for getting caught in lies.  Shame on Kim and her whole family.



  1. How much would you pay for around the world cruise with all three sisters..
    1- Millions.
    2- Thousands.
    3- Zero.
    4- They must pay you.


    • Being truthful, I would not go on a cruise with their mother even though she is much closer to my age. ….and regarding the three sisters, who think they are God’s gift to the univerese, a team of horses could not drag me to the cruise ship – at any cost or profit.

      Now, on the other hand, if Kristin Scott-Thomas pulled up out front, I would grab only a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste and I would be out the door to greener pastures. Kristin has more class on her pinkie finger than the entire Kardashian brood. Oh, forget the tootbrush and toothpaste, I will pick those up whenever we stop enroute to anywhere.

      • Hi everyone; I added a poll to the Post (Madoff, Paterno, and Kardashian. If you have a chance, click on the post itself and scroll down to the bottom and take the poll.

  2. A greet exposé blog. Good insight and analysis
    Where is the poll?

    • Thanks Onewhoflew…. I surrender …. last night I toyed with adding a Poll for an hour or two but I could not come up with anything meaningful. I thought of a humorous one but the subject was so serious that I thought a humorous poll might drag it down or negate its value.

      Any ideas?

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