Posted by: kevinfortruth | December 1, 2011

Conspiracy with the intent to suppress “Free Speech” and “Right to Assemble”

(please feel free to fill your own violation of the law as well)

Every night on network television and even on various Premium Channels, there are police and prosecutors rattling off lists of charges people are being accused of. 

It used to be when a person was apprehended at the scene of a crime, that person was charged with Breaking and Entering or Grand Larceny or Assault and Battery or even Attempted Burglary – not a dozen different charges.

My, my, how things have changed – now all you hear is about detailed lists of charges that challenges a shopping list for Thanksgiving Dinner.  If they do not prosecute you on one of the major charges or one of the minor charges, you will surely be convicted on one or more of the other major charges and a few of the 20 – 30 remaining minor charges.  The bottom line is that they will get you – one way or another.

The latest example of this is the list of charges against Jerry Sandusky for his alleged sexual crimes involving young boys.  The last I heard the counts against Sandusky are in the 50’s and before the smoke clears I am sure the count will be in the neighborhood of 200 or more.  One can be sure that Sandusky will be going away for a very long time.

I remember years ago when I used to go to Sacred Heart church in Springfield, Massachusetts when I was a young teen – I would sit in a pew outside the confessionals on Saturday – not knowing if I would be confessing to Father Sullivan or Father Murphy.   I did my best to keep my “list” short because if my list was long, the number of prayers I would have to recite at the altar would be even longer.  I tried to get there a little early in hopes of knowing which priest was in which confessional – sort of like stacking the deck in my favor.  If Father Sullivan heard your confession, you could be sure you would be doing hard time.  I called that time in my life “When you haven’t got time for the prayers”.

All across the country, local police are arresting people who are peacefully protesting as part of the Occupy Wall Street movement.  A few of the police departments were wisely letting the protestors do their thing as long as they were orderly, because they knew that they shared the same concerns as the protestors.  In some cities, however, the police are acting like Gestapo or worse yet, they are acting like the People’s Liberation Army in Tiananmen Square – minus the large tank in the middle of the square.

The police, as of late, appear to be using excessive violence against what appear to be mostly peaceful protestors across the United States.  The police are armed to the hilt and are seen on camera using tear gas canisters, industrial sized hand held pepper sprayers, night sticks, and even tazers – but behind the scenes these police departments are using two new weapons that are for the most part being kept hidden from the public – they are using the guidance and advice our own Department of Homeland Security and our Federal Bureau of Investigation.  There have been several conference calls from Washington, D. C. to approximately 17 police departments across the country to discuss strategy.

Considering both national parties believe states should be left alone to manage their own finances and to deal with issues like education and abortion, I find it interesting that our national government would get involved in something like public protests.  Maybe our national government is embarrassed that it exerts so much pressure overseas regarding student protests in Egypt, Syria, China, and Iran, that it wants to squash any protesting across our own nation.

You might recall the FBI’s involvement in Waco, Texas, Ruby Ridge, and a few other locations where they were hands on – now it seems like our Federal agencies are working from a distance, using closed circuit cameras,  conference calls and possibly drone aircraft or satellites to track protestors.  If all that is happening, I am sure the Feds are calling the shots without the general population even knowing they are involved.  Our national government, so far, is denying involvement in protests at the local level.

Washington is sick and tired of these U.S. protest movements being shown on the news in foreign countries and they have been doing everything they can to encourage national media to minimize coverage.  Because of citizens posting videos to YouTube and videos being shown on Democracy Now!, the large protests cannot be kept off of national news. 

I found it disappointing that a cross section of our citizens can get so upset when foreign governments beat down protesters around the globe, yet look the other way when it is happening here in the United States.

This concerted effort by police departments across the country, in concert with Homeland Security and the FBI  might actually backfire at the national level.  If they simply ignored the protestors, the movement might have died a slow death thanks to the weather – but someone high up in our federal government decided to “help” local authorities bust up these protests by arresting anyone appearing to make the most noise.

About a month ago, Scott Olsen, an ex-marine was shot in the head by a tear gas canister that was fired by riot police because he was simply exercising his right to express himself – doing something we all know as “free speech”.

What is ironic is that this ex-marine spent two tours of duty in Iraq defending our freedom “over there” so we do not have to defend it here in the “Homeland” aka ‘Motherland” and after he comes back he decides to stand up for what he was defending.  As a result, he got shot in the head for doing what our Constitution says he is allowed to do. 

I saw him being interviewed on television today and he exhibited erratic speech, mental lapses, and appeared confused at times. 

The bottom line, however, is that it should not matter if Scott is an ex-Marine, a schoolteacher, a janitor, a scientist, or a street sweeper.  Every individual in America has a right to peacefully assembly – unless, or course, it affects the stock market, the price of oil, or the rich from spending some of their millions at the mall.

All the protestors want is an opportunity to earn a living wage, to be able to have a little jingle in their pocket to buy groceries, to be able to pay for their medicines, and for their kids to have an equal opportunity to prosper here in America.

The Occupy movement is growing and this latest action by National and local authorities is going to backfire.

My best guess is that it will move from the parks and sidewalks to the Internet Superhighway.

It might include bogging down some financial services websites, major media websites, and fortune 500 corporate websites in an effort to bring these sites to their proverbial knees – all done by legitimate and legal activity – by protestors doing everything online at a snails pace – sort of like all the Robot calling that is done by groups in national elections.

If tens of millions of Americans coordinate their efforts online, they can bring commerce to a crawl.

If Dell cannot sell their foreign made computers online without interruption or Apple cannot sell all their foreign made products in the malls or even online because “Occupy” protestors monopolize storefronts in the malls, then these corporate giants might see the need to start making some of their products back here in the U. S.   Dell and Apple and other U. S. based companies with manufacturing facilities overseas might also see the need to hire some employees here in the U. S.

Maybe it might take an organized effort of 5,000 people shopping at a Wal-Mart taking their time purchasing one item each – tying up all registers and forcing some customers to leave instead of waiting in line.

If our government wants to force the Occupy Wall Street protesters out of the parks, I can go along with that, because the malls, strip centers, banks, other stores, office buildings and parking lots are better targets for protest movements to present their case.

Why freeze in a park when you can be comfortable protesting in a comfortable mall while having even more of an impact?

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  1. Yes, I know the poem and I agree! I like your use of Un-American there because the phrase has been used to silence decent. It’s Orwelian.

    Do you know what we need? A bi-partisan movement focused on reclaiming our civil liberties, all of them! I hope that this happens, soon!

    • Hi Engel; I agree, I have been saying for years now that the problem is not rooted in one party or the other but it is well grounded in the higher echelons of both parties. All the petty skirmishes over the past decade or so is simply a smokescreen.

      Both parties want to undermine and convert Social Security and both parties want to protect Wall Street, big pharma, the military industrial complex, and the Energy industry – all at the expense of average americans.

      Electronic voting has been compromised and unless average americans rise up and effect change in an effort to return America to a foundation of honesty and integrity, it will continue on a path of benefitting only the ultra rich.

  2. Yea, this is a bizarre and embarrassing situation regarding the protesters. Our hypocrisy is absurd. But, it does seem like the general public is concerned about the violence toward the protesters, so that’s a good thing!

    • I agree, Engel, it is great that the general public appears to be waking up to what is going on, but some of those who wake up choose to have breakfast, watch tv, read the paper, and go back to bed.

      Awareness is a start – but doing nothing after you become aware is truly Un-American.

      read the poem “First they came for the Jews”. Never in our history has this poem applied to The United States of America more than it does NOW.

  3. I love your piont about the list of charges. That practice alone makes usdangerously close to a police state. It’s creepy!

    • Hi again Engel – thanks for stopping by and leaving meaningful comments. Yes, it is scary because if you protest, properly, I might add, the government can draft up a laundry list of truly hogwash, possibly even plant evidence or make up evidence, and prosecute good citizens for simply speaking up. These new tactics in the U. S. remind me of the German secret police of years long gone by – but history does tend to repeat itself – now it is our country’s time to rip up our Constitution and arrest and imprison citizens without due process.

      Worse yet, some Americans, while in combat defending our freedoms, get shot by our own troops (under questionnable conditions) possibly because they want to come back and tell the truth about what is happening in Afghanistan and Iraq. I am talking specifically about Pat Tillman.

  4. our taxes are used to suppress free expression. There should be a tax holiday or revolt.
    instead of importing Chinese junk, let’s import a million young Oriental women who would pamper old men who need to be taken care of.

    • I agree, OneWhoFlew, our taxes are being used for all the wrong things, continuous wars, unnecessary cameras everywhere, invasive security checks at airports, etc.

      As far as the 1,000,000 Oriental women, isn’t that the exact number of workers at all the Wal-Marts throughout the country? Maybe they should replace all the American workers in Wal-Marts with the 1M Oriental workers – at least they will know the products better and will be easier on the eyes.

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