Posted by: kevinfortruth | December 5, 2011

NBA owners and players – 1 %, Fans – 99 %

The heading might be a little distorted, but it is not that far from reality.

NBA owners and players need to realize that their first obligation is to their fans – not their profits, not receipts from their ticket sales, not their television revenue, and not income from NBA licensed merchandise.

Fans buy tickets.

Fans buy licensed merchandise.

Fans buy advertiser products and in return, advertisers buy commercial time during games.

Fans always support these spoiled millionaires through thick and thin – even when owners and players put fans last during their battle to increase player share and/or owner share.

This year is no exception.  I have no idea regarding the details the owners and players fought about since last year but I know that greed trumped fans and that is why the season did not start on time.

There are season ticket holders and other fans that purchase packages or even selective one game tickets.  Whatever the mix is, these fans count and greed should NEVER get in the way of the season’s schedule.

The arrogance of these millionaires and billionaires in their willingness to sabotage the season to improve their position is unethical to say the least.

Now that their issues appear to have been resolved, at least for now, the two warring factions will put their “good guy” hats on to win back their fans.  Some of the fans are die hard fans and even if the season were cancelled, their loyalty would never be compromised. 

Some fans simply took in NCAA games to satisfy their desires to watch round ball on television.  Colleges were thrilled for the increase in ticket sales. 

The NBA well knows that they probably will not lose a significant number of fans forever and that is why they were willing to fight this tug of war for as long as it took.

Well, I think professional sports needs to understand that increasing ticket prices to resolve the lockout issues will bode well for fans.

Missing part of a season is one thing, but for ticket prices to increase to satisfy the negotiations is another slap in the face to fans everywhere.

I believe fans ought to sit out the rest of the season.  They have sat out the beginning of the season but it was not their choice – so, why not sit out the rest in an effort to show these pampered millionaires that enough is enough?

I think the players and owners ought to sign an agreement that states that any time a scheduled season is delayed because of a lack of willingness of both parties to resolve their differences, will result in an automatic season cancellation.

If restaurants, stores, and other merchandisers raise their prices unfairly, or out of greed, people decide to go elsewhere to spend their money and receive a certain amount of satisfaction in return.

Money is tight – millions of Americans are out of work – millions of others are underemployed, while millions of other Americans have been foreclosed upon – all while greedy spoiled NBA owners and players fight for more and more money.

Maybe if NBA owners had to drive past dark empty arenas and if out of work NBA players had to look at their dwindling checkbook balances, they would realize what many of us realize – that a reality check needs to be made – the reality that fans matter and if NBA players and owners do not put fans first and money second, the NBA should fold up because otherwise they will lose their fans forever.


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