Posted by: kevinfortruth | December 5, 2011

Boycott the NBA on Christmas Day

Ralph Nader – Consumer advocate – family values advocate said it best in a letter to David Stern, NBA Commissioner.

 Ralph is very controversial, to say the least, but at least everyone knows exactly where he stands on each subject he champions.  Also, if he is against something, you will know why he is against it.

 On December 2nd Ralph Nader wrote an open letter to NBA Commissioner David Stern to express his concern for what was, at the time of his letter, was the scheduling of three NBA games in major markets.  The games Ralph was referring to were the Knicks-Celtics, Heat-Mavericks, and Bulls-Lakers games that will be covered back-to-back-to-back.

 Here is a link to the full letter:

 Since Ralph’s letter, two more games have been added to the already saturated Christmas Day televised sports schedule.   Later in the evening, the Orlando Magic will play the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Los Angeles Clippers will play the Golden State Warriors.

 Ralph, in his letter, discussed that because the NBA lockout is now over, the NBA is trying to recover by luring fans into sports facilities and keeping other fans glued in front of televisions to an all day NBA marathon.

 He acknowledges the NBA has the right to do so, but he feels a part of the day should be reserved for celebrating the birth of Christ and for families to have quality time together.

 My position on this issue is that each family needs to evaluate their own situation and for those who want to spend quality time together might want to make it clear that the television will not be dedicated the entire day to the NBA on Christmas Day.  There is an NFL game at night, but Ralph states that by then, most of the religious and family aspects of the day will be over.

So, why am I suggesting an all Christmas Day boycott of the NBA’s recently scheduled 5 back-to-back games across the country?

Well, the NBA, nor the players, seemed to care about how the lockout would affect fans because they knew they would eventually come to an agreement and that all the diehard fans would fall in place lockstep soon after.

The NBA hopes by saturating Christmas with 5 NBA games would get fans addicted again.  That strategy might work but I hope it doesn’t.

I am but one person and I have decided to boycott all televised NBA games this year – including playoffs and the final series to determine the NBA champion.

The NBA and the NBA Players association, and the NBA players themselves need to get their priorities in order by realizing that they all need to focus more on the fans.

One way to have the NBA remember the importance of fans is if fans boycott the NBA on Christmas Day – either in person or in front of the television. 

If advertisers see that fans are going to boycott the NBA by either renting DVD’s or watching other programming, then the advertisers will balk at the high advertising fees, which will result in less revenue to the NBA.  If that happens, the NBA will realize that fans are sick and tired of the NBA ignoring them.

In closing, Ralph Nader is recommending that those upset with the lockout and how the NBA is trying to monopolize Christmas to regain fans, use the below link to tell David Stern that they are unhappy with the NBA.  If you are going to boycott the NBA on Christmas Day or the entire season, be sure to let David Stern know in your letter.

Here is the NBA link:

Have a Merry “NBA-Free” Christmas




  1. Kevin,
    Let me start out I like basketball a lot and its going to be hard not watching games on Christmas day. I am going to do my best in not to watch them. We as fans need to stand up for our rights and show the owners of these teams who pay their high salaries. So we as fans should not buy any basketball stuff for the kids this year and teach these owners that you screwed us over at the beginning of the year and it’s time to show them who’s the boss is.

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